Kendrick Lamar Discusses Upcoming Album, "Good Kid In A Mad City," Dr. Dre

Kendrick Lamar sheds light on the follow-up to "Section.80," and what it's like recording with Dr. Dre.

After signing to Dr. Dre's Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records, Kendrick Lamar is gearing up for his official label debut Good Kid in a Mad City.

In an interview with Fuse, the K. Dot discussed the follow-up to Section.80. "It's on the way," he said. "I've really just been keeping it in-house. The people I came up with on Section.80...I want to lock in with them first, because these are people that know my sound, and I know their niches. ..It meshes properly."

Lamar also spoke on what it's like recording with Dr. Dre. "Love it. Every time we're in the studio - energy. I wasn't in the studio back in the day when he was rocking with Snoop on The Chronic, but I can tell he had that same energy and that same vibe. And what it do, it just elevates me and motivates me to go even harder."

Watch the interview below:

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