Full Stream Of Jay-Z's SXSW 2012 Performance Released

UPDATE: Jay-Z ran through hits from his catalogue during the Texan festival.

Jay-Z and American Express have released a live-stream of his performance at this year's South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas.

Fans can request their favorite song for Jay to perform during the show by Tweeting with the hashtag #JayZSyncShow. The song with the most requests will be performed at the gig.

[March 12]

UPDATE: Following last night's performance at SXSW, a full stream of Jay-Z's concert has been released. During the 90-minute show, Hov performed "Glory," "On to the Next One," "Allure" and more.

Watch the full performance below (via Yardie).

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  • Swag

    Gay-Z sucks. That's why he got destroyed by the greatest rapper of all time Wayne.

  • Camel Jay

    Ball so Hard gotta penis in my hiney.... That shit gay.

  • 80's Baby

    The Young people are so wack you are at a fckin Jay-Z Concert stop trying to record every second of a concert with your cellphone and enjoy yourself and move aka Dance!! I love when an artist says no cameras the artist says that for your benefit so you have fun instead of just standing still trying to record the show!!

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z you have plenty of money, why don't you make your clothing more affordable? Your people are hurting out here damn!! Damn the white man is a slick, ruthless muthafucka and Jay-Z is doing everything to help further their agenda which is the destruction of the black youth. Along with ymcmb & mmg

    • Helta

      Stop blaming Jay-Z and other rappers for the destruction of black youth...everyone is this society is destroying themselves, their families, friends etc. We are a cutthroat culture, no matter what side of the color spectrum you represent. What the f**k is positive music? Despicable how people just throw cliched words and generate new meanings. You're also participating in the destruction of semantics, let alone language and culture. Jay-Z is just playing the game, quite well! and I applaud him, he was just enough to play the game, whether his enterprises are in his control or not. Damn you "armchair activist"!

    • Anonymous

      The masses listen to people like Jay-Z, Lil wayne etc. If they switch their shit up to something more positive the youth will follow. But the music industry will not allow that because it's not gonna sell. I mean damn they got enough fuckn money.

    • Real Talk

      You got it all wrong my brother, thats the real problem. Jay Z is only doing what any other man with a brain would do. You think Jay Z making all this money off of you? THe answer is no, just cuz you cant afford them don't mean no one else can. And if your only concern for the black youth is Dressing them up then your more fucked in the head then I thought. Jay Z's Clothing line is the last thing on this earth that is fucking up not just the Black youth but the entire world. You should be mad at this Government for keeping the poor people in poverty and doing everything in there power to keep them there. Like Gas Prices, housing, Schools, why you think there is a liquor store in every corner in the Hoods. Trust me Jay Z has no control over that, if anything Jay Z could speak up for whats right, but that really wont solve no problems. Its survival of the fittest, you think Jay Z growing up in the projects was looking for a hand out? So in other words don't wry about the next man, handle your business your Damn self and if you make it to the top and get money then help out your own people- Real Talk

  • The B

    Jay-Z please just stop fuckin rappin. Let us enjoy your old shit cause this new shit that you're on ain't fuckin poppin. You look silly now. I mean how much dick 1 asshole take? You got some big ass lips, but how much dick can 1 mouth suck? The youth can't relate to you, and the fans that grew up on your music don't really like this new shit that you're on. STOP IT!!

    • Anonymous

      KRS-ONE is the GOAT performer

    • The B

      I wish I could physically travel through the web, or track your ip address or some shit find you and smack the shit outta you for sayin I listen to some fuckn soldier boy. I'm a 80s baby and Jay-Z can spit, but he's controlled by a machine much greater than him, and this he's on now is wack, but he's in too deep. FYI Kool G. Rap is the best ever!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Jay is GOAT performer.

    • Anonymous

      Speak for yourself The B! You life must be hard for you to have a problem with someone else's success. Just know someone else's success is not your failure. Work on yourself and one day your feel good. I watched that youtube concert. That shit was crazy and a lot of people were into it.

    • Hip Hop Fan

      Whats with your gay fantasy for Jay? Who said that Hip Hop is only for the youth? You sound stupid and should get back to listening to Soulja Boy, is that good enough for you and your friends since he makes music for the youth...

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Anonymous

    the only thing jay has in common with the GOAT... is he worships the Baphomet... satanic pusssay!

  • Anonymous

    I watche the concert last night. Jay is that dude that makes you get into his concerts. The G.O.A.T.!!!

  • black melancholy

    this guy is such a pretender. nigga you a rapper, you ain't frank sinatra. you looking outta place with that suit and orchestra. what a lame.

  • ramses

    all it took was the deaths of BIG & pac for him 2 see the success he's got ,,

    • mindrelated

      What are you talking about? There was a reason Biggie and Big L messed with him and that was because he was nice. He was doing quite well when Pac and Big were here so the hate is misguided.

  • We are at War

    Jay is in a very Awkward and at times lonely stratosphere. What ever they paid him for the night it took that and more to generate the energy to keep doing it. From the Tunnel to stale tradition. Hip Hop shellacked is lifeless.

  • Tahir RBG

    Whats crazy is I see NO Black folks in the crowd at all! (at all??) facebook.com/TahirRBG

  • Anonymous

    Always a pleasure to see the GOAT

  • yocuz

    man this is a sick lookin concert. Ill see him live one day

    • Jpepsi

      thats was a little show for Jay-Z but it was nice to see him perform the end of the black album that was really nice and starting with what more can I say was incredible he didnt perform this song for years! But you should've seen this Watch The throne concert BEST SHOW till this day KANYE/Jay-Z these niggas has too much song thats makes arenas sing along with them the whole night



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