Game Compares 2005 Beef With 50 Cent To Tupac Versus Notorious B.I.G.

From their CGI scenes in the "Hate It Or Love It" video to their broken truce, Game details every step of the fractured relationship with 50 Cent in his VH-1 special.

Based on comments from his VH-1 special, “Behind The Music,” the 2005 beef that led to Game’s split from G-Unit and an exchange of gunshots outside of Hot 97 could have been much worse. Revisiting the situation seven years later, Game said the rift between he and 50 Cent reached its boiling point much earlier when the pair shot the video for his single “Hate It Or Love It.”

The video, which was orchestrated by the animation and directorial collective, The Saline Project, featured heavy use of computer-generated animation. But Game revealed that may not have been an entirely creative decision, because he and 50 couldn’t even be in the same room with each other at the time. Shortly after filming the clip, 50 took to the airwaves to publicly dismiss Game from G-Unit. The pair would eventually agree to a public truce, but not before exchanging disses and gunfire.

“Now I’m pissed,” Game recalled. “I get back to L.A., and you just broke the truce? Are you serious? I wanted to kill him for real. And I thought there was a strong possibility that I would die. I just felt like me and 50 were the modern day Tupac and [The Notorious B.I.G.], and we would have had the same outcome.”

While 50 and Game have traded the occasional diss and/or viral video since their 2005 split, there has been no more violence and both emcees remain alive. In November of 2010, Game issued an apology to 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine. Watch Game’s full “Behind The Music” special below.

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  • Anonymous

    So many fakes on here. Your telling me that if you blew up like game and fif that youd keep it 100% G all the time all day every day 24/7? Fuck outta here. Money puts you in the spotlight and changes priorities. Niggas still gon talk that shit or they 'fall off' according to masses.

  • kieran

    this is taken out of context. He said AT THE TIME he felt like it was gonna end like biggie and tupac, he doesnt still look at it that way..some people need to learn to read

  • Moses

    Someone tell this nigga to SHUT UP!

  • N

    REPOST: u nigga's waste too much time talkn bout a nigga u dont't like..wheni see an article about a nigga i don't fuck wit! i don't fuck wit it! very nigga in rap is doing far better than any of us...from game to soulja to gucci to nas to banks to too short to kreyasean..regardless of how wack u think any artist is.

  • Hip Hop

    Guy to Look out for..

  • Fuck Yeah!!!

    game always compares himself to legends.please stop that shit! youre dope rapper so please be yourself

  • jamesmcdonald persecent

    beef its cheef chatinng feeth its bealvied like i own industery niggers they paull triggers niggers im a thinkers i can think like 50 cent dj we diss tupac gonnna be hack in ghost i go foast in gettho slettoh i know its alll i seel its all hustler im gangster pankrster pee see me all old gold teeth

  • casper21

    Game, stop craving attention.

  • G code

    Game still making good music the Tupac Biggie murders were bigger than rap feud diddy set Biggie up to be murdered and Suge know more than he willing to tell about who killed Tupac

    • Anonymous

      exactly i'm tired of people thinking Pac and Biggie's death was over some coastal rap ish, it's deeper than that and anyone comparing petty rap beefs to their is disrespectful.

  • Anonymous

    Please...tell him don't say bullshit and don't name-droppe alltime...

  • fastflipper

    game talking about 50 pac and big wow surprise...

  • haters

    Hate all you want, but Game is primary reason a lot of these Westcoast rappers are getting noticed(Jay Rock,Kendrick Lamar,Glasses Malone,YG etc) Game used to have Jay Rock ad K dot on all his old mixtapes and is one of the main reasons they got recognized. Game brought the West back, and theres no disputing that, hes the most sucesfull west coast rapper of the past several years and is up there with Dre,Snoop,Cube as the big names in the West Coast

  • Anonymous

    this why your peers dont fuck with you game gets features but wont be featured.take your time and think about that one


    as much as 50 talk shit even he wouldnt come out his mouth with some shit like this terrible day for hiphop game you wanted to be a well boss bws is dead and so is our career.


    ThIS CLOWN TALK TO MUCH GAME IS A GOSSIP WHORE NOBODY EVEN THOUGHT TO COMPARE SOME SHIT LIKE THAT I KNOW I DIDNT.And you wonder why cali dont fuck with you.PAC AND BIG WAS FRIENDS game you was just a groupie who got put on pac didnt have anybody write for him pac wasnt a dick rider like you.PAC would clown your butterfly fake blood shit pac was on his own shit just like 50 wasnt on that blood and crip bullshit they stand alone game is the derck fisher of rap he need stars around him to make him look worked with G-UNIT for 9 days on your album interscope had you for 2 years doing nothing its time to stop the aint on top of shit 95k and you a west coast artist on a major your state dont fuck with you anymore stop so disgusted with this clown sorry for the rant.

  • IDK

    Game and 50 Cent are still alive. They beefed with each other not because one of them accused the other for robbery and getting shot, and not because they were in opposite coasts. And one of them isn't fat and the other didn't study poetry. Therefore, no, their beef is not like 2Pac and Biggie's beef at all. :P

  • westcoast

    After that I got a lot of respect for game. That he compares to 2pac and biggie is old, but he already told in "why you hate the game: he aint big an I aint pac". But 50's music got fucked up, game is still on top, he really brought the westcoast back. Like Jay Rock said "Game just opend he door and we run throught". Thats it. For me Game is still th best out there. He never dissed Dre, thats all bullshit. Doctors advocate should say enough Fifty started dissing him so he fired back, of course he did. Games life had never been easy the worst time was even after he got rich, but he made it, he released 3 more albums, all of them dope.

  • MBTM

    it's funny cuz these haters seem to not realise the truth, 50 & G Unit sat back, laughed and made money off of Game. They did enough to defend themselves but never cared to go after him and try and end him. I mean they had to defend themselves, Games whole life for 2 + years was all about G UNIT.& 50 even said, like he didn't even know why Game got all fucked in his head & why destroy the dude when he could make mills off him. If G UNIT actually went inn,they could have demolished Game.

  • Gunit fan


  • Anonymous

    cant compare to 2PAC FAKE ASS 50 GAYASS GAME

  • Shaolin style

    I don't like this nigga at all. He's a snake!! He bit the hand that fed him. If it wasn't for Dre Em and 50 nobody would know who he is. He played along first till his album dropped and then turned around and dissed all 3. Some niggas might call that playin smart but I call it snake and disrespectful. If he really was the "OG" he claims to be he would know a thing or two about respect and not being a slithering bitch. You can't say something and the. Turn around 5 mins later and contradict yourself by saying some diffrent shit. I don't care if he apologized to them and payed tribute to Dre on his sophomore album, the nigga showed his true colors. Besides he hasn't dropped anything hot since his first album, when he was Rollin with them. I hate snakes

    • Music Exec

      you're wrong about that. he was already hot on jt the bigga figga,s albums, so he was going to blow regardless.

  • Bloop

    Neither one of these cookies and cream ass niggas would have put hands on each other so HELL NO it's nothing like Pac and Big.

  • Anonymous

    cpu pocket protector "YOUNG&MOIST" no more than 3g weed carriers homo's acting like they know what beef is...LMAO

  • anon

    all i gotta say to that is: NOPE!!! haha

  • Anonymous

    Nigga Bigge who shoot YA

  • stalky

    Fuck the game... Did he or 50 end up dead? no... I wish God would take 50 cent or the Game and give us back biggie and pac.... These fucks in rap just run their mouths all day long these days. Fuck the Game i hope you read this you clown as nigga

    • anon

      the game is a bipolar bitch. just about everything that dude has done has been a bitch made/dickriding move.

    • Anonymous

      chill out stop talking shit, tupac and biggie aint even that crazy. the game is just as real, if he died in his prime he would be a legend.

  • Anonymous

    Delusions of grandeur

  • Anonymous

    the game is just saying something that was already said, back in o5/06 people already drew the comparisons, i personally think you are just crazy to think 50 & game ain't doing it big in hip hop at the moment. the many mixtapes they dropped past two years each all really great music. the albums they dropped, since their debute maybe not as goodt their first.. but really not many artists in the history of music really top their first.

  • True Sinister

    the beef is similar. Game and 50 were cool then beefed. Jealousy a factor in both. Both had shootings. and last but not least is Jimmy Henchmen

  • LiL Trilla


    • Tony Q

      Big Fase hunned his still original member of Black Wall, He got his own label.BLACK WALL STREET HIS NOT RECORD LABEL.

    • Hurricane Game

      Fase isnt with BWS anymore i think, he got 1hunded entertainment they split years ago

    • TRUTH

      A bunch of waste of space good for nothing niggaz breathing up all the oxygen in the way crowding the stage weed carriers.

  • ETK

    it's hilarious how everything pales in comparison to whatever Biggie or Tupac did. bet niggas would say "NAH TUPAC BRUSHED HIS TEETH BETTER THAN THIS NIGGA EVER WILL" and all the line of nostalgic niggas will follow on and nod. I don't wanna take anything away from Biggie or Pac, two respectable legends of their time but their beef wasn't ALL that(except the end result...) and Game comparing his beef with Fiddy isn't a big deal. especially the way he explained it

  • jg

    wtf he issued and apology to 50!? when was this? Last thing I remember about this beef was Game making fun of Lloyd Banks sales prior to his own album flopping

    • Anonymous

      @jg Yeah nigga Game even tweeted recently to 50 saying he wanted to get back to the g unit and call a truce, at which 50 did the right thing and didn't respond. Game is bipolar man

    • Anonymous

      wtf he issued and apology to 50!? when was this? ^ the text is highlighted, do you know what that means? it means CLICK IT and you will find out more information.

    • yeah

      they had a truce and donated money to some charity...that's where the pic in the article is from.

  • DontTalk

    people who talk shit about these rapper are the biggest pussies y'all are just internet thugs if you dont have anything good 2 say than dont instead of judging them why dont those two judge your shitty life...

  • Anonymous

    The music we hear today is garbage compared to back then.

  • ashraf

    another case of the media or writer of an article trying to make a story from nothing, if u actually watched the video its a documentary about games life, that beef was as critical to his career as it was for pac with the beef with big. East vs West. go back in 05 and that beef was huge, in 2012 nobody cares. if pac and big was alive no one would care for there beef as well.

  • threat

    u nigga's waste too much time talkn bout a nigga u dont't like..wheni see an article about a nigga i don't fuck wit! i don't fuck wit it! very nigga in rap is doing far better than any of us...from game to soulja to gucci to nas to banks to too short to kreyasean..regardless of how wack u think any artist is.

    • Mr. West

      Co-Sign, people are SAD now N days hating via internet. Yall lives must be sad.

    • ETK

      I bet there's 2% professional workers here, not even, which brings right back to OP's point co-sign OP. such a waste of time talkin shit on articles bout a nigga you don't know

    • jg

      actually there are a lot of professional workers who are doing much better financially than rappers. Don't forget that CDs no longer sell, and the artist only gets a minimal portion of each sale. That being said those who can make money off touring pocket a lot more than the average person

  • Anonymous

    Biggie got rattled after Pac destroyed him on Hit Em Up. Subliminal disses? lol Pac didn't mince words. I think if Biggie would have just responded all out, then this probably would have died out soon after. Pac admitted that all the beef was just a ploy to make money. Their bosses were the one's who turned it into something much bigger. Game and 50 were just two cry babies fighting over content control.

  • Anonymous


  • Stuay

    Game has comparing his beef with 50 to biggie and pacs beef since his song, "Why you Hate the Game?" on the Doctors advocate. This aint fucking news, this is just a bs story to get Games name in the headlines.

  • EminemIsGay

    Fuck the gayme. Gay ass nigga.


    boi stop that wack ass beef was nothing like pac and big

  • jay

    Did i just read the comments below that Biggie and Pac didnt have no real beef? Huh? I guess niggas is rewriting history right...and to say biggie never responded is laughable! Guess niggas dont understand the concept of subliminal or outright shots..lets run down the list Biggie verse on Jay-z "Brooklyn Finest" and the song "Long Kiss Goodnight" off Life After know the song where lil cease admitted later was a diss against 2pac. Cmon hip hop we gots to do better in remember our history!

  • Kokonut

    Games best album was The Documentary, after that he started to get on some Emo shit. Cryin and yellin on tracks, gtfoh nigga.

  • Anonymous

    what the hell game talking about there were never any beef with Big and pac, biggie never respond to that nigga pac, Pac wild out because to this day nobody no who shoot that nigga in NYC or LV, what beef.

  • Anonymous

    the pac - biggie beef was overrated. Biggie didn't even respond to that nigga. a real hip hop beef is Nas vs Jay Z

  • 50 cent

    rip game 2005-2008

  • ryan

    game is whack frist two albums classics next too wack as shit got lazy with lyrics and let shit producer produce his shit and compareing there beef to tupac and biggie hell no there was a war on back then east coast west coast shit aint nothing compared to it the difference is both them died 50 and game never just studio bitchs trying to act gangsta

  • Anonymous

    when i was a teenager i loved games music and thought he was legit but now i just cant take him serious dude is so corny i had a change of heart

  • Koollie

    This made me listen to 50's song 'Gun Jam'. Lol he killed Game on that one.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga is so wack he always compare himself to legend nigga you can die and nobody really care FUCK YOU GAME TILL I DIE

  • 909

    idk it feels like the game left out alot of stuff of his life on this show but its alright..

  • Anonymous

    Game you are a dumass

  • Anonymous

    Will these idiots stop comparing shit to Tupac and Biggie.

  • 1


  • Anonymous

    Why is Game still talking about this? Just go ask Fiddy for a hug and move on.

  • dafuq...?

    Wtf ? Did I jus read dat nigga comparin it to Pac & Biggie ? Wow. Gotta be kiddin me, u punk ass bitch. It does not make any sense dat bitch vs bitch could not reach to historical hip hop events legend vs legend. Game is so idiot bitch. I love his music but his attitude sucks. Also so do 50. 50 dissed entire east coast when he got unreleased album, and he forced to Game doing like dat ( aim at Nas but game didnt,) . If im not wrong, they are exactly audult, right ? And now im wonder why they doing bitch move. plz nigga. Just do yo thang. Make good rap music. I hope yall for dont make any fuckin issues or whateva Swack

  • Anonymous

    Fuck what is said and heard...50 Cent's Not Rich Stop Lyin' was the nail in the coffin of that "beef"...

  • Ye

    yeah comparing it to pac and big is abit over the top but all your niggas sat there hatin are hilarious sat there on your computer typin thinkin your better than a multi platinum rapper if you seen him in real life youd run up to him like game game can i get a autograph lmao pathetic

  • Anonymous

    Game decides to compare his beefs with 50 cent to legends that shook the music industry business and made it what it is today. I don't think that Game will ever be as good as 2pac or Biggie was.

    • amirhossssein

      what music is today ??? just a bunch of faggots suckin illu's dick and getting airplay and selling records! music today is a fake ass talentless shemale being hotter than a real dope mc ! if pac and big shaped this music so fuck them! (which is not true!)

    • Anonymous

      All that nigga Game ended up doing was destroying the G-Unit movement. You don't see them YMCMB lames beefin cuz they don't wanna fuck the money up

  • Anonymous

    Game please stop talking..... GAME isnt even in TUPACS realm of talent, influence, and humanity..... and 50 aint even close to BIG

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. Game is retarded if he thinks he's going be better or even close to being better than two of the greatest legendary icons that made the biggest impact in Hip hop/Rap history. The classic hip hop era will never be the same compared to the modern day hip hop/rap era. Now dont get me wrong there are still some artists are there that are on the rise towards something great that can influence hip hop like it did before.

  • ummmmmmm

    really, Game? And you're both still alive? AND YOU'RE SIGNED TO HIM? Yeah I see the resemblance.

  • Anonymous

    I can't believe I bought the stop snitchin stop lyin DVD back in the day. My beer won't even let me use it as a coaster bc this fool is so damn whack.

  • Alf Capone

    this nigga says dumb shit over and over. hes like the real life yessir. nigga said he thought he was gonna die. really nigga? fabricated, stripper, dating show,butterfly tat having homo ass nigga

  • So Icy Boi!

    50 Cent & Game are similar to each other. yes because they cant outdo their debut studio album. swag Get Rich or Die Tyin >>> 2nd, 3rd, 4th 50 albums The Documentary >>> 2nd, 3rd, 4tg Game albums these niggas need to reunite to make a second classic album. a 50/Game album woulkd destroy YMCMB fagoots. G-Unit wasnt tha best hip hop group/label but they were muuuucccchhhhh better then this faggot ass YMCMB niggas. swag

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I thought comparing it to that was a tad bit over the top.

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