Dame Grease Discusses Involvement On DMX's New Album

Dame Grease talks linking up with long-term collaborator, DMX.

Though Dame Grease has produced for a wide range of emcees during the course of his career, he is perhaps best known for his collaborations with DMX - particularly his contributions on X's debut, It's Dark and Hell is Hot.

In a recent interview with Label Pushers, Grease sat down to discuss reuniting with X for the Yonkers emcee's latest project, Undisputed.

"It's not even DMX 'coming back,'" he explained. "We could check a chart right now, and the shit is still waving. X ain't put out an album in a couple years. Everybody's aware of all the situations...but as far as an artist, a rapper, a human being, no one's touchin' him. Like I always said, I came in the game with a lot of people that's great...but he's a person to look up to from my standpoint."

"He actually keep me on point to let me know why he never change."

Dame added that all of his energy is going into DMX's Undisputed project, and that he is using It's Dark as inspiration.

Watch the interview below:

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  • mrdoozie

    his song keep you head up should be the lead single,he had a nigga cry while listening to that song

  • iHop

    X will put out another solid album. Appreciate this hip hop shit. iHop - no pancake. It's goin' up.

  • Jacc

    I don't think his new shit is gonna sell but he's gonna be on my shit list if he ever make a song with bitch ass Cash Money.

  • Jacc

    I don't think his new shit is gonna sell but he's gonna be on my shit list if he ever make a song with bitch ass Cash Money

  • jake

    i would bet the album will turn out incredible too, but just like ja rules last album that had nothing but potential radio hits, will probably do poorly. 3200 first week sales from a previous platinum rapper is just terrible. dmx probably wouldn't sell much more. these comeback artists aren't doing well. limp bizkit only sold 27k with gold cobra... these artists aren't clicking with todays youth for some reason. everyone is stuck wrapped around some cash money ballsacks

    • DaGnrl

      been thinkin this since WIZ popped off and curren$y still doing his underground thing, People be like daaaaamn that shit hard WHO IS THIS??? AAAAAAWWW HE BEEN OUT, NEVERMIND.

    • GlowStreet31

      ja sold only 3200 because he dropped the album while he was in jail and couldnt promote it well. i think that x is definetely gonna sell much more than him about 8.000-10.000 copies i think

    • d999

      doesnt mean the person who sold 4million" i ment"

    • d999

      thats the thing tho its dif now back in the day before i tunes or before u can buy just 1 song it was just cds.like if 2 million ppl got your album u went double plat. but u see. theirs dif things now now ppl can just get 1 song or jus download it for free. if 4 million ppl buy such and suchs cd and 500,000 buy other persons cds it doesnt mean the person who sold half a million has more fans. it just means they got the cd. and plus thats just 4 million ppl who got the cd what if only 71,000 doundload a single song from i tunes from the person who went 4 xplat and the person who went gold had 4 million ppl download just one of their songs from their album plus u went gold from cd sales.and im sure theirs other sales that happen too.sometimes the person who went 6 xplat has less money and less fans than the person who sold 1 million. plus it has to do if your a real artist trying to touch ppl also all that adds up..with this whole wwf shit going on in hip hop dude like a lot of those ppl dont really have what they say they have and its not hate like its really real.

    • ETK

      DMX has more of a backing than Ja Rule ever will. niggas been waiting for him to get out of jail. Ja rule got out and niggas just went "oh really" and it's wack to put all comback artists in the same spot. some comeback artists made their dough back - now I don't think that's what's gonna happen to X but we should treat his case differently. DMX has those kind of rough hood songs hip hop purists are longing for, cause of the fruity-tutty flashy pop hip-hop you hear nowadays.

    • Stylze

      youtube was a success for Ja Rule's new album but that didn't matter. If you went off how many likes he had total on his youtube videos for PIL 2 he should have went platinum in the first week. But thats todays era I guess people decided not to buy the album because he had almost half of the songs on the album as videos anyway. Ja Rule put out his videos as promotion and it kind of back fired but then again you don't need album sales to win a grammy or few grammys at that. As of right now Ja Rule may not have the album sales but has the best album and most complete anybody has put out.

    • knoi

      radio hits?? lol thats old school.its you tube face book twitter hitts..radio has no control lol everyone knows who dmx is anyway he doesnt need the radio lol well the kid on you tube is more famous and rich then jay z now its the new thing.welcome to the future

    • Alf Capone

      not sayin X will do better but limp bizkit sucked and sucks now. noone takes them seriously

  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This is a must see, Copy the link http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Alf Capone

    oh yeah get p.k. to make the beats. just sayin

  • Alf Capone

    X is dope as fuck but i dont care for that song he did with squirt gun kelly. hope the album is like some its dark and hell is hot type shit

  • Anonymous

    no beats by cheese swizz

  • dockevoc

    Grease is a beast. Please, no Swizz Beatz!

  • Anonymous

    its not coming out anytime soon, there's been NO promo, the video for 'I dont dance' isn't even out yet. Hopefully will drop this summer, dunno tho, X has no label...

  • Anonymous

    this greaseball gave max b and frenchie some okay beats a couple years ago, maybe he can still bring the heat

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This is a must see http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Anonymous

    It doesn't even have a release date on Amazon.

  • Anonymous

    If dame goes early ruff ryders producer mode on this, then it should be dope...

  • Anonymous

    I'd be interested in a new X album, but not if the quality is piss poor.

  • DutchWeazel

    Its time 4 sum X-ion

  • Oh Lord

    This album's gonna be dope. Hopefully X keeps his word & drops Undisputed on the 27th.

  • orion


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