Smoke DZA Says "Friday" Inspired His Rap Name

Smoke DZA also explains what DZA stands for.

Smoke DZA recently chopped it up with, explaining how he came up with his rap moniker. Stating that it was inspired by Smokey’s character from Friday, DZA also revealed that the latter half of his name stands for “Dream Zone Achieve.”

“I got the name Smoke from Friday. I was influenced by that growing up, the character Smokey and shit. It was actually Smoke Dog and the 'Dog' turned into DZA from ‘for shizzle my nizzle.’ That shit just stuck with me,” he said. “The acronym we’ve got for DZA is Dream Zone Achieve. I thought about that shit like four or five years ago.”

DZA also updated on his upcoming project Rugby Thompson, which will be entirely produced by Harry Fraud, and said that he’s about to embark on a few tours.

“I got a new tape called Rugby Thompson, all produced by Harry Fraud. I just got off the road,” he said. “I’m ‘bout to go back on tour, the Jet Life tour with Spitta. I got my own little 30, 40-city tour.”

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  • Mr Flamboyant

    Cliche' gangster? Really? You must sit down to tinkle. Nigga don't even piss. He tinkle. Squatting ass nigga. Eat a dick. You probably cried watching a twilight movie and shit.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    This nigga whole style is chump. First off...thanks for giving us the memo. We never thought that's why you have the name Smoke (sarcasm) Second...Dream Zone Achieve? Ok, Snoop. Derek Fisher got traded to the Rockets today.

  • Anonymous

    nigga who gets influenced by smokey? who watches that movie sees smokey and says "yeah thats what i wanna be like when i grow up"? way to dream nigga

  • Anonymous

    la musica de la harry fraud been workin top 3 producerz in the fuckin game the alchemist harry fraud sid roams

    • Eddie Murrrphy

      hell yeah iggy chop i got those two old joey chavez instro albums too. music from the connection, music minus one and the two sid roams cds are packed wit bangers

    • Iggy Chop

      Couldn't agree more. Sid Roams is just TOO ILL. I got the old Joey Chavez instrumentals.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      couldnt agree more my dude! harry fraud starting to take over this year cant wait for all these fuckin whole albums hes producing to drop. my first taste of his shit was on vast aire's last lp and they was bangers. and sid roams is my favorite duo doing it currently.

  • Anonymous

    damn i thought he would have got the second part from wu-tang but he took it from that gay snoop dogg lingo?

    • Alf Capone

      hahaha......i thought it was pretty bad that he decided he wanted to name himself after a movie character who is supposed to be a low life loser that does nothing with his life but get high all the time

  • Anonymous

    With that being said,This a must see

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