Earl Sweatshirt Gives First-Ever Interview On Hot 97

Earl Sweatshirt returns for his first broadcasted interview.

Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt joined Tyler, The Creator and Taco during his first-ever interview, with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. During the chat, Earl explained what it’s like to be back from Samoa after leaving for school in June 2010 and how everything has changed since then.

“I was aware [of OFWGKTA’s success] because of the Internet,” noted Earl, who said that he was upset to be missing the action - but only at first. “I was, initially. But then I got to fuckin’ see that all this shit isn’t fun all the time. For instance, the block that we came up on and everything, we were there when no one was there. We were up there everyday like it was nothing. I was up there the other day trying to just skate around, and you fuckin’ can’t do it, because someone’s like…

“Can I take a picture?” added Taco.

Watch the full interview below.

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  • Fuck Yall Wives

    Monkey ass nigger fuck him

  • Realmusic

    Agreed.... Can't believe they wasted their time interviewing this baboon looking idiot.. He should be thankful SOME people ask him for pictures... Acting like his big

  • Anonymous

    LOL this nigga literally looks like he has some kinda critical defect. Swollen head, pencil neck, bitch nigga. Talking tough on record when his rich momma sends him away to international boarding school for profanity. Odd Future is clown shit, buncha of suburban bitch niggas with too much time on their hands in a gated community making reckless music that sucks. Earl ain't shit, zero personality, zero passion in his flow, booorrrrriiinnnnggg. Eminem did the bug out shit and had actual personality, passion, and skills. Aint nothing new under the sun, Odd Future is for kiddy bloggers and dumb shits.

    • Vaughn

      firt off this nigga has talent and he has every thing you stated that he doesen't he raps about crazy shit but he has that inntellegent word paly that makes him one of the illest kid out and odd future is a big part of why hip hiop is still one of the most popular genres in music stop bitching becuase you just sound like a hater nothing more nothing less Bitch !! lmfao

    • Miles

      So I guess you must be the worlds most attractive man who lives in the hood gangbanging, and selling trap music that is 10x better than these guys

  • Anonymous

    Don't give a fuck what you niggas think. Earl has the skills to be great. Yes they are children and they act like it, but if you put that aside, you will notice there is some real skills blossoming. Tyler is pretty damn good with the beats and his flow is ill. Domo is pretty decent as well. Earl is ridiculous with the lyrics though. The rest of them, I could care less about

  • Anonymous

    these morons need to stop...it's sad

  • Anonymous

    where was Earl? sorry i'm not a fan.

  • atl

    faggot ass tyler the creator dont kno shit fuck dat gay ass nigga

  • Dick sheeth

    what I find funny is how guys like this talk so much shit about old heads and how everything is overrated fuck this fuck that yadayadayada but you cant live without leeching off the same elements you claim to hate! These guys music is straight 90's knock off! that 'oldie' uses an old solomon burke drum loop for cryin out loud! theyre not THAT creative! LOL they got a company flow/def jux wannabe sound...mixed with a lil wu tang on the production...take that shit away and you got lil b & soulja boy like shit lol...the interviews are a complete waste of time, these dudes have nothing goin for them but shock value...how he gonna get aggravated over illmatic? 4 real? nigga your whole style is a rip off of the same elements that created an album like illmatic! Dude is like a 21yr old 3 yr old! These dudes got ok shit but lets not get carried away, theres B artist from the 90s that would wipe the floor with these guys! all this arrogant skater bullshit is getting old, its a bunch of wannabes with no thug in em, leeching off other niggas shit to get noticed...then when you notice them they give u shit like this...does this kid have down syndrome or something? a bunch of little boys with mad energy, a mic and have absolutely nothing to say...

    • Miles

      1. Rappers in The 90s would probaballly kvock out 99% of the rappers in today, You single them out like they the worse or something 2. They Are Just Playing Around about The "Old" jokes 3. Notice how Earl started off talking and you could barely hear him. But as Tyler started playing around Earl's voices started getting louder. He was acting like that so they could feel more comfortable 4. A lot of artist use old style beats. that doesn't make them a knock off of the 90s because they look to old music for inspiration. every artist does that

  • Jazzmatazz

    I guess the heads would have to match up "Earl" vs Nas' "Live At The BBQ" verse ..I most def. think that Nas takes that W. Anyone agree?

    • Anonymous

      prodigy was what 18 19 for THE INFAMOUS!? rakim was what 17-18 on PAID IN FULL!? these kids act like these kiddy niggas should be given slack for being young. you enter the arena, you will be judged as you are, not what they project you will be. earl is boring, odd future stinks. they arent impressing any adults that know hip hop history. its all dumb kids and blogger lames buying in.

    • Anonymous

      How many has Earl sold? Oh wait mommy said he couldn't say those words. How many bonafide classics does Earl have? Exactly. Shut that shit up

    • Anonymous

      lol.....how many records was Nas selling again?? that's right nigga, boring music

    • nuu

      anonymous stfu wit that boring music shit..dont blame your low iq on others it aint nas's fault ur stupid as shit

    • Anonymous

      Well, Nas has a bigger body of work. Great lyricist but boring music. Earl's album was pretty damn good lyrically especially given he was 15 at the time he recorded it. The way I see it, Earl has the potential to be one of the greats. But we will have to wait a while before we can really judge.

    • Anonymous

      I would throw his Couch lyrics up instead

    • BafflerMeal

      Nas wins every time. I like some of Odd Future but they're overhyped. A lot of people who "love" them aren't even hip hop fans, they just like them to try and stand out. I see bitches on Twitter into all that pop-indie-rock stuff saying how they love Odd Future and such. Earl, Hodgy Beats and Frank Ocean are the stand-outs, the others can be good but they're not great.

  • Anonymous

    Tylers got the brain of a 3 yr old.

  • GFx

    I can't stand that white dude doing the interview. Typical underground loving, nerdy, whiteboy hiphop stan. He's not comparable to Nas at all...But like a faggot he's always trying to create bullshit to "go against the mainstream". He's always doing that shit in these interviews...I would love to smack the shit out of him for being so corny.

  • black melancholy

    the nigga is whack

  • Yamz

    Earl is mad nice with the rhymes, but better than a young Nas, I don't think so. Still, Earl has a chance to make Odd Future appeal to the naysayers. "Go harder than a fucking crack intervention" DAMN

  • Anonymous

    nobody loves when ur wack

  • Jay

    Earl is dope tho his craziness comes natural and he can be witty...tyler's crazy rhymes sound forced. I only fuck wit earl and frank ocean from the crew lol

  • Anonymous

    I've had a neutral opinion on these guys throughout because I don't really care for their music but I don't hate just to hate either. But these are some straight up divas. Ridiculous things for a man to complain about.

  • Anonymous

    and by block he means gated community

    • Anonymous

      Hip Hop has been hi-jacked. The hood don't own it any longer.

    • Anonymous

      the "block" is on FAIRFAX in LA. Far from a gated community. Have fun in the hood you poor faggot I would much rather be in a gated community then some shit hood.

    • Anonymous

      @OF nope i didnt grow up in the ghetto nor a nice neighborhood. im a country nigga you dumb nigga. fuck you and the rest of the posing Odd Foggots. ya'll ain't hood nigga go back to rich ass boarding school fool.

    • Anonymous

      lmfao. OF is mad. It's probably tyler or one of them corny negros

    • Anonymous

      @OF Must be shark week huh...LOL!!!

    • OF

      So fucking what? Cry me a fucking river because your ass grew up in a ghetto ass neighborhood and your friend probably got popped in a drive by. You sissy ass niggas always want people to feel sympathy for your broke ass pasts. Get the fuck out of here you wack ass hood rat. Flog Gnaw

  • Alf Capone

    poor guy. he cant even go skateboarding without have to take a picture. thats rough.......what a bitch nigga

  • Anonymous

    these guys try so hard to be different , it's obvious they are a big act . No wonder so many people hate rap , these guys give it a bad name

    • Grim_Genius

      young money killed hip-hop? Where is your evidence? Because that sounds personal.

    • Hater say what?

      Don't fucking listen to them if you hate them so much you retarded ass nigga. Young Money killed rap, not Odd Future. You hate and you probably have not even listened to Earl. Check out his verse on "Oldie" then get back to me you hatin ass female.

  • dylan

    why the hell doesn't the video movE?

  • GRBY

    Earl >>>>>> 99% of Rappers in the game.

  • GoReadABook

    hilarious ass interview


    So are the hipster emo rap kids going to stop wearing the "Free Earl" shirts?

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