Jay-Z & Kanye West's "Otis" Maybach Auctioned For $60,000

The reconstructed Maybach from Jay-Z and Kanye's "Otis" video was auctioned last week.

The torn-apart and rebuilt Maybach from Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Otis" video has found a new home.

Rap-Up.com reports that the car was sold for $60,000, and was sold in less than five minutes. The car was sold as part of the New York Contemporary Art Evening auction.

Though it sold for less than the expected $100,000-$150,000, the Maybach is a work of art rather than a working vehicle. 

Part of the proceeds from the sale benefitted Save the Children to provide food for children in Africa.

In the "Otis" video, Jay-Z and Kanye took apart a 2004 Maybach 57, which has a retail value of $350,000.



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  • The Truth

    Shows you how stupid niggas in paris are. Why not just donate the 350k from the begginging. Waisted money.

    • Anonymous

      I doubt they paid anywhere near $350k for this Maybach in the beginning. It was worth $350k when it was brand new eight years ago. I'm not trying to defend them; destroying a Maybach to promote one's own vanity is detestable.

    • GoReadABook

      Yeah? You want to attack somebody for mispelling something when you are defending the validity of these dudes promulgating pointless materialism while supposedly representing the slums and streets of the US?? Do you have ANY fucking idea how big of a double-standard that is?? You would defend them with the argument that they donate more than the average citizen to charities annually, while not pausing to think that in 1 fucking show they make more money than the average american makes in a year!! Get the fuck outta here you brainwashed fuck! Dudes don't help anyone, then they act like they do, then dumbass americans like you believe them. He's not saying they should've donated the Maybach before chopping it up, he's saying they shouldn't have bought the fucking thing in the first place, and donated the entire 350K to charity. You are among the type of people who bear the most blame for our country becoming what it is today, because you simply just don't fucking care. Just wait, we'll see where your heroes leave you when life gets hard. You can continue sucking their dicks until then

    • CosignbyGOD

      *WASTED* education...whats a charity gonna do with a maybach 57s dumbass ?!!!? im sure due to our supply side tax policies both of the above mentioned millionaires donate more than the national median income average annually to charity...purely for the tax break but nonetheless.


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    • NOSIR

      I'm sorry, you're right, I'll never do this again.

    • Anonymous

      I do not like Young Money by any means but this has to be the wackest post ever read, hopping into somebody else's perspective like you're they're self-proclaimed Public Representative? Get outta here

  • Anonymous

    its not functional anymore clever, some people realy dont think!!!

  • Anonymous

    This May back cost $350,000 and they sold it for $60,000? All the buyer need to do is to order a new body for maybe another $50K and resell it for $150K!!! These dudes are lames for this

    • Anonymous

      why not give charity 350 000 then instead the fucking idiots instead of just waisting money when people are struggling

    • .....

      it was auctioned off for charity...wtf does the amount of money they got for it matter...350k is chump change to those two niggas.

  • Y U MAD

    Better news to report: Lil Wayne In Top 5 Of Billboards 2012 Money Makers List!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad I don't need to put on a character every time I comment; I'm not THAT desperate for people to notice my shit



    • NOSIR

      Whatever doesn't manner at all 100,000 or less more money in Jigga's pocket he's the ultimate huslter for a reason someone's star is still shining yep it's sad Lil Wayne and Birdman's cash flow combined would never match up to KING HOV'S that's right LOL!!! ya'll YMCMB nigga's would go bankrupt trying to keep up with Jay-Z, Kanye, and the rest of the ROC NATION and that's the truth we get money cause u can't knock the HUSTLE! I got 28 LETTERS FOR U KNOW ROC NATION DREAMVILLE GOOD MUSIC

    • Grow up

      You're such a loser.

  • Anonymous

    Why the fuck would u buy that car only thing u can do is put it in a show room no 1 is gonna b drivin round drivin that...... WANT TO HEAR SOME BANGERS GO HERE http://soundcloud.com/inevitable-success/sets/taste-of-success

    • Anonymous

      I actually would drive around in it its instantly recognizable and jayz and kanye west actually sat in that car an drove it how dope is it to sit and drive in the exact same vehicle these two have i definitely wouldnt mind

    • Lars

      @Anonymous 1 Plus it was for a good cause. Why don't you think of the positive outcome instead of the negative?

    • automator88

      why the fuck wouldn't you drive it? idiot

    • Anonymous

      And why not? You might as well go into people collecting rare items as well. BECAUSE they have money or are avid collectors. SMH, you might as well question everybody on the planet about their needs...

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