DJ Clue Rants About Funkmaster Flex, Accuses Him Of Threatening Labels

DJ Clue responds to Funkmaster Flex's disses from earlier in the week.

Earlier this week, Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex took to the airwaves to proclaim his dominance in the Hip Hop radio game, and to claim that he intercepted an email intended for DJ Clue's radio show, containing Nicki Minaj's latest song, "Beez in the Trap. On Friday (March 23) Clue responded on Power 105 with a rant, courtesy of RapRadar.

"Gotta address this clown... actually, where I would come from, we call him a ho. He a ho," said Clue in response to Flex. "That's what hoes do. They bitch and moan, and they make excuses for why you number two. And you number two because, basically, you're tied for the number two spot. The station you're tied with bills way more money than you do. ...So really, you came in number three, buddy!"

Clue explained that Funk Flex was, in fact, threatening not to play labels' artists. "Because you're spending ninety-nine percent of your day worrying about what I'm doing, you're calling labels, telling them, 'Look, I'm not gonna play you artist's record if you don't give it to me first. If you give it to Clue, your artist is not allowed on the station and we're gonna drop all your records.'"

"Stop calling club owners, telling them, 'I'll do parties for free.' C'mon, man, you're embarrassing yourself. You're doing parties for five hundred dollars, or you're doing them for free!"

Clue and Flex's beef goes back some time, with the two dissing one another on Twitter in 2010.

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  • recluseczech


  • M

    Radio is dead. I remember the clue mix tape around 95 that was ill had that fire water & helta skeltah track Always hated flex those dam sirens used to get me paranoid, who the F wants to hear sirens?

  • Six Lowa

    A lot of people dont even listen to the radio no more Its all about Youtube now

  • Vann Digital Networks

    RIP Funkmaster Flex 1987-2012 | RIP DJ Clue? 1994-2012

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Flex interviews are so damn annoying, instead of letting the artist talk he always interupts them with questions while they are still answering the previous all this stupid bombs always wreak songs, no wonder hes number 2 to Dj Clue. LOL

  • Anonymous

    People have to realize that for these guys getting exclusives is what they rely on. In their world, if the other guy gets the drop on a hot song first, that means the other guy didn't do his job. My thing is why don't these two cupcakes just meet up in an alley somewhere and duke it out. All this back and forth makes them look silly, especially to Minaj who doesn't need either one of them.

  • Guess What

    Flex is the biggest dick rider in the industry. DJ S&S whooped his ass in a Manhattan club back in the 90's for playing his self. Him & Clue are Gay anyway, they love sucking dick.

  • jv

    funk flex the biggest cock sucker dj in hip hop for da longest and clue is 2nd. they both came up off of payola and leaking people records without permission. claimin dey rep hip hop but dey play da same bullshit daily. the only time they play real hip hop is da throwbacks. plz both of u fall off the earth.

  • DaStudioKing

    DJs call irrelevant middle-men.

  • Anonymous

    I swear i haven't heard of Dj Clue since... god forever.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    And still...not a single fuck was given on this day. Look. These clowns been having static for how many years now and about what? Exactly. Both these niggas are fraudulent as fuck. With the ascension of different internet sites and especially youtube, these clowns are irrelevant. They aren't and can't control the music when it comes out. Besides, the mainstream shit leaks out anyway on purpose just to be the proper gauge and buzz. And for the love of the earth that God created...they are fighing over a wack nicki minaj song. Can we please send Freddie Foxx aka Bumpy Knuckles to beat the shit out of both of these high post ho chest niggas.

    • Vann Digital Networks

      they dont hear ya tho. shit aint always what it seem. and them 2 clowns did was ether theyself in front the whole world

  • Nuff said....

    Fuck Fag master flex... Fuck gay ass ymcmb... homo thugs get no love... nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    "Clue!! Desert Storm!!" "Funk Master Flex Night Funk Master Flex Night" They both are annoying and both need to stop acting like teenage bitches gossiping.

  • silentturd

    i kno yall dont give a flying fuck but....bit i did my own xxl freshmen freestyle:

  • oskamadison

    throw both of 'em on a boat and sink the shit out of it...



    • YESSIR


  • mikempt

    Even though this song was over some wack Minaj song, I want Clue to ether Flex.


    All this over a terrible Nicki Menaj song? in hiphop....These niggaz ought to be ashamed of themselves. But on the real..not trying take sides..but Funk Master Flex seems like a real BITCH....

  • firealarm

    if the song was Niggas In Paris or I Do, I could understand, but a shitty Nicki song?? who cares? Its not like that song is a huge hit. Real hip-hop fans don't even give a fuck about Nicki Minaj anymore.

  • Anonymous

    fo free is fo me fo sho bro

  • jg

    lol a radio dj beef? this is wack. neither of these guys make any money

    • Hip Hop Fan

      What do you think this is all about? Ratings which translates to money in the end...I swear some people are dumb

    • Anonymous

      lol, are you retarded, did you ever see that MTV Cribs episode with Flex, he has enough cars to start his own Nascar type league, Fuck outta here

  • Anonymous

    Niggas on here don't understand that premiering new music and shit like is their JOB.. Money could've been lost over this kinda shit.. DJ'n is serious once you start making serious money.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Sorry, don't understand that no one checks for the radio like that any damn way and furthermore no one pays any of these two lame fucks any mind anyway. Niggas is all about Shade 45 and Live from Headquarters anyway... No one takes these two imbeciles serious. Besides, everyone knows flex takes that pay under the table and does super ho shit and has done it for years. F the both of them. And I'm with buddy who used the Jersey Shore and Kardashians analogy. I never seen a episode of either and don't have to in order to know what it's all about. I'm good on that.

    • Anonymous

      So are tv shows like Jersey Shore and Kardashians. They all act like bitches for serious money. #I'mStraight

  • Anonymous

    This guy Funk Master Flex second name is "SUSPECT"

  • Anonymous

    this is why HIP HOP is wack.

  • DJ Envy

    Clue is right. Flex plays hardball with the labels. Mostly they gotta pay him for spins. Nas had beef with Flex a few years ago about that. But as far as this battle goes... it's all about ratings. Because at the end of the day... nobody cares about radio. It's background music at this point. They're both playing a game that's for losers. But if this came down to a fist fight I think Flex would wash Clue up easily.

  • Alf Capone

    both of em still arent as bad as kay slay. what kinda nigga says i wanna be known as the drama king? drama is for teenage girls. sounds like some gay shit to me. i put that on my Alf chain

  • oh okay

    This is beyond stupid. I really like both Flex and Clue but c'mon let's be real here, they've both been able to have successful careers by DJ'ing. No offense, but DJ'ing is not the most difficult thing to do. Instead of beefing over dumb stuff, they should just squash it and continue to help records reach more and more people.

  • Anonymous

    Neither one of these Clowns is any less corrupt then the other

  • land lord

    If those allegations are true Flex is a h#e as$ n*cca.

  • Anonymous

    lmao niggaz fightin over a pop song on a hip hop station smh, a bad pop song at that

  • Anonymous

    It's a fucking nicki minaj song nothing to be fighting over. Damn even the djs are acting like Bitches. These two need to chill. Flex, Kay slay and clue fell off. Mixtapes suck now especially Kay slays. Stop the bitching and start playing some real music like you used to. And have real mcs freestyle on the stations.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Truthful post. Man I remember getting a hold to Clue mixtapes back in 95, 96 here in Indiana. It was a great experience and I walked the halls like a don because I had such a quality product that was rare in these parts. Now you can't pay me to own anything of this nigga. And let's not speak on Kay Slay. Man it's shameful how he fell off and what he ended up doing. I don't think anyone fucks with that nigga turned clown anymore. I'm quite sure Wu-Tang doesn't. Papoose LP drop yet? That was Kay's big money find or something, wasn't it? And yes...that's sarcasm.

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU!

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