Slaughterhouse Details Their Shady Records Debut, Eminem's Influence

Slaughterhouse members speak about how the fans formed the group, what they're learning from Eminem and why "nobody's gonna beat this album."

Since they linked up for their first song, it seems Slaughterhouse hasn't been able to stop. Their work together led to an independent group project which garnered critical acclaim. This led to the group signing with Shady Records. As they prep the final touches on their Shady debut, welcome to: Our House, the group is on tour. While hitting the road, they recently stopped to chat about the group's origin, Eminem's influence and why "nobody's gonna beat this album." 

"In terms of us forming a group, it was [Joe Budden’s] idea to get all of us on a song," Royce Da 5'9 explained in his interview with Raw Hustle. "But, I don’t think nobody can really take credit for forming the group." 

Crooked I then added that he feels the fans were integral in the formation of Slaughterhouse. 

"I think the fans formed the group," he added. "Once we did the song with [Budden], the reaction and impact was like, ‘Yo, let’s do another one.’…So, actually, in my opinion, the fans formed the group."

Once the group was formed, their self titled independent release gained the attention of several people, include Eminem. This led to rumors that would eventually ring true as Eminem signed the crew to his Shady imprint. With Eminem working closely on their new project, Royce explained that he has learned a lot from his longtime friend and collaborator. 

"My approach to future albums has changed after I watched what Eminem is doing to our records. He’s mixing everything. He’s teaching me so much…That makes me excited about doing my future albums." 

This is a sentiment Crooked I echoed a few months ago during an interview with HipHopDX. 

"Every opportunity that I have to be in Detroit in Eminem’s studio, I’m fucking there," Crook shared with us in December. "I almost thought about buying a condo out there just so I could go in and learn and make music under the umbrella that he created. He’s a fucking genius with that shit. It’s been a great ride and hopefully we can take it all the way." 

Eminem has worked so closely with the group that Joell Ortiz said he feels Em was the fifth member of Slaughterhouse on this project. He then likened the group to Kentucky's basketball team, saying that nobody will be able to top this project. 

"I have to include Eminem because he’s been like the fifth member on this project. Right now, we’re like Kentucky in the March Madness run for the tournament. You’re dealing with five pros. No one’s gonna beat them kids and nobody’s gonna beat this album." 

Slaughterhouse is currently on tour. More from the Raw Hustle interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    These niggas are good rappers and have a sense of humor, nigga put a perfect 16 bars and was like "hehe guess your off the track" lol

  • mad man

    damian hewitt stand up my nigga. niggas is funny.

  • Anonymous

    lool joe budden looks dead

  • The187Worm/BNixon

    I love SlaughterHouse but... Ill take a full albums just by Crooked I anyday... Hi music from Death Row/ HHW's/ and other tracks.. kill anything out in the past 10 years. Lyrical Monster. You faggots can stick to doin the dougie

  • SniperGuy

    Definitely checking the album out, I'm hopin it's dope since they got a lot of buzz. What worries me is the influence that eminem has on this album. I don't like the sound of some of their comments. If this album is shit (production wise) then I completely give up on anything shady records, even if they have some very dope emcees.

  • Me

    Nas is all over the place. He puts out something like the Don and everyone loves it but then he releases an album and he gets all preachy. I listen to music for entertainment, and Nas only wants to entertain half of the time. The other half he us trying to teach something. Which I guess is fine but if you are looking to a rapper for morals and guidance you are already in trouble.

    • Anonymous

      i have seen people dress like Em, Talk like Em, Act like him....Never saw nobody act, talk or dress like Nas. ^ ROFLMAO And that's why Eminem made TWO songs, that real Slim Shady song and Stan, to tell you FOLLOWERS to GET OFF HIS NUTS. Believe when I say the people where LAUGHING at you boys with your blond hair and white tees trying to act weird to the point when HE SAID CUT IT OUT. Years later, and you think that's an accomplishment? LMAO you LOST kid. Nas dresses HIP HOP, what the steets wear, the rope chains, adidas suits (and NO Run DMC didn't make that popular, people wore it WAY before them, go look at Boogie Nights with Marky Mark or watch ANY 70-80s TV like Magnum PI), leather jacket, etc. A fan will see a coat, hat or kicks that Nas is wearing and BUY THAT, they ain't ALTERING THEIR NATURAL APPEARANCE to look LIKE Nas. Y'ALL DID WHEN EMINEM GOT POPULAR. LOL ROFL LMAO SMH @ you. And there are two Nas clones around now, EARL SWEATSHIRT, and WILLIE THE KID. Y'all will say ANYTHING to make yourself right.

    • resduk

      eminems a sellout and a faggot who appeals to 14 year old girls and boys as well as people who have no clue of what hip hop can be. nas is a true hiphop legend. nuff said. waiting on the stans....

    • Me

      Nah...when I listen to the don I am into it for about 45 seconds then my mind starts to wander. And beyonce is a bigger icon now than Britney is. But I don't see how that is relevant.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry. If Em dropped that exact bar Nas did on The don, u prolly call it whack! I have bin to places, i have seen people dress like Em, Talk like Em, Act like him....Never saw nobody act, talk or dress like Nas. Em is an Icon, nas isn't. Is just like comparing Britney spears to Beyonce...Britney is an Icon, Beyonce isn't...although beyonce is still good!

  • Realest

    maybe da flow iller but my shit be twanging from reading your headache cuz. IM GOING to buy this album and all da real should go out and support this shit specially if you still want lyrics to remain whole in this game. Not hating on the new up comers but if you don't buy this cd lyrics may never be a focus to songs ever again and niggas wont even be able tobfeel dem self on da songs no mo

  • Truth

    And another thing if y'all think slaughter da p.I.g, sells you out yo damn mind, where is the fan base who actually cops this shit. Shady record 2.0 is a fail for record sales

  • Truth

    the truth is these dudes woNt sell shit cuz em fans say dey bump other people shit but only purchase em CDs, lil wyte bois won't spend the ten so ya feel it heading down da tuBes? If real niggaz stop bumpin it only god could judge. The blacka the berry the sweeta the juice my boi PAC said. So let slaughter try to step to ym but it won't even top tygas sales. If da niggaz stuck to lyrics and em fts and dre fts the album prob reach 100,000 it's 2nd week but y'all no them curupt waynes be purchasing shit and reselling I ain't playing. A bro gots to get it before you fit it. Church, fluffY, tabernacle Go out and buys da new Missy Elliot cd dat shitz bangs

  • Anonymous

    why wasn't Yelawolf more a part of their projects. He's at their level rapping wise, might as well.

  • Anonymous

    these niggaz are garbage

  • buckeyewu

    Best MC's always means Favorite MC's. There is no way to measure an MC as if there is a score. Album sales sure as hell is no indicator. But to be honest, its a matter of personal taste and which MC can relate to your peronality the most. I take Nas any day over Eminem but to each his own. Of course white dudes are going to like Eminem more than Nas. They can relate to the rhymes of a white dude growning up in the big city more than they can relate to a black dude in Queens. Vice versa. A lot of black dudes dont think Eminem is the BEST. Its really not about race but its about which rhymer spits that venom that hits you in the heart, teaches you something, and allows you to relate to their words.

    • Anonymous

      jamesmcdonald persecent: beef its cheef chatinng feeth its bealvied like i own industery niggers they paull triggers niggers im a thinkers i can think like 50 cent dj we diss tupac gonnna be hack in ghost i go foast in gettho slettoh i know its alll i seel its all hustler im gangster pankrster pee see me all old gold teeth +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ WHERE WAS YOUR RACIAL EQUALITY MORALS ON THE GAME THREAD? LEMME GUESS, U DIDN'T SEE IT OR GO THERE. U KNOW DAMN WELL THAT IS SOME LITTLE WHITE KID PRACTICING EBONICS AND POSTED THAT AS A JOKE. WE C YOUR HYPOCRITICAL WAYS, JUST MANY DON'T CALL U OUT LIKE I DO.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Game said that too. He's Masta Ace best Mc....Rakim.

    • and uhm..

      Jay Z himself said no body fucks with the white boy

    • Anonymous

      And here we go again... Pulling the fucking race card. I know u said race didn't matter to u but yet u say white people are going to choose him over because of his skin color and blah blah blah fuck the white man bullshit. Music has no color. When u hear music out your headphones u don't see shit. You hear and feel. I live NAS but Eminem is in another world all by himself. He's the best rapper alive, better than jay-z or lil Wayne. Too bad ignorant fucks won't acknowledge him as such just cuz he's white. Sorry but the white man really did beat you at your own game on this one (rap game)

    • J-M-C

      Uhm.. What they said ^^^....... And another thing @ buckeyewu STFU and GTFOH

    • Go fuck urself !

      Lyricism-----Every MC thinks Em is the GOAT Flow----Can't debate....Nas flow is whack Wordplay and Rhyme schemes----Lol, This is Em's Football field Impact-----Only dude that can compare Em's impact in Hip hop is Pac Success in the rap business-----Is this an argument ??? HOW THE FUCK IS NAS BETTER THAN EM ?????

    • Anonymous

      Dude...Am 26...Every black dude in my hood thinks Em>>>>Nas. Im black as well, and i prefer Em any day to Nas.

  • uh

    thing about nas and eminem is nas makes music to help ppl.feel good and sometimes even party too. eminem just raps about him self and like u follow it .eminem can rap but u have to look at like whats his mission.just to spit dope rhymes witch a lot of ppl can or to touch that spot pause..eminem says whats going on and makes fun of it nas eathers whats going on and takes the evils too hell..

  • os

    NAS is awesome, but he hasn't stepped up. Eminem is better than him on so many levels. Have you ever seen him live?

  • os

    Agreed a thousand and more times! These young folks need to recognise and hear.

  • Anonymous

    F*ck all these hater comments!! Rather listen to these real MC's than half the garbage fake corny toy rappers most DX readers are into. Gay ass rappers like Drake, Wayne, Rick Ross etc... Show some respect for real artists

  • Shady

    Eminem is the greatest MC of all time.

    • actually

      Em > Nas .. Nas aint never touched eminems rhyme scheme on sslp mmlp never had as much energy and passion as eminem on the eminem show, nor the word-play eminem uses in recovery and hell the sequel. The only bad albums em had in my opinion were encore and relapse but hey they still had fire tracks like toy soldiers and has a multi syllabic bars. Nas could never do somethin like that. Oh and I hear Em went pop? Gtfoh he sticks to real hip hop no singing and shit

    • Anonymous

      The day Nas>>Em is the day pigs are going to fly Em=GOAT!

    • buckeyewu

      Nas > Eminem any day of the week

    • Anonymous

      Nope Sorry.. Nas Is :P

  • Anonymous

    Yet ironically you're probably sitting in a cubicle.... In Da Club was what, track #5 off Get Rich? Song placement doesn't matter. Club was just a catchy song. Are you predicting the #5 track off Slaughterhouse's album will be a smash like that? You sir are high.

    • Anonymous

      El stupido... The point is YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THE PEOPLE WILL LIKE. Now stop trying to justify your IGNORANCE, and let the music drop and THEN decide. Black Eyed Peas went multi platinum in 2 YEARS. And NO, I ain't sitting in a cubicle. Having a cubicle job is WRONG WEIRDO? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO YOU 3 HOURS FROM NOW. Stop making YOURSELF look STUPID. IDIOT.

  • Nuff said...

    Anonymous: If Em didn't give that alcoholic bum Royce a pity fuck these four losers wouldn't be on ANYONE's lips or fingertips-- which is as it should be. ----------------- Nuff Said.... Four losers huh? These four losers have more money than u will ever have and do things that u will nvr do in life. Soooo,if they losers wtf do that make u?? Royce has ghost written HITS for dre and puffy. Songs i bet ur corny ass probably liked. It amazes me to see how niggas that claim to be hip hop fans can dis a group like Slaughter House. If u not feelin they songs or the type of music they make cool, thas one thing. But to say they wack or have no skill on the mic?? C'mon son....You really provin u dnt kno what u talkin bout. This is not pop, this is rap music and these niggas are the definition of what a MC should be. You corn ball niggas kill me, got the nerve to say somebody like nikki manaj is dope then call slaughter house wack? Fuck outta here... nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    loL @ the armchair A&R's. Stan was NOT a first single Can't Stop The Hustle was NOT a first single Throw Ya Guns was NOT a first single The World Is Yours was NOT a first single In Da Club was NOT a first single stop judging stuff YOU NEVER HEARD you look and sound FOOLISH.

  • Anonymous

    But is it really a surprise they don't have any hit singles? These aren't exactly creative heavyweights to begin with. Just a group of dudes known for some clever punchlines. I wouldn't expect much.

    • ETK

      yeah it's simple. charts won't go for lyrical prowess(usually). hit singles isn't what they should even aim for... they don't represent that. slaughterhouse are only good for punchlines and wordplay, not shakin it at the club or remixing their songs with some bullshit dubstep Royce said on Hell the Sequel he don't believe in the overused word "swagger"

  • ..

    Its gonna be a hit because this group is Hip Hop and when hip hop was real a single wasn't a bunch of bullshit matching the theme its was something new different. Plus there pen game its a hit no matter what.

  • os

    That's wishful thinking man. Music evolves all the time and just now what's in the charts is what the youngsters are kicking it to. Just have to accept it and lookout for the real tracks or listen to the old shit

  • os

    Who cares if it flops publicly, charts are full of crap just now so what does that prove. If it has dope lyrics, Shit you can relate to and dope beats then who cares, is that not what musics about?

    • Anonymous

      Because if real hip hop starts selling again, the record labels will start signing good rappers, and hip hop won't be stuck in the underground..

  • heyyo

    one can only hope this album stops the influx of gay rappers like wiz khalifa

  • Anonymous

    its sad how main stream DX has gotten were 4 of the best mc's in the game dont get the credit and props they deserve in the comments section. keep listening to crap like Jayz, Kanye & Rick Ross. We dont want you to like Slaughterhouse because then they'd stop being cool

  • Anonymous

    hmmmm.. Lil wayne, Drake, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, n Fred Durst vs Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Yelawolf, Dre

  • Anonymous

    you're gonna need a few good singles, which you don't have yet

  • Anonymous

    Whether it works or not doesn't matter in the bigger picture. Clearly, this is a one shot deal with Em which will likely allow them (at least financially) to branch off afterwards and continue their mediocre solo careers. There are worse fates than being rich underdogs.

    • Anonymous

      Yea but no Solo records, just one with Em and a group.

    • Anonymous

      So I'm assuming you read the contracts since you said CLEARLY it's a one shot deal. What are their percentages and up front money numbers? How much are they spending for promotion and studio recording? I can kill your statement EASILY with one thing. This is Royce's SECOND project off of the Shady deal, so you should be able to confirm what type of deal he has, correct? We'll wait for your informative response.

  • Anonymous

    If Em didn't give that alcoholic bum Royce a pity fuck these four losers wouldn't be on ANYONE's lips or fingertips-- which is as it should be.

  • Anonymous

    Its a shame that they are all working really hard on this (or atleast claiming they are) and its going to flop so bad (unless they have a second single with like 2 popular features on it) Hammer Dance was a terrible choice for a 1st single because: There are no features The producer isnt' popular The most popular member has no verse The least popular rapper/least marketable is the first one you hear The song isn't that good, so old fans won't be as interested in the album The song isn't catchy I'm not saying thats what makes a good song, but if they want to sell thats what they need. They say they have some big names in producing and rapping on this album, why not release a song with someone big as the single?

    • Anonymous

      he didnt really contradict himself. he just tried to make a point about marketing. though i disagree with most of his points i.e. people have never tripped off who the producer of a track is. the producers are never credited as features in the titles of song so most regular fans dont let that determine whether they listen to it. a dope beat is a dope beat.... so the name of the producer doesnt really affect peoples response to a song. in fewer words he was tryng to say the song is mediocre. he just said it in a slimy shallow fat-cat type of way that lacked integrity. but i do agree with him the song is mediocre.

    • Anonymous

      I'm not saying thats what makes a good song, but if they want to sell thats what they need. ^ CONTRADICTION You spent all of that energy typing those bulletpoints, but disclaimed your own words. You have no idea how the people will respond to a Slaughterhouse album on Shady Records no more than what will happen to you tomorrow.

    • Anonymous

      Laughterhouse has precisely ZERO hot songs; why should their single be any different?

  • Anonymous

    Please no influence by pop rapper eminem with his horrible voice

  • Alf Capone

    i like slaughter house but ortiz annoys me a little

    • dockevoc

      yet Free Agent remains the best release of any SH member...

    • Anonymous

      If you followed this whiny fat fuck since he started passing off his doshit mixtapes in BK, you'd be annoyed with him A LOT... Dude had a very small spark about five years ago and has gotten exponentially worse until now, when he's fucking UNLISTENABLE.

    • Anonymous

      ortiz is a real nigga ! if u can respect SH you should respect him! he is not a fake homo rapper like 80% of main streams

  • Smh

    Joe Budden sold out by collaborating with that fag Wayne. Fuck him. He should get kicked out of Slaughterhouse.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this guys just don't stop sucking Em's cock-- which is fine but that doesn't make their music in the least bit interesting. The day they make even one song as hot as the weakest Wu Tang is the fifth of fucking NEVER.

    • Anonymous

      U-God's Dopium was slept on like Masta Killa's No Said Date, but you guys are prejudiced against certain rappers who don't grab the spotlight. EVERY rapper makes lackluster songs.

    • My Opinion

      Honestly, SH album is probably less enjoyable than the W or 8 Diagrams or a U-God solo album or whatever we're talking about here.

    • Today is the 5th of Fucking NEVER

      I have a Wu-Tang emblem tattooed on my hand, so you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger Clan Fan. BUT, you sir are incorrect, there is plenty of garbage Wu tracks, & whole albums for that matter.

  • harvard vs

    i think slaughterhouse are a rare group of 4 ppl that spit rhymes from the heart to make ppl feel good and have fun i dont see why anyone could diss them unless your a wack rapper trying to compate with them and type dumb shyt on line that just gets them more famous lmaooo..

  • Leonard Powers

    Laughterhouse! Eminen's influence? Whining fat fuck Joell Ortiz would be lucky yo get on at UPS without the white boy! Maybe when Laughterhouse flops (because there aren't enough battle rap nerds to pretend its worth buying) he can at least use this publicity to open Joell's Tire Shop back in Williamsburgh.

    • nice tan by its fake

      fat fuck lol real men have hair on their face balls and chest and farts alot .i dont think it bothers him u calling him names who cares what other guys think of your looks lol i kno a dude really fat and stinks and gets mad girls has lot of friends and is broke. doesnt that piss u gae dudes off lmaooooooo...



  • d3

    kentucky bout to lose to indiana tho

  • So Icy Boi!

    best MCs (not rappers) 2012 1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Big K.R.I.T. 3. Slaughterhouse 4. Danny Brown 5. Earl Sweatshirt (Odd Future sucks but this kid killed "Oldies") swag

    • hellno

      This can't be the same So Icy Boi! who had goblin at the top of their 2011 best albums list. Is this a fake or did you just decide to see what happened if you talked about music people liked. If you want to be respected now though, lose the swag thing

    • Lol

      Surpirisingly a good list right here. Knowing how much of a fucking troll you are on these sites, I thought you would have fags like Wayne & Ricr Ross on there. Lol

    • Anonymous

      he killed one thing, and that makes him top5? you uneducated dumbass

  • Anonymous

    watch?v=1dTo6IhJEeo not bad at all

  • Anonymous

    Nice to see these guys getting some shine finally, hopefully the album lives up to the hype, I wasnt Crazy about "Hammer Dance" but it wasnt bad, hopefully they have some heat in the stash for "Welcome to OUR HOUSE"

  • So Icy Boi!

    Slaughterhouse iz tha realest hip hop group in tha game, period. fuck Lil Wayne. that nigga iz gay as hell. fuck YMCMB. them niggas is gay. SHADY x ROC x GOOD. swag

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

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