Snoop Dogg Says New Album Will Show "Loving, Caring" Side Of His Personality

Snoop Dogg says his 12th solo LP "Reincarnated" will show a side of his personality that his previous projects did not.

MTV caught up with Snoop Dogg at SXSW this weekend to discuss his upcoming twelfth solo album Reincarnated. During the interview, the west coast legend discussed his approach to his new project, saying that this time around, he is eschewing his tried-and-true gangsta rap past.

Snoop said that Reincarnated will show a far more "loving, caring" side of his personality. He explained that he's always been a peaceful person at heart and that his past albums never really represented his true personality to the fullest extent.

"It's a project where it's more about the element of surprise, but at the same time it'll be talked about in due time," Snoop said. "It's special; it's a real special project to me because it's like the reincarnation and the birth of me becoming who I really am...I never really knew who I was through the music. I was always a very peaceful, kind, loving, caring individual and making music to symbolize that sometimes never was my key."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • jason

    true fans know the real you. just dont ever let tons of bucks make your craft lazy.

  • Anonymous

    all these crying ass hoes in here complaining about Snoop would NOT say that shit to his face..if yall bitches had the chance to meet Snoop and talk yall would be acting like little fuckin groupies and shit talkin about how you grew up on his music..Snoop is a fuckin Legend and is responsible for most of the "trap" music..Cash Money's whole sound and swag was founded on some west coast shit..respect the ungrateful lil bitches!

  • Lumbajack

    So many of you people have hate in your hearts. This has potential to be Snoop's best album. We're going to hear him rapping from the soul, rather than trying to maintain a gangster ego. That's just not who he is anymore, and we all have seen it. The people that can't accept that must suck balls.

  • Anonymous

    fuck you Snoop go do a cooking show or something you waekass pop rapper

  • Fossie

    Stop hatin on one of the best of all time you punkass hypocrits!!!

  • Decatur ATL BOI

    I pray that snoop just stops it already! DAYUM! His music gets worse and worse, parlay that studio time into doing something else away from the public. We are tired of seeing you, hearing from you and most of all knowing you are still recording wack AZ* music. Give the world a break. Be like Detox.

  • The Untouchable

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  • Anonymous

    doggystyle-the blue carpet treatment this is a snoop career he is fucking legend

  • Anonymous

    He gets fluffy every single album with a magnitude unequal to any other artist in the game!

  • Anonymous

    Snoop needs inspiration to get back where he started from.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus, Will Snoop just go away already?

  • tarnished legacy

    Damn nigga whats the point, just retire...

  • Anonymous

    Oh he looks like homeless

  • Anonymous

    Pac is rolling in his pimped out grave

  • Anonymous

    translation " I will release yet another wack album "

  • Anonymous

    Real translation: "I'm gonna be HIGH.....AS....FUCK during this whole process"

  • DutchWeazel

    Cool idea, just keep that West Coast sound, and the wack swagrappers away.

  • dentaldamboy

    What's with that Rick Ross beard he's got going on? Snoop used to be a trailblazer now he's just a dickrider.

  • former fan

    Man fuk snoops new albums dat nigga sold out a long ago I understand changin wit the times and showin diversity but u just wack u dnt make good music your sales show it u dnt even make solo albums no mo call em compilations u just all around wack man I'm not sayin bring da old snoop back but just make good music u lost a lot of fans I think think u turnin ya back on ya core audience u makin music 4 dem white kids fuk yo music I'm not sayin fuk snoop cuz I dnt no him personally just fuk his music

  • Bill Killed

    Translation: "I sold out long time ago and I'm not going back to my roots for a long time"

  • Anonymous

    what he basically means is he's going to feed into the system, make this his last album with no hiphop just club bangers and pop songs for girls and make millions to set him for life.

    • ntrx

      @dentaldamboy: Doggumentary was "POPPY"? Maybe a bit if you consider "Wet" and a few others, but yet it had some real westcoast-soundin' bangers on it too. I WONDER, WONDER WONDER WHAT IT DOOOOOOOOO... don't say it sucks, PURE WEST

    • King

      @dentaldamboy exactly

    • dentaldamboy

      Snoop's last 3 studio albums didn't even go gold: Ego Trippin, Malice in Wonderland and Doggumentary. These were his most "poppy" albums. No wants wants to hear any fucking pop shit from snoop. This album won't make too much money from him. How fucking ignorant and ill-informed can you possibly be?

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