Kid CuDi Reacts To First Weeks Sales Of "WZRD"

Kid CuDi says that he's ecstatic to see "WZRD" hit it so big and that it proves "there was a method to my madness."

Kid CuDi wasn't too happy went he thought that his Universal Republic label hadn't shipped enough copies of his and Dot Da Genius's WZRD album to stores. But then, something unexpected happened: WZRD debuted at #3 on the charts with over 70,000 copies sold.

In a recent interview with MTV, Cudder explained that WZRD's first week sales reconfirmed his belief that his rock project would resonate with fans at a commercial level. He added that while WZRD didn't achieve the the kind of success that his Man on the Moon LPs did in their first weeks, having his second #3 debut on the charts in a row is good enough for him.

"I think it definitely proves a point, that there was a method to my madness, that the kids are out there and they want the music," he said. "It's just like a that's-what-I-fucking thought-type of thing. Not just to the label or whatever - I'm not going to say the label had no faith in the project - just kind of to the naysayers and people that didn't really believe in it."

He added, "It's not Man on the Moon numbers, but, shit man, it's more than we thought. To debut at #3 on the charts, that's dope, that's some Man on the Moon shit. I debuted #3 last album and #4 on the first album, so, you know, it's dope."

Check out the full interview below.

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  • Holler

    All sales talk aside this dude sounds like rehdogg when he sings why must I cry lawl

  • eit

    cudder sold 70k with limited release, no promotion almost, no single even, there was no music video for teleport 2 me, i can't even call it a single it was just hangin in utube waitin for fans to search for it. 70k who bought the album are not new listeners, any artist in the game would be jealous of cudi.. sold 70k with no promotion almost just a loyal fan base... it's amazing.

  • josh

    you'll find this album dope if youre a homosexual

  • Anonymous

  • supermancuh

    who the hell is happy 70k sales?? Lmao... how did this even make the news its no secret that Cudi has a loyal fanbase but to the average person his music is WACK

  • Anonymous

    R i c h M i n g l e ,C-O M ---- Meet wealthy men and beautiful women on the rich club .

  • 80sbaby

    you'll find this album dope if your into rock music

  • Anonymous

    Watch River Nelson "Beautiful Life"

  • Anonymous

    This album proves that being an emo kid fucks up your idea of what good music is. Cudi fans are the same people who listen to LIL B. Music for Generation retard.

    • Anonymous

      I like lil B. i DONT like kudi. i also liten to pac pun and poppa. so what the fuck you trying to say? you cant say what music is or isnt cuz your just one opinion.

    • Anonymous

      nah dude u jus made no sense lil b shouldnt be mentioned on this comment board... lil b fans = cudi fans u dnt get music bruh if u talkin bout lil b in general

  • joem

    I'm a cudi fan and I had no idea this dude released an album.. Lmfao. These dudes need to step up their promotion game.

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See

  • ummmmmmm

    To me, rank doesnt matter. You are #3 Cool. But 70k is not a good look from a major label artist. That means that he most likely wont even go GOLD. Hopefully the label made the album with minimal budget to recoup. But Im not trying to celebrate ranks. If the #1 person sold 10,000, #2 did 9,000, and you did 7,500, we gonna be talking about being #3? Those numbers are horrible. At the same time, if Adele did 750,000k and you at #11 with 300,000k, you gonna be mad? LOL. I wouldn't. Those numbers a great. SALES NUMBERS > RANK

    • ETK

      the point of the whole thing was that his record was undershipped for a "major label artist", so if he's #3, he'll take whatever he can get, it's good news for him if the label released almost half that

    • jamrok

      you mean quality of music> everything else

  • So Icy Boi!

    Cid Kudi would be a real rock star wit YMCMB. swag

  • Anonymous

    today 70k is worth something? in the 90S pure flop

    • Anonymous

      70k is definitively worth something with todays technology that number dont represent the number of people of actual like it just the people who bought it there's a difference

  • Anonymous

    I copped the album, it was a solid project.

  • Anonymous

    Weird he has no african accent. He has a nice voice!

  • Anonymous

    love kid cudi but wzrd was trash

  • Anonymous

    album has a replay value of 1 day

  • Anonymous

    holy fuck what is with these stupid children in the comments section all you people either love or hate something (usually hate) cant you just be like most people and say "ye cudi is aiiight, not really my thing tho"

    • Anonymous

      Ignorance at its best.

    • ETK

      well then again.. why would you post in articles just to talk shit about a rapper you don't even like? I'm not sayin every article should be full of "omg he's the shit, I love his work, all his albums are classics" either but there really are children on the comments section, hatin' like rappers made an attempt on their momma's life

    • God

      *CLAP CLAP* You just didnt make sense FAGGOT. Why the fuck would you say "kudi is allright" then say "its not my thing tho" Shows how many times you been butt fucked by yung money and Kid's Cudi lol Fukin ignorant as nigga go fuck yourself and listen to some real music. #section80 Fuck one for the hated #kony2012

  • HipHopDX

    We need to remember to delete those faggots, "So Icy Boi" and "YESSIR". Biggest trolls and YMCMB dick riders on this site smhh -_-

  • anonymous

    what happened to So Icy Boi?

    • So Icy Boi

      what is u talkin bout? i still here, YMCMB runnin dis shit, swag

    • c

      Haha my bad man that wasn't entirely directed at you. That was more along the lines of venting about these comments in general. I agree with you one hunnit. Peace

    • anonymous

      Why you bashin on me? lol... I like the conversations with true fans. Even the dickriders. But when people get too caried away like yessir and so icy boi it starts getting pretty annoying

    • c

      I clapped that kat across his dome and told him to shut the fuck up... Sad how these comments have turned to just a bunch of e-thugs tryin to front. Damn, I used to enjoy reading comments and having semi-intelligent discussions about hip-hop on here, ya'll dumbass posers ruined. You want fame behind an alias, pick up a can of Krylon and earn yourself some half decent respect from "the streets." Lame ass, mark ass, punk ass nobodies mane, furreal tho

  • Anonymous

    def jam need to drop that fuckin krit live from the underground thats gonna be the best album since z-ro im still living album

  • Anonymous

    its sad when 70,000 copies is a big fuckin deal

    • J.T.

      I was thinking the same thing. In this day and age most people dont buy the music they listen to though so 70,000 is solid for certain people.

  • Alpha

    Rappers always say their album was under shipped when they know it's going to flop.



  • Dolo

    Cudi is WAY overrated. dude sucks something fierce

  • Yankee

    Yessir is a fucking fag smh

  • Musicfan

    Nothing like rapid fanboys devouring the shit of Kid Cudi. How does it taste people? Do you enjoy the corn laced feces stuck in your teeth and gums? Do you enjoy the diarrhea strands left on the back of your tongue? Apparently so...



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