Iggy Azalea Explains The Sexual Imagery Of Her Music

Iggy Azalea talks about the sexually-charged imagery behind her music and why American audiences can't handle it.

Complex recently caught up with 2012 XXL Freshman Iggy Azalea to talk about her career thus far. During the interview, the Australian Grand Hustle/Interscope signee spoke on the pressures of being a female emcee and the sexually-charge imagery associated with her brand.

Azalea explained that her appearance as a sexual female rapper has always been more problematic in the States than it has in her native homeland. She said that as a result, a lot of what she actually talks about in her music gets overshadowed by her appearance. 

"So much of what I do that’s controversial in America wouldn’t be a big deal back home. America is a highly sexualized society but people are afraid to admit what they like," she explained. "When people tell me that I have to be sexy that’s demeaning, not powerful...to a lot of people, a powerful, sexy woman is vulgar. When I first came out people said, 'She only raps about her vagina.' I’m not a vagina rapper! [Laughs]. I talk about many other things."

Check out Complex's extended interview with Iggy Azalea below.

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  • Anonymous

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    • @Anonymous

      Its not a contradiction. he obviously means black rappers with 'real' hiphop music! like kendrick lamar for example. not lil wayne and his loli pop shit.

    • Anonymous

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    • duh

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  • Rodrick

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  • Anonymous

    Everytime I see these new cornball white rappers, who seem to be popping up out the blue every 5 minutes, it makes me understand what Benzino was getting at 10 years ago, as an Em fan I just wrote him off as a Racist but when you look at whats going on today, he wasnt far off at all

    • Anonymous

      Good points from both parties

    • Anonymous

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