Drake Explains "The Motto," Says Y.O.L.O. Is Real & Speaks On Friendship With Rihanna

Drake discusses his relationship with Rihanna by saying, "That's my dog. It's always love." He then shares why Y.O.L.O. is "real" in his life these days.

During a recent interview, Drake opened up about his friendship with Rihanna and what Y.O.L.O. means to him these days. He also shared what "The Motto" has done for people and why he feels it is "rebellious." 

When asked about Rihanna's support at a recent concert, Drake shared that he's always happy to see her. Thought rumored to be a couple in the past, Drake maintained that the two are friends by calling her his "dog."

"That's my dog," he said when asked about her during the Tim Westwood interview. "It's always love. It's great to see her."

He went on to explain why "The Motto" has become so popular with fans. 

"Rap, Hip Hop and music in general has always been about being young and feeling young and kind of feeling a little rebellious and feeling like, 'Let's live to the fullest.' That's what music has always done for me. It has caused that energy to surge through me. I think that's all Y.O.L.O. is." 

To add to this, Drake shared that he has recently been Punk'd by another person rumored to be in a relationship with Rihanna, Ashton Kutcher. He shared that he was in fear of losing his life during the prank and added that Y.O.L.O. is "real" for him these days.

"I thought I was gonna die, man. Punk'd used to be about getting angry but the new Punk'd is like, 'Hey, man, are you gonna have your life at the end of this? Who knows?' I thought I was gonna die to the point I was calling my mom...To have that moment of realization and accepting, 'Damn, I guess this is it.' To have life after that, the last few days, I've just been like, 'Yo, let's do it! You want to stay in the club until 4 am? Let's stay because I don't know when this shit is about to be over.' Y.O.L.O. is definitely a very real thing in my life these days." 

More from the interview can be seen below. 

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  • yolo

    Wayne's reactions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCTwF2YCpn8&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  • Anonymous

    this dude is an embarrassment to hip hop. The more shine he gets, the more influence he will have on up & coming rappers who may think to succeed, you have to sing too. I would be happy if he came up with another genre for himself and stopped referring to himself as a rapper.


    who the fuck is Drake?

  • No Sir

    Drake is such a flaming Queerbait. **Disclaimer - Drake has more money then I will ever have & also has more sex then I ever will(with Men) BUT that does not negate the fact that his is a homosexual.

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like Drake gettin Punk'd might top that epic Timberlake one

  • Chinky

    What Has Drake Done 1. pretend to be black 2. make garbage music 3. not contest freestyle with common 4. rap pre-written 'freestyle' 5. sell out hip hop

  • teV

    Two white motherfuckers pretending to be black what a fail.Kanye should interrupt.

  • Swag

    Y.O.L.B. (You Only Live Based)

  • So Icy Boi!

    dude you dont like girls you are a homo. fuck drake

  • wtf

    The Motto isn't rebellious at all , it s a fucking club song, thats all.

  • Anonymous

    can't see us cuz the money is in the way is not rebellious this guy's fake jus be urself rich kid from canada acting like a gangsta



  • JC

    Bwahahaa this guy is so corny! Can't wait to see his fag ass get Punk'd. I bet he is squeeling like the bitch that he is, calling his rich mum in Canada. Hiphopdx gotta stop posting so many articles about this clown. Sad reflection on hiphop. BTW, what's up with calling Rihanna his "dog". This guy tries too hard to be black, played out mofo.

    • JC

      Take a look at yourself clown, now you're the one writing the essay. Talking about being a 'real nigga'!! Is that you??

    • Anonymous

      to me it just sounds like the first 2 comments are just not tools. you do sound like a dick head to keep it real with you. that tirade was scary and had nothing to do with hip hop. you talking about homosexual acts with another man and calling people bitches and complaining about non-issues like him calling rihanna his "dog". ure getting angry about shit that wouldnt affect a real nigga or hip hop head under any circumstance. the way you writing about this nigga makes it seems like this nigga broke your heart on some personal shit.

    • Anonymous

      Werd!! Fk Drake!!

    • JC

      Let me guess, you guys are both big fans of this tool Why do I care? because I am passionate about REAL hip hop and hate phony ass rappers destroying our culture. Does that make sense now?

    • GoReadABook

      for reallll. I am a hiphop head to the fullest, don't really look out for dude's music, but I don't feel the need to write paragraphs hating on him either. What has Drake done to justify you hating so hard?

    • Anonymous

      your passion for this nigga is embarrassing. jesus christ. get a life fam he doesnt even know. you sound like a loser straight up. just angry for no fucking reason.

  • Anonymous

    i never thought a rich kid from the suburbs would make it in rap but he aint really rap his more rnb pop i mean you aint gonna hear a drake song in your hood i know i haven't

    • Anonymous

      As a white boy, I resent the aforementioned statement.. but he's right about the girls. These white bitches love Drake's candy ass.

    • CrackPipe

      That's not fair. Plenty of young females be listenin' to Drake in the hood...other than that, it's just white people :D

  • KE

    It's not even funny how terrible this Drake dude actually is. Vanilla Ice was slicker than this fucking clown. Can't believe how aweful music is these days and people are buying the shit up!? Where are your fuckin' standards??

  • Anonymous

    Yessir and So Icy Boi aren't even really YMCMB fans. They're just trolls here to get on everyone's nerves.

    • Anonymous

      Agreed. They are probably interns working for HiphopDX and designed to stir people up, get more posts etc... People should just ignore their posts.

  • wiggers

    "So Icy Boi!" & "YESSIR" = Same person. 2 first comments. faggots. wiggers.

  • So Icy Boi!

    YOLO gon be tha mixtape of tha year! Drake & Rick Ross are tha mos creative rappers in tha game. when fakes like Eminem, Nas & 50 Cent tryna kill hip hop, tha real rappers from MMG & YMCMB save tha game. swag



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