Lupe Fiasco Says No More Mixtapes, "Food & Liquor 2" Is Done & Could Be A Double Album

Lupe Fiasco makes two big announcements, including the format of "Food & Liquor 2."

During a performance in Portland, Oregon, Lupe Fiasco made two major announcements in the middle of his set.

"We got a long, illustrious career on the mixtape circuit, right?" said Lupe. "Some pretty groundbreaking things on those mixtapes, right?"

Lupe continued his self-congratulatory speech, saying, "So, in light of that history of amazing, lyrical feats and superb wordsmith-ness, I am sad to say tonight that there will be no more Lupe Fiasco mixtapes."

The announcement was met with a smattering of boos from the crowd, but Lupe continued making announcements unabated. "Second piece of announcements. ...Food & Liquor 2 is done. Release date? I dunno. Let's just say...July. The only thing that's holding Food & Liquor 2 whether or not it's gonna be a double CD or not."

Watch the video of the announcement below, courtesy of the LupE.N.D. Blog:

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  • WestCoastBiased

    Hold up...I thought he was gonna make a mixtape with Jay Elect. What happened to that???

  • GabeN

    This world is such a fucked up place. My mind such a fucked up shape. Everything down here sucks. Maybe what's up there is great. We all gotta go one day. I just wanna cut to the chase. I wanna stop these nightmares. I just wanna touch your face. All I see is all my feats. All I see is all my flaws. All I hear is all my demons. Even through your applause. All you see is all my flights. Well all I see is all my falls All you see is all my rights. All I see is all my wrongs. Door, keep telling me to fight, gun on my table telling me to come home. Telling me to to put him inside my hand. Then put it up right next to my dome. Door keep telling me to find a reason anything to keep me from squeezing Simplest things, yea you really like summer You really like music, you really like reading. Love. I can't win if it's me against me. One of us ain't gonna survive And my heart been broke for a while your's been the one keeping me alive. This is what Lasers was to me.

  • GrimGenius

    Food & Liquor was his best album to me, along with The Cool. But i wasn't too sure about lasers

  • Daniel

    Hey Guys, I'm new at this and dosn't have much equipment so, please give som feedback and tips

  • I shot 50 Cent 9 Times

    One of Lupe's best song "Glory" was from a mixtape. The lyrics on that song is the s@#%!! Lupe's last two releases (Lasers & Friend of the People) have been pop cRap--plain and simple. Hopefully, FnL2 marks the return of the old Lupe and not the sellout/ghetto hair Lupe.

    • WestCoastBiased

      His single Go To Sleep quotes "I hear they need a hero, so I'm back to dope again" He's also said in a press conference he's going back to the triple metaphors and deep lyrics

    • TW

      Umm..ghetto hair?? there is nothing about his hairstyle now that is ghetto..him growing out his hair is a reflection of personal expression and culture!...just enjoy the music :) Thanks,that is all!

  • Tariq Beats

    make it double!!!

  • g mob

    what was so good about him in the first place this kid sucks !

  • Truth

    If this sounds anything like "Lasers," I'm not interested. That album was terrible and its apologists are the worst. I'd rather bump Nastradamus than Lasers any day of the week.

  • jfia

    Thank you lupe. Mixtapes are ruining rap. The labels allow artists freedom to say what they want on them but there production is obviously half ass. Artists waste good lyrics on mixtapes and then on albums use their half ass lyrics. It makes mixtapes and albums half ass. Lets get back to making complete songs with good production and good lyrics

    • ETK

      You're sort of tying into his point though. With mixtapes becoming so common in the rap game, some artists indeed throw poppy material tenfold into their albums, making them less authentic and the hip-hop scene what it is today

    • GoReadABook

      what the fuck are you talking about? Mixtape production most often is far better than production on an album because mixtapes are free, so you don't have to pay artists for sampling. Albums haven't been good for about 10 years, because, as in Lupe's case, artists tie their overblown egos in with album sales so they make a bunch of poppy ass bullshit. But even Lupe's mixtapes are garbage nowadays. Friend of the People?? Fucking wack

  • youngsta

    hate to break the news to everyone, but lupe is officially an old ass nigga. his 30th birthday was in february, so that means i can't call him young anymore. anyone 30+ yrs old = old ass nigga. i'll still bump lasers though. that album had some hot ass beats on it. fuck food and liquor and the cool, fuckin snooze albums. young niggaz stand the fuck up! hate us now!

  • Lion

    Yo, I didn't hear of a double since UGK back in 2007...

  • Lion

    Yo, I didn't hear of a double since UGK in 2007.

  • J

    I see he wants to do a double album to get out of his atlantic contract. The thing with double albums is that they usually have too much filler, and after lasers we know what kind of subpar work lupe's capable of. but then again he's probably more focused and is too smart to release two subpar albums in a row. personally i'd prefer a shorter album full of classic material but a lupe fiasco double album has enormous potential.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yeah ok, Lupe. Whatever you say.

  • alfytitos

    double disc is a must buy even if not every song is food and liquor flawless material.

  • VicManMan

    To me, Lasers will always be: Shinning Down I'm Beamin All Black Everything Words I never Said Till I Get There Coming Up The Show Goes On I'm just gonna assume everything else was just forced on there by the label. Replace that shit with "Double Burger With Cheese" and "Life, Death & Love From San Francisco" and that would have been a dope ass album.

  • ETK

    double CD probably means there's gonna be some electro ish on there... but either way it guarantees we're gonna have the old Lupe material on there, and that's all I care about Lasers being the lesser of his three albums is an understatement, but he still had some nice messages in there I hope he prolongs in this project

  • aryostan

    Food & Liquor Was classic! hope this one will be classic too!

  • Nice

    let's just hope that it's not anything like the tragedy that was Lasers, I'm really hoping Food and Liquor II is amazing.

  • MightyMike27

    CAN'T WAIT!! Hopefully July is right. Album of the year, no question. haha "fuck atlantic records!" Lol F&L2 will be nothing like Lasers...hopefully

  • lasers was the worst shit ever

    should be dope as long as the label stays out of it just let them pick 1 single and back the fuck off cause that lasers album was one the worst albums i ever heard

    • Anonymous

      what about Word i never said ?? Show goes on?? All black everything??? they were some very lyrical tracks!

  • Anonymous

    as long as he doesnt have those wack beats like he did on LASERS then i know this will be hot

  • Anonymous

    Lupe greatest rapper since Nas..both GOAT..

  • So Icy Boi!

    this nigga is fake. he cant even skate. lmao. he aint as lyrical as Rick Ross. he aint as real as Ross. he aint as fat as Ross. Rozay tha G.O.A.T.

    • Anonymous


    • lloyd

      you know what's funny? that all you people really take this troll seriously

    • Anonymous

      All you guys going crazy on this So Icy clown and hes a troll dont pay attention people..DX needs to really clean up these comment sections

    • ETK

      lol and you know all about politics, nigga? tell me when you get your talk show or weekly blog goin' whether Lupe knows about politics or not, he was on the ball about a lot of things. and with the things Lupe raps about, it was a matter of time before he went political, a matter of time

    • Anonymous

      oh yea and Tech is bland as fuck, dude can just spit fast but he is lame. so many better dudes out there, just off the top of my head: KRIT, Currensy, Danny Brown, Schoolboy Q, Freddie Gibbs, Mr Muthafucking eXquire. Those are the newer dudes obviously, it goes without saying that you should've listened to Wu Tang, Goodie Mob, Ed O.G. and countless other legends.

    • Anonymous

      lol Lupe and Immortal are fucking bellends who know nothing about politics. you're better off listening to Officer Ricky and not lying to yourself. Try reading some books if you want some real knowledge.

    • Anonymous

      u both are fuckin jokes! lol ross is lyrical ???? yeah and donkeys can fly!

    • Anonymous

      I'm positive that "Failure", "Dumb It Down" and "S.L.R." are light years ahead of anything Ross will ever create. But it's ok. You can't process the majority of the content of Lupe's songs so you relate more to the fictitious ringtone rap and I can understand that. Your ears were just raised wrong. But here's where you can correct all the years you've been wronged: Listen to a real MC like Lupe, like Budden, Skyzoo, Tech 9ine, Immortal, Laws and a whole hose of others. They actually say things that mean something. Not crafting a lifestyle that they'll never live!

    • dropthatdro

      your a dumbass, rick ross is the fakest nigga in the the game. he used to be a cop, graduate of college, hes full of shit, but ill still bump ross over lupe's pussy ass shit. food & liquor was tight so was The Cool. Lupe's last album was fucking lame, he needs to get off his high horse thinkin he knows politics and shit

  • Atlantic Records

    You ain't releasin' your album on July, and most def you ain't releasin' it on double CD. See what we did there, Lu????

    • Lupe Fiasco

      I'll let my fans talk bout it

    • Atlantic Records

      Ok you can release your anti-mainstream album, but only if you throw some devil worshiping hand signs in your videos.

    • Lupe Fiasco

      What if I work with Alex Da Kid again and i have the whole 2nd disc produced by Da Internz. please release my stuff my fans wont protest again after i just put out a electro-rap album

  • Anonymous

    Im excited as shit for the news but we all no that album aint comin out for anotha 2 years

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