Beanie Sigel Addresses Jay-Z Beef

Beanie Sigel discusses beef with his former boss, Jay-Z.

Beanie Sigel's fall from Roc-A-Fella records and subsequent beef with former friend and label head Jay-Z have been well-documented.

In a recent interview, the Broad Street Bully reflected on the beef. "It ain't really no situation right now," he explained. "At the end of the day, Jay, that's my brother, and will forever be my brother."

"We had a litte misunderstanding. [It was a] situation where I couldn't get to him, so I had to via emceeing. And that was it."

Sigel indicated that, although there's no more beef with Hov, he still hasn't spoken to him face-to-face.

Watch the interview below, courtesy of

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  • Mike Z

    haha Sigel is the biggest nuthugger in the history of rap first he was in jay's vidz then he was saying jay fcked him money-wise to anyone who'd listen now it's "brother, brother" again. what a maroon!

  • mad man

    damian hewitt is famous. he's a real nigga.

  • Nobody cares bout this sucka

    this nigga lame, period. I hate his face, I hate his voice and I hate how he walks. No wonder he aint famous at all.

  • sly

    If you can't begin to understand beans situation you aint even human

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Beanie Sigel is spooning Jay Z in that photoshopped ass picture on the homepage. Between the graphic designs and plagiarism, how many years of junior college does it take to work at HipHopDX?

  • Browning Jeannine

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  • Anonymous

    Today is National Jay-Z day here on hip-hop dx, everyone chime in on your favorite Jiggaman story.

  • What

    Beanie is one talented rapper but is as dumb as they come, he should be an example why these Kids should good to school and stay in school, Beanie will good down as a good rapper but always be stupid and Broke

    • Anonymous


    • westcoast

      WTF u mean he aint loyal ?? These clowns made millions of dollars with the ROC now they go broke and u want Jay to sppon feed these clowns GTFOH ... If a man put me on and gives me my own lane to make money and take care of my fam I would in no way tell him he isnt loyal after I fall off ..Beenie just didnt handle his business right

  • Anonymous

    Jay doesn't get why his own camp turns against him even though its plain as fuck to see why. JAY IS NOT THAT LOYAL TO HIS CREW Kanye is the Roc's golden boy, jay aint never lettin him go

  • J.O.

    sounds like a lil backtracking to me... I think he realized Jay wasn't gone take the bait so he backed off. They have mutual friends Im sure that could get the word out so the fact that he says he had to do it thru emceeing is crazy. That further proves just how great it is to be successful in the game that you really dont have to respond to disses and still not seem "weak" by industry standards. Jay and a few others has crossed over into that lane. I would think tho that it has to eat at you that someone you was close to and who you held at a high regard would publicly blast you thru music and interviews. Jay is better man than some.Eminem kind of did the same thing with Royce 5'9. Royce and his crew went back n forth with Eminem & D12 but Eminem never said a word. but it is good to note that Royce wasn't as disrespectful as Beans was tho. Maybe that's why they all back cool again. I really can't ever see Beans and Jay connect again. Hip-Hop loses!

  • Anonymous

    What a waste of time. Gimme a break were talkin so much smack about Jay in the past and now you're saying he'll always be my brother? I couldn't get at him so the only way was to talk reals?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone who beef with Jay Z either apologize or deny the beef in the end.

  • Cafu86

    Sad what became of that great relationship Jay and Beanie had. Wished the could forgive and forget and kick it again. But that's easy for me to say, because I don't know the circumstances that were involved in, getting them to seperate.

  • Anonymous

    At the end of the day, Jay, that's my brother, and will forever be my brother." Says a desperate man with no record deal and no sales

    • pork the illuminati

      anon your a bitch with no record sales or deals either.. and i drink your milkshake you little fagmuffin!

  • Anonymous

    Sigel is one of the best street mc's around, your hating ass comments sound gay here. It's a fact Jay-Z did him dirty when he was locked up. Beanie just needs to make a classic album, he can do it with the right beats. I wanna hear him on a track with some other dope mc's like kool g rap, mobb deep, crooked I, Raekwon and shit. dude is a beast on the mic.

  • Beanie wack

    Beanie shut up ...... Your done and you've been done for years. You speak like a boss but you ain't shit. You talk out of your ass and you are a fuckin hypocrite. Go back to the hole you came out of you broke ass nigga.

  • EminemIsGay

    Nigga you should kick it with 50... When nas told you, you were better than gay z you took that as a diss. The only thing you could do now is workout and loose weights.

  • haha

    only way this fool shows up in headlines. Pretty sad this dude deaded his whole career...ah no it's not, he's a fag, he needs to go back to chewing on peedi crack's jersey.

  • tmz

    Warren buffet is a whole werido and so is gay z money is not everything

  • Anonymous

    Jay too busy having dinner with Warren Buffet to give a fuck, you'll never see or hear from Jay again, he cant make money off you anymore so your worthless to him, just move on

  • ramses

    last i check no one care 2 much for him , an the jigga boo is dyin slow from what i hear

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