Mystikal Says He's Not Involved With Birdman & Mannie Fresh Beef

Mystikal says he's an impartial party in the rift between Birdman and Mannie Fresh.

It's no secret that Bryan and Mannie Fresh haven't been on good terms over the past few years, but Mystikal, who recently signed to Cash Money, isn't involved in the beef. During an interview with MTV's RapFix Live, the New Orleans, Louisiana rapper said that he was in prison when their differences arose.

"I was gone, I wasn’t out here. What I do with Mannie is what I do with Mannie. What I do with my company is what I do with my company," he says.

Mystikal has been working with Mannie Fresh on his upcoming Cash Money debut Original, stating that there are about five tracks completed with Fresh for the project. 

"I did some hot tracks with him, when I first came home, like some mixtape kinda stuff. We just ain't ever released it yet," he said. "Me and Mannie, we have about five under our belt right now, so I'm just tryin'a keep it movin'. I got what I need from KLC, the Beats by the Pound stuff. Lord, it's gonna be an awesome album."

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  • Lil Wayne & Mystikal Beef

    Mystikal used to have beef with Wayne, Birdman, and Cash Money back in the day himself -

  • meela dyme

    fb/lasexidyme baby gon either buy his album or release him next year after he flops.he should of signed with interscope and did something with dre, ice cube, method man. T.i. and Jeezy loss their gangster appeal

  • Anonymous

    Hey its Mystikal the rapper who raped a 48 old year woman and did 6 years in jail for it.

  • Anonymous

    That new Mannie & Mystikal track is so NOLA, I will say that the beat is pretty hot

  • Anonymous

    this scumbag should never be able to release music again if i had my way he would be shot

    • Anonymous

      Fuck that! If a bitch stole 80 racks from a nigga and was given a choice to either eat a dick or eat the barrel of the Tec, I say she made the right choice and Mystikal had to suffer for it.

    • Anonymous

      If some chick stole money outta your pocket, the same money that you use to feed your family, what are you gonna do? Call the cops? Yeah, so you can use that stolen money to pay for a lawyer, ending up paying more in the process? It was a lose-lose situation...I wouldn't have let her walk away either.

  • GrimGenius

    Cash Money doesn't need Mannie Fresh & Mannie Fresh doesn't need Cash Money. Simple as that. By the way if you are waiting on a HOT BOYS reunion, then you are dumb as fuck.

  • Fish

    DX, please stop posting articles about this bastard. No wants to know what this rapist scum says or does.

  • Anonymous

    mannie fresh looks like an overweight toad mixed with a chinese black man mystikal looks like that random thug from high school that cut class everyday. and when he showed up to class his hoody reeked of marijuana

    • Anonymous

      Lol that description of mannie is quite accurate.

    • Anonymous

      Birdman is a fool boy.that dude has bookoo money but he was fuckin.g niggas no k-y for that azz .he was getin fat but if it wasn't for fresh the in house producer/ house nigga cash money wouldn't of been Shit.dre/death row bbtp/no limit fresh/cash money the list goes on if those labels didn't have those producers they wouldn't have did Shit bad baby is on his .

  • meela dyme meh nothin here. its on cash money records and they all about a dollar. im sure either baby will buy some albums to make it look like he's slighty relevant to build false hype...or he will do about 89,000 then they release him next year.

  • Anonymous

    mystikal will have a crazy album he has a style that nobody can copy because they cant lol

  • blaze

    Mannie made Cash Money he made Birdman famous he put Wayne on the map before he went from medicore to plain wack.

  • Alf Capone

    good for mystical?

  • Bom919

    I absolutely cant wait! Mystikal is a great rapper and ppl can hate on YMCMB all they want but they really are a great label and they give their artist alot of good promotion. This was a great move for Mystikal bc after a 6 year stint it would def be difficult for him to rebuild his buzz independently but with Cash Money behind him, he's got all the right looks for him to come back and be successful once again. I think its really cool that him, Busta, Limp Bizkut, Ashanti, Christina Millian, Chris Richardson etc. are on the label. This is gonna be an awesome year for all of them #justsayin #feelfreetohate

    • Anonymous

      Bom919- Very well written paragraph. Sounds a lot like a press release. Yeah a few words are shortened to make it sound either hip or like a normal fan. It even closes with the classic all encompassing disclaimer "#justsayin #feelfreetohate"

    • Anonymous

      I guess you work for YCNBPQRSBDA or whatever that idiotic sounding collection of letters posing as a record company is.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Man shut your stupid ass up. Dickriding degenerate...

  • Anonymous

    With that being said,This a must see



    • Anonymous

      It's getting harder and harder to spot whose who on dx. You've got dickriders, ignorant 12 year olds,trolls parodying dickriders and ignorant 12 year olds and then the PR departments of record companies eg Bom919.

    • NOSIR

      Look here cousin YESSIR Mannie Fresh don't need Birdman or the whole YMCMB teams help he's talented on his own if he left the farm and is hungry hey the ROC NATION door is always open we are more talented than ya'll wack YMCMB losers WE GET MONEY OVER HERE! plus we sell better records than ya'll, MMMMMMMM. LOOKS LIKE THERE'S A BIT OF CONTROVERSY STIRING IN THE YMCMB CAMP IS THIS A SIGN that they could fall apart in the future LET'S HOPE SO LOL HEY Mannie if that does happen come to ROC NATION we never butt heads we stay United over here and suck off more gay homo groupies than any other label so if your starving cause Wayne and Birdman won't feed u come on over to the ROC we will feed u nice u will never go hungry ever again 28 LETTERS FOR U ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

    • Too Short

      Shut up, BITCH!!!

    • Anonymous

      Starving...? Dude Mannie Run the N.O. Music scene. Birdman the one that can't step back in his own city without and entourage of body guards. Dude get a grip if it wasn't for Wayne Birdman would be starving what a dumbass learn your history young buck.

    • Yeeeee

      LOL Mannie fresh made cash money what it is.. check the production on cash money records until the early 2000's dude was producing every track on the cd 1-18... mannie is a legend get your shit right, his money is straight... He going to be running with G.O.O.D. Music where real music is being made at not that wack ass cash money garbage. Carter 4 blew;take care blew; TYGA LOL no comment; NICKI who then fuck cares she sucks terribly.


    beats by the pound and mannie fresh shit gone be dope

  • Anonymous

    niggas be sayin their album gon b fire always then it end up being a d album or flop.. you should of signed with interscope, dre is the realist you'll get wit makin music u did way back...but naw i dont think this album gon be fire cuz YMCB dont have good intention these days

  • Kev

    This album won't be released with those Mannie Fresh beat on it. Baby's a shady ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      Yes they will Birdman doesn't have a choice. He already knows bringing Mystikal back home to the N.O. would keep some money flowing in and if he tries to strong arm Mystikal or Mannie he's going to lose 100% of the time.

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