Yelawolf Reveals Sophomore Album Title, Explains Johnny Cash Tattoo

Yelawolf explains why he got a tattoo of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash on the back of his head.

Following last year’s release of his Shady Records debut Radioactive, Yelawolf has revealed the title for his upcoming sophomore album. During an interview with Rhyme & Reason, Catfish Billy announced that his second LP will be titled Love Story, and that he plans to record the project this summer in Nashville, Tennessee.

“The title to my next album is Love Story. We’ll be recording in June, part of July in Nashville, Tennessee," he said. "Just going to lock it down and bring my family back down together. I just got a lot boiling up. A lot of experiences the last couple of years. I just want to make a classic. The classic is the standard. I’m trying to make music that will last a lifetime.”

Yela, who was recently hospitalized for a ruptured spleen, also explained his recent tattoo of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash on the back of his head. He said that it was inspired by his relationship with singer Fefe Dobson and why it was important to illustrate that with some fresh ink.

“I met a girl named Fefe a while back, and we kinda clicked on Johnny Cash and June’s relationship. I always looked up to Johnny and June, and Johnny particularly because of his cowboy style. Love one woman type of thing. I always kind of wanted that. She just became a very important part of m y life, and it’s changed a lot. That tattoo is just a show of appreciation and dedication for me to her, and then also our understanding of Johnny and June’s relationship and how I look up to Johnny Cash as an artist and a human, and how they carried themselves in the public. It winds and winds around in cycles. It’s a long story, but in short, that’s pretty much what the tattoo’s about.”

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  • jaceshadoe

    Yelawolf's "RadioActive" didn't sell as much but there's some hits on that album. I was expecting a few radio hits but the rest of the album should've had that "trunkmuzik" style. Yelawolf can spit......probably right behind Em and Roth. can't wait to hear "Love Story".

  • ash.

    "love one woman type of thing"? he was still married when he was courting Fefe. But I guess that has nothing to do with love,then.

  • Jdirty

    Radioactive was the biggest let down in fuckin history Em comes in makes dude record a buncha radio hits no one gave a shit. Trunk music was classic.Everything else has sucked balls

    • Anonymous

      Em didn't come in and do shit. Yela recorded himself in vegas in like a matter of days minus 2 or 3 songs so get your facts straight biotch

  • redbob4

    thats for Doubl Negative:

  • redbob4

    how can you compare yela with mac and kelly three way different rappers in all aspects your racist because im assuming you have listened to theses rappers and are still grouping them together just because thay are white dont do be so condescending

  • redbob4

    im guessing love story means rap/hip-hop and himself i dont care what color this dude is he can spite has great lyrics and has an original sound that cant be match he is one of the few artiest who actually care about music now with that said his debut album wasn as good as his mixtapes but most arnt i hope he gets back to him and not let the label control him because then he looses his best assets his originality

  • Doubl Negative

    There's a whole bunch of white rappers I bump, but this new breed that has infiltrated hip-hop - Mac, Kelly, Yela, Roth - may put the final nail in hip-hop's coffin. People of all nationalities and creeds naturally have affinity with their own ilk, hence the popularity of white rappers appealing to audiences with an aversion to our music or Brother's support for Obama. This wouldn't be a problem if these white dudes made music we could appreciate as well, but their music is so alienating it's a prerequisite that your from Middle-America to enjoy it. The only way to balance things out would be for our people to commandeer their music. I already fucks with metal, but it's a losing battle trying to galvanize Brothers and show them how great that music. I'm pro Black, but when I go to metal jamz, I feel like an inverted Whigga.

    • Danny

      Did you ever hear of "Bodycount" by Ice-T, that was black metal group. You would be surprised how many black metalheads are out there...

    • doubl negative is a FAIL

      stop comparing white rappers to ignorant as hell

    • Doubl Negative

      @Tripl Positive, some of my points seem to have been misconstrued, so I'll try to elaborate. Regarding Obama, I wasn't sugesting whites don't like him, I was just trying make an analogy to white Eminem fans who hate rap, but love him. That's just racial solidarity and we're all guilty of this intrinsic act. Em's even spoken about this in some of his rhymes; "Became a commodity because I'm W-H-I-T-E", "Let's do the math/If I was Black I wouldn't have sold half", "Little Johnny looks just like me..." Unfortunately, record labels have used this formula recently to force the white emcees mentioned on the public. As I mentioned, although I'm not feeling them dudes, there are myriad white rappers I admire, but it would be futile to mention them all. My last point regarding being an inverted whigga stems from the fact that I'm a Black metal-head, the antithesis of a white B-Boy. It's an anomaly to find a Brother who listens to metal, and you can sometimes feel incongruous in the white metal scene. I'm just tired of being a lone Black wolf in that scene, and would just like to have more of my people involved in the metal scene, the same way hip-hop's racially inclusive.

    • tripl positive

      What strikes you as alienating about the music of the current top white rappers? Is it just the simple fact that the rappers are not black? And what makes you believe that the majority of the people who purchase their music have a problem with black rappers music and Obama? I cant see how the second comment in particular could possibly be true in any way shape or form, but I dont want to just call you a liar who generalizes about other races and presents opinions and presumptions as facts but has nothing to back them up. Im honestly interested in how you came to these conclusions. So could you elaborate on those two statements?

  • So Icy Boi!

    ma lil sista iz harder then this cat. Yelawolf has no lyrical skills or talent. Shady iz tha worst label period. Lil Wayne shud teach these losers how to rap like a real MC. swag

  • Anonymous

    This poor guy wants too be HARD/Gaangsta soooo bad.. Yelawolf you are a Skateboarder from a middle class family.. stop being a pozer...

    • Crazy Joe Davola

      If you knew anything about Yelawolf (like actually listen to his music and read up on him) you would realize the guy had no father, and a drug addicted bartender mother who shipped him around the south while she was partying with rock bands. He was on food stamps all his childhood and left the house at 16 and became homeless. Get your facts straight before you just assume that all white people who skateboard are middle class.

  • casper21

    I bought the mixtape and liked it, bought the album but thought it really doesn't have much replay value, got bored of it quickly. Although it did have 2-3 really great songs. He's too worried about making a classic, said the same bullshit before his debut dropped. Just worry about making a solid record, let time and your fans determine whats a classic.

  • Anonymous

    And noone cared.... FLOP

  • Destroylilwayne

    I wonder if he considers Radioactive a classic because some songs on that album are dope, but overall that album didn't sound like he took enough creative control to be like no this shit doesnt even sound southern. I think thats why hes recording it in the south. Also I was hoping Dre would do some production on the album. I would love to hear Yela drop some crunk shit and include lots of tracks with Rittz and Tech Nine.

  • Hurricane Game

    Horrible title, with that said, im lookin forward to his next album, Radioactive was a terrific album, minus 1-3 songs on it

  • tylr66

    i thought there's no way yela would keep the radioactive sound going forward as his core didnt like it and it got zero radio play; but doesnt the title 'love story' sound like more of the same?

  • Anonymous

    :D FeFe an Yelawolf :D

  • Anonymous

    em is a great rapper but totally marketed yela wrong he shouldve sold so many more records.

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