Roc-A-Fella's Kareem "Biggs" Burke Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges, Faces Five Years In Prison

Kareem "Biggs" Burke also must give up his $660,000 home, $15,000 in cash and a BMW.

Former Roc-A-Fella executive Kareem "Biggs" Burke pleaded guilty earlier today to drug charges stemming from an arrest in 2010.

According to Courthouse News Service (via HHW), Burke pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute more than 100 kilograms of marijuana. The 38-year-old faces at least five years in prison.

In addition to his impending prison sentence, Burke must surrender his $660,000 home in Bergen, New Jersey, $15,000 cash from his residence and his 2010 BMW. He will be sentenced on May 18th.

Burke was originally arrested with at least 50 others in late 2010 during a drug bust. At least 10 of the arrested patrons in the drug trafficking ring have pleaded guilty.

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  • Anonymous

    dam did they really have to take his house and bmw??

  • ayo

    in mass we get 5 yrs for 4,500 pounds he shouldv got probation all that money for nothin he shouldv got a better lawyer

  • reillyfe123

    100 kgs is 220 lbs. thats trafficking he got reallucky

  • seed561

    we knee deep in coke, we deep in ice we flood streets wit dope, we keep weed to smoke we all fish, better teach ya folk give em money to eat, then next week he's broke. @DACHILDOFHIPHOP cause when you sleep, hes reaching for your throat word on the street, you reap what you sow not outta fear, but love, love for the game Roc-family first we never change

  • evyan

    5yrs huh, gotta meet his lawyer

    • KnowledgeyaSelf

      You right money trumps everything black, white, purple dont pun intended.

    • Swordz

      He aint know snitch... if he was white he et 3 years. It's called being rich... If he was broke he'd be catching 15 straight...

    • KnowledgeofSELF

      I know right where can you conspire to sell 100 keys and only risk 5 years....snitchlanta!!! They giving niggas a quarter century for a quarter key. BIGS never talked in the videos or interviews but now im sure he droppin dimes to DA for a nickel.

  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This a must see, copy link

  • So Icy Boi!

    real gangsta. mad respect. fuck Jay-Z! swag

  • JohnB

    It's deeper than rap!!!!!! The guy never left the streets even in the Rocafella heydays...he's just a street dude, making street money, ending up with street related problems. Life is about choices and he made one....Keep your head up! @hypestyle : black move....hummm hummm....Bill Clinton was smuggling D in Alabama and he was involved into politics, Coca Cola- Coke is bringing tons every move?????

    • Hypestyle

      I don't give a damn what Bill clinton did or coca cola executives. The point is, black/latino men, what the hell are YOU going to do, when the cops/feds come knocking at your door? Shut the hell up you dumb mother*****-- I suppose the Enemy truly has us defeated when have black people been pu***fied to the point where we can't even make call dumb **** dumb **** anymore? What the **** happened to common sense? Why does it have to boil down to being on some bourgie-player-hater house n-word ish for simply pointing out that a ni***a done fu**ed up in the game where he was already stacking cheddar from legitimate business? Why can't certain black men give up "the hustle", even when it is conducive to their own survival to give it up? Every time somebody black goes out and does something blatantly reckless and/or criminal, you have the apologists coming out of the woodwork Go to blazes, you damned morons. This is why our culture doesn't advance. Not me, You..

    • KnowledgeofSELF

      THANK YOU!!! I called hypes ass out for the same thing, he says typical like thats all we are known for. Damn trick knowledge is alive in well...DEATH TO ALL HOUSE NIGGAS!

  • Anonymous

    It's inevitable jay z's name would be mentioned by a motherfucker cause dude was wit roc but that don't got Shit to do with that man he shouldnt have to pay Shit he made his mothafuckn bed now he's waking up next to hard ain't a rap thou.

  • Anonymous

    lol @ the name kareem

  • Anonymous

    where is Jay Z at?

  • steel

    Some people are just willing to take the risk of jail time in order to live the best life. When this shit becomes a reality in your world and your connected with certain individuals who have acheived some amount of success, and are on a seemingly good but quick path, and experienced some of the glamourous side of this life style Would turn it down, probably wouldn't be as easy as you think.

  • Hypestyle

    this is just so damned stupid and illustrates what is wrong with today's hip-hop and urban culture. This guy should have made enough money from selling his stake in Roc-A-Fella to live off that, or make legitimate corporate investments. But of course, homeboy goes the dope smuggling route. Classic black man move. Bravo, Kareem, you just set the race back another few decades. your attorneys' kids and grandkids have their college funds and trust funds on lock. What about yours?

    • KnowledgeyaSelf

      First of all your a cracker and your dumbass followers, a typical black man move??? Your a white BOY ass kissing wet wipe. Thinking only whites set the standard of quality living. I cant wait to you self righteous niggers that are full of trick knowledge DIE!!! Every Black man does not represent you or us...typical black move??? I assume your black because no other race displays hatred of self more than blacks. But I dont like to speak generalization like you psuedo intellectual 'tard. Its funny we always have to hear you know it all puppets when there are examples of fuck ups "aww they set us back" stupid muthafucker thinks one nigger effects my peoples soule. stupid fuck why dont you study todays math and read of more black accomplishments outside of just Barack Obama. Oh I forgot Feburary past so I guess you wont be hand fed the distorted history of your people. LAZY TROG DARK SKIN WITH NEANDERTHAL BLOOD FEEDING YOUR SIMPLETON BRAIN...FUCK MLK we reached the promised land hell we were born divine so we are the promised people regardless of ONE. I just cant wait till you die off and leave the earth to be appreciated by those who have knowledge of self. #STOPTRYINGTOIMPRESSINGTHEWHITEMAN

    • jackinralph

      Well put and bluntly stated I couldn't agree more. How could you not be chilling off Rocafella buyout money?

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Whew!!! LMAO What more needs to be said, king...

  • Anonymous

    Come on. 200 pounds of Mexican garbage. You would been better off getting your own hoses. Which you could have easily afforded and grew 50 pounds of Dro. You would have made the same money and the feds would have never known.

    • Joshua Session

      This wasn't mexican garbage. This was high grade from florida. The boss got tapped in florida and they took everyone down with him.

  • Anonymous

    i'm surprised jay-z hasn't been blamed for this. lol


    N****z don't be lying when they say, "if the rap game don't work out, it's back to them thangs"....CTFU!!!....Hold ya head folk, you be out in no time.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Needless to say, he did the right thing. He's probably gotten money stashed in different spots with different places and different people. The fed system works on how much money you can give them to how much time you will get reduced. The more you give up, the better you sentence will be relatively speaking. He gave up a gang of ish... he gets 5 while pleading. Also helped him that this was weed and not coke. He's looking at an automatic 10 if it was coke. Gets 5, he has to do the bare minimum of 4. He'll still be out by 42 which isn't bad relatively speaking. And yes...the "war on drugs" is the biggest fallacy and fraud going.

  • Anonymous

    I agree that's alot of activity, especially when you consider the money being made off it. I just wonder why law enforcement doesn't go after the coke & heroin dealers this hard.

  • Westside

    out in cali the most youll do is 6 months for that shit

  • Anonymous

    Five years in the hole for selling marijuana? Seems harsh.

    • DogNinja

      Meant 100 Kg. That's alot.

    • DogNinja

      I agree but it ain't "just selling" it's distrubution of it. Not only that but it's 100 grams. I'm with you though a nigga like this will do 5 years for some damn weed while all these rapist, child molesting ass abusers or what have you out here doing like 6 months for their shit.

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