Game Releases "California Republic" Mixtape Trailer

UPDATE #2: Game takes it to the left coast with his upcoming mixtape "California Republic."

MTV recently caught up with Game to talk about his upcoming mixtape California Republic. The Compton rapper gave a few details on the impending project, saying that he's enlisted the likes of Rick Ross, Drake, Waka Flocka Flame and more for guest features.

"I've got a mixtape coming called California Republic, so everybody from Waka Flocka to Meek Mill, Wale and [Rick] Ross and Drake [will be on it] - just callin' in Hip Hop favors to get my fans some free music," he said. "Basically, California Republic, it's an umbrella. People come here to do music, a lot of stars are in and out of town for countless awards and what not and everybody appreciates the California sun and everything under it. From the good green, the women, ya know, just our lifestyle. That's pretty much what it's about."

Game also spoke about his tentative plans to part ways with his label Interscope Records. He says that he has been considering moving to an independent label, but that he's worried about losing a lot of the assistance that he had at Interscope.

"Independent - that seems like a really, really good move where I can capitalize off of all the finances being made off of my music for once," he said. "But, I don't know, I kinda like having a lot of help, a lot of assistance from a big label. I don't know, maybe we'll have a meeting about a lot of money or I'll be talking to my conscience."

Check out the full interview below.

[March 28]

UPDATE: Game has revealed the cover art for his upcoming mixtape California Republic, releasing soon. Check the artwork below (via HHNM).


[April 1]

UPDATE #2: Game has revealed the trailer for his mixtape California Republic, which will feature guest appearances from Drake, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell and more.

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    LISTEN Death Penalty (Feat. Fabolous, Eric Bellinger & Slim Thug) [Produced by Lex Luger]


    Death Penalty (Feat. Fabolous, Eric Bellinger & Slim Thug) [Produced by Lex Luger] KILLA TRACK


    Death Penalty (Feat. Fabolous, Eric Bellinger & Slim Thug) [Produced by Lex Luger]


    Death Penalty (Feat. Fabolous, Eric Bellinger & Slim Thug) [Produced by Lex Luger]



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  • JP

    This guy is a regular joe. He did change of heart which is a love show game... And to top it off, he got his chain jacked before he was a superstar in 2003 where he couldnt play basketball for the local college cause of his grades. This dude is from a lil town called lancaster ca. Do the research. Hes just as Fake as al pachino in scareface!!


    Yo I hate this nigga Game he gots to die tonight



  • nop

    i think you get it wrong. the problem is that most people believe everything that rappers say have to be real.

  • chris36

    i thought this guy is the biggest gangster out of compton, but he making music with a cop-rick ross, the sweetest rapper in the game drake wtf...this why i hate commercial rap all these niggers do is lie

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy link





  • 50 Cent

    lol @ Game tryna come back, ur album flopped homie, u havnt made a classic album since i wrote ur 1st one

  • realest quote

    All you new hip-hop fans (15-25 yr olds) have horrible attitudes about life and music. You don't even discuss the music like we did back in the day when Run DMC, Nas, Wu-Tang, Rakim, Biggy, Pac, etc. was running the game. ALL you guys do is have your little online race wars and cry about Eminem vs whoever or Jay-Z is illuminate or who's "real" or not. Worst of all you think there is one way to rap or one style to floss. You guys are too myopic, boring and ignorant to call yourselves "hip-hop" fans. It was never like this in the 80's and 90's. Black and White kids grouped up and pushed for better race relations. We were too smart to suck on the FOX news or CNN teat. This is what's frustrating the pioneers of rap music and new well rounded rap artist. You FANS, YOU FANS, have lost ALL perspective....

  • chuck you

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  • pascalbah

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  • MixtapeOnFacebook

  • Ayman Elgadi

  • sonic

    Another free mixtape for fans damn, this nigga love giving away free musik

  • Anonymous

    mustle car chronicles


    "People don't appreciate real music no more. I'm not a die hard fan of Jay-Z, but he at least doesn't shit on himself with free-mixtapes. That's why he's so rare nowadays and saught after. He's exclusive with his music. And Game's like everyday thing. Jay-Z is like 4th of July - 1 special day in a whole year." @yung egg. ahahahah

    • heavyhands

      get the fuck outta hereee.. Game still hitting us with better mixtapes then half of the albums these lame dudes be puttin out.. hating on game for constantly giving us free product to the fans, give me a break pimp

    • Anonymous

      you sound gay

  • Sarah

    i like the game- his music is good i heard game voted


    why you think he talking about leaving interscope like he has a option? hah hah GAME OVER thats why. no beats by dre the beef with 50 is dead the hiphop community have no use for you anymore to these 16 and 17 year olds you borderline old school times up jayceon GAME OVER!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You're coming off the flop that was The Red Album. Now you're putting your all into a free mixtape? Seriously. What label is going to sit down and offer you a Brinks truck of money? Rappers need to start treating mixtapes like albums and make sure places like Target, Best Buy, etc. stock them. This way, even if they don't release an actual album for years, in between, they could release scores of mixtapes and still be seeing some money.

    • theyalreadydo

      They already do that. How do you think some of these no-name and not mainstream rappers are so popular? Freddie Gibbs tweeted pics of him copping a Porsche. I love the dude's music but he's not mainstream at all. It's because his mixtapes are fire. There are ads on the websites that support the artists, from what I understand. Plus, they can tour off of it if it's that good (ie Drake, So Far Gone).

  • damn fools on this site lmao

    "if you take all of games albums and add up the SOLO tracks you would have one albumm ahahahaha"

  • Anonymous

    da muthafuckan california!! bear!!! a fkn bear

  • Realness 101

    Sounds like he's describing the new K./Dre track. Maybe he should got on the track to ride the Dre Wave. "California sun and everything under it. From the good green, the women, ya know, just our lifestyle. That's pretty much what it's about."

  • Anonymous

    Game is good, great at times, but he rarely uses his full potential, if he does, he can create masterpieces.

  • Anonymous

    Man Game jocks everybody. That cover looks like something only CurrenSy or Smoke DZA would do.

  • five

    Wessiiide! cali allday err day

  • Yung Egg

    Trashery starts all over again. Dude is jus' cleanin' up his hard drive from unfinished FL Studio 128 kbps .mp3 beats and old, stolen features, just like on "Brake Lights". A couple of joints were ok, but the rest is str8 bullshit. And Rae did the same thing lately. Trash and internet quality. People don't appreciate real music no more. I'm not a die hard fan of Jay-Z, but he at least doesn't shit on himself with free-mixtapes. That's why he's so rare nowadays and saught after. He's exclusive with his music. And Game's like everyday thing. Jay-Z is like 4th of July - 1 special day in a whole year. That cover is shitty too.

  • WestCoast,,,More Like WTF

    Not understand how this even sounds like a Cali album but...ok. I see what he is doing. Just like all the other artist are doing. They aren't trying to make music they love, they want money. And they get money by putting people who are popular on their CD. I remember before when it used to be about people you grew up with and supported you. Now's everyone is just a disloyal piece of shit. People telling on they homies, talking shit about them....getting on the news and snitching on them.........Niggas snitching and calling others snitches........ This must be the new hipster shit.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you need features for nigga? its just a mixtape

    • Anonymous

      shut fagoot you sound dumb just dumb as fuck anal licker

    • wrd

      wrd. game a lyricist nd he at his best wen its mostly jus him ex: doctor's advocate. he jus gettin wac niggers( yes niggers) that coons love 2 get more listen's on dat piff or listen's on da radio.

  • rise and shine

    i waited for the red album for years. dissapointed was not the word, i was pissssssed off. games worst effort yet. this f.i.v.e album needs less love songs, less features, better features and game needs to pi better beats. GET A FUCKIN DRE BEAT

    • Anonymous

      ^^^classic let domw+flop

    • Anonymous

      red album was a classic

    • Young King

      ha. R.E.D. Album was not dope it was a 3.8/5.. too many meaningless features.. the only good features on that album was kendrick, beanie, and jeezy.. everybody else i coulda done without. I won't even get into the production.. talkin bout yeah.. i got dre beats. foh game. Doctor's Advocate and Documentary are still your best albums.. stick to that recipe.

    • Anonymous

      Whooaaaa!!! That was Ether in comment form right there. So fucking funny, but true. Hahahaha.

    • dockevoc

      P.I.N.K. was the worst album by a talented artist ever made. Shit made Nastradamus look like Ready to Die.

    • Anonymous

      red album was the shit! excluding the love songs

  • King

    i'm a Game fan...but features is why RED was messed up and u wanna do it again...i mean the drake track on RED was so fucking whack but Game decide to work with that faggot again...if this is how Game's gon go then that day is not far when he'll loose all his fans...ain't really checkin for this tape

  • Anonymous

    if he cant make a solo mixtape noway he makes a solo album

  • Anonymous

    3 year wait for the red album and it was just a retail mixtape

  • Anonymous

    game has a handicap permit thats why he is allowed to have so many features all the time i would love to hear a game album when he goes 8 to 10 tracks before a feature pops up and that includes artist on a hook do your own shit.

  • Anonymous

    if you take all of games albums and add up the SOLO tracks you would have one albumm ahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    feature feature feature

  • Chuck

    Y'all hating on the music before you have even heard anything? Ain't that stupid... After you hear it post your opinions then, K.Thanks.Bye

  • Anonymous

    make a fuckin solo album

  • Anonymous


  • ETK

    yep it's the fuckin needy crowd again. you think it's that easy to drop a tape with no features? no one to feed off of, no other vocal/lyrical help to make the track hot, nothin? A lot of rappers pulled the cord on trying that shit. Snoop tried to do that, he ain't went through with it. Ice Cube. some niggas like Talib made it but fuck that was his feel and he went through with it. tough. stop being entitled pissants, half of y'all know you're gonna cop his mixtape, other half knows they gonna at least listen to one or two bangers on the tape, regardless if Drake, Officer Ricky or Soulja Boy's left testicle had a cameo on there. on a side note, I'm pretty sure when Game said no more features, he was talking about an ALBUM and other shit happened like, y'know, him wanting to leave Interscope, which can change a nigga's whole ball game(new contacts, beats, projects, etc) I'll agree the guest features sound wack. I dunno what kind of shit Game's going for with Drake and Waka.. but whatever. above points though I stand by.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, a Game project without features for once would be so much better.

  • Brown Mamba!

    Game time!! mix tape of the year watch!!

  • Deebo

    To everyone asking why hes featuring artists that aren't from the west if you read the article it explains why

  • mac

    smh too much hate on this dude, dope cover

  • Trypticon

    Dunno why its such a big deal that there are no West Coast artists on his mixtape. Enlighten me please....

    • real nigga

      he called drake ,waka ,meekmillz ,wale ,rose hihpop favors he mean people like them but they aint real lolz

  • jr88

    lil wayne say stuff like, "im on like the television" and "talked to a female dragon, had a fire conversation" and "life is a beach im just playing on the sand" that last one was actually from an old coffe actually noticed it from an old movie and i said to myself "where did i here that line" wayne raps simple words.thats why kids are the majority of his fans

  • Why oh why?!

    Why's he featuring artists that aren't from the West on this mixtape if it's called "California Republic"? He should just feature West Coast artists, but whatever. Hope this mixtape turns out to be dope.

  • TylertheDestroyer

    Cover looks like a Heiniekn bottle

  • Anonymous

    well this guy never really SOUNDED california anyway. He always reps it, but his flow is so much more New York.

    • Anonymous

      HELL NO he got that from g-unit listen to his old mix tapes. he didnt have that flow until he hooked up with them now he just sound like he forcing his rhymes his flow fell off.

  • NYC

    too bad his features are no only california emcee's...this guy format sucks....this is gonna be just songs that never made it on red....hey game here's a suggestion...go in the lab and bang out 8 to 10 song by yo self and I maybe fans will respect ur music more....talented yes but music wise all your hits have features.....come on son!

  • Anonymous

    so the point of the non-cali features are based on cali tourists/visitors....what the fuck dude

  • Anonymous

    Drake, not from Cali Rick Ross, not from Cali Waka Flocka Flame, not from Cali no Black Hippie(kendrick lamar,ab-soul,schoolboy q,jay rock)? no Odd Future? no Dom Kennedy,DJ Quick,Snoop,Dre,white girl mob,mistah fab,MC Ren,Cube,tyga,Outlawz,Mack 10,wc,ANYONE ACTUALLY FROM CALI?

  • alex

    To CrackPipe: If you're gonna sit there and qoute lines from wayne's songs, you obviously have no real ear for music. lil wayne is not an mc, lil wayne is a freestyle rapper+ he kisses guys, and dresses like a white boy. If you idolize a rapper who wears the same leggings as your girl, then you needs to get your head checked, bruh. To me, wayne is garbage, considering he has no content in his music. He talks aboout the same shit, he just puts it in different words. You need to google real mc's, like, eminem, nas, game (he's a true mc, f*ck all you haters), slaughterhouse, jay z, big boi, andre 3000, those are real mc's. Stop making yourself look stupid. Wayne is trash, and the entire ymcmb movement is garbage, with MAYBE the exception of mystikal, and busta.... and they just joined, so you cant really count them as orignal members... mystikal and busta are going to make that group, not whack ass dudes like drake, lil b, limp bizkit for gods sake, tyga... thats the problem with music, weak ass rappers who don't talk about shit. If you think making a great rapper depends on how much money you got, please, don't even start. Check who the top selling artist is in the last 10 years. You might of heard of him, his name is eminem. Respect your elders, and stop polluting your ears with that garbage ymcmb music. If you catch yourself rapping rack city, and quoting words like nacho, pronto, and honcho, you should just slap yourself. If you catch yourself to singing , ' im so, im so, im so proud of you ', kick yourself in those baby nuts you got. CrackPipe... go eat a d*ick bruh, you dont know shit about hip hop.

    • so what

      I got my money right, I got my clip full Haha, it's like 7 in the mornin n-gga I'm up for whoever the opponent n-gga Stop the track, let me relish in a moment n-gga Now bring that mutha fucker back cause I'm zonin n-gga I go hard like Rafael Nadal And if the bitch is worth havin, I bet we have them all And man I'm so high it's like an ever-lasting fall And I'm chargin these hoes like women basketball Uh, I bet that chopper get his mind right Leave a hole in his chest like a lion bite Super hero call like a crime fight I see big cheese, you n-ggas blind mice T-Streets still roll with me Still stickin to the script like Nicole Kidman Need the man hit? We are those hitmen He stopped runnin, the bullet holes didn't Uh, Basically, I'm still a monster Till the fat lady sings I come to kill the Opera Ya'll too plane, I'm a helicopter My words keep goin like a teleprompter I'm a asshole, wipe me down bitch I get big checks, Nike Town bitch Yeah, mean mug, Bobby Brown shit And the flag red like clown lips, Uh, T can't stop goin Dropped my best shit like the Cowboys dropped Owens I'm the best to ever do it mutha fucker I know it No Ceilings Got Dammit now the fuckin Sky's showin uhh...........Now go kill yourself you no life having bastard

    • so what

      Just because you dedicate so much hate i dedicate this to you. Ayo, it's Weezy muthafucking, easy with the hating bitch I'm in the building you just decorating I'm just detonating Then I get blatant More dangerous than internet dating Scoob got the cameras on so I got to show off I put your sister on, I knock your bro off We just spit snowballs catch it in your face bitch Good game Wayne man I deserve a Naismith, Cook game gain flow dope in the vein flow I'll only be smoking the purple out the rainbow Stronger than Draino, your boyfriend a lame-o And if you stay with em then y'all in the same boat Deep water Carter fishin for a dollar You can join the sail and I'm splitting your tomato Ball cause I gotta You'll love me in the mornin I told her I'm a king, them other niggas Prince Charming She love to rock the mic she say that's nothing like performin Man I'm in love with her grill George Foreman Forewarning Young Money's on And we can shoot it out, I got the money drawn Yeah, take that to the bank with ya I rock my hat to the side like I paint pictures Smoke weed talk shit like Lane Kiffin Whole country in recession but Wayne different Huh, and I'm a Maybach rider, haven't drove it one time I got a cool black driver Can't walk around with guns I got a dude that got em Don't worry if I'm shootin as long as you get shot I'm a beast, I'm a pitbull I get my ass kissed, I get my dick pulled I'm a beast

    • Anonymous

      maybe there's another guy under the name crackpipe..but the one who was quoting lil gayne was pointing out how wack that little flaming homosexual gremlin is, not saying he's dope

    • Mr Flamboyant

      This powerful post of etherous proportions has been brought to you by Alex, ladies and gents. Alex.

  • Anonymous

    drake wacka fucka and rick ross? this is whats wrong with hip hop why not get nas, dmx and styles p to feature

  • J

    if you dont fuck with game why the fuck you always be clickin on all his shit.. FOH some stalkin ass niggas hatin gets you nowhere.

  • Anonymous

    game always has to many features and wack features, always whos hot now type of featuers.

  • So Icy Boi!

    this nigga is wack. Game has no lyrical skill. Lil Wayne should teach Game how to rap like an MC. swag

    • Hurricane Game

      LMAFOOOOOOOOO, did he really just refer to Wayne as an M.C? LMAFOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • CrackPipe

      Wayne could teach Game how to spit lines like: ""All about my riches/ My name should be Richard" from Blunt Blowin' "Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack" from She Will "All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not 'four-ever'" from How To Hate And that's just from his last wack album. If you are going to idolize a rapper, make sure it isn't one that will more than likely be bankrupt and homeless in 5 years.

  • Anonymous

    game is is a bipolare faggot, so he acts like a bitch allways trys to atention...

  • bashin

    game fell off, now he is dick-riding commercial hiphop artist, last time i checked he said there will b no features and name dropping

  • c'mongame

    'California Republic' is a dope concept. But Meek Mill? Ross? Waka? How about Kendrick, Jay Rock, Kuurpt, B-Real, Crooked I, Blu, ice Cube. Hopsin, MURS, Pac Div, E-40, Xzibit, Ras Kass, Zion I or the Outlawz????? SUPPORT YOUR COAST GAME.

    • @Anon

      MURS has a solid fan base. And he's actually a good fucking rapper.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      LOL at the shots fired at MURS... Really? That was hella low...LOL

    • Anonymous

      MURS??? LOL he wants to get people who actually have a fanbase

    • Jack Compton

      Totally agree, he should be in the studio with other west coast artists for this mixtape. Would like to see him reach out to DJ Quik, Battlecat, Khalil, Fredwreck, Alchemist, EP, etc for production. If he's determine to work with popular weak rappers on this project over talented ones I think he should save the 'California Republic' title for when he intends to deliver what he's best at.

    • ThaTruth

      Xzibit worked with game for his new album "Napalm" and Game's Mixtape "California Republic"

    • T-Mac

      @GrimGenius Actually, Game worked with Xzibit. I don't if it's for this mixtape, Xzibit album or what, but picture of them in the studio hit the internet couple days ago.

    • GrimGenius

      i think xzibit is done with rap, adding a little schoolboy q or mistah fab to the mixtape wouldn't hurt though

  • Anonymous

    so a stripper a child actor and a cop is at the bar.............

  • Anonymous

    he NEVER will be a solo artist he got in the game on the back of other hot artist game cant write a hook all he is good for is spitting a verse.I wonder if he gonna sound like aubrey and william the entertainer

    • Anonymous

      @dno are you crazy that album featured nas,busta rhymes,snoop,xzibit,tha dogg pound,jamie foxx,swizz beats,kanye west,marsha ambrosius,

    • dno

      i can see what you mean its easy to think game has to rely on others to be hot.. but his best album to date (doctors ad) was done by him alone so thats not entirely true

  • Anonymous

    So all the same people that people all fed up with hearing where games creativity

  • Anonymous

    "California Republic" and you got Officer Ricky and Drake??? smh, where are the West Coast rappers on it? Gayme, rap it up man, a westside mixtape with southern artist, shame

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    game just doesn't get it. big name collabos make work for other artists, but not him, and the r.e.d. album proved that. he needs to be more selective with who he works with. he's not that versitile.

    • DudeFromThe East

      Exactly guys..I wonder why this dude is getting these wack commercial rappers on just to appeal...but who the hell does he wanna appeal? I suppose he's got ignorants advising him.

    • Anonymous

      Word. Dude had the whole industry on his album and still managed to flop somehow.

  • Anonymous

    Game fucked up with all his mixtapes last.. IMo that shit took away from his album what RED should have been The City California Martians vs. Goblins Red Nation Good Girls Go Bad Ricky Rough with Yelawolf You are the Blood Lost California Heart Breaker Pushing It -with TI and Robin Thicke Pot of Gold Born in the Trap Mama Knows History with Kane/KRS-1

    • Mr. West

      Co-sign all that, and you put California down twice. But hey Game is still putting out Top notch music for sale and free. Game dropped Red Room, Blood Red Album, Purp N Patron, P N P The hangover, Break lights, Hood morning and the R.E.D. Album. Thats why I bought 2 copies of R.E.D. Album "Game recognize Game" Also if you listen to music the way its meant, and let it seep in to your mental, you realize R.E.D. is a classic. If you hate the game? why the hell are you chking for his shit? U.C. fans I wasnt feeling some of the songs towards the end of the album @ first but now, I bump that shit in its entirety.

    • Anonymous

      wtf you talking about. Those are the tracks on the Red album you dumbasss.

    • bodybagg

      don't forget Big Money, beat was nasty

    • Anonymous

      agree so much things leaked that should have been on the album and some song he put on mixtures that should have been saved for the album. who ever was over looking his music did a horrible job. also better days keeping it real higher feat jay electronica american dream monsters in my head the kill hustlin these songs should have been on there. the songs feat jeezy, ross & sigel,e-40 & big boi, lloyd, and lloyd were horrible

  • Mary

    good!!! p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, check this out. (*Copy & Paste this link, and delete the unnecessary 2 spaces) ht tp://bi

  • Anonymous

    still hoping to hear game's collabo with lupe someday

  • Trypticon

    Game always comes correct with his mixtapes so i'm definitely looking forward to this.

  • scope

    Old as fuck. Fuck cock rapists.

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