Raekwon Says Collab Album With Notorious B.I.G. Could Have Happened

Raekwon recalls his beef with the Notorious B.I.G. and says that the two could've linked up for an LP at some point.

While Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G.'s beef may go down as the most widely recognized feuds in Hip Hop, one of Biggie's most notorious tiffs transpired between him and members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Now, in a recent interview with MTV, B.I.G.'s one-time adversary Raekwon speaks on his short-lived feud with the Brooklyn legend. 

Back in 1995, Rae and his partner-in-rhyme Ghostface Killah lambasted Biggie on a skit from Only Built 4 Linx... titled "Shark Niggas (Biters)" over the similarities between the album covers of B.I.G.'s debut Ready To Die and Nas's Illmatic. Now, the Chef looks back on his past debacle, saying that he never really viewed it as a serious beef and that had Biggie not passed away, a joint album between the two of them could have happened.

“First and foremost when we all came up together it was almost like the best time in Hip Hop. And at that time we were young, we were childhood stars with a vision, at that time we all was doin’ it,” he explained. “Like I tell the world to this day, beef is something when it’s on and poppin’; competition is competition. At the end of the day, I feel like the same way he loved our music, we loved his music - don’t forget, Meth worked with him on joints...we probably would’ve did an album. That’s how I feel, because like I said we were all runnin’ neck and neck.”

The full interview can be seen below.

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  • Anonymous

    I respect Rae but this is bullshit B.I.G didn't fuck with you like that just be real.I feel the same when Nas talk about PAC just keep it real I didnt fuck with that nigga.

  • Sheezy

    the ready to die and illmatic covers looking similar is just coincedence. i'm a Chef fan, but that was a dumb comparison, always was. and i bet Biggie was not that forgiving, they would've never done a collabo.

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • JC

    Rae and BIG are both true legends and real hip-hop artists. Both will go down in hip-hop folk lore. I am lucky to see Raekwon perform last summer in Brooklyn in Park Slope park. For free. Got to love NYC!! Never saw BIG though, damn shame. Anyone even mentioning YMCMB and LiL Wayne in the same sentence as these goes should be ashamed of themselves.


    17 letters YMCMB OVOXO MMG DICK Representing those of us who like to be gay.

  • black melancholy

    yeah right. nigga you would have done no album with that nigga. you called him a biter which is as deep as it gets in hiphop.

  • BiLL$

    Raekwon is a classic nigga

  • kevin smith

    shitt rae what the fuck stopped u u and big could of made that joint happened but everybody knows it wasnt goin down after ghost airred biggie on the shark niggas interlude big didnt bite off nobody thats wwhat was so dope about hip hop back in the 90s and 80s it was so much dope competetion and it was all in fun and u knew who was who wasnt no biting wasnt no gimmicks that was a nono u would get stepped to rest in peace to my nigga biggie your music will never die u will always be the illist mc to ever bless a mic word up



  • Sonny James Rene

    Rae and B.I.G.? damn that would have been one of the most unlikely collaboration. Would've been insane though.

  • sean youza gump

    yea right nigga. biggie might have done songs with Meth but you know damn well he wasnt about to do anything with Raekwon after he dissed him on that skit lol.

  • dockevoc

    Rae, your a legend, but Big was about moving units, and lots of them.

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