Mystikal Enlists Drake, Busta Rhymes For "Original" LP

Mystikal reveals that both Drake and Busta Rhymes will contribute to his upcoming sixth album.

Back in early 2010, New Orleans rapper Mystikal was released from prison after serving a seven-year sentence for sexual battery and extortion. Now, one Cash Money record deal and Lil Wayne-assisted single later, the Tarantula is preparing the release of his sixth album Original and says he's got two major collabs lined up for it. 

MTV's Rap Fix Live recently caught up with Mystikal to discuss his upcoming return to rap music. During the interview, the New Orleans emcee revealed that he has enlisted fellow YMCMB members Busta Rhymes and Drake for collaborations on his for his first album in over a decade.

"Busta [Rhymes] was one of the first artists I worked with when I first came home," he said. "Busta came out there, came all the way to Baton Rouge. I'm talking about we got it in," he explained. "[A collaboration with Drake], that's coming. Man, I'm telling you, this album is gonna be so well worth the wait, Sway, believe that. I ain't just saying it to say it. It's coming this year; y'all know it's my job to promote it like that, but those who know who I am know that I mean that."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • twan

    Mystikal is one of the hardest to eva touch the mic you going to always have haters out here .we all make mistakes .shit im a Convicted Felon and i still live a Good Life, Working ,Got Money in my pocket,and Two Cars, and a Bad Chick so wen we try to judge others look in the mirror ain't no body perfect and im Still Going TO BUY THE NEW ALBUM WHAT!!!

  • iHop

    Original ! Can't wait to hear it. Can anyone understand a man that's been locked up for 6 years? Back to "mind of mystikal" shit hopefully. Know about it- luv it.

  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This is a must see, Copy the link

  • The_Observer

    When is Cory Gunz coming out???????????????

  • Sensezi

    Mystical...isn't that the guy who got dissed by Eminem on this one freestyle?

  • meela dyme

    baby will buy his albums or he will get dropped next year. he should of went with interscope did something with dre/ice cube, method man. Ti and jeezy loss their touch so if he wanna get on that hardcore fb/lasexidyme

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This is a must see, copy link

  • Lars

    Wow. Featuring a guest appearance from Busta. What a surprise...That's all Busta does...And it's probably gonna be a fast rhyming track...Remember when Busta was a general? Now he's just a soldier??? Damn. How the mighty have fallen. Skinny non-serious on point old school busta >>> roid rage wanna be tough fast rhyming Busta...

  • Anonymous

    fuck this registered sex offender

    • Anonymous

      you must be the old bitch who stole his money then got him put in jail for a false rape charge. people still looking for you and your family.

  • Anonymous

    its funny because drake always talks about how he loves the ladies and how much he respects them , now hes going to do a song with a registered sex offender

  • Anonymous

    Mystikal has no skillz he only can scream tru a mic. Worst rapper alive.

  • anon

    drake and mystical? i'ma pass.

  • Cash Money Killaz

    Mystikal, aka Michael Taylor was sentenced to six years in prison for sexual battery. The charge that Mystikal pleaded guilty to was that he and 2 bodyguards accused his hairsylist of stealing 80,000 and then forcing her to perform oral sex on the rapper. Mystikal made a video tape of the assault which was shown as evidend. The judge, Tony Marabella, said the video proved the sexual acts were not consensual. The judge said "If it weren't for the victim, his sentence would have been the maximum 10 years...The court is convinced that the defendant believes he is above the law and can take the law into his own hands." Even though he admitted to the crime, Mystikal still said, "I was ready to go all the way, full fledge 'cause it's the principle...The person that was involved in it was real dear to me, I still don't believe it. I refuse to believe they could do something like this to me after all I had done for them. That's like taking in a foster child and he kills you or robs you. That's serious, that's someone I considered to be a true sister." "You got to be a little more careful with your love and your trust, you cant just throw it out there like that even though my trust was earned with this person...This was five years in, man. I couldn't have saw that coming in a million years, I would have bet my life on it."

  • Cash Money killaz

    Fuck Cash Money, Fuck Mystikal, Fuck Cash Money as a staff record label and as a motherfuckin crew And if you wanna be down with a rapist by the name of Mystikal; then fuck you too Limp Bizkit, fuck you too All you motherfuckers, fuck you too

    • Anonymous

      So much hate lol Drake is a beast jus except it n stop the hate u might actually enjoy life

    • Cash Money Killaz

      @ SuperGucciRap: Im a biggie fan to but purpose is to destroy Cash Money and support real hiphop and no hiphop by faggots, rapist, metalheads or plastic people like Nicki.

    • SuperGucciRap

      I'm only going to agree on you for the behalf of Drake, Tyga, Limp Bizkit, Mystikal & Busta Rhymes being wack. But then you stole one of the worst outros of all-time from an overrated rapper that got murked by a legend. Yes, I'm a fan of Notorious B.I.G. and never liked 2pac as a person or rapper. It's Gucci Time!

  • Aimnfir3

    All The Fly Ladies And The Real Niggas Follow @AimNfir3!!! #FlYBoYStatuS

  • So Icy Boi!

    2012 iz a good year for hip hop. itz a good year for YMCMB. we already got a classic album by Tyga.... Nicki, Wayne, Wayne/Baby, Limp Bizkit, Mytikal comin soon. YMCMB we rund diz shit! fuck Roc Nation! fuck GOOD! fuck Shady! swag

  • Anonymous

    lol fuck this album.. this aint 1997

  • Bom919

    Damn I cant wait for this. I hope he blows up again, Original (the single) was ok but he needs to come out with something produced by Mannie as his first single, bring back that old school Mystikal and that awesome N.O. sound

  • SwitchFlip

    I mean, why is this "news"? isn't it obvious he's only getting a hand from his label mates? Obviously they are "great" mcs to be labelmates with so it will def do him justice..but this is a no brainer...not real news...expected

  • Anonymous

    We not gonna fall for the banana and the tail pipe I'm not about living in no 6 by 6 wearing no motherfuckin jail stripes .my nigga is back mystikal it been one 2012 let's hear some hot Shit.

  • shuttaman

    Drizzyyy da Gawd? Oh shit you know another hit coming for this SUMMMER!

  • Sweetre15

    I understand that Mystikal is going to need atleast one pop hit but I hope his album brings back that hard style he used to have.

  • Hip Hop Fan

    Honestly, Mystikal sucks as a rapper and his yelling shouting rapping style is trash, but since he will be marketed like no tomorrow and get nonstop exposure he will sell. So sad that Hip Hop is going down the drain and is so commercialized these days.

  • Fish

    4 days in a row we've had articles about this rapist scum. No one cares about this vermin and no one is gonna buy his shit. Simple.

    • THINKhe hardMan

      I agree fuck mystical!!! I will be one of those people that will not buy his shit. And yes back in the day I was a mystical fan. Anyway times change and people true colors get exposed so its to hell with mystical!!!!! Rapist piece of shit!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dout it busta will outshine him mabye even drake if he decids to rap..

  • Anonymous

    mystikal about to take the game over and be the biggest rapper out mark my words!



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