Meek Mill Talks Hometown Influences On MMG's "Self Made, Vol. 2"

Meek Mill tells MTV that he and Wale aim to bring their respective hometowns' sounds to the next MMG record.

MTV recently caught up with Maybach Music Group's Meek Mill and Wale on the video shoot to their latest single "Bag of Money." During the interview, the Philadelphia leg of the MMG team explained how the group is approaching their upcoming Self Made, Vol. 2 LP.

Meek explained that he and Wale are making sure to bring their hometown's unique sounds into the fold this time around. At the same time, however, Mill says that it's Rick Ross who anchors the group's various sounds and styles on the latest MMG record.

"Me and Wale, we always talk all the time, and I told Wale I actually wanted to do a couple myself on a Philly type of vibe and he wanted to do something on a D.C. type of vibe," he explained. "Ross is always gonna bring a lot to the table with Self Made. I'ma say he's the ringleader of the whole Self Made movement, so we just wanted to bring our parts of the table to it so we make gonna hear D.C., Philly, the South, everything all in one. We just want to give you a part of everything."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • wilderalt

    Hell yeah Self Made Vol.1 was dope to me so I expect this shit to be a real Hip Hop classic #MMG

  • Anonymous

    Vol.1 only went wood, but I think Vol. 2 has a legitimate shot at double wood.

  • fsdf

    youre all a bunch of faggots. these dudes made a name for THEMSELVES, meek came from the bottom u fucking lame dont talk about shit u dont know bout

  • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi!

    Meek Mill is fucken wack. MMG sucks! fuck tha police! NAS tha G.O.A.T. swag

  • Anonymous

    nothing about any of them is selfmade i dont understand the reason for the name

  • dentaldamboy

    I've been a fan of this guy since 2011. I'm telling you, he's the real deal. As long as he keeps putting out classic albums, I will continue to be a fan. He's the type of rapper that has old heads like Nas and Jay-Z shook. Meek Mill makes club bangers that are still hard. He doesn't have to sell out to move units. This guy is the future of hip hop.

    • wu4lyf

      Ghostface or Nas would destroy him lyrically. MMG can't fuck with the vets! Proof: Nas's verse on Triple Beam Dreams... Those bars put Ross to shame. Mill has potential but a long way to go to rival the vets.

  • teamgyt


  • Anonymous

    meek mill is getting ready to blow!

  • FreddieGibbs

    these niggas are garbage. Pill is the illest in the group

  • Anonymous

    Well maybe we will hear some decent bars from these two finally. I stopped fucking with them once the ditched their home town styles.

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