Funkmaster Flex & DJ Clue Publicize Their Feud Over Nicki Minaj Song

Funkmaster Flex takes to his program to call DJ Clue "a box-head cornball" and Clue answers by tweeting that Flex is an "fat old dude" over a Nicki Minaj track and more.

According to Hot 97's Funkmaster Flex, he recently stole an email from DJ Clue. The email contained a file of Nicki Minaj's latest song "Beez In The Trap," which was set to be played on Clue's radio show. Instead, Flex dropped a bomb on the track while also speaking about why he decided to hack Clue's account.

"Let me talk to you once more. You was talking yesterday [like] you want to go. Make sure you're ready to go-pause button-'cause you lost your exclusive tonight. You guys been tweeting about it all day and I took it. Okay? Now, don't make me have to talk to you like this again [laughing], you clown. I'm so built for this. Listen to me June-June, and you listen to me good. I ain't hold this crown for so many years for some box-head cornball to get a record tonight that you thought you was gonna get. Now, you just shut up." 

He also said that he was competing and added more jabs for Clue.

"This is not your arena," he went on. "This radio thing is not your arena. Okay? People sometimes have faith in you because they're hoping you'll be the next Flex. I put a stop to that ten years ago. You can't keep up with me, boy. New York City, I'm so not being disrespectful. I just like to compete." 

Clue responded with two tweets following the rant. One of them referred to Flex as an "fat old dude" and another to show his ratings. 

So this Fat Old dude saying he hacked my email & took a record that never got emailed to me? #CompulsiveLiar
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I know one thing I'm first in ..The Ratings #1 at Nights 6-10 pm & rated higher 7-12pm Hold That!
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  • DaStudioKing

    DJs are irrelevant middle-men.

    • ASEE

      you know, nowadays you're pretty much right on that--at least for hip hop. Never used to be that way though. Internet and youtube killed the radio DJ.

  • brian

    the is corny you got two guys who are working in NYC radio on two of the best station in the market and they are beefing on twitter to be exact over a niki manji record? Get real there are kids in college study communication who would kill to have their jobs and all the can do is send subbmial disses to each other like two fags niggas ya'll 30+ act like it

  • Huey Newton

    What ever happen to tha 60 minutes Funk Flex? The Funk Flex that use to drop bombs on hot records? I don't know who this guy is,but he's not the same Funk Flex. It's more like PAYOLA FLEX!

  • Skrazey

    Flex is making himself seem like a hater. I haven't listened to HOT 97 in years and I don't intend to either.

  • JesseFoppet

    Who really cares about these two. Who is Nicki Minaj dating dating? Love ya Nicki

  • 1

    This old fat fuck is obsolete. Fuckin hatin ass dinosaur!

  • 1

    Funk Flex is a hater and a dictator! For real!

  • street cred

    funkmaster flex fuckin t rex fuck yo butt keep yo ugly momma in check right hand slap bitch hit the deck im gettin itchy times for her to lick my ball sweat ya heard dat

  • street cred

    clue you is a lame punch bag you need to get yoself a gun boi make dis nicca respek you some, hear me now, dis is wat da man call a concrete case man, hit him wer it hurts man dumb dumb gon on da record sayin he hacked you to steal he dry snitch his own ass bombakladz

  • Tylerthedestroyer


  • DJ_T3c

    i lost flex credibility when he disssed nas in '01 and nas shut him up with Ether track..later flex jumped on nas back..than he laughing at aaliyah's death, dickriding 50 n Gunit, diss 2pac 15yrs after his death..ey Flex do us all a favor and KILL YOURSELF!!!!

  • Anonymous

    hahaha "fat old dude" ahaha nigga look like mr. grease instead of mr. clean with his bald head ass ahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Cant really take Funkmaster Flex seriously after the bomb dropping and threats to people that were cracking jokes on Mister Cee. Then it turned out a week later that Mister Cee really did mess with a tranny.

  • Anonymous

    Flex u was the maaan homie..the fuck happened to you?

  • bklynsfynest2000

    man I'm so tired of flex childish a$$...i grew up lsteing to radio in NY and flex is indeed the worst thing that happened to radio. This cat living in some reality where he still hot and relevant...and the fact that you happy you stole a nikki minaj track is straight ass....LOL Tell flex get a job, and stop riding 50 nuts and kissing up to every person who comes to his show.

  • The Ghost BKS1

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  • Acesun

    Man, this is what the game has gotten too? Hacking emails for exclusives OVER Nicki Minaj? I think I lost cool points for even reading this story and trying to figure out how corney the game has gotten.

  • Nigga 4Life

    Real Hip Hop iz not found on the goddamn radio. fuck the radio, fuck society shet.

  • K.S.

    So let me get this straight these Brotha's could be making Money but yet they're wasting time talking about Nicki Minjai's wack A** really!!? C'MON SON real Hip Hop Headz don't give a damn about that get the **** outta here wit dat. By the way Funkmaster Flex I seen you play live one time and I couldn't believe every time you were about to play a Classic Hip Hop track you kept cutting it off way too early or scratching over the whole song. And you're suppose to be one of the dopest Hip Hop DJ's get it together seriously.

  • GBtha G

    fuck f.flex. hackin somebody else's PC iz just snitchy. So he must suck DJ Clue's dick. Yeah.

  • RL45

    "Flex: I said I didn't like Tupac because he was so negative and I've never been a negative person so that never clicked with me." lmao look @ this corny ass nigga now. takin shots at clue cause he always kept it 100.

  • Anonymous

    Go blow Mistter cee fat slave master flex... "Ohh mister cee check this niki joint i got lets go out to the car and do anal." (insert bombs here peeew pewww peww)

  • Anonymous

    fuckboy flex has lost it man. clue is real.

  • Anonymous

    Ever since he made fun of Aaliyah's death, I stopped even having a single ounce of respect for Funkmaster Flex. Dude doesn't even do shit but talk like he is the best and always put his goddamn name on every fucking record he plays.

  • Anonymous

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  • OnemikE

    I grew up listenin to these stations in nyc and let me tell u flex has become so wack when he decided one day he wanted to occasionally rant like a thug... Lost all respect when his colleague was caught with another man and he was backing him like it was ok... As my peeps from Flatbush would say u a boti boy!

    • ertewt

      >Because being gay is a crime? >Because if you have a gay friend you should not be his friend anymore >because being gay is any of your business...fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    sooooo much "tough talk" in the hip hop community... I wish theyd just let these niggas go toe to toe in the octagon till one of them shuts the fuck up!! HIP HOP UFC Common vs. Drake 50 Cent vs. Ricky Rozay Fabulous vs. Ray J Jay Z vs. Jazz O MGK vs. Yelawolf

  • anon

    flex is soundin like a bitch right now. First off how you goin lie? second how you goin lie about something that makes you look bitch made? Hacking someone's computer and stealing a song? that sound like some little girl shit not some grown man shit.

  • Anonymous

    Man! I stopped listening to Hot 97 In 2001 when they try to play Nas sideways then they ass kissed him when the Ether results came out! Fuck Flex & Angie!

  • Anonymous

    Who listens to the radio?

  • Anonymous

    Both these dudes have no clout in the industry. All they do is jump on bandwagons hoping to say they broke an exclusive song first.

  • Doubl Negative

    Does anybody know why I'v had diffulcilties tryin' to access Premo's Headqcaterz show the past coupe of weeks? Is it still on air.

  • yeah

    i don't like Clue but Funk Flex is a fat fagot. He's a two faced bitch, I don't even know why people go on his show, it's like rappers go on there one night, and then talks shit about them the next day. He's a punk ass bitch...but yeah Clue is an annoying retard also.

  • bigfoot89

    2 clown ass niggas arguing over a clown ass hoe's what is the world coming 2?

    • GBtha G

      Look there's nuthin wrong with the world just worthless imbeciles fuckin around.muthafuckaz worshippin a fuckin stupid ho, they dont deserve to exist.

  • Curtis

    Funk flex is weak. After he said "fuck tupac" 15 yrs after he died showed his true character. Havent listened to the bum since. FUCK FLEX OLD ASS!!!

  • Anonymous

    DJ Kay Slay should slap the shit out of both of them.

  • Anonymous

    The only word for this is SHAMELESS!

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Two stupid ass bitch niggas. And this is over a Nicki Minaj song at that. Man Flex been void of respect and Clue fell off and is a piece of shit. A Nicki Minaj song. Really?


    Who? These two don't have swag residue dripping from their assholes. Why is hhdx talking about these two? I saw Tyga's album sales and he is doing great. I told everyone YMCMB are unstoppable and noone wanted to believe me. swag.

  • Alf Capone

    this reminds me of 2 girls gettin mad at each other cuz one wore the same outfit the other has on. nothing but a bitch shit. clue is still ok but flex lost respect from me years ago. Alf Gang or have a peyton manning forehead

  • Clos

    "....And nobody gave a fuck!!" Thats what will be written on their grave stones. It's cool they make their money but nobody will ever mention them when talking about music so who gives a fuck

  • Anonymous

    Flex needs to learn that if hes goin to call somebody out he needs to say their name

  • MO

    Flex reacted to Clue saying he is #1 in the evening time slot, not about the Nicki record.

  • Anonymous

    2 culture thieves fighting over a piece of shit Nikki Minaj track. how interesting. hip hop is so appealing these days. so entertaining. fun flex, dj clue, kill yourselves, after killing angie and every other radio jock pumping the mans poisoin.

  • Anonymous

    flex is a clown man, thinks he is so great with his stupid fucking bombs and shit remember when his buddy mister c got busted with that tranny and he denied that shit like a bitch?

    • Anonymous

      This dued Funk Flex second name is "suspect" I would never trust this guy, or believe anything he say's



  • zachariah

    damn, you'd think they'd be fighting over a chance to fuck nicki in the ass, but instead its over one of her musical masterpieces, which translates to COMPLETE ASS!

  • Anonymous

    Damn these use to be my favorite djs. But their mixtapes ain't been shit since the early 2000s. Now they beefing over this bitches wack ass song gtfoh. Like dude said I could see if it was a dre song or a new x song or something really dope yea I could see them beefing they've done it before. But nicki no way in hell im going to argue over a wack mc.

  • Flex and Clue both suck...

    Those Clue tweets are what set Flex off to begin with.Those weren't his responses DX..Get it together..but 2 garbage annoying ass DJ's beefing is typical seeing how low NY radio has fallen...

    • Anonymous

      I heard that ny radio is just as bad as denvers radio stations. And that's bad cause down here all you hear is Ross, ymcmb, big seans dance ass every half hour and a little r&b. Hip hop is going to hell in a handbasket.

    • Hoodgrown

      co-sign.. and over a bullshit song at that... New York ain't what it used to be...

  • 3 Chainz

    Would understand if it's a new track from Dre but Nicki?Really?

  • nuc

    both suck... if i had to decide whos side i'd take... i would sway to the clue side of things. pretty silly though.

  • hightower

    They both suck, who cares...

  • smh

    2 geriatrics squabbling over a nicki minaj track? #fail

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