Big K.R.I.T. Says Trayvon Martin Case Is A "Sad Situation"

Big K.R.I.T. says that Martin's death is a "sad situation" and is "Glad that people are speaking out about this."

After David Banner spoke with HipHopDX about the Trayvon Martin case, Big K.R.I.T. has weighed in on the controversial situation that’s elicited responses from Diddy, Frank Ocean and more. During an interview with The Jasmine Brand, the Meridian, Mississippi native expressed his feelings on Martin’s death and the circumstances surrounding it.

“It should never become one of those situations that’s just like ‘oh, that happens all the time.’ That should always be a surprising situation,” he said. “You would like to think that it’s 2012 and people will understand that a hoodie doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a criminal; your skin doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a criminal. It’s sad that that kind of situation is still happening right now.”

K.R.I.T. said that he’s glad to see people speaking out against George Zimmerman, who shot Martin to death on February 26th in Sanford, Florida.

“You never want to use violence against violence, but you have to own up to what you do. [Trayvon] wasn’t doing anything to anybody; you can’t just, immediately, think that somebody’s up to no good. I read about a woman who’s gonna do some time for whooping her child, but we don’t even know if [Zimmerman] is gonna do some time for gunning somebody down in the street. I’m glad that people are speaking out about this, this type of stuff happens all the time. In the South, yes it happens, but it happens all over the world. People have to really start praying.”

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  • Anonymous

    So you telling me if Im black and I see a white guy with a hood on and I follow him for block riding slow and then I get out of the car and the white guy is scared out of his mind and I have a gun on me. Then a fight breaks out and Im getting my ass kicked up and down the side walk and Im like aww man these punches hurt and Im like fuck this I pull out my gun and shoot when the other guy doesnt have a gun and thats not murder or manslaughter so I guess everybody if you getting your ass kicked in a fight just pull out a gun or knife and kill the man because its self defense....smh. Yall are some dumbass ass people. If that guy would have been black then he would have been arrested. Do you know how many black men have been let out of prison because of DNA testing that shows you that the judicial systems doesnt care about a black man...point black period.

    • Anonymous

      one more thing if your getting assaulted you have the RIGHT to use deadly force its the law if you don't like it try to change it but quit blaming others

    • Anonymous

      yeah just keep using race to prove your point first of all the guy was not WHITE he was Hispanic in prison systems there's more of that race then blacks oh and the kid was acting like a criminal and punk it was not some random hate crime

  • Anonymous

    That man should be arrested white black purple blue whatever the Fuck he should be behind bars .Fuck this dude




      well if you want to know yes he did have permanent said it on the news and the only mistake that I see is he should have stayed in the car I guess he felt like he should help anyway BUT a 17 year teen can do some damage Zimmerman had bruises and scratch on his face now about the shriek yeah it was most likely the kid being shot or Zimmerman could just be baby but after being assaulted and not able to defend himself he pulled that gun out and fired when Trayvon seen the gun he tried to run which is against the law if he was not acting like a punk and said WAIT DON'T SHOOT! he most likely would not be dead HOWEVER I see what your saying and if zimm did not identify himself as someone of the community looking out for citizens and just picking a fight with someone then yeah lock him up but i just don't see it like that because it does not look like that

    • Simple

      Look man, I feel like too many are putting the emphasis of the situation on events surrounding the shooting and the supposed self-defense. The simple fact is after listening to and reading the transcripts of all the phone calls its obvious that Zimmerman broke some sort of law. Whether it ranges from 2nd degree murder to some sort of manslaughter, illegal use of a firearm, etc. Is this guy even sanctioned to carry a firearm? Does he have a concealed weapons permit? After listening to the calls a few things stood out to me. The police dispatcher clearly told him to stay in his vehicle. Trayvon's voice was still that of a kid. Zimmerman sounds somewhat incoherent at times. The neighbors who called in heard the shriek, and you can hear it. its a kid's shriek. No man WITH a gun makes that sound when confronted by a 17 yo kid

  • Anonymous

    Imagine it comes out that Trayvon initiated the fight that led to his death. Alot of people will have to re-examine their own views on what being in the wrong place, at the wrong time really means. Of course Trayvon's death was unnecessary, but we don't yet know what led Zimmerman to feel he needed to go that route.

  • Its Um

    I hear ya man, kid didn't even have a gun, as far as I know the kid wasn't on his property!

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