Charles Hamilton Releases Diss Track Towards J. Cole

Charles Hamilton lashes out at his former ally.

Charles Hamilton has released a diss song towards J. Cole.

Sonic the Hamilton accuses Cole of turning his back on his past, calling him an “ugly ass nigga” and taking credit for setting up his deal at Roc Nation, even after badmouthing his boss Jay-Z.

“I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay / Shit bothered me anyway / It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors / And I heard you was my junior / Throwin’ up the Roc sign / I assumed that you knew what it meant / Apparently, you didn’t / Nigga you was fishin, barely was livin’ / And I’m the one who put you in your new position / Just remember, nigga.”

He also implies that Cole never wrote any of his original rhymes. He also backtracks on his previous statements that Cole was one of the most talented emcees. “Every residual check belongs to me / Nigga this is a check, do a song with me / And this time, write it / You ain’t the nicest, nigga I was just excited.”

Listen to the diss track below.

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  • fan

    its a concept. Dr kitty has taken over Jay z's brain at a high society gathering and this is charles hamilton rappin through the persona of jay z. Its weak but its not a real diss. I dont think so anyways


    this is awful...I mean really flow...words barely rhyme...are you kidding me? if you're going to diss someone...come hard...not like that...that was pathetic

  • GoReadABook

    haha damn I almost was thinking this would be somewhat a problem, at least competetive, but holy shit did dude fall off. You're gonna need a lot more than this to fucks with Cole

  • Anonymous

    J Cole is more boring then my grandma knitting on the porch in a fuckin mountain. Everyone needs to diss that bama. Not just that, he knows words to a Paula Abdul song. That's some fruity funny shit.



  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This is a must see, Copy the link

  • yourewelcome

    He called him ugly...if that's not the ultimate diss, then I don't know what is.

  • anonymous

    you guys realize he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar and depression right? sad to see how its affecting this nigga head smh

    • anonymous

      it was on one of his old blogs during the time he was getting psychologically evaluated when he got locked up for punching the cop. he had acess to a computer somehow and blogged a bit in the 3rd person before deleting it on his courtdate

    • ali

      where is this written?

  • Dumpology

    I guess the thing to do when you go crazy is diss J. Cole. Smh Canibus & Charles Hamilton. Two of my fav artists that both lost it.

  • Anonymous

    Charles Hamilton still raping I thought that nigga smartened up retired and took up a trade like welding or some shit!!!

  • MP

    I don't think I've seen anyone destroy their career before they've even started more than Charles Hamilton. I can't even take anything he says seriously or as a threat. J. Cole is cool, but I wouldn't be claiming I "birthed" him if I was Hamilton. Yeah, there's definitely something wrong with this guy & personally, I think it may be a wrap for him.....

  • hiphopsince79

    After getting punched in the face by some broad in front of the whole world. Getting destroyed by Serius Jones in several battles. Going into a mental hospital...Now you wanna come back with a diss track against J. Cole? Homie was lil career you had, has been over. Sad part is you did it to yourself..smh. Instead of hating you should've tried to be on a record with him. Outside of NY niggas don't even know you homie. Don't be madd UPS is hiring...true story.

  • Anonymous

    Oooooooooooooooh....Charles Hamilton don't play. Y'all sleeping on this kid...

  • Reas

    Charles Hamilton Needs To Take More Antidepressants and Stop Actin' So Butthurt. Hopefully The Mental Hospital Will Come And Get Him Again.

  • ATK

    CH is so damn lame 4reel...this niiga don't want it wit cole, Charles the Gay Hamster is classified as duck an cole got some rounds for ya

  • Anonymous

    Didn't Charles Hamilton say Cole was 1 of the best rappers in the 21 century? He also said Cole was a better rapper Jay now he's saying Cole doesn't write his own lyrics? I bet any of y'all niggas Cole doesn't even kno this nigga LMAO! smh there's seriously something wrong with this guy this is the same guy who got murder by serious Jones in a Barber should unprepared lyrics and all if I was Cole I would respond just because I think it would be gd entertainment lol Cole world!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, he's a certified douchebag....

  • Anonymous

    Didn't this guy get mollywhopped by a chick?....he then went underground for 2.5 years and returns simply to subconsciencely* hate on his former potna's success.......Stay classy Charles.....

  • music1loveca

    Man who the fuck is charles hamilton??? Isn't he mental he claimed that he had j dilla productions on his album when he didn't, this guy is fucking garbage J cole will tear this fools career up. Just stop.


    man niggaz so fuckin wack now a days, sayin cole gota respond NO NIGGA that shit wack, u say its part of the battle sport, fuck that dis lame ass nigga just want some hype, im bout to make a cole diss lets see if he respond... fuckin fagets

    • Anonymous

      In a way I kinda agree. This guy is really a nobody! I mean if Common dissed best reply *cough DRAKE* But this guy ...not so much.

  • Brooklyn

    yall niggas saying J.Cole is all radio??!! wtf haha damm yall some stupid niggas. obviously yall never heard Cole only his radio songs, Cole hasnt fallen off best believe that. and his beats suck? yall niggas falling off too much on tyga and drake and ymca its a Cole World out here still.

  • Hip Hop Since Forever

    This nigga J Cole has to respond to C Hamilton. I doubt if Cole has enough courage.

  • D

    If the accusations are true, then Charles has the right to be pissed. You guys calling CH garbage probably never heard 'The Pink Lavalamp' or 'Sonic the Hamilton' just a bunch of J. Cole stans. I agree, he's not the best diss rapper of all time, that's for sure but he made some valid ass points, espicially if Cole actually did the shit. Look, i like both of these emcees, but you guys are overhyping Cole saying he's going to drop a hard diss song, this dude writes songs for females and you expect him to drop a Eminem type diss? Cole's falling off, don't get mad it's true. He's ALL radio orientated now, props to CH for not being a sellout and a great rapper. Open your minds before you take a biased opinion of another rapper you don't even listen to. Because you know for goddamn fact if something like that happened between you and someone else, you'd be dissin as well.

    • Lies On Lies On Lies

      Bitch shut the fuck up speaking like your a smart hip hop head u don't know shit just tell the truth for once and say u don't like J.Cole u dumbass motherfucker FUCK UP U FUCKIN HYPOCRITE! up here saying u like both these emcees nigga u don't know what the fuck u like D! so EAT SHIT DIE U BASTARD! besides cole ain't a sellout u BITCH he got fans that really support him he earned it loser and he aint falling off just cause he alittle commerical radio friendly those songs aren't his real style dude I have listened to J.Cole and he talks about real shit see man J.Cole is one of the realest MC out today Canibus dissed him also for not correctly paying homage to him but J.Cole is humble he didn't respond back Canibus had to apologize like 24 hrs later cause he know he was wrong J.Cole ain't do shit to him he respects Canibus with the up most and to go that route diss J.Cole like that was uncall for so is Charles Hamilton dissing him J.Cole is to nice and positive u can't start dissin on someone like for try to following their dream and make something of themselves really Charles and Canibus have just shot themselves in the foot for doing that hurt their own careers for being so negative to someone who really hasn't done a damn thing to them I mean come on if they really wanted respect from J.Cole they should have just asked to do a song with him or even going on tour with him see they want respect show it respect u don't just diss someone like that for attention that's what makes them look like igorant assholes and that's why fans take J.Cole's side cause he's not dissing on anyone just doing his thing and u D want to give props to CH for these u are a FUCKING WACKASS LOSERS u the one that need's to open his mind cause your opinion is the biased one it's obivous u haven't listened to any of Cole's music but what is played on the radio the commerical pop like rap that all u know u claiming u telling the truth but really u just misjudging J.Cole for no reason and that's what makes u a hypocrite don't be hating on someone cause they did something with their lives and u were left behind or they turned their backs on u because u were just to lazy to get off your ASS! and stand on your own two feet, and try to make it in the world u got to be able to help yourself some to don't blame J.Cole for your losses man whatever it was that happen that is, it was hard coming up for Cole to i'm quite sure of it but he did something about it u need to do the same CH and dissing ain't going to help u with your problems face it u just made things harder for yourself and that's REAL TALK MY FRIENDS so STOP GIVING PROPS TO CHARLES HAMILTON D! he is the one falling off just like u D your one of the BIGGEST HYPOCRITE ON THIS WEBSITE I HAVE EVER SEEN DAMN YOUR AN IDIOT GET LIFE DUDE stop feeding into bullshit and negative ignorance of a rapper the likes to diss another rapper that is good, true, and real, and has a positive infulence on this hip hop generation today come on D get your facts straight u know J.Cole is real and Charles Hamilton's a fake but u support a fake which make's u a fake to D u truely are STUPID no knowledge what so ever sad educate yourself DUMMY!

  • Nuff said...

    This nigga a corn ball anyway. nuff said...

  • be0

    lol first Canibus and now dis guy..Didnt some female steal off of him b4? lol Cole doesnt need to respond to dis lame. If he dis dude did help Cole make it tho, Cole should give him some bread but we have to find out the true story to dis. No response needed tho, let dis guy sell some records first to get his name known than Cole should respond.

    • yourewelcome

      It's not even worth it. In fact, it's kind of mean considering this guy is literally crazy. Ever wonder why lame rappers keep coming at J. Cole? and not ones with legitimate talent? Real recognize real.

    • battle cat

      it's hip hop, so j cole needs to defend himself. this is a battle rap sport and to be considered great, you have to play the dozens on the mic....cole garbage if he doesn't respond.

  • Fuck Charles Hamilton

    This nigga is garbage. He even sampled J. Cole's "Premeditated Murder" on this chorus. Nigga is unoriginal, and should probably go blow Rosie O' Donnell


    Wow a whole 3 verse diss track too lol.. Cole should just respond to this a response to charles hamilton would be funny as hell, entertainment at its best, theres so much ammo to work with. There hasnt been a good diss track out in a lonnng time and I can totally see cole eating him up. I doubt he will tho rappers are too coy nowadays with there "Oh Im too good to respond" attitude. Man fuck that he asked for it, get em. Got nothing to lose against this clown, itd be good for hip hop everyone would get hype to hear that. GET EMMM

    • Stan Slayer

      You're just a J Cole Stan who mad that your guy just got

    • Anonymous

      why should he respond thats what Charles want because that'll help his career or make him feel important if he doesnt respond than cahrles will feel like nothing not even worthy of a response...real talk

  • coleworldTEAMSWEDEN

    Cole World. sleep with your eyes open nigga !

  • Anonymous

    Charles Hamilton is 1 Stupid Wack Nigga! Thinking He Sonic, I Would Slap Him Up, as if I was Shadow. Bigg Up that Nukka J.Cole!

  • da kid

    oh my god the comments on here bashing j cole. i swear, you guys waver as fans so much. just last week j cole was your fav and now he wasnt that great cuz one opinion says so?

  • Yearz

    50% of J Coles fans are white girls who only like him because he's light skinned 50% are dudes who are so desperate to hear good hiphop again they will claim any half way decent, "nice guy", wannabe "conscious" dude the "savior" of hiphop J Cole is an average rapper...Nothing more nothing less. Get off his nuts and stop treating him like he's a god in this shit. He's not Nas, not Jay, not Biggie and he will never be. Sick of people riding his dick for every other reason but talent. I see you excusing every weak song he puts out...Simple rhymes, unoriginal topics, and wack beats...And you're always complain about Nas' beats...J Cole has the worse beats in hiphop. I wish more people would diss this dude...He's way too comfortable, putting out garbage.

    • yourewelcome

      lol at your stats.

    • ETK

      I wish you would stop caring about other's poeople opinions like it hurtin you. give a damn if people like J.Cole, why does it affect you? nobody wants him to be Nas or Biggie, and you sayin that confirms you're on some high standard insecure bullshit.

    • barsssss

      @Yearz real talk bro! j cole is average as fuck, with his simple ass rhymes you can predict what he's gonna say before he says it, i dunno why so many people ride his dick.

    • Anonymous

      He is the best we are gonna get for this generation so we should just accept it for now. Or would you prefer Drake?

    • jf

      He ain't trying to be jay nas or biggie you dumb ass. He's nicer than most. keep bumpin tyga you lame

  • Anonymous

    Shit sounds like he's stuck in a fucking closet recording. Your career (if you have one) is about to be ended.

  • him

    I hear about this dude first and probably last time R.I.P to your career boy, just wait for the answer

  • black melancholy

    this beat is so fuckin whack son lol and it could have been a decent rap song too.

  • Anonymous

    Charles Hamilton, I'm sorry to tell you this..and i say this with nothing but the upmost respect....SHUT YO DUMB ASS UP !!!...DO SOMETHING BESIDES LOOKING LIKE A FOOL FOR ONCE, MAKE MUSIC IF NOT MOVE ON, YOUR 2 MINUTES OF FAME IS GONE

  • AimNfir3

    All The Fly Ladies And The Real Niggas Follow @AimNfir3!!! #FlYBoYStatuS

  • Anonymous

    Just glad Charles is rapping. Encourage Charles to keep going. We need him and he needs us. Keep hip hop alive in all capacities.

  • G($)

    Beat is god-awful and the lyrics are probably the weakest I've EVER heard in a diss track. I used to like Charles Hamilton too.

  • So Icy Boi!

    yes. diz no name nigga killed J. Cole. I like it. Cole iz a fuckin pussy azz faggot. deze Roc Nation artist are gay az hell. get em Charley! swag

  • Realist UpNorth

    HAHAHA to all ya'll who think Charles Hamilton is better than J.Cole... Cole doesn't belong in the same category as that scrub... on some real shit "The come up" "The warm up" "Friday night lights" and his debut album Cole-World would shit on any material charles put out mandem is mad cause he didn't get no shine when entered the rap game instead he got punched senseless by a shorty and became half kraaay fuck you Charles cole ain't gunna reply to your bulllllshitt!!!!

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy? oh wait thats right it's charles hamilton. One of those few rappers i actually can't listen to.

  • Laphelle

    that vocal mix is ass...

  • JETSGo6

    don't give this nigga attention just because he's the "underdog". he's a loser looking for attention & the weirdest shit people like to do if fuck with someone because their small, even their rhymes is shitty. he's a fuck-boi looking for someone to pay him mind & will be a janitor in 2013. His rhymes is alright, his flow is better but he's a fuck-boi. get over it.

  • Swag

    Lil B would ether both of these wack ass rappers.

  • anonymous

    Dude is wack as hell. terrible quality and hes talking on the track. desperate ass rapper looking for attention

  • ItsTheTruth

    Throwin up the Roc sign / I assumed that you knew what it meant / Apparently, you didnt CH talkin bout illuminati right there. The "roc" pyramid...

    • hex

      yep. that's the reference he's making. doesn't make it witty or clever though. please believe this man is a fucking tumor

  • Ema

    Charles Hamilton is better then J Cole...He has better songs, better beats, and an actual personality....But the song is kind of wack. He should have picked another beat to make a diss track with.

    • UGK4Life

      Not a mafucking chance Charlie can hold a candle to Cole. Hasn't this lil nigga dropped the same amount of music in the last 3 years?.... and with nobody to vouch that the shit was solid. His producers dissed his him, his slang is on par with Lil B (gaucho's anyone?), and his pink loving career got ended by his bitch near a camera. Miss. Hamilton catches no buzz and gets lots of laughs (and the nigga's been in the looney bin!) and decided to take a page out of Cannibus's book to take diss shots at a nigga who's got everything he's lacking. Name 5 respectable rappers that have collaborated with this clown and get back at me.

    • Anonymous

      u and checkmate should probably kills yourselves just for saying CH is good

  • checkmate

    All I'm going to say is that it's better than any J. Cole song. Unfortunate the way things went for CH. His flow was(maybe still could be) nasty.

    • checkmate

      I listened to all of "FNL" and he's not even in the same planet as Kendrick. This diss wasn't good and CH has gone nuts. But he's still a better emcee and I'd listen to any CH before any J. Cole. Have fun calling people "lame ass nigga" on the internet.

    • Anonymous

      STFU u lame ass nigga. Listen to just the first 4-5 songs on J. Cole's "Friday Night Lights". J. Cole is bringing back hip-hop with Kendrick Lamar

  • krazycee

    Damn, cant think of anything else to call Charles that everyone else hasn't already. Why hasnt someone put a hit out on him so the world and hip-hop could be free of him?

  • Come_ON_Man (chriscartervoice)

    This dude gets no respect for this or anything else. This dude made a wack ass song dissing Pac & Biggie

  • jr88

    i feel sorry for dude....i think this diss is a cry for help

  • Anonymous

    lets everybody make shitty diss tracks to j cole..

  • Rapgod

    he sounds like lil b

  • Anonymous

    that was random. Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  • itdontmatter

    HAHAHA. Making tracks on his laptop with the built in microphone. CH has officially hit rock bottom! HAHAHAHAHA Fucking loser.

  • Jess Devitt

    what the fuck is wrong with you charles hamilton? you need to take a look at yourself and get off of those drugs.

  • Supreme Thoughts

    Notice That This Song Didnt Actually Make DX's Audio Tab... They Just Put This Up Because J. Cole's Name Is In It... not because of CH

  • Anonymous

    Most artists wait till they have a few hits to go batshit crazy (Kanye West, Prince for example) this kid went off the deep end before he got a debut in stores, thats gotta be a new record or summin

  • Jon

    No one with any kind of taste in actual artistic ability could give a flying fuck about D. Fields


    This Is D.Fields Incase people are wondering D.Fields is an Upcoming Artist Out Of Long Beach,California But Now Stays In Dallas,Texas Has Been Through Struggle & Is Now On The Rise D.Fields - Regrets Official Music Video & also heres the download link & Also Last But Not Least His Mixtape 2Ego's Presented By Fresh University & Here It Is Thanks!

  • northwesterner

    Somebody please go give this troll d.fields a view on YouTube. This guy is more desperate then CH minus the verbal ability.

    • ThisNiggaHere

      um sir D.Fields is Artist getting Buzz & Charles Hamilton Also Decided to Diss Em this is him incase your wondering ----->

  • Anonymous

    And that is why Charles Hamilton is a jealous, broke ass mothafucka who watches guys like Wale and J Cole get money.


    LOL this nigga Charles Hamilton hating on J.Cole LOL Charles your just a waste of J.Cole's time your mad cause he's hot and your not your I mean come on u lame ass nigga when was the last time u had a gold album or a platinum hit playing on the radio let me think oh never BITCH! your just hungry for attention u know J.Cole is one the realest rapper out right now Cole produced almost his entire album himself what fuck u do nigga not a damn thing u ain't shit nigga LOL this is to funny right now cause really u know u need J.Cole to give u a hit record Charles so the only reason u dissing him cause u want to suck his dick face it u a pawn Charles J.Cole's a king LOL where your fans at Charles where's your fanbase J.Cole got his fanbase nigga u ain't popular like Cole u have no talent that's why no one knows u or likes your punk ass and that's why u lose Charles Cole wins again so if u know what's best for u, u will stop fucking with Cole World before he buries your career dead and just leave Interscope records and come to ROC NATION we will feed your starving little fake ass yep let J.Cole tutor your non lyrical ass u want to be a J.Cole groupie we know so let J.Cole suck your sensitive virgin dick that's right we will take good care of your wack ass over here at ROC NATION get over yourself Charles u need help from J.cole u know u need him to have a successful music career and put money in your pocket to wash your STINKING ASS! u own J.Cole your career bitch he's your life line right now every big check u would get and every big successful radio hit u would make u better thank J.Cole and the ROC NATION crew for it your career needs saving Charles Hamilton so keep your garbage ass diss about J.Cole, be a gay ROC NATION groupie and join our gay alliance cause u know u want it u BITCH ASS NIGGA! that's right LOL! u want some J.Cole dick up your ass U HOMO LOL! well come to our label u will have all the music success, fans, money, dickriders, and gay groupie sex u want we provide the key to your future music career u wack ass nigga 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

  • rell p

    wtf? quality sucks!! Is he saying col didn't write his own? lol wtf??

  • Crush

    D.Fields is better than Charles hamilton damn it

  • wu4lyf

    Overlooking Charles Hamilton as a person his raps weren't that bad and the beat was actually pretty cool. Imagine Nas or Kendrick Lamar on that...

  • Anonymous

    This is terrible worse than the diss he did to Eminem

  • tightmare

    even if he is bullsh*tting, its the first time ive heard him be coherent in a while

  • tightmare

    i been following his blog for a while, hes full blown insane now and makes sh*t up, and admits it later. he doesnt have a single friend left

  • dockevoc

    this is like Ricky Davis dissing J.R. Smith

  • WOW

    fuck charles hamilton he dissed D.Fields for no reason now cole CH stop it bruh

  • Crushin

    Charles Hamilton Dissed D.Fields & J.Cole whats his problem fah real

  • Anonymous

    Cole get in your studio reply to that show that lyrical skill man

    • Anonymous

      HE NEEDS TO RELPLY!!!! I don't know who this Charles Hamilton character is, and I know he is no Common, but J Cole better not pull a Drake! He needs to prove that he is real hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    Since when is Charles Hamilton a rapper? lol Seriously bro. Get your own life in order before calling out somebody whose clearly having more success than you right now.


    LOL I used to fuck with Charles. Nigga you out your mind???? Fuck that nigga. COLE WORLD motherfucka!!

  • Anonymous

    Looking at Charles Hamiltons life is like watching a car accident in slow motion, this dude is like the guy in high school who had the potential to be a doctor but instead became a schizophrenic hobo, makes me uncomfortable just hearing his voice

    • The Dude

      HAHAHAHA!! That's the most accurate description of Charles Hamilton ever!! I mean what the hell happened? He had skill, he had talent...that ish is just a shame

  • ehhhhh

    not going to buy into this shit, he lost his fucking mind and now he's just releasing diss songs for no reason...oh yeah there is a reason, he lost his buzz and now he's trying to get it back. Isn't this crazy nigga in All City Chess Club? Dumbass is dissing his own groupmate.

  • Anonymous


  • zacg

    half of us wont even waste our time listening to this fake

  • j chilla.

    lol did he record this with a church microphone? i just wasted 4 minutes of my life that i cant get back. lol

  • UltimateMegadon

    the beat is dodo the nigga sound like he playing around i dont know what the fuck is wrong with this nigga reguardless if j cole is on that fake shit or not come at that nigga with a better beat and be serious when you rap

  • Anonymous

    this site always hating on cole how is ths news

  • Armold

    I think he's back on drugs; really, he needs help.

  • lol

    Here comes the J. Cole stans. LOL

  • Anonymous

    this sounds terrible. and he jacked premeditated murder hook, this nigga must be smokin crack.

  • DumbNiggaCH

    FUck CH first Devante Fields then J.cole fuck em

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Charles Hamilton!!!!!!!!!

  • anon

    didn't this dumbass get ethered by rhymefest? then soulja boy? then get punched by a chick? then get ethered by wale? then get ethered by corey gunz? then get killed by his fans at one of his shows? then claim he's working with dilla after dilla died? then start mumbling on teh mic about sonic the hedgehog? I mean i'll be honest I was a fan for a minute but this dude turned out to be a complete joke. Like the only thing people remember about him is that brooklyn girls song and him being embarrassed every five seconds. Everybody else on that xxl freshman list got signed, and don't tell me it's cause he's an underground hip hop dude, even slaughterhouse got a deal now. This motherfucker has fucked up too much for anybody to like or remember him, quit mumbling on the mic about sonic, make some decent beats, and clean yourself up son, you lookin like a broke dickriding stan now.

    • twoholla

      the sonic-head-nutgobbling-hog also got took out by SERIOUS JONES...just youtube 'charles hamilton serious jones'!!!

    • Chris

      This has to be the realest shit right here. I don't even have to spaz on the comments cuz u did it for me,lol.

    • anon

      lol fuck this nigga then. I saw he dissed jay z and chris brown to. I don't think they even knew about it, it's like his creepy ass stalker thing with rihanna. Nobody notices this weirdo no more.

    • Anonymous

      he also Dissed Devante Fields too

  • Anonymous

    stop dissin funny how you are the last two people D.Fields & J.cole com on bro

  • Guest

    damn it CH stopp dissing niggaz you aint gon get nuthin out of it espically dissin D.Fields & J.Cole

  • AD

  • StopIt

    first this nigga CH disses D.Fields then J.Cole damn bro stop it

  • AD

    I careless about either artist. But before you drop a diss track or track in general make sure it's mixed and mastered, this shit sound like it was recorded in a 1970 VW Bug while wearing a tin foil hat. Side Note the disses were garbage...... Yawn...... oh yeah beats garbage.

  • Anonymous


  • Slappin

    J.Cole no reply & Send D.Fields to rap battle em & ether ya feel me

  • Anonymous

    my god this is horrible..

  • Anonymous

    charles? take the tampon out. stop being bitter cause he made it and you didnt...

  • Woww

    lol comparing D.Fields to Ch is a shame D.Fields would ether

  • DFM

    This shit sounds like he did this in his momma basement. I don't get it, if Charles Hamilton got him signed then why doesn't he have a deal...I mean...that's IF he got COLE this guy is a clown he got his ass stole on...

  • Woww

    @Bless damn D.Fields way better than this

  • Bless

    D.Fields is better than Charles Hamilton i thought he eithered em

  • JohnnyACE GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}

    Didn't this dude learn his lesson when Rhymefest destroyed him? And he got hated by everyone for trying to claim J Dilla? {{-_-}}

  • Anonymous

    now this is what you call a fall off rapper in the game.

  • ASEE

    This dude can't rhyme for shit. J Cole is weak too.

  • Anonymous

    but this shit sucks tho....

  • TODD

    this nigga is the best rapper alive. BIG FAN

  • ETK

    didn't this dude get punched on camera by a chick

    • Anonymous

      He definitely did. And if that's the end result of a battle then dude has my respect. He verbally assaulted someone to the point where they had no words left and by default resorted to a toddlers resolution!! Hahahaha!! But dead ass the instrumental is buns. His lyrics are on point but he just sounds bitter over something. However I wouldn't mind seeing CHX and Cole World at a live battle. CHX is one of the very few left that can go off the dome and make sense.

  • firealarm

    first Canibus now Charles Hamilton..this is just embarrassing. J.Cole is probably waiting for somebody to diss him thats worth responding to.

    • Anonymous

      No ll cool J and eminem didn't kill canibus, Canibus committed suicide. Let's be honest at that point ll cool J was massive and when he dissed eminem, eminem was massive. He was destined to fail even if he had written the best diss in history and they both came back with nursery rhymes. simply because they were too popular. Don't get me wrong I think LL held his own against canibus but canibus committed suicide by going up against him. Eminem didn't effect his career in any particular way because the majority of eminem fans no nothing about hip hop besides other mainstream artists at the time and eminem failed to hold his own against him.

    • Anonymous

      Canibus is an attention seeking joke with nothing to say, no flow, and no emotion. Who cares if he could beat Cole lyrically? He's nothing..

    • Lol

      @Ha LL Cool J & Eminem already destroyed Canibitch's career.

    • ha

      Canibus would lyrically destroy J.Cole.


    In other news. Turns out Biggie stole his flow from Charles Hamilton, Nas stole his lyrics from Charles Hamilton and kanye stole his beats from charles hamilton. Oh wait. charles is a waste of life.

  • Anonymous

    HAHA... Jcole sucks JayZ dick!

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