A$AP Rocky Shares Advice From Kanye West & Drake, Says He Likes Odd Future

A$AP Rocky discusses his respect for Odd Future and shares advice he's received from Kanye West and Drake before adding that Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks should stop feuding.

A$AP Rocky recently touched on advice he's gotten from Drake and Kanye West. He also discussed his appreciation for Odd Future and his take on the Azealia Banks feud with Iggy Azalea for Punchbowl TV. 

Rocky recently wrapped up a tour with Drake. During said tour, the two became close and A$AP was asked about the advice he got from Drizzy. 

"Drake likes to show me better than he could tell me," A$AP explained. "He's a kind hearted kid. He's shown me that when I get to his level, I can still be humble and still be nice to people...I don't want to work with Drake because it's so cliche. I've got something better. I've got a brotherhood with him. That's my bro. I do want to work with him. I just think people are already expecting that. So, maybe we shouldn't give them what they want yet." 

He has also obtained some advice from Kanye West. According to A$AP, Yeezy let him know that it's not all about awards. 
"Kanye's school as fuck," he shared. "He gave me some advice. He said it's an honor to have a Grammy, of course, hands down. But he said, 'Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep doing what you love. Don't do it for that. Do it for the people.' I've got to respect that."

When asked about the feud between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks, A$AP said he feels the feud should come to an end. He also added that he knows both emcees and that Iggy Azalea is not a racist. 

"They've got to cut it out. That's some bullshit. Iggy is not racist. Trust me. That's some bullshit. I think that's petty for Azealia Banks. Come on. Don't pick on her because she's white. That's a low blow."

Furthermore, Rocky discussed his appreciation for Odd Future, a group that he's often been compared with. He noted that he has no ill will towards the group and that he feels that beefing would be "stupid." 

"I like Odd Future but people don't want us to like each other. They want us to beef and that's fucking stupid. I like Odd Future. People always want to compare us and I don't get it." 

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  • Anonymous

    Support A$AP thas a real nigga right there look past the OBVIOUS bullshit and keep it pushin do yo stuff and calculate ya moves my hands is tied i gotta pay respect to a G

  • Anonymous

    What matters is not the ones sitting and commenting all day, but those putting in work, making sacrifices to see their dream become a reality. Critics will always be around but without those putting their life, heart, passion and talent on the line, I guess there won't be much else for the critics to talk about. It's sort of a necessary union and the way of life, which is why most of the artists that get the most flak from anonymous bloggers don't really care and are living their life and realising their potential.

  • Anonymous


  • ASAP + Odd Future

    Man idk about fans wanting OF and ASAP to not like each other. I'm the opposite. I grew out of wanting my favorite rappers collabing (back when the big remix put together 2 of your favorite artist) together until recently. I'd love to hear a ASAP Rocky + Mike G + Domo collab or other various tracks between ASAP and OF members.

  • Whut

    Iggy is not racist, trust me lol. Yeah, cuz you fucking her, Rocky. I wonder if she dominates her as the "slave master" STUPID, TALENTLESS, CUNT

  • Anonymous

    lol. you will never win a grammy Rocky.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Getting a grammy these days does not mean much. Just remember that at one time Chamillionaire was near the top of the game and won two grammy's only to fall so hard that his buzz was near dead. One minute your at the top the next you could be gone, just remember that

    • URANTIA2

      From all the buzz/reception from Love.Live.Asap why wouldn't it be possible for him to win a grammy?!?

    • Anonymous

      no i agree the world will end before this niggas wins a grammy

    • NEGRO


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