Drake, 50 Cent & Nas To Headline 2012 Openair Frauenfeld Festival

Additional performers include Rick Ross, Mos Def, Jedi Mind Tricks and more.

The lineup has been announced for the 2012 Openair Frauenfeld Festival, taking place in Switzerland from July 6-8.

Drake is slated to headline the three-day event alongside 50 Cent, Nas and Sean Paul. Additional performers during the festival include Mos Def, J. Cole, Mac Miller, Jedi Mind Tricks, Yelawolf, Dilated Peoples, Royce Da 5'9, Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky.

Tickets are available at openair-frauenfeld.ch. Check the full lineup below.


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  • Dre

    I thought this nigga 50 had beef with Nas...

  • Anonymous

    it would be hot if 50 and nas did that song together from the guess who back album

  • daviddanielz

    50 and Nas together would be dope but Drake and Rick Ross is wack.

  • iddle

    I was listening to "sunday morning" "they burned me" "sk tracks 6&8" "run up on me freestyle" and more and I wondered to myself how the fuck do people not like 50 cent... He's not perfect but he makes dope music. Who cares who he's had beef with? Shit hasn't affected me at all and I've liked his music since the 24 shots mixtape

  • remaste

    finally the pointless beef 50 has ever had could be squashed and a chance of both of them collborating once again. 50 probably going to give him call or something creates a buzz.

  • jr88

    @dzus, you rick ross fans are delusional!!! you guys say 50 is a snich yet you offer no proff?...share a link...you automatically lose the argument because you listen to ross....i have a link of him lieing after he was exposed if you want it....lol

  • jr88

    dont know if nas is cool with 50...nas started the whole beef at summer jam...remember? he said somthing like "not that fake shit, that 50 cent bullshit" back when 04 or 05.... but yet nas makes songs with a former cop???? i dont get hip hop politics

    • Dzus

      50 Cent started the beef with Nas. He was mad because JLO's label decided to take 50 Cent off her song and put Nas on there, and Nas never told him. Years later he dissed him on that Piggybank song. Anything Nas may have said came after that song. But I think you're getting confused with the free show in the park where he dissed Dipset. That was around the time you're talking about. About the Rick Ross thing...Maybe he just likes him because he's a good rapper? Believe it or not, most people don't care that he was a CO besides nerds on the internet. 50 Cent is a proven snitch himself. He and Tony Yayo told on Ja Rule and his crew for beating them up and stabbing him and sued them (This was in XXL). He has also snitched in many songs... Ghetto quran, many men, the cam'ron diss, etc I guess Nas would rather mess with a dude who was a CO as a teenager over a snitch.

  • jr88

    come on now...we all know 50 will woop ross ass...you guys have a computer look at the shows 50 does over seas....shit is packed like a mother fucker...damn, it seems like you guys just are lazy bastards..look it up

  • DutchWeazel

    Nas, 50 Cent and Mos Def, J. Cole, Jedi Mind Tricks, Dilated Peoples and Royce Da f*cking 5'9!, damn nice list.

  • Milehighkid303

    50&Nas NEED to get bk on it together, like it's 97' again when the dude was Bravehearted not many of you faggot ass hatin cornballs knew these two dudes were bout as tight as him n Yayo. My two favorites ever hopefully can grace the stage and bless the mic again. Real NYC hip hop.

  • Anonymous

    You sound just like someone who would sue a celebrity. "Your honor. Drake hit me so hard I crapped my pants. Please award me a million dollars."

  • Anonymous

    50 CENT NAS? Are they still beefing? What about Officer Ricky?

  • OC

    Switzerland loves Sean Paul

  • Anonymous

    Why don't you go and try to slap Drake in the face. Then watch how fast he splits your lip open.

    • Anonymous

      No he won't, because he can be arrested for assault and held liable in a civil suit, that's why the security will make sure you never get that close to him in the first place.

  • Haris

    WTF 50 nd Ross @ the same show Shit s goin DOWN son

    • Cooo

      SMH at you both. Even if they would perform right after each other, not much would happen. Their beef is as much as over. Lol I even think this niggas might do a collabo in the far future, like 50 did with Jadakiss. Their beef aint much anymore, it was just a hiphop thing.

    • Anonymous

      SMH at you...a 3 day festival means they can be there on different days...

  • beast

    the biggest BBAWSE!!! in the biz is in a smaller font size than woodface wtf is with that lol. the people have spoken you seizure havin piece of shit go back to your blue suit your 15 min are up

  • Anonymous

    I hope 50 slaps Drake in face!

  • FlyLyfe

    Nas' name needs to be above Drake's. It just isn't right

  • Fuck

    Fuck this, I hope Nas makes more appereances through Germany and not just leaves after Frauenfeld...

  • So Icy Boi!

    Drake & YMCMB stay winnin. Drizzy got da NUMBA 1 spot.... u Nas & 50 Cent stanz stay losin. Drake iz da new supastar. YMCMB WE RUN DIZ SHIT. swag #LIIIIIIMPBIZKIIIIIT! #KEEEEEEEEEEPROLLLLLLLLINROLLLLLINROLLLLLLLLIN #YMCMB2012

    • YM dick rider ^^

      Why do you type like you have 8 dicks in your ass? Drizzy is whack, I bet you would swirl his cum in your mouth just to shake his hand, faggot. JMT all day, fuck YM, if you want dance music, listen to techno, pussy.

  • reality

    Nas, Drake & 50 Cent are equal headliners...theur names are in the same font.

  • Anonymous

    are people still listening to sean paul? i thought he was dead

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Drake the homo and wack ass 50

  • KayAhnig

    It's not the full lineup yet, still more to come!



    • NOSIR

      Fuck No your blind cousin YESSIR J.Cole is way better Cole World going to headline that event he got the Number 1 spot hands down BITCH!!!! 19 LETTERS FOR U NOW ROC NATION DREAMVILLE

    • Mary

      Drake name is in the same font as Nas & 50. Who cares who has the #1 spot on a poster? LOL!

  • Anonymous

    50 sold the most records has had more chart success radio play and is far more known all over the world he is a superstar they probably got them on different days

    • Anonymous

      50 is by far the biggest rapper overseas.

    • hip hop needs maturity

      You hip hop fans are so immature.

    • Koollie

      Finally someone who knows the facts. People dont know how big 50 cent is over seas. Me, I have been in Russia, East Europe, Middle East And south America last 2 years. Young people up there who listen to rap allmost all have 50cent on their players. They dont know who rick ross, or drake are overthere. Thats the prove what imapct 50 cent has. People who keep claiming that 50 aint shit, live in a small world by their own and havent been to other places. Sad, but true....

  • nuc

    promoters got it twisted putting nas and ross behind 50.... not big on ross, but he is more relevent in todays age. and nas is the goat. not a fan of drake either, but understand his name being used to draw a crowd today.


      50 is an international rap star....ross n them are local. yall forget fif sold 10+ worldwide twice?

    • hip hop needs to mature

      Grow the FUCK UP! People talking about which rapper is more famous & which artist is behind who on a fucking poster board. Nas, Drake, 50, Ross, J Cole, Mos Def & all of the artists performing at this festival are getting paid a nice size check. Do you think that they care about who you consider to be more famous or listed first on a poster? Fans of other genres don't put so much emphasis on this type of gossiping bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      Trans-atlantic,50 eminem kanye west & jay z are the most famous rappers...

    • douche

      terrible attempt at instigating ^^^ knowing some clowns out there spending the day trolling... hilarious. 50 is wack, drake is wack, ross is wack.

    • Anonymous

      maybe hes more relevant on MTVs hottest mcs list u sheep

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