Jay-Z & Kanye West Settle Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Jay-Z and Kanye West settle the lawsuit stemming from a Syl Johnson sample.

Jay-Z and Kanye West have settled a federal lawsuit over the duo's song "The Joy ."

TMZ.com reports that Hov and 'Ye settled with Syl Johnson, who sued the duo in October for using an unauthorized sample of his song "Different Strokes."

The song was featured as a bonus track on Watch the Throne, and stirred up a bit of controversy. Pete Rock, who produced the track, said that the Johnson sample was added after he was done working on it.

Johnson has previously sued Michael Jackson, Jefferson Airplane, and Cypress Hill for copyright infringement.

Though West is now in the clear, Jay-Z still faces a lawsuit stemming from his smash hit, "Big Pimpin."

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  • JM

    This is not the whole story, just an update. I, too, am all for artist getting their respect and dues if people use their music. This guy has been around and affiliate with West since his daughter did vocals for West. This is not some random sampling and this could have been resolved, but it seems he stalled for more money or who knows what, bc he knew they were coming to a deadline for the album. I like Kanye and all, but everyone was moving too fast and this is unfortunate. They were gonna have to pay him anyway, so they went ahead. btw: he cant be hurting for $, his son is Chad Ochocinco and his daughter got a album and videos, etc. http://fullcourtpumps.com/2011/10/did-you-know-rb-singer-syleena-johnson-and-chad-ochocinco-were-brother-and-sister/ Again, this is unfortunate people can't work stuff out, and people also want publicity.

  • Anonymous

    So when people use someones beat to rip them up they have to call them and be like hey man ill pay you x$ to use your beat so i can make fun of you...

  • Anonymous

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  • So Icy Boi!

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  • Anonymous

    bad music, bad business

  • RT

    I just checked out Syl's issue with Michael Jackson... What a joke. I'm all for artists being paid if they are sampled, but this guy must need some cash. You don't even notice it in the song.

    • J3G

      Damn, dude sued Michael Jackson?! I think what the dude (original post) means is that, to sue over something minute and that it been MJ...one might think this guy was suing based off of money. If I created something and MJ used it, I wouldn't trip at all. I wouldn't sue him, not MJ, that's a compliment. I would get in contact with MJ to see if he knew I had copyrights and go from there. I definitely wouldn't try to get money from him though. If he'd offered than that's a different story. But I think he did it (sued) for monetary reasons only. If it was all about being disrespected, he (Sly Johnson) could've dealt with that with a phone call.

    • Bryan

      You said "but this guy must need some cash". That's bs. Maybe you've never created anything that includes licensing and royalties. Go create a song. Let someone sample it and possibly make millions and then tell me you don't deserve no money. How they can use your sample to create a new song to make tons of money. Without your song they wouldn't have made that song and in turn wouldn't have made all that money.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    (Jordan shrug) Good to see this done. Trying to pull fast ones ain't cool.



    • NOSIR

      No thinks cousin ROC NATION is always and forever cooler so it's great to be a much better dickrider now

  • Anonymous

    really, just the intro with the ugh's is sampled...this is kinda stupid.

    • PM2126

      what's wrong with him or her using logistics in the comment?

    • TRUTH

      It wouln't be stupid if it was YOUR INTELLECUTUAL PROPERTY AND YOU COULD POSSIBLY GET PAID THOUSANDS TO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FOR IT....now would it? Don't hate the playa hate the game....Copyrights can get you paid, its part of the buisness

    • Anonymous

      wow he just said "logistics"

    • Anonymous

      It's only stupid to someone who doesn't understand the logistics to it. That's why they SETTLED. Blame the people who are pushing the paperwork, not the rappers.

  • motahiph

    mo money,mo problems!

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