T.I. Confirms B.o.B & Taylor Swift Collaboration

B.o.B nets a collabo with Taylor Swift for his upcoming album.

B.o.B and T.I. have both performed with Taylor Swift during her live shows, but their collaborations extend beyond the stage. During an interview with Fuse, B.o.B tried to play coy about a potential duet with T. Swift on record, but Tip all but confirmed that they’ve already laid down a track together.

“I can neither confirm nor deny such allegations,” said B.o.B. “I can. I heard it,” added T.I. “Taylor’s extended Hustle Gang. She’s a part of the crew. She just ain’t got her dog tags yet, but she’s a part of the crew now.”

Bobby Ray explained how the collaboration came to be, stating that she came down to Atlanta, Georgia where the magic happened

“She came to Atlanta and she hit up Grand Hustle,” he said. “I wasn’t there. Tip was there and I eventually linked with her in Dallas and the rest is history.”

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  • Anonymous

    T.I. was ridin high off Paper Trail, but now is just putting out garbage. And this is the rapper people sided with during that Lil Flip feud? At least when Flip tried to sell out it was only one song.

    • ETK

      yeah and look where the fuck lil flip is now there's a reason rappers grind the way they do. No Mercy wasn't as good, but Fuck Da City Up wasn't bad, keeping that trap musik quota up

  • Anonymous

    too bad Killer Mike is leaving Grand Hustle for Roc-a-Fella, just found out at SXSW

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Eh. B.O.B. is what is he is. The more pop music musicians the better I guess.

  • Anonymous

    are they going on a safari?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Noooooooooooooo! just noooooooooooooo! first Iggy? now ma sista Taylor Swift? leave talented white women alone! fuck T.I.P! Taylor shud sing to YMCMB. Stunna said dat he wanna do Country & Gospel muzik. we need u Taylor. come here! YMCMB waitin fo you! swag

    • truhh

      God, you only post stupid comments, don't you? Everytime I see you comment something, it's something completely retarded.

  • JC

    So lame. T.I is one wack ass excuse for an MC

    • Anonymous

      take your hater ass bullshit outta here. t.i only confirming the story, you here whinin about him like a woman. bobby's the one all up mainstream's asss, take it out on him

  • Ricky Rozay

    I lost all respect for this nigga TIP after doing shit wit Taylor Swift. What the fuck is this nigga thinkin? He becomin like Feminem goin the pop route to sell records. All these rap niggas are sellin out and becomin pop. Feminem wit Pink, and now T.I wit Taylor Swift. Hip hop is fucked up! Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • UGK4Life

      Time to air out a few niggas. Several twisted comments on here. Usher - shits gon sell, prolly better than Bobs debuts. Im not a Bob fan... yet. I did keep a few tracks from his debut and his EPIC mixtape, but I bet he's grown as an artist and just might have a good album and sales to back it up. Anonymous who made the comment bout Killer Mike - Damn that can't be true? Is roc a fella even still in business?? And I thought he had Grind Time Records? Now to the Bitch Rozay - Who the fuck said TI feat Taylor Swift?? you lame ass motherfucker, read the fucking title. As far as the hater replying to Razay, damn its not a suprise somebody like Bob did a track with her, listen to airplanes. And if the nigga is so up in the mainstreams ass expain to me why he'd bother doing tracks with Slim Thug, Trae, and Tech N9ne bitch? And anybody who thinks Lil Flip is superior to T.I in ANYWAY (talent, releventcy, sales, street cred, production, ANYTHING) isn't even worth responding to... and I was born in the H. Nobody respects a leperchaun.

    • Anonymous

      take your hater ass bullshit outta here Rozay. t.i only confirming the story, you here whinin about him like a woman. bobby's the one all up mainstream's asss, take it out on him -

  • Anonymous

    T.I.,B.o.B.,Iggy Azalea,Chipmunk,Trae....KEEP IT GOIN TIP!! sign PILL!!! sign Don Trip!!!

    • RA

      Aye u right, don trip and pill need to b grand hustle. don trip more so than pill... dude really is just mediocre rite now and his buzz was halted do to a less than perfect decision to align himself with mmg and then back out as soon as they become a relevant entity as a crew in the game.... Don Trip Grand Hustle? IN_DEED

  • Usher

    I'm not sure how this album is going to do sales wise. I'm excited to hear it. What do ya'll think this album will do sales wise? Hit/flop?

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