Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 3/25/2012

Odd Future scores a Top 5 debut on the project released on their own label, while MGK and Diggy make impressive debuts on the Top 200.

Three new releases hit the charts this week. Big label debuts from Diggy and MGK were surpassed by a strong independent showing from Odd Future, who's latest album is their biggest to date as a collective. Through the week, Drake's Take Care fell 11 spots, dropping out of the Top 10, as Tech N9ne, Chiddy Bang and WZRD albums held onto the Top 200 of the charts.

Odd Future's OF Tape, Vol. 2 Cracks The Top 5 Of The Charts

The third nationally-distributed Odd Future-related release was a Top 5 debut. Odd Future's follow-up to to 12 Odd Future Songs tied Tyler, The Creator's Goblin for a #5 debut. Put out on Odd Future's imprint (distributed by Sony Red), the work featured a song from recently-released Earl Sweatshirt, along with Tyler, Frank Ocean, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Hodgy Beats and Taco. OF2 sold 40,000 first-week units for the group-backed label. 

Diggy Simmons, Machine Gun Kelly Debut Albums Hit The Charts

Two newer artists made their retail debuts. Bad Boy Records' Machine Gun Kelly (as MGK) barely missed the Top 40 with his Half Naked & Almost Famous. The EP-sized effort from the DXnext alum features Waka Flocka Flame and longtime label-mate Cassie. At Atlantic Records, Diggy Simmons (as Diggy) released Unexpected Arrival. Nearly a Top 10 release, the work debuted at #12, featuring Jadakiss and R&B singer, Tank. The heir to the Hip Hop mogul Simmons family, Diggy is son of Run-DMC co-founder Rev Run.

Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 3/25/2012

#5. Odd Future - OF Tape, Vol. 2 - 40,000 (40,000)

#12. Diggy - Unexpected Arrival - 21,000 (21,000)

#16. Drake - Take Care - 18,000 (1,636,000)

#18. Tyga - Careless World: Rise Of The Last King - 16,000 (157,000)

#28. Young Jeezy - TM 103: Hustler's Ambition - 12,000 (533,000)

#34. Jay-Z & Kanye West - Watch The Throne - 9,900 (1,393,000)

#42. MGK - Half Naked & Almost Famous - 8,500 (8,500)

#48. Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV - 7,900 (2,093,000)

#111. Tech N9ne - Klusterfuk EP - 3,300 (20,000)

#117. WZRD (Kid Cudu & Dot Da Genius) - WZRD - 3,100 (84,000)

* data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousandth for units above 10,000, nearest hundredth for units below 10,000. Each week, HipHopDX presents top albums in Hip Hop/related, and five notables.

Will Bumpy Knuckles & DJ Premier join E-40 on the charts for a veteran's week? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.

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  • Splash

    Machine Gun Kelly = Trash. He was going to flop either way. I've listened to his music dude is trying to impress 14 year old white boys. Disrespecting other genre's of music with that "Cobain's Back" f*** outta here. DO like Cobain and kill yoself.

  • Anonymous

    I think CMB should drop tyga...nigga shady he is already starting a label...dont let that nigga eat off ymcmb.....use that nigga to suck dicks with them big as lips.

    • Anonymous

      you say already like he just got signed.hes bin on young money years b4 drake or nicki was even considered

  • Anonymous

    Tyga- Flop makes 2x Diggy- Flop MGK- Flop Tyga shit is garbo gay ass nigga...the nigga be hanging out with Lil B.....and bow wow is on the down-lo.... all these gay rappers.... Diggy u look suspect.... your bro(joe-joe) all ready bangin trannies.... I'm starting to think all the ymcmb is gay or bi.......it really seems to be coming to light.

    • Anonymous

      the only reason the MGK ep didnt sell is because its just a 5 song EP 3 of the songs are old.not an album so dont hate. and what is with you and gays?seriously the only one lookin suspect is you

  • Paco

    So Icy Boi. Tech Nine wack lol go listen to Gucci Mane and Young Money Faggot

  • Anonymous

    those albums are not a flop there good numbers 2 b independent now tygas album is a flop because he is on a cash money but he wack anyway well atleased 2 artist have gold albums that are good mc's in wale and j cole and there still in the top 100 i dont know why they dont post there numbers

  • Bellwether Balogiono Belefonte

    i dont know why some of ya'll think that everyone that drops an album who gets mainstream exposure is gonna go platinum or sell hundreds of thousands out the gate. youtube views and thumbs up dont translate into album sales. 20,40 thousand units aint horrible for a first week, not as many artist as you think go gold or platinum as much as you are lead to belive.

  • Anonymous

    Diggy my nigga I just hate it had to be him

  • Linda

    I must buy it! p.s Are you targeting Japanese market? I Officially did promotions for Ace Hood and DJ Infamous "We The Best" Japan Tour. I have more than 20,000 Japanese followers. If you are producer, artiste, DJ, dancer, or records/production company and need my promotions, check this out. (*Copy & Paste this link, and delete the unnecessary 2 spaces) ht tp://bi t.ly/zXEFnw

  • Anonymous

    surprising that Diggy only sold 21k. i thought teen girls loved that kid. OF sucks and 40K aint shit. hopefully they keep fading off, slowly but surely

  • fabo45


  • Anonymous

    the indies outsold the majors wow

  • Anonymous

    dx is 21k is what you consider an impressive debut, please define unimpressive.

  • lloyd

    right now JoJo is happy as fuck

  • Hip Hop Fan

    I didn't read any of the comments but I am surprised Diggy flopped so hard, I expected better seeing how much I saw of the kid this year. MGK flopping was expected because he is trash and now Diddy is going to lock him in the basement and flush the key. As for Odd Future going 40k independent is surprising and depending on how much they spend on marketing and making the album the could have made a lot of money.

    • Anonymous

      "MGK flopping was expected because he is trash" 1.if you only herd wild boy then stfu 2.maybe it didnt sell much because it was just a 5 song ep with 3 old songs,not an album so dont judge 3.see the trick is you have to actually listen with your ears 4.MGK is the only artist on Bad Boy actually doin somethin since B.I.G. and he was doin his thing long b4 puff.quit hatin lamer, Diddy wont do shit. "As for Odd Future going 40k independent is surprising" its really not suprising at all

  • LIl B

    I have to agree with Mr WOW. 40 000 is good for OF since they are independent, but with their internet popularity i would've expected at least double those numbers. They must have some fake fans

  • Anonymous

    fuck diggy, i dont give two fucks about him but on the real he got it good.He still god a millionaire family.

  • Da1

    Damn Diggy Damn. I'm sorry homie I'm so sorry.

  • CommentTroll

    EVERYONE KNOWS THAT SALES DONT EVEN...This comment was cut off for violating our spam and/or offensive content policies.

  • Anonymous

    21,000 for Diggy? At least he can say he outsold Jo Jo. Goes to show though that not everybody should rap. There is a science to it, and just because you have the means to throw an album together, doesn't mean you should.

  • Anonymous

    not surprised MGK flopped, i personally feel he's garbage & has been gettin too much attention on hiphop websites

    • Anonymous

      ur sayin he flopped like it was an album.i listen to MGK and i was not fina go out and spend money on a 5 song Ep with 3 old tracks. sold out shows,co-signs from Bone Thugs,Tech N9ne,DMX,Diddy,50 cent etc..people ripping the doors off of hinges at his concerts just to see him says hes not garbage lol if he was truly garbage then he wouldnt be getn attention now would he?

    • Anonymous

      Fuck God, I don't believe in ghost stories.

  • Anonymous

    Nikkas on this site is fucking stupid, all the comments i see are hating ass comments with gay this or gay that.I think u all have sick mind if all you write all the time is a gay comment. SMH

  • Anonymous

    Everybody thats saying Odd Future flopped knowns nothing about the music industry. They're independent, with no one in their pockets. I hope everybody here watched that video on Tech N9ne that showed off his headquarters. Tech N9ne has never had an album that sells 100,000 in the first week, but he's rich as shit. Odd Future is headed that way and I'm sure they don't care about plaques cuz at the end of the day they'll have more money and creative integrity.

    • @BCCthehater

      top 5 on charts independently passing popular commercial acts like Diggy and Tyga is flopping to you?shut up.you should be band from music

    • BCC

      Ha Ha! Musical integrity and odd future dont belong in the same sentence! Lol get real, they flopped for a strategy based on gimmicks and shock factor.

    • Mr.Wow

      You assume that they are banking most of the profits but you don't know. You don't know if a manager has a contract that is taking majority of the funds, you don't know if they fully own publishing and copyrights. Tech Nine has been doing it for years and has a proven track record so don't use him as an example. Red Distribution is getting more than half the funds I bet because I used to work there and trust me Red is making more money than OF label. The sales and marketing team I bet is outsourced, project manager i bet is outsourced, promotions outsourced. A in house team goes beyond beats, and lyrics because you need hands to sale and pitch project to buyers.

  • KnawlejYaSeif

    Hip Hop timeline: 80's- the birth of rap (still raw) 90's-the golden era (superior lyrics) 2000's - the ringtone rap era (better beats no lyrics no substance) 2010's - the ignorant rap era (superior beats better lyrics but no substances) The future- superior beats, superior lyrics?

    • Anonymous

      "if yall hate it so much then why are yaw not buying ur precious "real hip-hop" artists records?" Erm....... maybe because longevity is better than being a passing fad. I'm sure people were asking the same dumb question when MC Hammer moved units. Where is he now?

    • Anonymous

      if yall hate it so much then why are yaw not buying ur precious "real hip-hop" artists records?the consumer killed hip-hop

    • Word Life.....

      That timeline pretty much sums everything up. 2000-2010+ has been so shit I actually have hope for the future.

    • Theyletyousignwhat you want

      I like superior substances

    • Anonymous

      Future: Extreme superior beats, no lyrics, superior substances.

    • Anonymous

      you sound jealous.......quit hating artists, jujst because their not from new york.

    • mrsmith02

      I just hope it dosen't get any worse

  • Anonymous

    If u support Odd Future, u support the Devil

    • Anonymous

      so the lame above is fuckin retarded how can you worship satan if you are an atheist.for you dumb ass muhfuckaz that dont know atheists dont believe in god or the devil.that means no satan worshiping goin on you corny ass internet lynch mobs. " he said stupid shit like "if they were satan worshippers they would not have come this far" bitch how was that stupid?what mainstream,indie or underground rappers worship satan and are successful? like what are you lames guna do chase them with torches and pitchforks and start hanging anyone you think is a "satan worshiper" in the streets like the old days lmao cuz thats what you sound like

    • Anonymous

      the idiot above me got dropped on his head as a child and grew up believing himself all the time, even when he said stupid shit like "if they were satan worshippers they would not have come this far"................

    • Anonymous

      the idiots above are a prime example of inbreeding and judging books by the cover.if they were satan worshippers they would not have come this far

    • Anonymous

      Preaaaaach! Fuck the devil and his dickriding followers odd future!

    • Anonymous

      Fuck God, I don't believe in ghost stories

  • Pat225

    Surprise by OF doing 40k first wk ive never really listened to them but that's a great opening wk for them. I'm Also surprised that WTT is stalling out at 1.3m I thought they would have bn at dbl plat by now, I think they have to do a 2nd WTT now Other than that congrats to all the other artist.

  • Anonymous

    hey you wanna know how many rappers dropped an album last week? Guess how many didn't make top 5? yeah shut the fuck up if you see 40k in a week you're doing something right.

    • Anonymous

      you guys are aware this is only first week sales not the whole year lol.

    • Anonymous

      Considering that they have their own distribution deal and record label, 40,000 sounds about right. They're making way more money off that than they would had they been on a major and sold twice those numbers, especially with so many members. Those are very strong numbers.

    • Mr.Wow

      40,000 is good but not for a group that has the media coverage like OF. If we added they overall market value we would expect more than 40,000 record sales considering that the numbers will decrease after this week. Props to them for doing 40,000 in a week but these numbers don't represent their popularity on the net. They must have some fake fans.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Odd Future outsold that wack ass nigga Tech N9ne... lmao. Odd Future iz tha new Wu-Tang Clan. they are even better then tha WU. Tyler, The Crator iz tha best new MC period. swag

    • dizzle

      55k in the firs week

    • Anonymous

      All 6's and 7's sold 183k

    • dizzle

      um...you're surprised they outsold a 6 song ep? Tech hasn't released a solo album since last june and that sold 55k.

    • Mr.Wow

      Looking at the sales numbers OF is not the next Wu Tang. Show me the comparison if they are indeed the next Wu Tang. OF shirts will never reach Wu Wear status. They will never reach Wu record sales status. Tyler will never make a classic album like Ghost, Meth, Raekwon, Gza,or ODB. Nigga U God got a gold plat on his solo project and you young niggas got twitter, facebook, and blogs and stiil can't out due the old school heads. Being independent in 2012 is not the same as being independent in the 90's or early 2000's. Either they have a million fans or they don't. Wu Tang has proof, OF has twitter followers.

    • NawDOntThinkSo

      "they are even better then tha WU".....Shoot yourself ten times dig yourself up and shoot yourself again! You were born in the 2000's right???

  • Miles

    Odd Future's album sales aren't flopping at all. they have no record label, they features, no outside production, no major promotion and no singles in the hot 100. 40,000 is really good for an album that was funded 100% in house. they made $600,000 of of these sales that goes 100% to them.

    • buckeyewu

      All respect due, he did say 100% of the profit, not 100% of the revenue.

    • Miles

      @HipHopFan You make a valid point that it doesn't indeed all go to them

    • Hip Hop Fan

      If you paid $15 for the OF cd then there is no way that they get 100% of the profits. Also, nobody is taking into consideration about marketing/advertising dollars and money to make the cd's/cover/distribution as well. After all that it will get divided among the 4-6 members of OF, and there you have it.

    • Miles

      I purchased mines at best buy and it was exactly $15

    • Anonymous

      $600,000? That would be $15 a cd. Nah bruh. They charge more like 7.99. $10 at the most. You just giving away money lol

  • Insecure


  • Anonymous

    Yall niggas slay me always sayin that OF floppin and all that....they sold 40000, independently. no producers to pay or management since they're their own producers and management. They do that all In-house. I bet they made more $$ off of 40,000 than most niggas do off of 200,000. plus most niggas dont realize that most of the money of these artists come off of concerts and tours, dont nobody make their living off of album sales anymore, its all about branding.


      Thats false. OF has to put their own money up for promo,copyrights,covers, and shipping. On top of that Sony Red who distributed the album took a nice percentage. So they aren't making as much as you think. 40k is still good. MGK and Tech both dropped E.P's. Tech sold a little over 190,000 with 6's and 7's. HE gets paid. As far as MGK goes: Bottom line is he makes his main currency off his shows and appearances. Don't really care too much for the kid though.

  • Anonymous

    Damn, Jay Z first went platinum in 1998 and Lil Wayne first went platinum in 1999. It's amazing how both of them can still go platinum after almost 15 years of both of them first going platinum.

    • Anonymous

      Cash Money Records has been selling albums since 1991.


      Yeah, but jay has been in the game since '89. So it took a minute for him to come up. Now hes one of the best. Wayne Been doin things for a while. The hot boyz went platinum then Wayne did shortly after with his own solo project. In my opinion, if wayne had been in the Game as long as Jay he would have more sales and credit as an artist.

    • Hip Hop

      It's because both have an amazing team behind them.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      listen to this jew

  • 504 boy stunna

    remember how b.g. went platinum on his first two cash money major deal albums. drake isn't no different from him and ole juvie.

  • Stats

    Drake is about to go double platinum, Lil Wayne is about to retire and Tyga is about to blow on his next album.

    • Anonymous

      originally you said tyga about to blow on the album just came out. why are you changing your story? what happened to this album?

  • whoa

    "while MGK and Diggy make impressive debuts on the Top 200." Huh? Diggy has 1.3 million followers on twitter and sold 21k first week? Yo thats TEEEEEERRIBLE! That's 1.6% MGK is just wack. Props to OF. Im not a fan but you have to respect 40k independently sold.

  • Mr.Wow

    I would like to debate with the idiot that said OF had millions of fans. Remember the MC Lyte article? I hope you lames learn to stop predicting sales based off of popularity because you fail every time. The old school wins every time. And by now we can see that OF is not the next Wu Tang and will never be them with sales like this.

    • Word Life........kill urself

      Anonymous sonned yo ass

    • MR.Wow is fuckin slow yo

      " The old school wins every time"...if they win so hard then where the fuck are they now?oh yeah either doin nothin or doin collabs with the new school for a meal and some shine. "And by now we can see that OF is not the next Wu Tang and will never be them with sales like this."OFWGKTA never was intended to be Wu-Tang you fuckin stan.top 5 on charts 40k independently first week is a bad sale to you?co-signs from everyone and they mom including ur precious old school muhfuckaz,tv show,sold out concerts world wide,stores,clothing and other merch,and the GOOD sales proves they are here to stay.stop hatin its bad for you

    • Anonymous

      Think about the fanbase fellas. Most of them probably downloaded the album illegally.

    • Word Life........

      @reality check: Odd Futures sales this week are an indicator of another flop. If one is to recall, the same thing happened with Goblin. Millions of views on youtube, radical overnight fanbase but yet these fools still couldnt go gold or sell 100 000 in first week with an album that was recorded with the intent of selling(back to the point of gimmick. As far as common sense is concerned Lyte really did make tyler look like a bitch, chart position wise and skill.

    • reality check

      lol.......how is old school winning, when lyte can't sale a fat?

  • Anonymous

    i still haven't got my copy of OF Tape Vol. 2 and Klusterfuk. the MGK EP only had like 5 tracks on it 3 of which are old songs of course its not guna sky rocket.the LP however i think is guna start toppin shit.

  • Anonymous

    drake gon' out sell wayne soon. when take care vid drops and the hyfr video it'll do tons more units

    • Anonymous

      @ toronto stand up i fucking despise know-it-all ass niggas like you always trying to predict another nigga's future like you close to that nigga and shit. you're a groupie with an internet connection. stop making lame as predictions.

    • Blaze

      but it's the truth Drake writes wayne's lyrics. People still call him THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE

    • Anonymous

      Drake is wack the guy above or Drake does not represent Toronto in anyway. I'm In Toronto and I don't fuck with wack ass shit like Ross, YMCMB, Gucci etc.

    • Toronto Stand Up

      Lil Wayne is jealous of Drake, even though Wayne making more money and that's a shame. Drake only has to give YMCMB one more album and then he is going to sign with Roc Nation, which is where he belongs anyway!

  • Anonymous

    I would like Kolexxxion to chart but...............Its not going to. Thats modern hip hop for you!, wack/gimmick/bitch ass rappers over skilled ones.

    • Anonymous

      Regardless of preemos overinflated ego, I still feel Bumpy has the skill that deserves great sales. When wack "indie artists" like Mac Miller are selling 100 000+ there's nothing that should stop the success of guys like bumpy.

    • nibs

      fuck dj premiers giant ego. I hope he never charts again

  • Dirt Nasty

    #42. MGK - Half Naked & Almost Famous - 8,500 (8,500) I guess eminem really did only sell so many records because he was white, right.

    • Kool Herc

      you guys really wana be the jackass' who compare white rappers to eachother?LAME!!!hip-hop is not for you

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Anga got it exactly right. I still remember when Em dropped his music. Before Eminem the only white mainstream rapper was Vanilla Ice. When you go from Vanilla Ice to Eminem you would be expected to be great. Who else at that time was a success and talented rapper other than Em? NOBODY. Em dropped at the right time and right place. I think if Em dropped in todays climate he would push 100k units max because the genre is filled with talented rappers be it white or black.

    • Word Life........

      Em did sell cause he was white! Lol. That doesn't mean in todays musical climate other white rappers are going to go diamond with him.

    • No Tom Ova Here

      Yela Wolf, Paul Wall and MGK all date black women. Eminem doesn't date black women, so the message is clear. Em sales because he is a true white boy, that promotes dating your own kind, while still doing negro music as a hobby.

    • 2Da9thPwr

      @Anon, that's sarcasm.

    • Anga

      Yeah, Eminem DOES sell records because he's white....But that doesn't mean all white rappers will sell like Eminem. A lot of black people voted for Obama because he's black, but do you think they would ever vote for Alan Keys or Herman Cain? lol They're black too. Eminem just dropped at the perfect time...White people had never seen a white dude who was good at rapping before. Now, it's pretty common...So it's not a big deal...Plus, they're use to Eminem as "the white male rapper". That doesn't change the fact that Eminem sells records because of his race.

    • Anonymous

      also MGK is a gimmik. I dont even know if he grew up listening to hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      not a true statement....Em sold because he was white with talent. There are black rappers that are just as talented that cant get any luv...go see Elzhi and AZ...you can throw big krit in there also

  • Hiphopsucks now

    Lmao diggy simmons flopped.. Jeezy still moving ten thou perl week real nigga fuck rick ross fat fuck lol

  • nibs

    annnnd I'm officially done with rap. what a list of garbage

    • Anonymous

      who put a gun to this nib guy's head and told him its either books or music? music was never intended as a subsititute for reading and books, and vice verse. and you even admitted that you aint got shit better to do than to hate on rap because your job sucks. get off your ass niggas, change you life. condemning an entire genre of music and form of expression because you're miserable and can't relate. that's what repblican's do. dont ever in your life come here talking down to a culture that raised and taught and inspired us. old bill cosby ass nigga. its not rap's fault you aint shit and working a dead end job with no ambition.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      you remind me of myself in eighth grade when revoluutionary vol. 2 came out. ease up little man you'll grow out of this funk. haha. btw i'm just about done fuckin with immortal technique. yawn

    • BlazeDatIshUp

      ^^^@nibs....There are a lot of dumb rappers and if you judge rap by the music being played now, then yep current rap is wack, and plain stupid. Rap rap as a whole isn't dumb, it's the rappers who create wack music that makes no sense, and pollutes the airwaves who are dumb. If you go back to rap from the 80's, 90's or most rap around 2002/2001 and earlier, then you can see that it actually had creativity, originality, substance and was just plain dope as fuck. Flash forward to 2012 and 'the game' is filled with a bunch of fake, shady muthafuckas who can't rap for shit, but get airtime because of the little gullible kids who buy their crap. In some cases it's their labels who buy the album to make it seem like the person is selling big numbers. I am a University educated brotha who is always reading and soaking up knowledge from anywhere, so I get what you mean though. You listen to some of the music out now and you feel as though you just lost a few brain cells by listening to the crap. I actually listen to most genres of music(just can't stand heavy metal), and I always listen to 2Pac(one of the few rappers who had sense, intelligence, but had the wrong people surrounding him), so from me dumb, ignorant rappers get no luv. The rappers who make great and 'real' music will always get played in my cd player, mp3 player, laptop, phone or where ever else I can bump their music....

    • Anonymous

      Entertainment isn't supposed to educate, so go back to school and get your GED.

    • nibs

      except my job is boring as fuck so I probably will be back here next week talkin the same shit haha

    • nibs

      No after about 6 months of heavy book reading I've really realized how dumb rap is, and I mean I've loved rap for years and years, but once you become educated you realize how big of knobs all rappers are. I semi-enjoyed action bronson but after like 2 weeks I was done with him. All I have to look forward to is tech's middle passage. It sounds conceited and a year ago I woulda shat on this comment but word to everything read some books and tell me you don't feel the same.

    • jason

      See you next week.

    • ST

      SMH everytime hip hop sales come out, ppl like you talk about how you are done with hip hop and how hip hop is dead. STFU, all the artist has fans just like your favorite artist. Stop hatin, they got families too.

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