Katy Perry Covers Jay-Z & Kanye West's "N*ggas In Paris" At BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge

Pop star Katy Perry puts her own spin on the Jay-Z and Kanye West cut.

Katy Perry recently performed a cover of Jay-Z and Kanye West's "N*ggas in Paris" during a performance at BBC Radio 1's live lounge in London, England.

The acoustic cover features the aqua-haired pop star rapping the cut from beginning to end. During the performance, she rocks a New York Yankees cap as homage to Hov.

Watch the performance below (via Life Files).

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  • Anonymous

    Why has NO ONE FUCKING BROUGHT UP that Tupac made this song? It's fucking obv jay-z and kanye popped him to get rid of the competition, because he was actually a real rapper and they new they couldn't beat him... they literally are the illuminati, whether they call themselves or not. If you listen to kanye's version backwards, it clearly says "we killed tupac" several times

  • Anonymous

    RACISM??? has nothing to do with this.. we need to unite as humans.. its 2012... this aint about race... its about a dumb satanic pop robot trying to be cool, and failing badly!!! Its not black and white.... its good and evil

  • DrDetergent

    hater central over a fkn cover lmao!! it coulda been alot worse. i dont like her music but i give her credit for goin outside her element & exposing her pop fans to rap. its showing support to a genre. it's not such a bad thing if ppl weren't so close-minded

  • Nuff said....

    Y'all niggas takin this waaaay too serious. Damn, calm the fuck down... nuff said...

  • Anonymous


  • The Untouchable

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  • Anonymous

    I liked Natalie Portman's rap on SNL better.

  • Anonymous


  • Nuff said...

    Fuck what niggas talkin bout, but i think that was kinda dope! I aint no fan of ol' girl, but she didnt do bad right here. She knew all the words, she had the body language on point, and most importantly she had rhythm.....AND she wore the NY cap! LoL! For a white, female, pop star, that wasn't bad. That shit Cray!

    • Anonymous

      wigger shut da fuck

    • Nuff Said.....

      Eat a dick u anonymous faggot. It aint like she droppin a rap album u fuckin lame. She jus did a lil sumthin sumthin on stage....a 1 time thing..damn. smh. Now it would be a different story if she was tryin to pursue a rap career, but she not. So pull yo panties out yo twat and shut the fuck up. nuff said....

    • Anonymous

      shut your young ass up...my thing is this. Just be a fan and rap at home....I mean are the other genres of music doing that bad where they have to rap....to try to get a buck...smh.

  • Hypestyle

    it would have been better if she was wearing a bikini while doing the rap

  • Anonymous

    call 603 471 3487 to get your dick sucked bruh trill shit

  • khoirdkutta

    I will give credit where credit is due, but his is NOT HOT/

  • buffalo bill

    She's better than Nicki Minaj

  • Anonymous

    I'll give her the "nice try" award... but next time pick a rap song where you don't have to replace the curse words with some hillarious ninjas every 2 seconds.

  • Duke

    that acoustic cover was sick though

  • case

    This just shows with being shown how to do it properly any pop singer to do beater than nikki minage

  • Anonymous

    this shit was hard! shit was rockin

  • raffael77

    she did a better job than Jay-Z & Kanye together.

  • Anonymous

    This was thee biggest attempt ever to suck the industries dick. Fuck Katy Perry.

  • myninja

    2:46 onwards was fire.

  • Miles

    yall take things to serious. She is a Pop singer playing around something outiside her genre. She did good for what she is. But You are really dumb if you expecting her to start spitting like Jay and Ye. She is talented in her own genre though

    • peterock

      you 3 are fucking morons. Yall know how much money she makes on that performance and why she did this to shine out with more promotion? Shit isnt for fun when you're a fucking professional artist. Thats why its so wack. She needs to stay in her roll and genre. Dont fuck with things you cant do. Thats the fuckin rule. Just imagine me as a salesman going to be a lawyer "for fun" for a day. And represent a big time criminal "for fun" cause I think I can do that job "for fun". Oh while we add it, why dont you 3 go out and be stans of Katy Perry for fun and suck the dick of her labelboss for fun? Assholes.

    • Anonymous

      I know right? I totally agree, people on here commenting like they were expecting her to rip the mic like the second coming of Rakim. She was just having fun not like she put this out as her first single to jumpstart her future in hip-hop. Relax.

  • Anonymous

    This was lame. She should have got naked like most of the viewers hoped that she would...

  • j

    these negative comments just show that rap will never expand beyond what it is. only black dudes with the exception of a few white guys and a couple black females can be taken seriously in the hip hop world, and for the most part(not all) we gotta be rapping about the same five things. Country rock and pop are light years beyond hip hop in regards of subject matter and lyrics these days......but go ahead and clown me close minded 15 yr old, ......waiting...........

    • John

      Only limits on hip hop lyrical content is the limits you put on it. All music is art reflecting life. You need to open your eyes/mind. She did well. It was a sign of respect her covering their song. She obviously enjoys rap music. You'd be surprised at who actually does like rap. Some whites might have keep it behind closed doors cause it's frowned upon

    • king

      Country doesn't have that much subject matter nor does pop they just have good poetry and the lines are much more complicated than an average rap song. But its always about love/religion/party/relationships Now imagine if rappers add that to the their arsenal bitches (hoes)/drugs/violence/politics/cars/jewelry/clothes/struggle Im starting to think that will happen anyway

    • Anonymous

      hip hop is about being yourself not look at me im justin bieber the popstar and i can rap but J has a point just stop takin shit too serious she's just goofing around is she wants to rap let her rap it's not like she's releasing a rap album

    • Jim

      Since when has Hip Hop been the only genre to clown on pop stars?

    • Anonymous

      lol at this white guy whining about lyrical subtext in hip-hop

    • Shocked

      just because people are calling out a dumb, untalented bitch covering a song does not mean the end of the entire genre. are you retarded or something?

  • Marx1684

    If you couldn't tell before this you should now be able to tell that Hip Hop has made it from out of the basement. Next big step is genres. For those that have a problem w/this step how long do you expect a form of art that touches people like Hip Hop did & sometimes still does to stay only on its starter level. Music that starts off as rebel music always goes mainstream. After this there will be something that catches on just like Hip Hop did after Rock & Roll blew up & split into genres. The real will still be around. It will just have a category.

    • Anonymous

      Rap music made it out of the basement in the 90's when a good album from a no namer would go gold or platinum. You are not acknowledging the argument that there was more of a diversity in the mainstream than what it is now. People are throwing around the music is there on the INTERNET, go find it. My debate would be why is it only on the INTERNET? Big K.R.I.T. is only acceptable on the web and not on daily radio rotation? Says who? Onyx' "Throw Ya Gunz" was radio play. I see you people constantly typing your assessments of what RADIO PLAY is, and honestly what most of you are typing is incorrect, you are co-signing what is acceptable.

    • Anonymous

      never thought about it like that, but i actually think ur right.

  • I put the G in G-Mail

    Stop watching this shit and click here: http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/videos/id.9907/title.yasiin-bey-aka-mos-def-nias-in-poorest-in-paris

  • Sickfuck

    I would lick the slime in between her titties. Thats some damn good looking tittie meat.

  • datNIGGAJ

    sooooo...WHY does this get more pub or replies than Yasiin's "Niggas in Poorest"? smmfh

    • ETK

      cause no one knows who the fuck he is.. it's bad enough he changed back to his real name (got love for mos def too)

  • J-Yo

    She is soooo freaking fine!! I think shes finer than the Kardashians. Since she looks like she could be the girl next door it makes her even finer! RUFF RUFFF

  • Alex

    This is just the beginning is what yall need to understand this is the beginning of the end whats next? a justin beiber rap aalbum oh yea that's already on the way and this is not a joke she's testing the audience to see their reaction she's probably gotta song wit h nikki or childish gambino coming where she actually is trying to rap or is gearing up to release a hiphop heavy album. this isn't just a joke its a fucking warm up to pop stars try to go alternative by rapping. when taylor swift did it. it was a joke. this is different

  • Jay Fan

    Katy Perry throwing the Roc up in the air!!! Sweet!!!

  • COG

    U fuckers are sooo corny its ridiculous. Absolutely no sense of humor. the shit was hilarious. Stop takin shit so seriously and have some fun. CALM THE FUCK DOWN. And if u think the original was lame, u buggin. shit goes hard and so did katy perry's cover. relax douchbags and laugh a little.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    She covered a wack song. This is proof that two wrongs don't make a right. That is all. Live on live long. (author's note: I didn't even bother to listen to this shit. If the original was garbage, why would I give Katy Perry time outside of her licking my balls and having sex with her? We all know damn well how gay the industry is.) (goes away to find iPod)

    • 8inchcable

      Your name is Flamboyant. And your mom's and your mystery dad didn't name you that. It was that or Mr. Sisqo, huh? If you're over 30, you're still understanding and digging the lyrical growth of rappers still here from the 90's (back-up for Jaz-O doesn't count). Scarface, Jay, Outkast, Common, Mos Def, Talib, some Nas, De La Soul, Rakim, etc. Go back to your raps about guns, drugs, FASHION, and swag and the latest dances.

    • 8inchcable

      You're name is Flamboyant. And your mom's and your mystery dad didn't name you that. It was that or Mr. Sisqo, huh? I've you're over 30, you're still understanding the lyrical growth of rappers still here from the 90's (back-up for Jaz-O doesn't count). Go back to your raps about guns, drugs, FASHION, and swag and the latest dances.

    • For ReAL

      I guess your a Drake and Lil Wayne fan. Thats cool bro, go go, go over there and be miserable with the other kids.

    • Anonymous

      You're an idiot. You didn't listen to it so you clicked on this page to bitch like a disgruntled 12 year old? Grow the fuck up, you are not intelligent and you suck. You are not righteous with anything you say. Enjoy your fucking Young cheezy

  • GoReadABook

    haha shut the fuck up all you wanna-be hiphop head rap saviors. It's Katy fucking Perry. Y'all act like she just made a mockery of Brenda's Got A Baby. She is a pop artist that covered a pop song. Beyond that the original sucked dick, this one at least made me laugh. Anyone claiming to be a hip hop head that is defending the quality of the original Throne version is, in doing so, entirely disproving their status as a hiphop head, and thus sacrificing the validity of their opinion. Supercilious douchebags

    • Anonymous

      You are proving the point you said covered a pop record....not hip hop record...damn dumb as dick sucking youngsters today with their skinny jeans and big ass shoes...yall are jokes...smdh.

    • Anonymous

      Go suck a dick like we know you do....at the end of the day that shit is wack...

  • WTF

    Justin Beber now Katy Perry....whats next Faith Hill rapping...smh.

  • WeazelDude

    B*tches in Paris

  • JF

    "Ninjas". Really? "Ninjas".

  • jjtoptop

    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE !!! . Im a complete hip hop head and i have no problem with katy perry taking of a jay z and kanye west song which is basically a pop song anyway . Jesus she didnt come out with krs one or rakim . Chill out and remember , its only music . Even our beloved hip hop , its music and meant to be fun . It really pisses me off . RELAX

    • ETK

      if it's your life and you keep whining about it, then it's a sad fucking life focus on somethin else already, either become a rapper or focus on the shit you like

    • Anonymous

      To you it may seem like just music but for some of us this is life. Im sorry the takeover is happening and you just watching it happen...smh. Get the dick out of your eye site and so you can see clear...damn youngsters these day have no type of respect or philosphy.

  • Alex

    HipHop Rap whatevea you wanan call it just got hit with a low blow and 12 gauge shell to the dome.... hurry and drop kendrick and jay elec the game is dying

  • Alex


  • Assassin221

    Who cares? Hip-hop is pop now, not all of it but anything on the radio is officially in pop territory, where white girls run rampant. You know white chicks are singing this shit in the ride or whatever, why not on TV? Not saying I dig this shit, but I don't listen to Katy Perry or "Watch the Throne" in the first place. Go put on some Wu and stop bitching.

  • Anonymous

    this is just embarrassing. i think i speak for all the white people in the world when I say this, hip hop community...I am sorry.

  • G MON

    Its a shame what passes for news in HipHop nowadays. What a fucking joke. Some shitty pop star covers a shitty song and it's front page news. Fuck everything.

  • Anonymous

    naaaaaah you seee what you niggggaassss dont realize is that on the real.. with all these white dude rappers and with people like niki having such success with white chicks, (ive heard white chicks say full niki verses), its only natural that due to her crossover appeal (the poppynes) of some of her songs), white chicks startin to think they can rap! but The thing is, shits already happened.... most of you probably dont realize this but Ke$ha was a white chick rapper... so bad and so pop, that the rap was disguised, but from what i've heard of her songs, chick only sings on the chorus and that shit auto tuned... And now you have IGgy Azalea who is a white chick covering XXL with the rest of the freshmen class.. I'm not saying she's good but you cant tell me she's not a rapper. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Inn4juu0Cfs&feature=related The thing is, if there ever was a true white chick rapper that "blew up", i think she could be a potential gold mine- tapping into markets that actually can afford to buy an album and go to concerts.

  • Anonymous

    man, what i wouldnt do to suck of those beautiful milkers...

  • So Icy Boi!

    shit iz crazy! Katy Perry killed Jay-Z & Kayne West. a fine young lady iz better then a 40 year olod Camel & Gayfish. YMCMB 4 life! swag follow me on twitter snitchez: twitter.com/DatICYBOI/

  • Anonymous

    WTF has become of hip hop...a damn menstrual show and Im not talking about just black people...my goodness wtf...hip hop is corny as hell now. 15 years ago this would have never happen. Hip Hop has been taken over by corporate america....smh. RIP HIP HOP SINCERLY YOURS, I USE TO LOVE H.E.R.

    • ETK

      co-sign on everything chuckD said you dun got told old heads, time to move the fuck on. hip-hop still lives, go look for it

    • ChuckD

      So you have no response then? Just insults? How am I being hypocritical? Go back to YouTube and posting "fuck Lil Wayne, this is real hip-hop" on every video you like.

    • Anonymous

      @ChuckD For somebody kicking so called knowledge, as it appears you don't even know shit you're talking about, I find it Ironic that you go and diss "old heads." You aint prophetic. STFU and quit being a hypocrite. SMH. You're the worst kind of backpack fan.

    • ChuckD

      If you think Hip-Hop is dead it's because you are too lazy to find it. Big K.R.I.T. isn't Hip-Hop? 3 Free Albums in 3 years isn't great? Tech N9ne isn't Hip-Hop? 9 Hip-Hop records (EPS & LPS) since 2009 all independent isn't good for Hip-Hop? It's not worth my time to continue, but the fact is artists are putting out music, be it LPs, EPs, free Mixtapes, or just loose tracks. There are hits and misses by everyone, and obviously we all have different tastes, and certain rappers are polarizing, but theres tons of music out there for you to find the gems in. I get it, you're old as fuck, and you're mad that everything doesn't sound like it did back in '89. But get over it, shit changes. All your old stuff is still there to listen to, and it's great. But music is subjective. Your opinions are personal, not universal. I liked a lot of Watch the Throne. I like to listen to Rakim too. I like Mac Miller's shit a lot. I like the Wu as well. It's not one or the other. If you can't find shit out there that you like, then you don't like Hip-Hop. Fuck the radio, we have the internet, we have YouTube, we have iTunes. Rappers are no longer restricted to trying to make songs for the radio to gain some success. You have literally unlimited outlets for spreading your music. You don't need money, you don't need a co-sign, you don't need a label. You just need a computer. This means that ya, there is a lot of shitty rappers out there, who might have had their entry into the hip-hop market impeded in the past. But it also means that there's no way to stop someone from finding their audience, and getting some success. This was just fun. It wasn't meant to be ground breaking. She was messing around, and having fun with music. That is not a bad thing. It's awesome. Hip-hop is an accepted, and respected category of music. Like Rock, there is an unlimited amount of variation, and variety within Hip-Hop. Find your groove, your niche, and fucking love it. Don't worry about what other people listen to. Don't act like you have the right to set the standard for what is good hip-hop, and what isn't, because your old as fuck. You got nothing more than your opinion, and it's no more valid than a 14 year old white girls opinion. Especially when that 14 year old girl will spend the same $20 on an album that you will. Evolve son.

    • Anonymous

      @shadow what Im saying what happen to rappers calling this crap out. When Will Smith was talking about getting Jiggy with it rappers was saying he was corny and it was wack and matter of fact a white rapper called him out...forgot about EM. Hip Hop use to have high standards I mean outkast got boo`d The Hip Hop I use to luv and grew up to is long gone....I mean straigh up menace and trigger gots no heart got played on the radio...do you think that will happen now. What I was saying if you can READ is that corporate america has made it to where EVERYBODY feels like they can rap...YOUNGSTER YOU CANT TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT HIP HOP I WAS LISTENING TO THIS BEFORE YOU WAS BORN. Its not about the music but the product and the rapper is the product and most of the mainstream is manufactured..its a image....like I said hip hop is dead....

    • whoa

      this dude is deep. "I USE TO LOVE H.E.R." You seem like a cool guy, you're definitely not a fag.

    • ShadowPrecinct

      15 years ago this would have never happened? 15 years ago cats were still, "gettin' jiggy wit it". Miss everyone with your hip hop is dead proclamations...just go find it.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    I appreciate she loves Hov and Ye, I appreciate she loves this song but honestly I'm not feeling this cover. I give her a A for being herself and not trying to mimick but she gets F for this cover cause this song didn't need no one to cover it...... p.s. she is a fine chick though...lol...

  • Morpheus

    Man you dudes bitch too much. All the time so butt hurt lmao yeah this shit was terrible but look shes puttin her fans on rap more because hiphop is about open minded ness not close minded ness lol riiight???

    • Anonymous

      I wish you would get off of the Twin Muscle dick....they are the only guys I know that use the term butt hurt....now go snaps some shit up...smh.

  • Anonymous

    fuck Kate perry, she sucks the industry's dick so hard..

  • Anonymous

    shit is wack, hhdx is gay for posting this shit

    • Anonymous

      nigga you clicked on it.....

    • Fall back

      It was whack? Damn I thought Katy was going to be the next hottest MC in the game! LOL! WOW, niggas in here on some serious butt hurt shit. It's Katey Perry dude, what were you expecting?

  • Anonymous

    She did alright. I ain't mad it's just music. OF COURSE little kids are going to come on here and pop shit like they the business when it comes to "real" hip-hop.

  • holla@me

    Why are people covering this song and shit like it's dope? You know damn well if Nas rapped over that wack shit yall would be saying the beat is trash.

  • MHWhite

    Wow. She shouldn't have censored the WHOLE FUCKING SONG.

  • T-Dubb AKA Royal T

    this shit was FUCKIN' DOPE! LOL!!! really tho, she's so fine she can do whatever she wants.

  • So Icy Boi!

    better then tha original bcuz everybody iz better then tha Throne. Lil Wayne ended Jay-Z's career. lmao. next time dont be disrespectful to tha best rapper alive aka Lil Wayne. swag

  • DaAsianBoi

    LMAO. KP shouldn't do any rap covers after this.

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy the links http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1 http://youtu.be/TrUlOPsCLRs?hd=1

  • Anonymous

    LOL WDF www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik?feature=mhee

  • Anonymous

    LOL WDF http://www.youtube.com/user/afterninemuzik?feature=mhee

  • Jaye

    beat was tight but katy perry...what...the...fuck????

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