Young Vito Indicted, Formally Charged With Slim Dunkin Murder

Young Vito was indicted for felony charges of murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm.

Yesterday, a grand jury in Georgia indicted Young Vito in connection with the murder of Brick Squad affiliate Slim Dunkin last year.

According to the Washington Post, Vito, whose real name is Vinson Hardimon, was charged with murder, felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony.

Though Vito was considered a suspect early in the case, police officially claim that he shot and killed 24-year-old Dunkin, whose real name was Mario Hamilton, at a recording studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

A trial date is yet to be set for the 29-year-old rapper. HipHopDX will keep you updated.

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  • Anonymous

    i hope that candy was worth your life. #fail

  • D Tom

    In the words of Eminem, "I hope you burn in hell for this shit". I didn't know who Slim Dunkin was pre-murder, but he definitely did not deserve to have his life cut short... all over some Skittles too... smdh

  • what

    You got White's killing Blacks, Black's people killing Black people, rapper killing rapper, for what, candy, skittle, and words, Black peoople need to wake up, that race is deading out real fast.

  • Anonymous

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    • Hey idiot

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  • UltimateMegadon

    reguardless to what yall may feel or dont feel at the end of the day this is a entertainment business and these dudes like my brother slim dunkin is just making them records for them people that live that life whether yall agree with the message or not he still a young black brother that lost his life early how would you feel if that was your cousin or brother or someone in your family that died at the age? whether yoiu agreed with the content or not no man deserve there life tooken reguardless show some respect to that man...

  • ayo456


  • carAnthony

    Young Vito is dead man walkin'

  • Anonymous

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    Damn forgot to leave a mixtape and sprinkle some crack on him.

    • Anonymous

      At the end of the day this man died...and you making fun of it regardless of what he did....Your asshole but if you died tomorrow it would be ok for me to make fun of you...instead of making fun of the guy why dont you help people who are turning to a life of a crime maybe you are to scared to do that...tough over the internet doesnt equate to tough off of it...just a thought.

    • RIght

      Double co-sign. If you claim to live that life, brag about how untouchable you are, tell the world how you are strapped, a goon, selling drugs, and glamorizing drugs you can't complain when someone tests you. Look at Tyga. How you talking all that hardcore shit, talking about meet me outside, and get two of your friends shot for being an idiot. These clowns need to stop it before they bring more trouble on themselves

    • wolfman

      Co-sign. Leaving a positive influence on people is how you get respect in death. Not the opposite.

    • def

      that's what happens when you glamorize drug dealing and murdering people. you don't get sympathy from me if you get popped.

    • Anonymous

      But Boo, when you talk that hardcore gangsta shit and live that life it's warranted.

    • Boo

      Show some respect somebody lost their life. If that happen to your dad or brother I doubt you would be making that same joke.

  • Crisfantom

    Vito should have been a fat white neighborhood watchman. If so, he wouldn't have even been arrested for this.

    • Anonymous

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    • Mr Flamboyant

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    • Anonymous

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    • Anonymous

      Stupid comment. If he did it then he deserves to go to jail.

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