Tyga Addresses Shooting In Omaha, Nebraska, Says Honey Cocaine Is Doing Fine

Tyga says that the shooting stemmed from arguments with local acts that had transpired during the day.

Tyga was involved in a shooting following his concert earlier this week in Omaha, Nebraska, with his artist Honey Cocaine getting shot in the arm during the melee. Calling in for an interview with Power 106, the Young Money rapper explained that the situation came out of local acts catching feelings after he decided he didn’t want opening performers.

“I’m a chill person, but a person wants to be disrespectful… I’m trying to put on a great show for people who pay money to see me. Somebody threw a bottle and nobody want to say who threw the bottle. It’s childish stuff,” he said. “I never really lose my cool, I’m chill most of the time. I never be trying to start drama or something like that. But when you get disrespected as a man, there’s certain stuff that won’t allow.”

He said that the situation didn’t faze him and that he’s not worried about situations like this that could arise in the future.

“I’m not paranoid about this. You don’t understand… This doesn’t happen, these aren’t fans. This situation escalated because I wanted to do the show,” he explained. “I was dealing with the same people from the beginning of the day, before the show even started. They wanted to cancel the show. There was a bunch of drama going on already.”

Tyga noted that the assailants could have been the local acts. He said that the situation had escalated all day long and that he could have decided not to perform, but didn’t for the sake of his fans.

“Actually, there were some local opening acts and I told them they couldn’t perform. It’s a tour, and I don’t want no opening act performances. That’s what y’all saw on YouTube and stuff. Stuff was going on all day, but I could have left Omaha and said, I don’t care about y’all, I’m going to leave.”

As for Honey Cocaine, she’s doing fine after sustaining a gunshot wound to her arm. “She with me now, we got a show tonight in Albuquerque. So we on the way there now.”

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  • Noell

    He lied he ant ready for my city we seen the video talking about who threw the bottle a man said I did he didn't do nothing now I really don't like him. He so fake.

  • Anonymous

    Tyga is cool I don't give a fuck of what y'all think

  • Anonymous

    omaha got weak artists, like ben versoatile, konceeded, these "artists" whack i wouldnt want none them whack local artists openeing for me either

  • Anonymous

    Honey Cocaine speaks on Omaha shooting (Video) http://youtu.be/xCJd5IwHN44

  • Anonymous

    It's hilarious how some of you are defending these cowards. Do they really expect to be "put on" by turning a concert into a shooting range?

  • joem

    I used to respect Tyga.. not because I think he's a good artist (because I don't..) but simply because he had his own lane doing whacky out there shit like "coconut juice" I thought: "look at this kid making money having fun.. good for him." Now he's on that bullshit that soulja bitch is on.. these dudes get a little money and shit goes straight to their head. They think they run shit just cuz they got 1 or 2 paid gangsters as bodyguards... these dudes are gonna get bodied sooner or later.

  • Anonymous

    what's with all the tattoos... face, neck, fingers... chicks actually find that appealing?!?!? Young dudes think it's cool and they want to be like that? Whatever man. Getting sleeves is one thing but getting your body including eye lids is something else. To each their own.

  • Anonymous

    That's what happens when you rep something your not Tyga. You don't fuck with Omaha and Omahas local artists. They are real thugs. You are just a skinny bitch that reps something your not. Tyga probably hid behind Honey Cocaine. HA HA. If you don't have respect for up and coming artists like you where then you deserve to get fucked with. You pull that shit again and it will probably be worse next time.

  • Anonymous

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  • john

    Isn't tyga a hoover crip?



    • NOSIR

      NO WAY cousin YESSIR NO not at all we're not dickriding Young Money OH NO NO NO we are DICKRIDING THE SHIT OUT OF ROC NATION, ROC NATION!!! LOL Tyga better tell his homie Honey Cocaine it's a COLE WORLD and get well soon cause YMCMB'S END is COMING SOON YEAH! THAT RIGHT NIGGA'S ROC NATION BITCHESS! we about to takeover the rap game our ROC NATION empire is strong and is the symbol of real Hip Hop so from now on the music industry will be run by our ROC NATION ELITES JAY-Z, J.COLE, JAY ELECTRONICA, and K. KOLE face it u YMCMB losers ROC NATION is the real deal and KING OF THIS HIP HOP GAME hands down BITCHESS WHAT!! 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

  • G 'code

    You fake as the wack azz crew you roll with them fake azz bloods, baby running up in them young boyz over at ymcmb ,im not giving this child molester a pass baby going to get you hurt out here you not even a buck 50 better get them body guards lil dude these goons bar none in the streets and real bloods you gotta keep paying them off for protection

  • Money First

    First off let me explain this to you Tyga..These cats are now where you once were..they are trying to get on! You extend and show love to the cats in the town you are performing in. That is street tactics 101 but of course you not being from the streets you don't know that shit! It's not right that they popped off with the heat but this really could have been avoided by YOU and your people Tyga!!!

  • beast

    this fagot trying to make it sound like he was shooting it out with them or something "But when you get disrespected as a man, theres certain stuff that wont allow" bitch ran to his bus got disrespected as a man and allowed all of it. ended up getting a chick shot up instead that a boy lol

    • NoNoNo

      im not defending tyga but what the fuck are you talking about?!!! He didnt say shit about bein gangsta or shootin it out with muathfuckas! You one of them ignorant muthafuckas low education havin ass

  • youngsta

    yeah tyga is a gangsta muthafucka. so iz cory gunz. cory got dat heat wit him. but anyway, to all yall foolz sayin he pussy cuz he ran back to da bus, he only ran back there to get his ak-47 out of there but da old ass bus driver was scared so he drove off b4 tyga got a chance to come back out and start firing. so yeah, ymcmb, they get gangsta. wayne got locked up for gunz and drake said he'll catch a body. he may sound soft to u niggaz but u don't know him personally. young niggaz stand up! we takin over! hate us now!



  • Troof

    I heard he has a large mole on his left butt cheek

  • jburnz

    The illest nigga in Nebraska > Tyga

  • Karma

    That's KARMA!!!! Tyga along with young money came to Wichita and were sooo disrespectful to the local artist's that were supposed to opening up for his show. They cant keep their fucking ego high, just cause they have money they think they can do whatever they want? No. Hopefully this is a reality check.

  • Hip Hop

    cant believe the missed. now tyga is gonna come back to abuse me.

  • wft

    aint tyga used to fuck with them 52 hoovers crips wen he was doing all them g.e.d freestyles with schoolboyQ?

  • Anonymous

    TYGA-"i never heard a gun shot until that day"

  • Anonymous

    Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 Gusto, your luck low, i didn't know until I was drunk thou

  • DaGnrl


  • mr.H-town

    Lol. Expozed , more like cap city u lil bitch

  • fuck young money

    the shooter should've aimed straight for tyga's head

  • gangsta ass audience member

    Hey Little kitten bitchass tigger! I threw that damn bottle! do somthin pussy! oh, i forgot you are runnin away. watch your back and tuck your chain! you got a lot more cities to go. Keep shittin on local artists, you will get shot at again and again.

    • smoke-dog

      he's right feds don't care if they did we would know who shot 2pac and biggie and tyga's a bitch you shouldn't call the crowd bitches and if you threw the bottle you shoulda hopped on stage when he called everyone out it woulda been funnier if he got punked infornt of the crowd haha

    • gangsta ass audience member

      You are the idiot. you think the feds give a fuck about a rapper gettin shot at!?!?! do your homework dumbass

    • Anonymous

      Idiot, dont u know the feds are watching? stupid


    Opening acts grind pre-sale tickets for shows like this, generating huge profits for the headliners and club owners, often getting paid in drinks and chump change, just so they can get on stage to rep for their hometown and exercise their craft. Its no fucking wonder this piece of shit got shot at.

  • rell p

    this boosted his album sales as well. rellmuzik.com

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Not just the black people... hell the white people out there are crazy as well. Nebraska is a land of nothing...should drive you insane. And this is just old and petty as hell. This dude is one of these many clown and lame ass niggas from LA. Sure LA has it's cool cats and dudes who will peel your shit quicker than a potato but he's not one of them and he needs to fall back. This nigga is an immature wanna be who unfortunately stepped on someone's turf in a haughty fashion and got reminded of who he really was. It's all about being humble. It's all about humbling yourself. He could have let the local cats get on stage and do their thing. Why would that hurt? Bitch nigga who are YOU? LOL! Travie McCoy's cousin or whoever, right? LOL! The nerve of this slop head wanksta. He had to be humbled. Instead of calling for God when you get checked from doing punk stuff and proud foolishness...step into the arena with God and act accordingly from the get go. Cats trying to buy street cred and be street just to sell records and get a rep. Industry is just making a fool and mockery of being young and black. And YMCMB are the biggest coons in upholding to this foolishness. Cats claiming blood and couldn't spit a lick of laws or literature if it came to it. Heck I'm assuming there is some but it must not be if any celebrity/industry bitch nigga can claim it real quick and not even live in LA. LA, CA. Y'all gotta clean a lot of stuff up, man. Straight up.

  • thought dog

    Because the yelling "Come see me after the show!" with gunshot sound effects and throwing chairs at the audience didnt affect anything at all.

    • firealarm

      exactly! Tyga didn't reveal shit in this interview when everyone can figure out from videos and accounts from people who were there what happened.

  • nibs

    if you don't see the elaborate hoax young money cash money pulls all the time to make their artists seem gangster you are stupid as fuck. drake writes all their shit. find the yo gotti interview on here that says before drake was drake industry people paid yo gotti to let drake hang out with him and gangsters. does nobody remember tyga's chain getting stole and him buying it back?

    • Anonymous

      so your saying that tygas bus got shot up as a publicity stunt....do you ride the short bus to school sir?

  • Anonymous

    Omaha been gang banging since the early 90's

  • Anonymous

    Shitting on local artist will always get you in some drama especially somewhere that hasn't blown up yet. Niggas hope big acts come in so the local artist can get a little shine by opening for him of course niggas gonna flip on him for coming with that shady shit. And Nebraska niggas is crazy. I don't even visit my fam out there. They gotta come see me.

  • Anonymous

    it was childish that he said no to the cats trying to get a five min shine on stage shit u already made it u cant let some local niggas do there thing for a min thats what ur ass get fuck u fake ass niggas i am a loc i have no beef with bloods just fake ass bloods or locs if u fake than want to come out now afther most of the real niggas are dead and locked up u niggas kill me because have of u niggas are not even from the streets now yall want to come out and be gang members get the fuck out of here

  • So Icy Boi!

    stop tha hate bitchez! Tyga iz innovative, creative, intelligent, progressive, philosophic, professional & gangsta as fuck. tha game wouldnt be tha same without intelligent gangstas like Tyga. YMCMB x BRICK SQUAD. swag

    • GoReadABook

      Me again you little vagina...Tyga does/is none of the above, except perhaps 'philosophic', because it isn't a real fucking word, and thus reflects the lack of intelligence in not only himself but those who stan on his bullshit ass music. Tyga sucks little bitch. He did Childish Gambino independent numbers

    • Stew

      Get off his dick. None of those words can be used to accurately describe Tyga.

  • YMCMB trolls

    sup piru gangstas?they just realized that they walk on thin ice

  • Anonymous

    the streets buzzed about him dancing on rack city, with a pistol pointed at him.Damn, that was a sight to see =)) this guy thinks he is a gang banger, just "like" wayne.time to wake those "bloodz" from YM

  • Larry Belafonte

    First of all, while that situation was uncalled for. I think that there are some fact mixed up...Those dudes had to be bloods if anything becaus ethey were rocking red all day. And home girl was nicked not shot from what I heard. Just because a city isn't on TV all the time doesn't mean there is no real Gs there. There are ghettos everywhere not just the coasts and where rappers who got on are from. Be safe, but also be conscious of where ypou are at before you start trying to throw your perceived weight around. That could have been a whole lot worse and for what. Cause a Headliner who is getting paid to be there, doesn't want to let anyone else shine if only for a minute. That my two cents. PEACE

  • The Real Tyga@

    PEOPLE?? Learn to finish your statements blood!!!



  • dentaldamboy

    If Tyga had hit one of those crips imagine the street cred he'd have. I know he's been looking to get his first teardrop tattoo. He's still young and has plenty of time. YMCMB is a roster full of real cold killers.

  • Alf Capone

    i wanna bang alex wagner

  • Anonymous

    gunshot to arm and already back on tour ? eh ...

  • Anonymous

    dude got punked like a bitch

    • sonya

      I thought that was childish too. Grow up Black ass people. U people all the way n bum fuck land. Get a life u guys shud be lucky that u had a star there..

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