Freeway Praises Jay-Z, Wants To Work With Dr. Dre, Eminem, Nas & Kendrick Lamar

Freeway says that Jay-Z "supports me 100 percent" and shares his love for Hov as a lyricist.

Freeway rose to Hip Hop fame in the early ‘00s under Jay-Z’s guidance as one of Roc-A-Fella Records’ flagship artists. Years later, Free insists that there is no bad blood between them, praising Hov for his abilities and stating that he’s got his back.

“That’s the big homie. Supports me 100 percent. Jay was one of my favorite artists anyway, even before I signed. If you look at what he’s doing and the level he’s at in his career and his age and everything, he’s still able to be so good and be one of the top emcees,” he told Montreality. “I listen to some of Jay’s music today from 2001, 2002, and I’m still catching lines like, oh wow, that’s what he said? That’s how you know he’s a good artist. His verse on ‘What We Do,’ that was my first big record with Jay, so of course it’s my favorite.”

Philly Freezer also ran down his wish list of collaborations. Though he’s a seasoned emcee, he says that he hasn’t had a chance to link with Dr. Dre and Eminem, and that he would love to work with Kendrick Lamar and Nas.

“I want to work with Dre. I’ve been in the game for a minute, I haven’t gotten a chance to work with Dre. Definitely want to do with Dre and Em. Up-and-coming people, I want to do something with Kendrick Lamar. He’s an artist who challenged the game and came with something different. I want to work with Nas, before it’s all said and done. Nas was one of my favorite artists growing up.”

Watch the full interview below, where he also recalls working with Nate Dogg, how he spent his first big paycheck and his upcoming project Freedom of Speech.

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  • cf eilrbcptr4bp

    Some people have no self-respect. How the fuck you call Eminem a faggot on that song with Bo Troop and then you wanna work with him?!

  • mad man

    say word, damian hewitt i see you my nigga.

  • Anonymous

    This is what you call loyalty. Despite the fact that Freeway didn't sell much and despite the fact that most people have forgotten about him, he doesn't blame Jay-Z for his position right now. Beanie on the other hand had literally everything to be the best. Jay promoted the fuck outta Beanie and Beanie is bitching like Jay left him on the shelf for 15 years. The best part is he left for Dame Dash once Jay and Dame split up. Learn from your peers, Beanie.

    • Anonymous

      while beanie was crying freeway was on his grind we all know freeway aint hurting for no paper just like bleek roc for life bitches

  • DutchWeazel

    Now THATS a rapper (MC) who knows what Hip Hop fanatics wants to hear (at least I do). Freeway dont need to jump on the swagrappersbandwagon Cool

  • real talk

    cmon 50 and jay give us another freeway album but jay got to do his part this time.

  • Nas

    He's dope. I'll get in contact with him & we'll work something out.




    Freeway needs to take lessons from the niggas he wishes to work with to improve as an artist, that battle with Cass left him with a wack presence and delivery, however I commend him for the Stimulus Package so there may be hope yet...

  • GrimGenius

    freeway is underrated


    yo this nigga freeway wack as fuck...better kiss baby n get him to sign yo ass. YMCMB over errtin, we runnin da game 13 letters YMCMB OVOXO MMG

  • EN AY ES

    "Rip the FREEWAY, shoot through Memphis with money bags. Stop in Philly, order cheese steaks and eat Beans fast"

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