Action Bronson Announces European Tour Dates

Exclusive: Action Bronson plans to do his first European tour.

Action Bronson has announced the dates for his first-ever European tour.

The Queens, New York native, who recently released Well Done with Statik Selektah and Blue Chips with Party Supplies, will embark on the overseas trek on March 23rd at Dublin, Ireland's The Twisted Pepper. Stops include London, England, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Vienna, Austria. The tour wraps up at Zurich, Switzerland's Stall6 on April 8th.

Check the official tour dates and flier below.

March 23 Dublin, Ireland: The Twisted Pepper
March 24 Copenhagen, Denmark: Loppen
March 25 London, UK: Barfly (2 gigs)
March 26 Manchester, UK: Alter Ego
March 27 Paris, France: La Bellevilloise
March 28 Gent, Belgium: Cafe Charlatan
March 29 Amsterdam, The Netherlands:Bitterzoet
March 31 Rotterdam, The Netherlands:Nieuwe Oogst
April 1 Linz, Austria: Kapu
April 2 Vienna, Austria: Fluc Wanne
April 3 Glasgow, Scotland : O2 Academy 2
April 4 Cologne, Germany: Subway
April 5 Helsinki, Finland: Virgin Oil Co.
April 6 Berlin, Germany: Bohannon
April 7 Oslo, Norway: Bla
April 8 Zurich, Switzerland: Stall6


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  • Fuck Europe

    More like 2012 EuroPEON (no typo) tour Fuck these Eurotrash losers, America is where it's at.

  • Kram

    I support this dude! Def. going to his concert!

  • Dizm Beats

    He's from Queens so I got to say Congrats.

  • betigotsome

    Ofc he ain't coming to Sweden either ! but i guess with the fucked up weed laws it's no surprise... ain't never a dope rapper in sweden, without getting taken to the police station to leave a piss test and fined for just having thc in the urine.. BUNN BABYLON DOOOWN !


    Ghost has that line "I can't feel my face"... Ghost is a stone genius, he's proven it over and over and over again. Bronson can't even see his own feet!! And his dogshit "joke" raps add up to what? This is what hip-hop 2012 has come to?

  • Anonymous

    Dude's comparable to NAS, I'd say. By Bronstein's age, NAS has multiple classics, was a has-been failure, and already hungry for a 'comeback.' Bronstein, by comparison, doesn't even have even one classic song and the only thing he's ever gone "hungry" for is sex he didn't have to pay for.

  • Anonymous


  • So Icy Boi!

    wack shit. this nigga iz da official gay rapper. YMCMB 4 life. swag

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This a must see, Copy the links

  • Anonymous

    again Moscow Russia is fuckin ignored. fuck man no dope rappers ever come this way! so annoying

    • ^^

      You Limeys have rotten teeth lmfao

    • Doubl Negative

      I'm from the UK and I purposely use American colloquialisms on this site, because on the Internet you can be someone different to your day-to-day persona. It would be disingenuous for me to use US terms like "shorties", "dude" and "dope" here at home, but subsequently if I wrote in my natural brogue and used the English equivalents - "birds", "bloke", "mint" - many readers would find my missives opaque.

    • ihatehoes

      Fuck his diction, I bet he still sounds like Ivan from 'Eastbound & Down'.

    • ...

      @dentaldamboy: That was probably one of the most moronic comments on this page. With tv, internet and music being spread, people can easily become very well spoken, especially when it comes to sounding american. Oh and put that dictionary away fool...colloquial English my ass...

    • dentaldamboy

      There's no way you're from Russia dude. Your expressions are wayyyyy too Americanized. No one who grew up and lived in a foreign country his whole life can speak such colloquial English.

  • Osiris

    All the hate for this man amazes me, I thought it was about the music, I could careless what the homie looks like, dude is raw on the mic and thats all that mattters. Mittle Lungies why does what another man looks like upset you? last I checked this is "hip hop" dx if you looking for something else watch the style network or something

  • Mittel Lungies

    As lame and whining with dogshit breath control as this kid is on his poorly engineered records- excuse me, his 'downloads'-- He's exponentially worse live. Like watching a sick elephant try to dance at the circus or something. An elephant has smaller CANKLES than Bronson too.

  • Diabetic Comma,

    How's Bronstein getting there, a C-130 cargo plane? Obese retard random verse generator but oooh WHITE FOLKS sure love a hot novelty act!! Douche couldn't even keep his voice going at SXSW-- smoke much, stupid? On the other hand, white nerds helped Bronstein move out of his parents house and might even get his kids into a good Hebrew school so maybe this whole laugh-at-the-witless-fat-fuck-schtick is an act of collective charity.

  • dentaldamboy

    Wow, it's his first time overseas. Congrats buddy. Birdman has a house in London, Paris Cannes and Rio.

  • Anonymous

    action bronson is a fag boy. YMCMB for life swagggggggg

  • Anonymous

    Congratulations to Action Bronson thats a good look and his been working hard underground hip hop is coming back mainstream artists watch out

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