Chuck D Explains Why Suing The Notorious B.I.G. Was "Stupid" And Why Jay-Z And Kanye West's Bases Are "Corrupt To Rap"

Exclusive: One of the most powerful voices in Rap history speaks about his face-to-face interactions (and legal entanglement) with Biggie and elaborates on his recent tweets aimed at The Throne.

Long before Cash Money was an Army, Public Enemy were the muthafuckin’ Marines. And their commanding officer was Colonel Chuck D.

Inarguably the most powerful baritone to ever breathe into a microphone, the leader of the Long Island military that took over Hip Hop music and culture during the late 1980s and early 1990s commanded a nation of millions of young people (of all races) to tell their parents that Elvis and John Wayne were not heroes, that Martin Luther King, Jr. definitely was, and if they didn’t honor the late great Civil Rights leader with a national holiday heads were gonna roll, literally.   

Bad-ass without being “gangsta,” the revolutionary rhymer shared his always challenging thoughts with HipHopDX in advance of the not one, but two new Public Enemy albums set for release during P.E.’s 25th year in the game (Most Of My Heroes Still Don’t Appear On No Stamps due in June, and The Evil Empire Of Everything due in September).

In the first half of DX’s first ever conversation with Chuck Dangerous, the emcee/author/activist enlightened on Elvis and explained why he believes the base of “The Throne” that Jay-Z and Kanye West currently occupy is corrupt. And in a remarkably laidback tone for one of the culture’s most commanding voices (it should be noted however that even in a leisurely convo Chuck will still challenge you to defend your points and positions), the man who has helped us all see our society, and ourselves, in a much clearer way offered some long-overdue clarity on this, the 15th anniversary of the passing of The Notorious B.I.G., as to why he sued Biggie’s estate in the late ‘90s over the usage of his instantly recognizable vocal for the countdown to Big’s  “Ten Crack Commandments” and why that lawsuit had “Nothing to do with Biggie.”

HipHopDX: You had me in middle school arguing with my Mom over your “Elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me / You see straight out racist ….” line [from “Fight The Power”] – defending your position regarding him stealing Black artists songs, with my Mom retorting that, “No, that was [his manager] The Colonel [Tom Parker] that made him do all that.” And then years later you do that Elvis Lives documentary and prove my Mom right. [Laughs]   

Chuck D: Yeah, well I mean, my thing was that Elvis [Presley] was an icon to America but he ain’t invent Rock & Roll. There were other Black heroes [that did]. So that whole thing is like, Okay, you gotta mention Bo Diddley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry too. He ain’t “The King.” And that aspect was racist I thought, that people just obscured the Black foundation of what Elvis evolved from. I mean, that happens even to this day.

DX: Yeah, that’s true. I just wish the Internet woulda been poppin’ in 1989 so we all coulda had more information about who was who and what was what, ‘cause I didn’t even know until recently that way back in 1957 Jet magazine interviewed Elvis and he vehemently denied he had ever said that rumored quote, “The only thing Negroes can do for me is buy my records and shine my shoes.”
Chuck D: Yeah, well, here’s another thing, it’s like, there’s a lot of things that are off the record that evolved with Elvis as he became more and more kind of like drunk with himself. He started off being quite humble [I learned] from resources, hearing from people speaking that knew him and knew his beginnings: from Bobby “Blue” Bland, I had conversations with Little Richard, Ike Turner. He started out being this cat that loved Black music, the Black environment, the Black way of dress and all that, hangin’ out on Beale Street. In the first part of his career he tried to still frequent the spots and still be local to Memphis – lived in a rather modest house. So that was ’55, ’56, ’57, ’58. But, the bigger and bigger his whole legend grew, the more The Colonel tried to keep him away from normal people. And then when you’re kept away from normal people you start getting drunk with yourself and believing all the hype and become Hollywood and all that. Eventually Black people became less of a concern of where his fanbase was.

DX: Just out of curiosity, was this research you did post-“Fight The Power” or before the song?

Chuck D: Well, “Fight The Power” was 1989 so … I always knew a little bit about Elvis, but as the years went on more and more things are gonna come out and you do research that’s gonna back up what you say. You gotta find things to back up what you say.

DX: Yeah, definitely. I wanna switch gears dramatically here to The Notorious B.I.G. With the 15th anniversary of Big’s passing coming up on Friday, I wanted to ask you if you ever crossed paths with Biggie, and if so what those conversations consisted of?

Chuck D: The first time I saw [The Notorious B.I.G.] was in the basement of Daddy-O of Stetsasonic’s studio in Brooklyn. And he said, “Yo, I’m working with this kid, Big.” [He was] this towering figure with a hood over his head. [Laughs] And I’m like, “Okay, nice to meet you.”

One of the other times I saw Big was - I think he pulled something in his leg or his knee or something and [Diddy] was pushing him around - at a concert in Long Island. So at that time [it was like a] “How you doing? I’ll help you with your wheelchair” type of thing.

I thought he was a good performer. But I think Puffy had a lot to do with that training and developing, and that’s something that’s overlooked. And when it came down to Big, I think Puffy was just as much of an important figure in his development as Big was with his ability. And, I’m not a person who goes on hype, I’ve seen ‘em all, so … I rank him high. People said he’s the greatest ever, I said only a kid would be fascinated. And I wasn’t a kid.  

DX: I have to ask this follow-up: Did you ever regret at all suing over the “Shut ‘Em Down” [vocal] sample in “Ten Crack Commandments”? ‘Cause I know DJ Premier was seriously pissed at you for years after that.

Chuck D: Me and [DJ Premier] is cool. Matter fact, that was an issue before I even knew Preemo was a part of the thing.

Remember, Bad Boy [Records] was going around saying how much money they had and this and that, and I had songwriters who are connected to me who were basically saying, “Well, the song that they’re using, Chuck what’s up?” And the fact is that the crack commandments were something that I was like okay … I don’t agree with it, but … it’s a master use, whatever. But songwriters want their piece. And they, [the song’s producers, The Imperial Grand Ministers Of Funk], said, “Well, if they’re going around and flaunting and falutin about how much they got … then what’s up with our rights to the song?” And I’m like, “Okay, alright you guys.” So, I mean, this is not no kids game, this is real shit.

Taking [my] voice to me is a defamation of character, but really the songwriters pushed the issue as saying, “Alright, that’s part of our song too and we helped write that, so where’s our royalties? Who handles that?”

DX: So this was more business really than a personal issue?

Chuck D: Well, my thing is I don’t go after anybody. But in that particular case, which was coming from Bad Boy, which was BMG, which was who sued me on another end – it was like one of those things. So it really had nothing to do with Biggie. Nothing. It had nothing to do with Premier. And at the end of the day, it was Def Jam and Bad Boy, it was BMG and Universal. It was really one of those … it was just stupid.

But at the same time, I told Puffy, I said, “You know, you guys, when it comes down to me give me a heads-up. Don’t be doing something [when] you know where I am and you know where I come from. How you gonna just go and do some shit like that and not talk to me?” And from that point on, it was cool. That’s when you seen [Diddy remake] “Public Enemy No. 1.” And he called me [about that] when I was in the middle of Guitar Center or whatever and said, “Yo, I just wanna know if it’s cool?”

So, that was the biggest thing … talk to me. And, kids only look at the lawsuit. They’re kids, what do they know? They scream and holler about anything, but at the end of the day it was a settlement between Universal and BMG, Bad Boy and Def Jam. It had nothing to really do with me.

Those guys are all in bed with each other, but nobody asks that question.

DX: Well let me ask that question -

Chuck D: For the longest Puffy was mad at Russell [Simmons]. [Laughs] So I’m like, “Look, I ain’t in the middle of all that. Just make sure you call me before you do anything regarding me if you gonna go in that direction. Simple as that.” It’s simple. And it’s been cool ever since.

And me and Premo’s been fine ever since, but you know … initially Premo had nothing to do with it. Not with me. I’m like, “Okay, you tied with this by default,” but … I don’t know.

DX: I think he just took it as maybe a personal slight [since he produced the track].  

Chuck D: Yeah, because he was tied up with that whole Bad Boy operation, and so when it came down to him actually receiving his royalty for the song they wanna tie him up. So I’m like, “Yo, man, forget all that. Let’s deal with each other as people.”

People have the understanding now, [but] at that time people were sticking their noses all up in the corporations booty.

DX: At that time, you mean, what, last week? [Laughs]

Chuck D: No, especially back [in the ‘90s]. As much money as they was paying people, and people flaunting and throwing money at the camera, it was like the majors had a dominant hold on people’s … everything. And I was rebelling against that structure. Hard. I was like, “Man, fuck BMG. Fuck Sony. And fuck Universal too.” I was going after them hard. And still to this day.

DX: Speaking of, you just did on March 2nd via Twitter [@MrChuckD]. I gotta ask you about your tweet, “Ye is a Hip Hop God as Jay is, but their bases are corrupt to Rap.” Were you saying their fanbases, their corporate bases, or both?

Chuck D: Their corporate bases are corrupt to Rap.

I mean, why would you think any different? Listen man, in any kind of business what you want is fair trade. This is what people lobby for, this is what people protest for, fair trade. And fair trade is actually saying that, Alright, you have somebody who comes up in a local [scene], at least they should be heard on local radio. But corporate radio and corporations have dominated over that existence, wiping out that foundation [for fairness]. And therefore the little business can’t even start up right, unless it’s corrupt and just totally, violently opposed to what the community is evolved from. So you gotta be national to even make it locally, where you should be local to make it locally. And even down to speaking to a school or whatever, if the local artists at the top of the local pack aren’t revered as being some sort of heroes, then who you gonna get to talk to the kids at the schools and all that? You gotta wait for a national hero, who might never come? So, too many people are focused on national [artists] who never will come in front of their own eyes and face on a one-on-one relationship. It’s almost like people are screaming at a dream.

In the past you would have somebody from the local are who would actually give advice, give inspiration, be able to be some sort of benchmark for people to follow if they wanted to do the same thing. So that has been totally eradicated as far as the community is concerned, destroyed by urban corporate radio, which means … take the Black ownership out. And also destroyed by the corporation of recording situations which kind of like dominate over those radio stations.

And over television. Somebody does an independent video, they can’t get it on Viacom networks, unless they deliver it with closed caption, high-definition, and also it has to be sanctioned, it has to be agreed upon. It’s a game, so … the Internet is an ally, and it’s supplementary, but it could never be a main venue for your local survival.

DX: I wanna get more into that discussion about corporate control here in a minute, but I do have one more question regarding that tweet I asked you about. You additionally tweeted that Kanye and Jay’s song, “Ngs in Paris appeals to who? Black folk in France? USA White kids? Black kids who probably never learn further about it, perhaps never go there?” Can you elaborate on that tweet for me a little bit?

Chuck D: I think it’s self-explanatory; it’s more like a statement. It’s like, appeals to who? It’s also a question, maybe you can fill it [in]? ‘Cause it’s like, Black kids who would never know about a Paris or a France … “Niggas In Paris” means what? Who’s happy about that at the end of the day? Niggas in Paris? [Laughs] Is that what they saying? Or, White people in the United States who are happy to just say, “Well, yeah, there’s a bunch of niggas in Paris”? You tell me. I mean, don’t ask me, tell me. What do you think?

DX: I just presume that they – This is a presumption, obviously, that Kanye and Jay thought that was a progressive statement in some way.

Chuck D: Alright, in what way? I mean, it ain’t like you in fifth grade, maybe you can tell me.

DX: Just that – I think you actually had a [Twitter] follower tweet you something to the extent of that he was inspired by the song, that it made him think he could be in Paris someday too I guess, I don’t know.

Chuck D: Well don’t say you don’t know. Either you know or you don’t. I mean, I’m just saying, it’s like, what do you think? This is what I’m saying, I just put out a tweet that was just like saying, Okay, now where do you wanna really sit with this? When does it get to a point where – It doesn’t allow us to be like bi-polar with it, like, “Oh yeah, I don’t wanna be called no nigga in anything, but at the same time I can be a nigga in Paris.”

And I’m not even trying to get deep on the issue other than the fact that there are plenty of other songs that get no light, at all, on these same radio stations because of “Niggas In Paris.” So the best answer was probably Yasiin Bey, a/k/a Mos Def’s response, “Niggas In Poorest.” Maybe that should be played as much, right?

So, I think they’re Hip Hop Gods, but at the same time it’s like I don’t think you can be 35 and 40 years old and just pretend to be 12 and 15. C’mon now. [Sighs] What do you think?

DX: I’m as frustrated as you are, honestly.

Chuck D: I mean, I’m not mad at them, I’m happy that they’re great artists. But at the same time, I’m always gonna be mad at the machine. I’m always gonna be angry at corporations. And I’m always gonna be angry at people that show off their money to the poor and the growing poor in America and across the world. That’s just how I am. And people can say that’s bitter, but why wouldn’t I be angry at that? I know I’m privileged, but I’m just totally, totally against somebody showing off riches to the poor. It goes against every fuckin’ storybook tale that we’ve learned since kindergarten. Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor and was a hero. How the fuck you gonna rob from the poor and be the rich and be a hero? It just doesn’t make any damn sense.
Stay tuned to HipHopDX for the equally engrossing conclusion to our conversation with Chuck D, in which the living legend expounds on everything from the death threats that were sent to him after “By The Time I Get To Arizona” to Too Short’s theory that a record label conspiracy shut down conscious Hip Hop to why he believes you should re-elect President Obama.

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  • junMaf*ckn

    Such A Dope Read.

  • To u chuck

    [Jay-Z:] I be trying to chill, bitches wanna fuck me Every little city I go, fuck me Shawty must’ve heard, got the word, I move that D Had it by a bladder, she like "oh I gotta pee" Ran into a Rothko in my restroom Singer slash actress in my bedroom God I have the ticket for a walk through Everything that do is big I talk big money, I talk big homes I sell out arenas, I call that getting dome Million dollar voice, came through phone We heading to the top, if you coming, come on I’m Flying out to Pisa, just to get some pizza Fly down to Jamaica, just to roll some reefa Sex on the beach, left love speechless They say that money talk, tell these other niggas speak up What’s up

  • shockwave

    Plus nigga tryna dig too deep in a club anthem like Niggas In Paris, it's supposed to be played in da clubs why do you want it to have a deep meaning ? Just negroes out da hood who made it and are having fun in a town that everybody wanna visit...

    • ncprecise

      dude i was about to type the exact same thing. these old cats are sounding disgruntled... and they're REACHING so hard to make their pointless points

  • shockwave

    Chuck is talking about "black ownership"... Ain't Jay-Z THE DEFINITION of black ownership ? Chuck sounds off...

  • yo mom

    he said he respected jay z and kanye for their success he just didn't like how the radio runs their programs (ie where i'm from every hour 5 meaningless songs repeat) I enjoy niggas in paris and agree with the guy down there saying it means niggas (hood niggas overcoming a struggle and being in a better place "paris." The thing with Elvis, I don't know why you guys are calling him racist, but his point is he recieves more credit than what he really deserved. You could see this repeat in history: in america most believe henry ford invented the car, not true he made the model t which was just a affordable car, edison light bulb? no first incandescent light bulb, bill gates computer? no windows software. And the biggie thing why u guys talkin shit on him the article states "suing the notorious big was stupid" he admits his mistake get over it. Plus he says it was used to something he didn't really endorse, the crack commandments he didn't really want to promote that.


    this generation is the WRONG crowd to speak too about ANYTHING important, like for real all of you are a bunch of screen names with all the answers to life but you dont contribute shit to society...yeah yeah big mouth what do YOU do to stand up and make a change OFFLINE? You guys didnt put in ANY work to get as far as we are in hip hop today, ANY! all u do is sit back reap all the benefits, lack respect and act like u fuckin know it all! u new cats talk shit online ALLDAY, u bitch & moan about how everybodys wrong and how your sick of this and sick of that man go sit the fuck down somewhere! what do u know? with your youtube knowledge, without youtube and worldstar you cats would be fuckin LOST...when a rapper says something meaningful you act like its beneath you if some rapper says anything intellectual, when somebody says something you act like your not allowed to believe them if theres no youtube clip somewhere...I swear to god I cant stand u sorry ass niggas online man, if shit hit the fan tomorrow all u e thugs would go missing....your version of stand up for yourself is talkin shit about somebodys age or trolling on websites about stupid shit then asking 'u mad' when u get some attention...fuckin rebels WITHOUT a cause...pun intended...

    • richc

      Good shit man, Chuck speaks the truth, and a lot of these dumb asses only hear what they want, have an opinion (negative) anytime a positive article is put out. I swear I can't even listen to the majority of the music played on the radio, it's just dumbed down to fit these guys intellect.

  • Jooce

    Listen up idiots, his problem is with the corporations not with the artist. His point about local artist is on the money and I dont see how anyone could disagree. How do I hear a gucci mane song before I hear a young chris song in Philadelphia. PE was about unity so yeah he had a problem with the 10 crack commandments a song I like by the way. I like niggas in paris but I would also like to hear balance on the radio like back in the day you would hear LL and then Anita Baker lol and I was a kid but I liked all good music. Now the system has made it so all music sounds the same and therefor they have no need to do artist development and be creative and unfortunately for the artist it makes them easy to replace ie AUTOTUNE.

    • Frank

      Corporations haven't made all music sound the same. Look at the internet. If anything technical innovation has allowed anyone, anywhere to add music online. iTunes, Soundcloud, Youtube etc. In the early 2000's Rapstation was basically a mini myspace and one of the more popular websites online. If Chuck D would have done the research and done the work he could have built it up. But he didn't. He let it die. Now all his websites are basically neglected crap that nobody cares about. His problem is he's addicted to problems instead of building long-term real solutions. It's easier to play to peoples ADD and get media attention by complaining about everything that's "wrong" with the world - even if it's all exaggerated. Which is what all this nonsense is really all about. Attention in the media = $

  • Anonymous

    bla bla bla true story old man

  • emass

    The 85% ...The uncivilized people; poison animal eaters; slaves from mental death and power, people who do not know the Living God or their origin in this world, and they worship that they know not what --- who are easily led in the wrong direction, but hard to lead into the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    This dudes a bitch. MJ didn't make basketball, but everyone knows he's the King of that shit. I like PE, but sometimes Chuck needs to fuck off. Ye and Jay are corrupt because local MC's aren't on the radio? That payola type shit. Dude's just a grumpy racists fuck. Strait up.

    • yo mom

      read my comment on top. he didn't say jay z and kanye are corrupt but the platform their business is ran on is. chuck d racist?? ur a dumbass

    • Anonymous

      if we were talking about a world where black & white shared the same opportunities and economics you'd have a point, but thats not the case. the man is just saying that the majority of poor or have not people need to know they created things, need to know they can aspire and be more than the shit television and ignorant minds expect them to be. white people have tons of shit to see to know they can be what they want. many of them dont see the fucked up realities of life that blacks and other miniorities see often. No it isnt their fault, but these things wear people down and cause them to loose hope that they can escape or aspire. if im not mistaken, he's asking those that are black that have something, to drop some pearls of hope and inspiration. not just show off that they have something to people who may not have the chance to obtain the same or find difficulty in doing so.

    • Anonymous

      Dudes STILL MAD THAT ELVIS IS "THE KING OF ROCK". Yet white people don't bitch that MJ is the best, yet a white guy made basketball. I didn't fail reading comprehension. He's mad that a white guy made a black music genre popular, and he's credited with bringing it to a broader audience. Let's be real here, they don't play local shit because ALL MAJORS WON'T LET THAT SHIT ON THE RADIO. It's not just Jigga, he should be bitchin about Wayne, Drake, Ross and a few other fixtures on the radio. It's OK for blacks to be good at things whites made and get all this praise, but once a white dude gets praise for a black thing it's wrong? It's a double standard, and that shows a bitch mind state.

    • emass

      You completely failed Reading comprehension smh that's not what he says..and I read what you read.Chuck always shows the opposite view of what's being pushed.The TRUTH is not sexy.

    • FU Anonymous bytch

      You the bitch. That or just a redneck cracka or just dumb, def and blind. Chuck D has done more for humanity than your worthless ass will ever dream of doing. People who call out the bullsit ain't "haters", or "grumpy old fuck". They smart enough to see through this bullshit and brave enough to speak on it you fuckin sheep.


    I hate these "Blacker than Thou" celebrities. I grew up thinking Elvis was just some racist asshole thanks to Chuck D without even finding out the info for myself (in my defense I was 12). Before I rip into him, let me tell you that I've worked in Africa, donate to charity, and I do it running my own business. I respect Public Enemy's legacy but guys like Chuck D always *talk* about the community, but do you ever wonder what he actually does for it? Jay has used his money and celebrity to build water pumps in Africa, donated $1,000,000 to victims after hurricane Katrina, uses funds from his concerts, 40/40 club and charity events to fund scholarships for underprivileged children. Let's not forget this is the guy who donated all the proceeds from his retirement concert to Biggie's moms scholarship foundation, the proceeds from his Blueprint 3 concert to 9/11 Fire Fighters families, and just recently another $60K to charity. You can call it a tax write off all you want but the fact is that he is A.) from that environment and feels he needs to give back and B.) doesn't just talk but show's the type of person he is in his action. Trust me, Chuck D is rich from music, touring, books, and TV. Where's his contribution?

  • truth.izz

    This article was horribly written. This is how an 8th grader would write the article if you let him have your job for a day. I'm guessing that's what happened.

    • The Fututre

      Interesting you say that because I just learned in my buisness class that our primary text like most books, tv commercials, magazines etc is written at an 8th grade level. So it would make since that he writes like that so he wouldn't overwhelm readers with big words like: Insinuate..

  • mike

    I agree with some of what Chuck D said but Hip Hop isn't dead it just isn't played on the radio (most people's main source of listening) but its online, its on youtube, its on this website. There's still artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, Big KRIT and others putting out Classic Hip Hop music. People are just caught up on this YMCMB, Jay-z and Kanye and Rick Ross bullshit to hear good music and this music is too complex for the masses anyway. Not everybody is truly intelligent.

  • donnie mac

    WOW...didn't know there was so much hate for Chuck... @ Shone I expected to see you always are front & center speaking out about Chuck. @ Fred Your comments are really condescending. You admitted to being a classist and said you were educated. Your explanation of "ghetto" was folly and I saw your usage of "HipHop'n" and blatant disrespect of the Nation Of Islam. I too have concluded that you are a bigot. While you are demeaning anyone who has listened to a song or songs from a rap group that's heyday was over 20 years ago, your intelligence won't allow you to address a blatant racist comment right underneath yours down below. Great job. Great interview. Some things I agree with, some things I don't. Just like their music. I don't care who he sued, what he has had a change of heart of, what apparel line he's endorsing, none of it because it does not apply to my life. If Public Enemy inspired you, great and I hope things work/worked out well for you. I'm in no position to tell anyone who they should listen to or follow, I have my own flaws to correct and my own goals to achieve. And as always in parting, no need to respond, I will be long gone. Thank you for reading.

    • Frank

      lol. I'm sure plenty of Rush Limbaugh's fans are rich and have great lives too. It doesn't negate the point that their cultural place of focus is a big joke. Or that his primary audience are white idiots with less than a high school education. But I'm sure there are plenty of people that listen to him that turn out just fine. Like you did.... listening to whatever you listened to.

    • donnie mac

      I am a grown man 42 yrs of age, well educated, well traveled and well versed in life Frank. Only reason why I'm here right now is my son and his friends decided they wanted pizza and to relax at home instead of populating the restaurant. You state "I would really like as many black people as possible place themselves in roles that that allow them to bypass this confused traine-wreck time vampire garbage altogether. But for now...I'm very entertained by it all." Yet you know nothing of my or others' background, accomplishments or caste. Would you care to explain yourself to the people beyond your stale rhetoric? You do not like Black people Frank, you are a closet racist, you look down on Blacks and anyone who does not mirror you. And as diplomatic and reasonable as I have always been, I would truly like to say, F_U_C_K YOU Frank, and EVERYTHING you stand for, and ALL YOU CARE FOR. I am one of those Black people you see within your societies and events and you loathe the fact that I am there Frank. And yet while you keystroke your inane banter, there still is a racist comment underneath yours that your intelligence has yet to respond to. Wonder why Frank? So while my beautiful Black daughter has graduated from the prestigious Columbia University last year with monies paid in full from her father that listened to various Public Enemy music during his years in college while living in the projects, you will always look at us as ghetto Frank. Why? Because we are not YOU. But we are HAPPY, and proud. And the homie SCHWARZ (I'm speaking to the c-sec people), he is WEALTHY, AND you see his son almost everyday (my bad fam, but it works right now), we went to the same junior high school in NYC/B'klyn. You might want to pay attention when he comments. He speaks TRUTH. F_U_C_K you Frank. My time of talking to you has reached it's pinnacle.

    • Frank

      Of course my comments are condensing. I'm talking to people that refuse to grow up. Why wouldn't an educated person laugh at nonsense like the "nation of islam". I remember when those lunatics actually said they had a cure for Aids! lol!!! HipHop is a glimpse into the class divide of the United States.I find it really entertaining and really can't help but laugh at the whole thing. I wonder if Chuck D has told his buddies Ice T and Luther Campbell how much he hates the flaunting of riches. I'm not a bigot at all. In fact I would really like as many black people as possible place themselves in roles that that allow them to bypass this confused traine-wreck time vampire garbage altogether. But for now...I'm very entertained by it all. Have fun wit yo'hiphop

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Understood Shone. And I will pass on the message board for now. @Schwarz & @Mr Flamboyant Keep it up, we need the balance in the c-sec's. Now I'm truly gone...

    • Shone Jones

      And also, we don't hate Chuck. We have all the respect for Chuck in the world, it's just that he's been on some bullshit as of late. Go to PE's messageboard and put up with their holier-then-thou garbage if you don't like it.

    • Shone Jones

      @Donnie Mac That's because I grew up with his music. I don't kiss Chuck's ass everytime he does an interview. He's capable of making mistakes just like everybody else.


    In the words of Dr. Dre in the movie The Show...."Its Fuckin Entertainment". Some of you probably blame Jay-Z and Ye for all the Fuckery thats going on in hip hop, smh. Be mad at the folks who actually try to buy in to that. Take it for what it is...ENTERTAINMENT.

    • stezzz

      I think he's actually directing his view point at these youngsters who seem to not have that simple guide, looking up to these rappers as if this is the right path. I In actual case is not a true reality to be selling to our people but worthless garbage. Get your mind right and wake up!

  • Fouth!/generic_ERiC

  • Anonymous

    Thats right JAYZ and KANYE are poison to the HipHop community... all they represent is Satanism, Egoism, Materialism, and Bisexuality Fuck JAYZ & KANYE

  • 261 on a Bitch

    2Pac was gay and Chuck D is gay

  • NY

    I always can respect Chuck D, he actually gets that the business is fucked up and he is actively against it. We need a Chuck D album or Public Enemy to show these fake ass rappers what hip hop really is about, teaching the youth about the injustices of the world through music and giving them a voice to be heard by millions.

  • HRH

    Chuck D you are too smart for Hip-Hop, and you should be teaching our youth about everything we are listening too You are what Hip-Hop should be

  • Chucky

    I'm kind of confused by some of chucks statements here, mainly in regards to his comments about his lawsuit against biggie. One moment he explains that he would of liked rights or royalties to the song "10 crack commandments" because bad boy flaunted there riches. Than later explained that the lawsuit was above him and was an issue with the label. Than he explains that he would like to told when his material was being used outside of it's original purpose. So was it a personal issue ? Or was it a label issue ? Or was it both and he antagonized the situation to happen ? This guy comes from a time when it was normal to sample other music to create a hip hop song which involved no poltics. Why would he have a problem with this ? And why would he feel like his character was being defamed ? Sampling was hip hops way. It's not strange to hear another hip hop artists voice sampled in a way that was not originally intended. Especially on a premo record. And secondly his views on "niggas in Paris", it's clear what the title means," niggas"being people from the hood finally being able to finally enjoy themselves in a place like Paris due to there efforts and hard work. Wtf is wrong with that ? Is it wrong to celebrate life ? Is it wrong to take recognition for your success in life ? We have niggas in Paris and we have niggas who are poor. There is a reason for that and it is beyond jay z and kanye west. Don't shit on them for enjoying life. We as people do recognize that both exist in this world and there are people out there trying to change this. I might be out of context when I say this but wtf has chuck d done for the black community lately ? I understand he preaches through his musicbut does he share his privileged life with fellow unprivileged blacks ? Does he go above and beyond a cash donation to help people in need ? Or is he traveling all over the world too enjoying his riches ? He is no different than Jay z regardless of what he says he might be to other people. And there is nothing wrong with that. I do respect chuck d for his contribution to hip hop and I mean no disrespect when I say this, but this interview was terrible and I believe he failed to explain his views in way that was consistent in theory and instead came off hypocritical to some degree.

    • Shone Jones

      I don't think that Chuck learned those lessons because he and Griff did a collaboration with Vanilla Ice for that Elvis Killed Kennedy joint. Also, didn't he, at one point, wanted to sign Vanilla Ice?

    • Mr.Wow

      I once heard a lawyer say "Show me a man and I'll show you the crime." Every book, leader, pastor, teacher, mentor I ever encountered had flaws. What is important are the lessons you can learn from that individual and how you can activate it and apply to your life, perception, and reality. Who knows what the inside joke was about YBT if there is one. But chuck didn't own the label or put them out. The Bomb Squad put them out same cats that did the first Cube album. Tap The Bottle was a hit for a second but they didn't have mass appeal. They had no influence on the culture because 40's and blunts was already active and popular in our culture. Regardless of his flaws which we all have Chuck D is a guy that isn't afraid to talk about things most rappers fear to say because of money issues. Now ain't that some punk You can't deny the voice PE brought to the climate when the culture was lacking it. He is vehicle of information, and knowledge that can be used to uncover one's own reality. Chuck is nothing more than a good solid starting point that can motivate one to enrich his/her own life through studying and researching for the truth.

    • Shone Jones

      @ Remember Young Black Teenagers? It was a very interesting moment, because aside from the controversial title , these cats were actually halfway decent on the mic. Their biggest hit "Tap the Bottle" one of the most celebrated anthems of the 40 oz is still considered a classic by fans of the 90's east coast grimy sound era..i.e (Onyx, Redman, LOTUG Das Efx, Black Moon) So here again, it's the issue of the SOURCE. Yes, it was fucked up that these boys not only exploited the name "Young Black Teenagers," but they also came off rather "wiggerish" but what was more fucked up is that they were promoted and produced by the same production team that gave us the pro-black anthems of IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS and FEAR OFA BLACK PLANET. I'd still like to know how and why did Chuck even let that shit slide.


      I find it hard to understand why our people continue to support the dope man over the professor. Someone stated that people demand it and that is true but at some point the dealer, pusher, and carrier has to take some responsibility for the product he/she is selling and consider the short/long term psychological and physical effects it has on communities across the country and world. I mean how many niggas in the hood going to college and giving back to they community? Not many, niggas ain't even graduating from High School and talking bout going to Paris and million dollar dreams. As communities continue to tank and kids strive for sexual freedom and not a education we celebrate the few people that have made it from the gutter rapping about dreams that will never become reality for it's listeners. Jay Z and Kanye are not the first Niggas in Paris so if your were inspired by them and their song you should research how far back niggas have been living, touring, working, and visiting Paris. If you are receiving your main source of knowledge, motivation, inspiration from these fairy tail rappers today you need a reality check. It's not to late to enroll in a community college and dig in. What Chuck D said makes all the since in the world. Being that he sampled the song himself when he cleared the sample from the original artist they became part ownership in chuck song so when Bad Boy sampled it he wasn't just dealing with PE but the other owners, the original owners and creators of the music whom wanted a cut. Chuck was just part of the deal because he own part of the song. Conditioning our minds with artist works that have no value for society is useless and hazardous. Yea, Jay Z inspired you to go to Paris but how you gonna get there? What services do you provide so that when you get there you are able to establish connections and get paid while you there? Why go there and ball out and the people there don't won't to see your kind? Why ball out to feel like an oddball in a beyond rich environment?

    • Shone Jones

      But at the same time, Chuck basically contradicted what he said on his site years ago, when he stated that: "perhaps the problem isn't the music, but they fact that we (golden era) fans are getting older and you have to come to terms with the fact that your aging" He even admits in that article that he has falling into the "generational gap." In other words, BULLSHIT SELLS! Stop blaming the record companies and artists for degrading or debasing a people, when the PEOPLE DEMAND IT. High Art never sells, unless it is simplified for juvenille tastes. So there is no sense in marketing credible authentic music(real hip hop) to a mass of people whom don't desire nor appreciate it.

    • .com

      He's saying, as priveledged and successful as they may be, they are commercializing off the poor, getting rich and basically flaunting their own money back to them. chuck can't see anything heroic about that, and I'm glad someone actually stepped up and made this statement. Why would we want to support a due for throwing a dream and not shedding a light on the real condition. where has the worldly view dissapeared too, niggaz in Paris? Lets focus on some serious issues

    • Shone Jones

      Chuck is full of shit. This the same dude that defended the mysogonist pathalogical tirades of the GETO BOYS in the Source back in 1990. Why can't CHUCK D. critique Hip Hop without calling people's names out? Chuck is sue crazy. This isn't the first time he did this. He first started suing rap artists with his lawsuit against D.J POOH whom sampled his voice.."the incredible" from the BRING THE NOISE single for a ST. IDES commercial featuring ICE CUBE. Even the Madonna lawsuit was some stupid shit. Any real beat digger would know that the SECURITY OF THE FIRST WORLD drum pattern is a complete rip off of the JAMES BROWN instrumental masterpiece "Funky Drummer", How are you gonna sue somebody for sampling your sample? Plus, Chuck lawsuits are always misdirected instead of hitting the pockets of the white artists and execs he claims to be directing these suits at, it's always the Blacks that suffer. Chuck has always been a hero to me, but he fucked up with that lawsuit. He realizes HIP HOP is about Duality. Not everybody can be out there preaching. PE had no problems with touring with Ice-T and Digital Underground back in the day, so what's the problem now?

  • Anonymous

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  • awesome

    Legendary interview... great way to end it.

  • So Icy Boi!

    LMAO! LMAO! LMAO! black folkz tryna protect Chuck Dz old azz. diz nigga neva will make a classic hip hop album like Tha Carter III.... hiz albumz It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back & Fear of a Black Planet aint even on Soulja Boyz level. LMAO. Lil Wayne iz da best rapper alive. I know da truth hurtz but: NEW RAPPERS > OLD RAPPERS......... NEW CARS > OLD CARS. swag

  • Official

    Stop complaining about hip hop bieng dead cause its not! We got people like the Black Hippy crew, Big KRIT and others still puttin out real music. All you gotta do is find it no ones forcing you to listen to Lil Wayne!...STOP COMPLAINING...AS SOCIETY GETS "BRAINWASHED" YOU CAN LOOK DOWN ON THE WORTHLESS PAWNS WITH A CLEAR AND LEVELED MIND SET

  • Frank

    Chuck D may not flaunt money but this guy flaunts all the countries he's traveled to and flaunts all the opportunity he has in the face of people that will never experience any of it. It's the same thing and done for the same marketing and psychological reasons. The psychology of saying he has something going for him that YOU don't. Chuck D is a legend in the rap world - which is like being a legend in the special olympics.

    • Anonymous


    • Corporate America Dickrider

      Frank is telling the truth spooks. Chuck D riles you coons up like you can make a difference while he's sippin on that kool-aid. What you gotta say about that Anonymous Nigger AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YOU SWEET SOFT BLUE GUM :)

    • Anonymous

      You have a point, but lets not pretend as if he know he's whole personal history. You never know if Chuck D went to Africa and gave a man/woman some money, it seems like an small effort but the person uses the money effectively it could start an chain reaction... so lets not be too quick to judge.

    • Frank

      The pope inspires people to do good things too. It still doesn't make him anything less than a fraud. Carry on with your idolatry of celebrities little one.

    • Anonymous


    • Frank

      Well, I'm more than happy to show you the error of your way, and being a cultured educated human is personally something I value. HipHop for the most part doesn't really value that kind of thing. And if you bothered to read the entire post, the point I was making was that he uses the same tactics to attract an audience that U.S. politicians do when they stigmatize "terrorists" or iran blames the "great satan" or Israel blames the "islamist". It's the same ambiguous war tactics used to rally troops. What has this guy done in the last 30 years besides make money for himself? He hasn't built schools, he hasn't done ANYTHING other than make rap records, yet all the "HipHoppers" actually defer some kind of status beyond being a rapper to this guy. Can you imagine if Lady Gaga had an army of people that truly considered her some kind of activist? Well that's all that's happening here. So go "hahahah" yourself until your life is complete. I really don't want you to see it my way, I think it's even more of a joke if you keep seeing it yours.

    • Anonymous


    • Frank

      You know why Chuck D uses ambiguous language like "machine" and "system and "corporate"?? Because it defers the responsibility of doing anything to someone else. Chucky D in the past has complained about Jimmy Iovine, has called Russel Simmons "Russel Scrimmons" , and you know what the end result is on Chuck D's part? He ends up kissing ALL there asses. And all of his complaints are nothing but empty theatrics peddled to the ghetto for the sole sake of making you idiots clap and cheer on. Chuck D is really just another corporate ass kisser with a convincing image. If you want a lesson in "tricknology" ( whatever that ghetto phrase means) learn from Mr Chucky Cheese here. He's definitely a vet.

    • Anonymous

      FOH with that BS tricknology.

  • illy

    chuck d legend,really wise man

  • Anonymous

    the youth is brainwash by the media ya believe everything they tell ya . i grew up on p.e. and chuck d been tell us how conrupt the govn'ment is and how corp is brainwashing us and he right by kanye and jay z roc nation which is own by live nation control jay z they are his boss they choose which song is release and aint black people tired of been called nigga or nigger and i know some say nigga is affection word but so is love so i guess i gonna start replacing love with nigga .. so i nigga ya and i nigga this site

  • Azhar

    I'm a fan of Chuck and P.E., but how can u ever talk about Jay & Ye making a song called Niggas inParis, when u had the biggest Coon (and I'm a black man before people start trippin) in your group FLAVOR FLAV. and was Chuck D mad at the machine when it was backing him and his group Public Enemy. What about the other statement songs on WTT, No Church in The Wild, New Day, Murder to Excellence, Made in America.... I swear sum people completely missed WTT like it went totally over their heads. We can be serious, but we can still party sometimes and Niggas in Paris addresses that. "I never thought I'd be here, if u escaped what I escaped u be in Paris gettin fucked up too," What's the point of strugglin or workin hard if you can't enjoy your accomplishments, so in that way Niggas in Paris can be inspiring, Damn Chuck I guess u never partied, or danced huh, you're a legend and your entitled to your opinion Chuck, but chill the fcuk out.

    • Azhar

      At Anon: dude i grew up in the PE era, like i said was and I am a big fan Chuck as an MC. Again Flav was a walkin contradiction (night of the livin baseheads) was actually talkin about him he was using crack correct?, or how bout all the kids he was havin out of wedlock and gettin sued for child support, 911 was a joke made a statement and was a hit, but come on how u gonna defend dude (Flava of Love my dude) he still defines coonery, but I guess Chuck is more willing to let Flav set an example or inspire than Jay and Yeezy? Did Chuck ever kick him out the group for bad publicity or for not being an good inspiration? Nope, instead didn't Flav put out more singles see, Cold Lampin...what da fcuk is inspiring about that song.. Def Jam was apart of (The Machine) that backed them. They may have fought the machine but I didn't remember hearing them Diss Russell Simmons or Rick Rubin or Lyor Cohen, just sayin Chuck comin at the title of the song Niggas in Paris and seeing how it can't be inspiring is short sighted.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, what a spin. No thanks for the Jewish Hip Hop history lesson, I already knew that and much more. I have to apologize to myself for entertaining the nonsense you are contributing to this "socially retarded message board". Keep waiting for that report, OK?

    • Frank

      lol What's wrong with mentioning Spike Lee and suggesting that Chucky Cheese stop complaining and go build something constructive with people he has worked with in the past. Isn't that one of the so-called messages of PE? To stop complaining and get something done? Or is it to just complain? Go ahead and try an stigmatize me as a "jew"...which I'm not... but I'll tell you one thing...those people are successful and make sure their kids don't succumb to the nonsense peddled on socially retarded message boards like this one. Why do you think Louie-the-fruity idolizes them so much? speaking of which... Have you signed up for your scientology membership today? lol Are YOU jewish? Jews were some of the main supporters of HipHop. Beastie Boys are the ones that put on PE along with Rick Rubin, not to mention the influence of Jerry Heller, Jimmy Iovine and many many others. I wonder if the owner of this website is "jewish". Personally I don't think it matters but since you seem to you might want to check into that. I'll be waiting for a detailed report.

    • Anonymous

      PE went on a hiatus in '93 while Flav had his problems so they ALL were on a time out. Frank you sound like one of those Republican pundits of that era I was speaking of. You hate Chuck, disrespected Farrakhan, brought up Spike Lee's name, included the Black Panther Paris. Are you Jewish? The ADL was breathing down their necks during that time. Griff was reprimanded for speaking about Jews, not because of his belief. I'm surprised you didn't mention Sharpton & Khalid. You do remember them, right? Did you cry tears of joy when you found out Tawanna Brawley lied?

    • Frank

      Flavor Flav is a CRACK addict that went to jail for waving a gun at a WOMAN. Did Chuck D kick him out of the group for that? Griff got kicked out for buying into the ideological garble of a contradictory lunatic black prison cult called the nation of islam while Louie-the-fruity-fairy con stood back and let these idiots make fools of themselves. Chuck D was the only "smart" one in the pack. And comparatively speaking, that really isn't saying much.

    • Anonymous

      The album cover for "Rebel Without A Pause" had them with a crew brandishing guns. The first album "Yo! Bum Rush The Show" they were talking about cars, chilling with the brothers and having a good time without the MAN bothering them sprinkled with very FEW songs of social ills. It's clear you missed this while being a "fan", the same way you forgot how much FLACK they got for a lot of their stances back then. The Republican pundits where slamming them and asking for a BAN, while they did try to BAN "Welcome To The Terrordome". They even banned Griff for speaking too much. Them dudes FOUGHT THE MACHINE. And while Flav was "cooning" he had one of the biggest HITS for PE, "911 Is A Joke". Remember his song "I Don't Wanna Be (Your Nigg*)"? Remember the symbolism of the clock? Or where you paying TOO MUCH ATTENTION to the dancing, because you wanted to be ENTERTAINED? Did you actually LIVE this PE era, or did you just hear the music and like it? Your comment tells me the latter. Feel free to clear any misconception up.

  • Hurricane Game

    idk why hes complaining about "niggas in paris", most non mainstream fans know that kanye lost his substance after his graduation album and jay lost his substance before BP3 idk why he is complaining about WTT, why not complain about C4,Take care and all the other mainstream flunkies who have destroyed hip hop? *shrugs*

  • Anonymous

    Chuck D will alwayz be in top 5 D.O.A

  • Killa

    Big K.R.I.T. Lupe Fiasco Kanye Nas The Roots J.Cole Jay Electronica Kendrick Lamar Common hip-hop is still runnin' shit. you niggas just like to bitch and exaggerate on some nonsense conspiracy bullshit. I'm not sayin the system is clean either but it's hardly a cry for help. keep smashing your heads against the wall instead of buyin units like "real hip-hop fans" should be doin.

    • moonknight

      J.Cole? I'm so tired of people acting like he's this superlyrical hip hop savior when he's doing the same old tired misogynistic, material radio airplay trash. Stop it. Dude sold out to get on RocNation and has never looked back.

    • Frank

      The only thing HipHop is running are the minds of it's listeners and lifestyle adopters into a fast track to nowhere.

  • Anonymous

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  • IROC

    BIG UPS TO Chuck D A RAP ICON ! Theres alot of young ill informed youth who follow the industry like herding cattle into who they want them to listen to Jay Z and Kanye naming a song niggas in Paris is disrespectful have we not evolve from such ignorance i hold Jay Z to a higher level but learn in order for him to be at that level he is still just a puppet who has to dance and perform what them corperate devils want it will be alot of dumb comments coming because alot of people dont understand when they are being disrespected

  • Frank

    Chuck D is a clown. I remember in the late 80's when this fool complained that there were no black TV stations. Now the internet exists and the only thing this rich wash up puts his energy into is rap music and talking about "Puff Daddy", "B-I-G", and continued complaints about corporate america. Hey Chucky Cheese - why don't you get together with a few of your multi millionaire american friends like Spike Lee, Russel Simmons, Jay Z, Paris and build an alternative instead of complaining about the world on ghetto websites like this one. lol. It's a rhetorical question, I already know the answer. Because your a rich BUM and full of s***t.

    • Anonymous

      lol this clown said "i'm a bit of a classist" lol you are just a young fool buddy

    • Frank

      There are a few definitions of the word Ghetto. Here's one of them: "Ghetto - any segregated mode of living or working that results from bias or stereotyping" So yes, according to that definition any number of black suburbs in the U.S. are still "ghettos" by virtue of the history of the U.S. It doesn't mean everyone s poor and living in a slum.

    • moonknight

      @FRank sorry but by definition black suburbs aren't ghettos. The first ghetto's were jewish immigrant neighborhoods in Manhattan. You seemed like someone who would comment in a somewhat learned way but you lost on that one. So I have to go with you just being a bigot.

    • RIP7

      And what that make's you Mr. no body. Type all that shit but you ani't even a factor. Still in your moms basement useing her computer to stay hating on greatness.

    • Frank

      I'm using ghetto as a class reference not as a race one. Websites like this MIRROR underclass and GHETTO american cultural norms for profit. That's how they make their money. The entire thing is a big joke on the public . By dictionary terms black suburbs are considered ghettos, but personally I would never consider a black suburb a ghetto. I am a bit of a class-ist and am completely open to admitting it. But I'm not a bigot at all. So now that I cleared that up carry on with your delusions little one.

    • Anonymous


    • Frank

      Thanks for showing your HipHop'n colors. lol "bitch ass blogger faggot". Did you learn that in college or in the hard core ghetto suburbs called my-mom-works-at-burger-king-my-daddy-left-me-and-I-am-lost-in-life. Sane people don't confer "credibility" to celebrities trying to make a buck.

    • Anonymous

      you're a clown. chuck d's opinions and credibility >>> yours bitch ass blogger faggot

  • Anonymous

    When you really sit back and look at everything, trying to put it all in context, nothing they discussed really matters.

    • Anonymous

      well thats what i mean so whatever, take it whatever way you want to

    • Anonymous

      Did you read what you said? You said "nothing really matters, when you really sit back and look and put everything into context what they discussed". That's not the same as "I didn't learn anything I didn't know already".

    • Anonymous

      I'm speaking for myself, not for anyone else. When I read this interview I didn't come away with any new social awareness or information. What I got was a legend being interviewed by a sycophant who was scared to say what he/she really wanted to say.

    • Anonymous

      You don't speak for the people who have ALREADY spoken.

  • renzo rollin

    P.E one of the greatest groups, but Chuck sounds like a bitter old hater.

    • Anonymous

      It's not new to you? Fine. Everybody here doesn't know and understand that sir.

    • Anonymous

      Nah, man you're not getting what I'm trying to say here. Chuck D is an icon, I respect the man, but this interview really isn't about much. Cmon' can you honestly tell me that you learned anything new from this interview? I didn't -- corporate control? We're all aware of that shit, this site is a prime example of it if you wanna be real about it. Cultural gentrification? Once cats in power figured out a way to make money on our culture it was a wrap, we're all aware of this stuff.

    • Anonymous

      listening to an experienced older person>>>>>>>agreeing with a young commenter who thinks they know it all. If hype is going against the Jews (ADL) AND Christians ("cause they got me like Jesus" lyric) AND the government (Arizona/MLK holiday), then I will believe the hype too. "Theyre kids, what do they know? They scream and holler about anything" ^^^^^he already responded to you What have YOU done?

    • Anonymous

      No, he sounds like a man who bought into his own hype -- which is unfortunate.

  • Skee

    The interview sounded very stupid Hip hop Dx need to employ journalist with common sense this person personifies whats wrong with hip hop

  • Hypestyle

    Rappers have to learn how to elevate beyond the standard of "nignorance" that pervades the industry now. Nignorance is rappers concocting (and their hangers-on supporting) elaborate stories about being major drug-gamers before their record deals. Its accepting the notion that a young Black/Latino, aged 15-25, can have a self-contained million-dollar drug empire, not become a marked man for the mob and/or police, and not come out the other end of this in jail, dead, or broke. To do so ignores a slew of American realities. This goes for Jay-Z, Rick Ross, T.I., Jim Jones and everyone else who has claimed street king status in their past. Nignorance is a prosperous street merchant choosing not to invest ones gains in legitimate endeavors like real estate, waste management, credit unions, laundromats, grocery stores, etc., but instead chasing down label reps, hawking CDs from their car trunk, competing in open-mic-nights, to ultimately settling for a cash-advance from a record label, then arguing about the deductions from their semi-annual royalty statements. Rap musicians should know that life is more important than a record, or even their pride. If any of them have a violent demise, can you call it street credibility if their childhood street gets renamed for them? President Obama recently signed legislation that cuts down the disparities in sentencing of those caught with crack-cocaine vs. powdered coke. A great development, though, we still have the issue of folks from the underclass who look at dope-trafficking as just another career choice, or a stepping stone to a career in rap.

  • c4 triple plat

    i agree with him on that niggers in paris song. that shit is cooning in its purest form.

  • Anonymous

    "And, kids only look at the lawsuit. Theyre kids, what do they know? They scream and holler about anything" ^ this says it all, you can rummage through the comments and pick out the kids with ease.

  • Anonymous

    the gods strived night and day crafting there skillz to get that recognition and bring this genre to the masses only to have some greedy fat corporate guy dictate what your ears are going to hear 24hrs a day at the stirring wheel of a culture they don't even understand or give two flying fucks!

  • jdirty

    Becaause lil 12 year old girls and dumb ass niggas dont give a shit about music having a messege.As llong as the beat is good fuck the lyrics right?

  • jdirty

    Chuck D is a legend man,Dude makes some good points.......I wouldnt expect them new lil young niggas 2 understand it tho.Rap aint making any good stands in hip hop anymore..Its all bitches and money

  • J.T.

    I definitely respect Chuck D's thoughts. He is right, corporate does have a massive influence on hip hop culture. I dont think they are the only people to blaim though. The fans have to take credit for not supporting good artists by buying their music or going to their shows. The artists themselves have chosen to diminish their craft to some degree in order to gain fame. Jay admitted to that. Kanye admitted to that. Nas and Eminem have too Etc. However, I think this debate is meaningless. Support whatever music you like and ignore the music you hate. It can be that simple as long as you let it. If you dont like it then simply forget about it. There is no need to try and condemn certain people for trying to do their own thing. Everyone has different tastes and that cannot be changed.

  • Anonymous

    Chuck never gives you nothing but the plain truth, i can absolutely relate to that!

  • Corporate America Dickrider

    PS stay jobless and classy taking a stand!!!! ahahahahhahahahahahaha

    • Anonymous

      Keep quoting Chuck D while he's sucking corporate America's dick ignorant nig ;) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK BOTH YALL SPOOKS

    • Anonymous


  • DutchWeazel

    Chuck D, the man, the legend.

  • Anonymous

    The DX interviewer looks like a fool after this , cant back his questions then just says " im just as frustrated as you " . What a cop out answer , if your going to interview a legend give him the respect and show him you know what your talking about

    • triPAUD

      Haha,wow, yeah didn't come correct to talk to chuck d about it at all. I mean its NIP isn't even that complicated...chuck d is on a different level. He's hip hop on a philosophical level, not this business cashout bullshit

  • Anonymous

    everybody is talking shit chuck aint hating in the first place but he doesnt feel niggas in paris well so WHAT! He aint hatin on Jayz west either he thinks Jayz west is not in full control of their own sound its how the music industry wants them to sound (COmmercial shit). So chuck D aint hating but he isnt feeling watch the throne. So stop this nonsense about all like 90's or old school do is hating

  • Anonymous


  • Jay

    While I dont always frame my thoughts like ChuckD, he makes good points here. He forgot to call out blogs like DX though... Who could be making things better by showcasing new artists in a creative format. However we are inundated with the same radio tracks on the blogs... And neither can u get to them to showcase your stuff.. Unless u have a manager? C''mon son... Y'all part of the system...

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    umm Watch the throne , commercial rap is not what rap is supposed to sound like. Its being promoted like its hiphops best form of rap. sure some artists go for the money but theyre music suck - snoop nowadays. At least Chuck d comes from the beginning and stays true to the game

  • Corporate America Dickrider

    Chuck D should not be praised. I'm sorry but he manipulates illiterate ass niggers (whites or any race can give two fucks what this guy says) into thinking that corporate america is bad and to stay away. you know what fighting corporate america does? makes you broke (surprise niggers!) he stays profiting off keeping you guys broke fighting a system that wins 100% of the time. not only that but if 99% of you people were in jay or kanyes situation you wouldve sold out too. so stay fighting the system that controls all the money niggers let me know how that treats your broke asses. dont forget who you gotta go through to get a decent job. fuck chuck d and fuck yall!

    • Corporate America Dickrider is an idiot

      48% of American households on food stamps are white. If there are over 3 million Americans unemployed and 22% of the American population is Black, who are truly the "broke nigg*rs"? It's never been a secret that Public Enemy's fan base includes a lot of WHITE people. Unless you have bullions of gold and silver YOU are broke TOO. But as usual, a WHITE person invades the comment section acting like they have the all the answers, gets the "white superior" talk going and always puts their foot in their mouth because they don't know S**T. Occupy Wall Street was founded by WHITE PEOPLE, and a LOT of them are NOT BROKE. Do us ALL a favor.........and GTFOHWTBS.

    • Corporate America Dickrider

      Wow, landlord I did not know there was a bigger idiot than Pizice until I just read your moronic post. O.K you got it backwards YOUR what corporate america wants, someone that thinks taking a stand and not drinking the kool-aid will make a difference. Thanks again niggers.

    • land lord

      1st you need a hug,2ndly you need a tutor so you can get out of the 2nd grade, & lastly until stay off the blogs until you get those 2 things

    • the truth

      @Corporate America Dickrider I gurarantee you this mofo is a lonely, drunk, middle aged guy who probably had his wife leave his small dick for a black guy. As much as he used the word "Nigger" Shame on you.

    • Pizice

      Dickrider, Thanks for taking the time to write something to demonstrate your exceptional literacy and to truly identify who is the real idiot. Much obliged. Also keep believing in your pathetic little mind that you wield some influence over people through your keyboard; when really all you are is a spineless worm and the only thing you are in charge of is what letter you peck at next before hitting return. You are a noisy Weezy Gnat from here on out to my patented Jay-Z silent but deadly SWATTER!! R/Unimpressed with your show of ignorance.

    • o.k

      first i would like to say that was one the most ignorant and baseless comments i have ever read or seen. second, congratulations on having no soul and no heart. maybe you can teach your kids to be as soul-less and gut-less as you..... we've all seen what corparate greed has done to not only the U.S but other counries as well so for you to right or say your nonsense is just stupid.. you are what corparations want.. a person who thinks they are needed in order for you to improve your life.

  • Pizice

    DX and P-Arnold, BTW, Good interview. We all need more Chuck. Rap as a whole needs to be injected with a few Chuck-Ds. That void has been soooo empty. Not a lot of socially concious acts out their and certainly NONE that can bring the great lyrics and put the banging music and production the Bomb Squad use to lace PE with. The music was in perfect synergy with the powerful vocals. Thats what I miss the most. Today everyone wants to be the next HOV2 (i.e. like KRS1's sentiments towards 'KRS2' back in the day), ironically their fans are so young they don't know their favorite rapper is a rip-off of another rapper who is/was so much better than who the young un' is trying to emulate...and sadly, is now disrespecting. p.s. Lost in a lot of this thread is that Chuck is right on Tip's infamous Industry Rule 4080. That has not changed since the days of Elvis. But more Rappers are managing to MAKE-MANAGE and KEEP money now so hats off to the wise. Hov being one of them.



    • chilleymost

      true,,however spending money on things will help a little bit,,motherfuckers will get tax breaks and shit,,,,,however when someone gives you a mental jewel,,,,like the best rappers do in there music,,,that shit is priceless,,knowledge and information is the key,,,,to end all your woes your ups your downs your highs and and your lows,,,,,ADD ON

    • Deen

      son reread that...if anything he gave Jay and Kanye more props than you just did. He asked a simple question, who's the song for? And its a valid might know who its for but he don't. That's not a judgment though homie.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, even 50 is giving back to africa now he gets my respect, also jay & kanye give back to the community. actions>words

  • So Icy Boi!

    LMAO! whu iz diz nigga? itz not da 70z or 80z anymore..... deze old school rapperz are trash. Lil Waynez worst song it better den da best song off of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back... lmao diz nigga aint no Weezy. Fear of a Black Planet wuz a commercial fail. lmao. dat album iz da worst hip hop album of all time. of all time. IMO. doze songz aint catchy.... & Chuckz lyrics suck. swag

    • Anonymous


    • durag

      So Icy Boi go jerk off to your lil wayne posters u little faggit. bet uz a spotty virgin lil queer who gets beat up every day. bet u cry when u hear drake sing "hes got such a beautiful voice" and tink gucci is "deep", prob draw tattoes like weezys with markers on your skinny ass, gucci and faggit weezy will be finished in a few years. u know fuckin nothing about music

    • Anonymous

      whuz iz diz nigga talkiz bouz ! Stupid Clown! Lil wayne gucci are faggots ! 90's rappers Forever they paved the way for you ungrateful fucking spoiled kids! Now go listen to your bitch kiddie raps

    • Pizice

      "Lil Waynez worst song it better den da best song off of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back... lmao diz nigga aint no Weezy. Fear of a Black Planet wuz a commercial fail. " Did you really post that?..Huh? What?!!! only conclusion I can make is that your drugs (like Weezy's) are wearing off..get more ASAP!!

    • So Icy Boi!

      Im 17 u ignorant fool. ur music taste iz irrelevant bitch. fucken old azz nigga. Public Enemy aint hot.... Bigggie aint hot either. Im from ATL. ATL niggaz fuckin wit Gucci & Weezy cuz deir muzik iz real az fuck. swag

    • Camaro

      Huh, Lil Wayne's worst song is better than P.E.'s worst? Wow. Is this reall how so many young niggas think? I'm 28 but I used to listen to my older brothers late 80's and 90's tapes and Wayne's best shot can't touch P.E.'s shit. This is fucking sad. I hope you're like 12 or 13 to say such ignorant shit.

  • Anonymous

    I can understand chuck , he s in the game almost since the beginning and paved the way for rappers even Commercial to begin with. They kept the fans listening to hiphop so the scene never died out. So in a amount its not fair that commercial rap gets all of the light.

  • Anonymous

    I just don't think Jay is setting the tone or breaking through barriers on an artistic level these days. He's following the crowd instead of drawing the crowd to him, wisdom is much more precious than silver and gold.

  • Frank is Right

    I agree with the points that "FRANK" has made. The music industry is one smart business group. They try to appeal all people to distract them from what's really going on. You have guys like Kanye & Jay-Z appealing the the crowd who would follow the casual rap fans aka suburb kids who listen to pop music. Then on the internet, we get guys exposing them as frauds or industry puppets but then we praise guys like Immortal Technique, Public Enemy or Jedi Mind Tricks as "True Hip-Hop". Those underground acts do the same technique but manipulate a limited amount of people who they believe who be loyal to them by defending their actions when the artist could care less to know that those fans even exist. Hip-Hop was formed to distracted to masses by creating public stunts and fake beefs. Think why Chuck D is still living or Professor Griff. They are allowed to expose some "truth" but they twist the words in ideologies that Jay-Z might believe in. Even 2pac was on that Makaveli bs naming himself after an evil psychopath before he was shot. Hopefully he repented before he left this world but only God knows. It's not to listen to Jay-Z or Public Enemy, you can listen to whatever you want but don't be acting like Public Enemy are heroes when they are as bad as Jay-Z but used in a different technique for a different crowd.

    • John

      I agree. I'll invoke a quote(possibly misquoted) , "he without sin cast the first stone" I strongly dislike self righteousness acting like you excrement doesn't stink. You stay as true to your principles but don't act like everyone must adhere to those principles. Beautiful thing is we all individually have our own conscious to answer to. Check it though I do recall at least once though Pac acknowledging saying that he was not innocent in the corruption he was at war with. We all know you win within because the greatest battle is within. I like what Ross said " only cried when babies died"

  • Anonymous

    ^ holla @ me hiphopdx for real..

  • Anonymous

    It's unfortunate, that hiphop has used marketing to the point where people could really criticize a person that cares about his people enough to that he expects more from them. The saddest part is Jay-z and Kanye will read Chuck-D's statements and inside their hearts agree with him, but know that they aren't willing to take that first step to attempt remedy the situation. People like Mos Def fight the good fight and people like Jay-z and Kanye shamelessly sell out in an attempt to argue that someone else is going to do it OR they argue that they can do more good if they work with the system. But the honest truth is they opt to go their chosen route because they have shamelessly joined the system. For instance, Jay-z's move with the occupy wall street movement led to tremendous backlash and Kanye 's sudden change after his mother's passing from the writer of Jesus walks and one of the few mainstream artists to take a proactive and social conscious stance , to becoming a self titled porn addict whom lacks class. We ought to hold our rappers to a higher standard and Chuck D simply saying it only helps to remind them. To the posters that don't agree you are cool-aid drinkers who dont understand that people like Jay-z have manipulated the hood and became rich off the misery of others. At what point do we wake up and really start making the change we thought would come? At the end of the day people can call it music but not when its built on the stories of the poor and the poor shouldnt simply get a self proclaimed king in return. Instead we should get someone that attempts to do more, and set better examples. I would like Hiphopdx to allow me write an open letter to Jay-z. If he answers my letter I will expose his motives. My opening line would be this.. I was a former Jay-z fan for most of my life. I felt Jay-z truely was a voice for the poor , witty and an excellent business man who would never sell out. So I ask this...after selling millions of records , selling out world wide stages and winning so many accolades why would Jay-z say in his song 'truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense ..but i did five mil.. i aint rhyme like common since.." The moral of my letter would read.. for the man that has it all and no one would stop him. And he could do so much good.. why would he deprive the music fan and his own listeners the chance to hear knowledge..instead of Niggas in Paris? Money. Sad..

    • Hypestyle

      Frank, your comments are just as willfully ignorant as Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and so many other idiotic personalities. The straight up apathy of "'hood folk" merely illustrates how far gone urban culture is, when they start reflexively bashing older folk on principle, and not for anything substantive. Your comments=Epic Fail, Frank..

    • Frank

      Chuck D manipulated the hood as much as Jay Z. He just did it in a different way where the semi-educated public was stupid enough to buy into the illusion. The drowning-in-sorrow stories of the poor shouldn't be valued. Removing ones self from an environment of poverty SHOULD be valued. HipHop doesn't do that - it keeps people stupid,gullible and poor through it's cultural mannerisms and values. Look at the way people on this board value entertainers as anything but...entertainers. The whole thing is enough to make an educated parent cringe. People on this website consider a 50+ year old RAPPER an "elder". How sad is that? If he wasn't famous I guarantee nobody would care. He would just be a silly rappin' old man who refuses to act his age. If you want to learn something through the media you have the entire internet to explore. Get away from music.There is more usefulness and "consciousness" available through various educational websites than anything ANY dumb rapper will EVER have to offer .If you want to exert the effort and truly explore it's yours for the taking. F*** these posturing rap fairies. Bunch of poseurs. The whole lot of them. KRS ONE is another loon job kook tangled up in his own ghetto hype.

  • SirsStax

    Respect Ur Elders you might learn something Younguns!

  • SirsStax

    Okay..Peace to Chuck D, Now people are still blinded to who there are be cause there listening to garbage and watching garbage. Chuck always kept it real. You have to have reality and bullshit and no the difference its just entertainment at the end of the day, these artists have to live with there concious awarness to the point of letting the people no the reality of all. Hip Hop had its common mixture in 80' and 90's which included concious hip hop. Now where is it now caught up in the corporate machine to keep you down the consumer. Bill Clinton signed off on big corporation to buy up the radio stations and local companies or small companies were put out. So if you don't know grab up the PE library and start listening to music that made a difference to a nation of millions that the corporate machine constantly tried to hold back. Chuck D they need to hear this so dont sugarcoat nuthin as a people where lost and thats not just black it's rich and poor now. Martin Luther King predicted this and it was his last fight there should not be poverty in America. Poverty is modern day slavery and feed you like a baby next they will be killin you off without a care in the world just casualties of Corporate America. Stax Speaks

    • Sensaye252

      Louis Farrakhan is a brilliant man, and what's wrong with telling kids in the ghetto about Illuminati conspiracy theories Just because Illuminati conspiracy theories have been sensationalized and popularized doesn't mean they're not true.

    • Anonymous

      You think kids in the ghetto should always hear about the incredible odds they're up against? Rappers telling them they're nothing but shit? I'd bet they'd favor someone like Jay who inspires them to do better in their everyday life. SMH @ falling for Chuck D's talk. Dude is doing the same Kanye and Jay do, just only difference is another image.

    • Frank

      Chuck D never "kept it real". This is the same guy that anointed Louis Farrakhan as a "prophet" of god, peddled Illuminati "New World Order" conspiracy theories to the ghetto in all his songs, PRETENDED to be an activist of some sort for the last 30 years, and creates artificial enemies for sensationalisms sake - like Russel Simmons. Chuck D isn't against Russel Simmons, in fact he kisses his a**. The "evil corporate radio" argument is moot. The internet gave people an alternative. Chuck D just keeps this bull**it it going because creating enemies is good for his media-business. It's the 48 laws of power 101. The real issue is simply a mass of unproductive people who have no idea how to exploit the tools at our dispose.....we're diverted by charlatan figure heads like Carl Ridenhour pretending to be something they're not. Hollywood can burn and this clown and the rest of "HipHop" can burn with it. I remember when Chuck D the hypocrite called everyone on twitter "twidiots", now this fool spends all his time on twitter trying to scramble an audience to listen to his pointless sound-bite nonsense.

  • 1love

    chuck d lives by contraversy creates cash.

  • Frank

    If this multi-million dollar 50+ year old RAPPER cared about anything but himself he would have divorced himself from this childish HipHop nonsense years ago and built something productive outside the entertainment world - which in it's entirety is founded on nothing but a full-court deception of the public. But he DIDN'T! Carl Ridenhour if you're reading this...go to hell. You're a spoiled infantilized Hip'Hoppn rich AMERICAN clown that got lucky. You're "lectures" are half-a**ed garbage based on contrasting the world of entertainment.... and not based in any contemporary or tangible utility. You're just another BUM that found a way to make a lot of money doing NOTHING.

    • phraynkh

      WOW @frank just said it all...

    • Pizice

      Frank, So the points of your narratives are to do what? To be the next Chuck? Seems you like the soap box to sell your own vivid and skewed points of view. I am a huge fan of both Chuck D and KRS and their music (specifically when they were at their peak of success) and I consider myself to be well educated; and when I wasn't 'so-called' well educated according to the condescending parameters and labels you seem to put conscious Hip Hop heads under I still knew IT WAS JUST MUSIC. While there was obvious political commentary (and more of course) in their music, Chuck-D and KRS were not my literal teachers or pastors or university professors or my parents. In my opinion, you came in on your high horse with an axe to grind personally with Chuck-D and conscious Hip Hop from raps 'golden era'...curious why? We know what we can take from the music. Should I question your intelligence for your generalized assumption that basically those that appreciated PE and KRS and their music/message were essentially clueless? It's obvious you are intelligent so I don't think that's any fairer to you

  • yodaddy

    Thanks Paul W. Arnold for conducting the interview and much respect to Check Dangerous...aka Check D.

  • harris89

    this dude still cool with flav? alrighty then. next.

  • ruff

    gae men pretending to be straight pretending too like girls and getting paid.come on how many straight men are gonna...;;..?/j,k,50,dre,

  • saz

    im more into music where u get a energy wer u can have fun too or bug out too .not no hidden messages .its a wrape

  • Invades Austin

    Jay and Kanye talk about their lives, it includes glamour so if you don't want to hear about their lives, don't listen to it. Its mad simple, they are rapping about their lives quite clear and uncut, if you don't like that it includes them ballin.. Don't listen.

  • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

    There is a reason that we haveHip Hop legends like Chuck D & KRS One, because the clouds of lies & ignorance are covered over us every day, until the light (which are Chuck & Kris) breaks through and sheds truth & thought on us so we can take some time out & think. Forever these legends will be respected.

  • F. Rap

    Soooo many niggas now a days Chuck.

  • Hip-Hop Love

    Big krit Jay Cole Drake Wale Wayne Nicki Meem Mills Ross Jay Z Kanye Tyga Jay Electronica Kendrick Lamar HIP-HOP IS ALIVE AND WELL. Yawl just some angry mofo's who got to bitch about something everyday.

  • Hypestyle

    Hopefully the interviewer will ask Chuck about the lawsuit against Universal Music over the lack of royalties paid for digital downloads of P.E. and other artists. Some other follow up questions for the interviewer: What would Chuck do as president of Def Jam if he were allowed? Would Chuck do a political, non-sex song with Too Short?


    BIG UP O.G. Chuck...I feel like he only sayn what PAC would say.Niggas In Paris?? Really U mofo's don't stand for anything these days so u fall for anything.Grow some nutz pussys these guys could give a fuck less about the hood all they wanna do is eat off the hunger & make a living off the homeless.SMH @DACHILDOFHIPHOP

  • Anonymous

    Damn this is a real insightful article. And it really put into words why sometimes we're mad at hip-hop and can't really explain why. I liked when Chuck D said "Cause its like, Black kids who would never know about a Paris or a France Niggas In Paris means what? Whos happy about that at the end of the day? Niggas in Paris?" And that las quote was amazing too "I know Im privileged, but Im just totally, totally against somebody showing off riches to the poor. It goes against every fuckin storybook tale that weve learned since kindergarten. Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor and was a hero. How the fuck you gonna rob from the poor and be the rich and be a hero? It just doesnt make any damn sense"

    • Rome Diggz

      I co-sign those two statements, and personally Jay-Z and Kanye's album was garbage. Nothing in it had any direction. Maybe, they were making fun of the fact that they can say anything they want and People will buy it because the cover says 'Jay-z And Kanye West'. Thats the only way i see that album having any success. Because the music was terrible.

  • Anonymous

    Jay Z is dope. That's why he wins.

  • Dee

    Yall punks go buy that ja rule pil2 album all u nigga that comments on this site y'all all dick rider wit no clue I knw y'all asses is sore damn be leader someday real niggas we got to go back to the motherland the USA is turning gay as fuck look at these homo dress code str8 gay and these hoes eatin mo pussy then niggas these days cracker shit

  • Dee

    Nigga fuck gay-z and gay-ye these two punks been sold out these niggas are crackers gay z is 45 with no facial hair booty face homo tupac told y'all bout this gay ass nigga 15yrs ago. And gay ye been a bitch ever since and this lame bitch bey only fuckin the nigga for the bread this hoe is cross eyed . Shout out to chuck d real nigga. And these two niggas wear dresses if u punks got a problem Im n Orlando pine hills and north lane all day oh yeah bring yo pistol shit prolly get real pussies.

  • Sadiq

    Chuck D and Public Enemy was the most conscious hip hop group. I was a radio DJ at my college just before PE blew up. First it was Run DMC who crossed over. I remember at the Garden, Run DMC, Public Enemy, LL Cool J,Beastie boys,Whodini tore it up and down. We used to have to come to the jive, atlantic record companies to pick up the promotional records. I used to attend the Bronx river projects, community center anti crack rallies with the fathers of hip hop 'Bambata , Cool Herc, Flash /furious five. There was no doubt that PE took the torch and never let it go, they had all the respect. And they still got it all, especially Chuck D. Rush can get that money cause I'am from Queens and he didnt have to sling , like jazzy and biggie was nothing but crack dealers. Biggy was not the King come on please, anyone who says he's a king of hip hop dosen't know the root. How this thing took off. I went to a college and people like Angela Davis, The late Stokely Carmicheal(Kwame Toure) and other heavy weights in the struggle looked to us to carry the torch after them. Chuck D is still carrrying that torch. Now they wondering whats wrong with kids today, why they so messed up, they didnt hear that song from back in the day "Your headed for self destruction". I pray that they wake up. peace out.

  • oldillness

    chuck d sounds like a fucking hater to me...

    • ETK

      No, haters are people who hate vehemently and sometimes they don't even give you a reason. Not only did chuck D explain his whole stance, but he outright said he don't hate Ye/Jay or is mad at them

  • F U NGZs

    Yawl yapping about Jay-Z? Really? The same Jay-Z that bust his ass and came all the way up from the underground to mega-star status? The same Jay-Z that's building a financial foundation so that the mother fuckers you dig like JAY COLE can have their chance? That Jay-Z? Fuck ALL yawl sellouts.

  • Anonymous

    One Last time JAY-Z IS NOT you niggas daddy. Stupid, crying ass fools. And neither is Chuck D. You fucked your own life up.

  • SMH

    WTT is a great album. You don't like it or understand it SO WHAT. Jay can do whatever he wants just like ANY other artist. He WORKED for his and that's all the man has really ever rapped about. "Niggas" in the ghetto NEED to be checking themselves NOT Jay-Z.

    • STAN

      I wonder if Malcolm woulda only worked for his... I wonder if Martin woulda chose just to paper chase And Im sure Fred Hampton died so Jay could wear two watches and carry a purse

    • hypestyle

      stop jockriding SMH.. pick up some PE albums while you're at it.. Jay Z was never a huge drug dealer-- FACT. None of these self-described "ex-hustler" rappers were..

  • Again This

    Again black people keep putting themselves in a BOX. We are our own worst enemies by brainwashing ourselves to think their is only ONE way a real black person should act, think, behave. And all of it points to assimilation or needing someone's approval. Chuck we got to stop regulating ourselves and be proactive at the same time.

  • Anonymous

    no matter what,artists who get massive attention will be criticised,i repeat no matter what.if jay and ye were making socially responsible music some would still call them hypocrites hiding their true lifestyles to appeal to regular financially people.if they show off their wealth some will be inspired to get to their level,others will feel offended.My point is that if you don't like somebody you're gonna find logical reasons to support your matter what he does

  • Anonymous

    broke ass nigga hatin , and yeah i was born in 1978.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      And since we're talking about birth years, I was born in 1985. Just recently, I found out that I have the unfortunate pleasure of sharing the same birthday with that so-called fake blood with the ice cream tattoo on his face. You know who I'm talking about.

    • Your Opinion Means Nothing...

      Chuck D, broke? Please, that man has millions in the bank, & is still making plenty money just by traveling the world & giving lectures. Same thing with KRS One. Plus, you can't forget royalties. Just because they're not flashy & don't floss all day, every day like some fake bloods we know these days (hint: one of those so-called fake bloods has an ice cream tattoo on his face. You know who I'm talking about.), does not mean they're broke, but have better things to spend their money on. Also, they can use their money to put their kids in college.

  • Read Bastiat's Shit

    Chuck is a fuckin tool, his legendary songs are "Fight the Power", and he supposedly anti-Govt, anti establishment. Yet he wants the govt involved in everything, he wants bigger government. He even wants not just A local or state government, but THE FEDERAL government in DC, to start regulating and censoring the radio waves MORE than they are already? And no Hov doesnt need to worry about being brainwashed by corporations like Chuck's paranoid self always thinkin theirs a white man controlling everything, fuckin Hov IS the damn corporation, he's in the damn board room, he's been CEO of Def Jam and RocNation, you think he has a little creative control on the shit he puts out lol??

    • Anonymous

      Why do you think America has the most poor people per head of population in the western world? That's the problem with you Americans, if an American didn't do it it's irrelevant. People in Europe don't have to work three jobs just to pay the rent but you do because you don't tax the rich properly and the tax money you get you spend on stupid wars,the prison system, NASA and media stunts where the president talks shit to 300 idiots with 30 grinning saps behind him.

    • Anonymous

      Are you okay bro? Anon co-sign. Chuck D is not anti-government...he is against the social injustices which the government imposes on citizens. Why people can't read constructively? People get way too heated when people say something contrary against their favourite rappers. Chuck D respects Jay and Ye as artists but he is on point with questioning the integrity of WTT and the song Niggas in Paris. "Im always gonna be angry at corporations. And Im always gonna be angry at people that show off their money to the poor and the growing poor in America and across the world. Thats just how I am. And people can say thats bitter, but why wouldnt I be angry at that? I know Im privileged, but Im just totally, totally against somebody showing off riches to the poor. It goes against every fuckin storybook tale that weve learned since kindergarten. Robin Hood robbed from the rich and gave to the poor and was a hero. How the fuck you gonna rob from the poor and be the rich and be a hero? It just doesnt make any damn sense." Trust me most of our rappers are robbing from the poor, all music corporations rob from the poor by using music to influence millions of people to believe that drugs, guns, money and women are all the need to "live that good life" and the government robs from the poor in many different ways.

    • Anon

      He's not anti-government, he's against the way the government abuses their power.

  • Diggiti

    Chuck D is a Legend .... let him say what he has to say and take from it what helps you.... You don't argue with Legends, you just listen

  • Anonymous

    When I first heard about Watch the Throne, I though It will be like Jay's Blueprint. Do you remember "Hearth of the City", "Never Change"or "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)"? Something like that, back to the basics type thing, maybe in a more modernized style. As may you figured it out already, I was kinda disappointed with the outcome. And one of my biggest concerns was what Chuck D mentioned: what's this all (album) about? Is it just about bragging how much money they have and what they can afford to do? Really? To me, it was total unrealistic. I always hoped there are clever-hidden messages laying around on tracks and I just don't get it or something, but nah. This stuff lacks depth of substance, and not as consistent as it should be. Kanye and Jay had mad potential and great chemistry together, and I can't believe they sold out so cheap the whole WTT concept. It should have been a game changer, a modern hip-hop masterpiece, instant greatness from back to forth. Compared to this, what we finally got is two legends just-for-fun project presented in a self-centered and somewhat lazy approach. Lyrically and production-wise too: both had highlights and in overall did a decent job, but nothing special or new. I know, if I want to hear the old Jay-Z / Kanye, I should listen to his old albums. Got that. But at the end of the day, you can't claim the throne if you don't show time after time that you still have what it takes. Be proud of your skills, not your wealth. Leave it to those "rappers" who can't have other options.

    • STAN

      Yup cuz tickets sold is an exact indicator of the quality of an album. Everything he said was right, shit, I think as a true hip hop fan you WANTED that album to be great, but it just wasn't and that was disappointing. Jay got all that money, its time to see him rap like Talib, since he said he can. You got all that money, than make an album that does more than talk about that fact.

    • Anonymous

      yeah, and that's the saddest part of the story. they would have sold those tickets anyway, regardless of the actual music. on the flip side, this is the same reason why we can put the blame on them for not making something undeniable.

    • Anonymous

      they must be doing something right, hell they sold all those tickets. cant challenge that for sure...

  • UltimateMegadon

    at the end of the day Chuck D Is absolutely correct of how he feel i agree is alot of fuckery going on in this industry Fuck hip hop it sucks dick the fans are fake and fans that so called support real shit downloads is alot of phony muthafuckers in this culture

  • Anonymous

    OK I respect Chuck but what he said about why he doesn't like "Niggas in Paris" was fucking stupid. Just fucking stupid. The song is not meant to appeal to any specific group. It is just another regular rap song.

  • Brian Quinn

    Elvis Presley was the greatest singer/entertainer of all time. He was the complete package - he had the talent, the voice, the looks, the charisma, the moves and could sing in virtually every musical genre available to him. He was also extremely humble with it. Of course Elvis was more than just an entertainer but quite an historical figure. It was he alone who broke down social and cultural barriers in 1950's U.S.A. making it easier for all entertainers who followed in his footsteps and paving the way for the Civil Rights Movement and Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr, whom Elvis greatly admired. Today Elvis' voice and image are everywhere from movies to books; from TV Soap Operas to comic books; from stage plays to CD's and DVD's. He is the most photographed and impersonated person of all-time and his record sales and other achievements are legendary. He remains the template for success in the music business. Everyone who actually met him never had a bad word to say about him - he was a genuinely nice guy. We will NEVER see his like again and all Americans should be truly proud of him. He was truly 'sui generis'.

  • Anonymous

    You have an IQ of 15. Is that you got? Come on punk.

  • mbongeni

    so every song on he radio must be serious?? let jay and ye enjoy they money stop hating...if yu want real music listen to murder to poor but one day i will leave Africa and go ball in paris...not sit around hating on some one doing they thing...hii power

    • Mbongeni

      dude im relatively poor...i am not absolutely poor..i am in university and i am working my self out of poverty..probably got more going for me than i am from zimbabwe a country where there no freedom so i would rather leave...i yes chuck d a hater...lost all my respect

    • Anonymous

      What if you get sick tomorrow but your broke ass can't afford the medicine? You wont be seeing shit.That's why Africa is a mess government officials driving around in top of the line Mercedes on unpaved streets. You have to crawl before you can run. If you had any real pride you'd want to make your own Paris in your own country.

    • STAN

      And on the other side of things, if all songs on the radio are about partying and flossing, shouldn't there be at least one serious song on the radio, cause that's really what he was saying. And not everyone that has an opinion is "hating." Can't say shit no more or you just a hater.

  • daviddaniel

    The hatters are out on Jay once again but I do see some educated discussion going on in here too. Lets begin with the educated people: I was a big Chuck D fan back in the day and I love his honesty. By reading this interview, I see it's not a personal issue with Jay but more of a statement saying what about the local hiphop talent, what about the urban poor culture. Chuck D helped create politically and socially conscious rap music. I agree with him to a point, when you listen to radio you hear the same 10 songs over and over again. What about the local artist that people love? Between the radio stations, tv stations, web sites, and magazines. This web site and others like it are given money to promote and help artist with there development. The more money you give the more they help you and even protect you as an artist. That being said, Jay is past that point. He has been making music for so long that he doesn't need to pay media outlets. They will play his music, have topics about him, or news stories about him because it helps them in the long run. Jay is one of the most financially successful hip hop artists and entrepreneurs in America. Now everyone knows Jay is all about money like Bill Gates but with all the discussion that is discussed about Jay. The "hiphop" media very rarely cares enough about the philanthropic activities he does. On August 9, 2006, he met with United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan at the organization's headquarters in New York City. The rapper used his world tour to raise awareness of and combat global water shortage. He also pledged $1 million to the American Red Cross relief effort after Hurricane Katrina. He sent more than $2,500 worth of designer street wear to the Spring Hill Campaign for Adolescent and University Student Empowerment (CAUSE) in appreciation of their community efforts and in November 2006 concert in New York city, he raised over $250,000 for PlayPumps International. Jay-Z is actively involved with his mother in the "The Shawn Carter Scholarship Foundation" Which gives urban kids the opportunity to go to college free and clear. So I believe Chuck D has some merit with the way the hiphop music industry is today but what the reporter should have done was asked Chuck D if he was aware about the charitable contribution Jay has made. As for the hatters... [Jay-Z:] Yo, yo first I snatched the street then I snatched the charts, First had they ear now I hav they're heart, Rappers came and went, I've been hear from the start, Seen them put it together Watch them take it apart, See the Rovers roll up wit ribbons I've seen them re-poed, re-sold and re-driven So when I reload, he holds #1 position When u hot I'm hot And when your feet cold, mines is sizzelin It's plain to see Nigga's can't f*** wit me Cuz ima be that nigga fo life This is not an image This is God given This is hard liven Mixed wit crystal sipping It's the most consistent Hov Give you the most hits you can fit inside a whole disc and Nigga I'm home on these charts, y'all niggaz visitin It's Hov tradition, Jeff Gordan of rap I'm back to claim pole position, holla at ya boy

    • STAN

      Did this fool really say Jay dont follow nobody? How many biggie rhymes done come out his fat lips?

    • People

      Charitable contributions? Do you know how many tax benefits he received by doing that? You do know every smut producing artist has a charity. Pfizer donates millions to charity while at the same time conducting drug trials on African children , leading to their deaths. With all due respect, I hope you develop a better litmus test then some press release/ small donation. Halliburton donates money to charity. When Jay-Z puts charity in his music, maybe then, until then, he is a n-word

    • Anonymous

      thats all you got of this topic... damn life is wasted on the youth. Jay doesn't follow anyone. They follow him.

    • Anonymous

      problem is, Jay is a commercial negroe who is following rather than setting new standards of artistic boundaries. A guy who's interest is mainly of the business aspect of the game 100%

    • Bpee

      Yeah the "hatters" you wrote all that and then nullified that whole page with one misspelling.. hats off to the "hatters" haha

  • Nah

    If it's a fair trade then rappers are free to enter the market, supply exceeds demand. They will all eventually go broke, cuz fair trade makes zero profit. Keep in mind that the nature of the music business is monopolistic, just like many other industries.

  • Sensaye252

    Niggas in Paris is about what every rap song is about. NOTHING. It's just another song bragging about money and talking down to the listener. "I got this, and you don't". It's just that it's even more frustrating when it comes from rappers who know better.

  • OKP

    I don't feel the "poor" are victims to Jay and Ye. If you go buy an album, you sign up to listen to whatever they're rapping about. Bottom line is poor people like the idea of wealth, that's the reason so many women rock fake purses, men fake gold chains, people buy "Hood Rich" music, it's about the illusion, the desire to have what they can't afford. Jay and Kanye are in it to make money and sure they could be like Common, Yasiin or Kweli but really??? It's not every artist's goal to be socially responsible. There is a market for that and it's underground. I ain't mad at em...

    • Assassin221

      Well it's a chicken or egg thing. Is socially conscious music underground because corporations won't sell it, or because people won't buy it? If you look at any other genre of music, or point in recent history, then for every one single with social content there's ten that are basically pop shit. Bottom line, that seems to be what the masses want to hear. Although there's still a pretty significant market for the other stuff, to, which is why Mos Def and Talib are pretty successful artists.

    • Anonymous

      But the arguement is that socially responsible music shouldn't HAVE to be underground. Plus, with the current climate of hip hop, socially responsible music needs to be implemented into the mainstream, DESPERATELY. At least just to balance things out.

  • Langx

    Biggie is the most overrated rapper of all time. His greatest gift was simplifying an art. Simplifying it made anyone think they can rap. Without Big, Puffy and Mase would have never made it in this game. Because they had no talent to rap. Biggies style was easily copied by many rappers till this day. Which just shows how easy he made it. Rick Ross, Jay and Jeezy come to mind. It fucked the rap game up. It allows rappers who have no talent just to talk over beats. The list is long. You can look at almost any southern rapper and see how it has been abused. Big was a genius for using the slow flow but it has destroyed rap. If you look at the greatest of rap their style could not be copied. That's what makes them and singles our their greatness of the art. Nas, Kool G, Pac, KRSI, Ice Cube, Snoop, LL, Em, Slick Rick. To groups like EPMD, De La Soul, PE. They are unique. Their styles are harder to copy. To consider Biggie great with one great album and a mediocre Double CD would be like calling TPain great. Because he made it easy for everyone to be a singer. Take boxing. There is only one Floyd Mayweather. Everyone can not do what he does. He was born to do it. When you watch Mayweather you know you are watching true gifts. Biggie had a gift. But his gift ruined the game. Now everyone and their mother thinks they can do it.

    • Anonymous

      Imitation in rap is a bad thing. It's what ruined it. How many songs do you hear today with the same drum beat. Over and over. That's what made rap great. Everyone did their own thing. You had to have your own style to get on. Those day's are over. Everyone uses the same drum beat and same flow. How is that good for rap. Obviously your the stupid one. Did you read the part where I said the greatest rappers could not be imitated. Because they had real talent. Anyone can do what Big did because they are doing it right now. This is the worst era of rap ever. Coming up with new stuff is out the window. Rick Ross keeps making the same song over and over again. Your probably to stupid to tell.

    • Nah

      what are you smoking? comparing biggie to dirty south rap?

    • hiphopsince79

      That is one of the most stupidest comments I have ever read on this sight. To suggest Biggie dumbed down hiphop because so many rappers "try" to emulate his flow is ridiculous. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Trust me Biggie was one of the last true "emcees" not rappers to ever touch the mic. Insightful lyrics, untouchable flow (Notorious Thugs was not a slow flow), genius storyteller, able to ride a beat, ect...You obviously know nothing about hiphop. But hey, everybody's entitled to their opinion, your's just happened to be one of the dumbest of all time.

  • me

    if lil wayne sold his cum as an energy drink how many of the 13 letters MMG OVOXO YMCMB supporting homos would be all over that shit

    • Dude

      U are so dumb. that sounds so great. I mean Wayne is like the greatest rapper of all time. i Would be honored to have his cum drpping down my throat. if he did that so many ppl would buy it. Heck, i would buy one everyday. sometimes I would just rub it on my face and hope his talent washes out on me. So stfu, cause Young Money is the shit. I would By Birdman's, Drake's and Tyga's cum in a bottle if i Could

  • i

    they shouldve asked him for his opinion on rick ross

  • Me

    Chuck's a legend but he needs to just shut up. He can go on about how jay and kanye all he wants. They aren't dragging crackheads on stage. What does that say to the kids? I love these holier than thou rappers.

    • Me

      So you are saying Chuck actively pursued a crackhead for the symbolism? I agree Flav fills his role as a hypeman well and I know they are legends. I had PE tapes. I am just saying for someone to talk about "What does that say to the kids?" When he is clearly enabling someone for his own gain?

    • Anonymous

      ^ 2 idiots do you not GET what purpose flav served for public enemy? all ppl united. flav was a fiend, they were talking about fiends and the system and how drugs effect everyone. aside from the symbolism it served, flav is one of the DOPEST hypemen in the history of rap. go watch public enemy live some time. better than kanye glowing in the dark rapping about corny fashion.

    • EEZY541

      Exactly. Half of the shit he says just seems so hilarious coming from a guy who is in a rap group with Flavor Flav

  • Anonymous

    This article/interview definitley worth the time to read. i think chuck is right WTT doesn't suck but it has no substance it's just an average album with jay and ye spitting cheap lines over some well produced beats

  • Anonymous

    Stop hatin on other grown ass men, you old has been. It's just a song. The meaning of it can be whatever people choose to associate it with.

  • Me

    I'll tell you what Niggas in Paris is about. It gets the people going.

  • SRR

    Whoever writes and edits these articles needs to get bitchslapped. Young Money's the Army and Public Enemy were "the mothafuckin' Marines"? Really?

  • datNIGGAJ

    spoken like a real nigga, not one of these corporate puppets. killas need to start KIDnappin these little FUCKS wit mics, tie, bind and gag 'em up and put 'em in a library or better yet, underground. then take this GOT damn "game" back. murder the corporation heads if needed.

  • kennyken

    this is a man speaking some real reality right here. proud we have chuck d still in the game.

  • joem

    Typo: I meant interview, not interviewer..

  • joem

    This was a GREAT fucking interviewer, one of the best I've read here in a LONG time. As to "Niggas in Paris" honestly I take it at face value.. that song to me is as deep as a puddle.. I just like the beat and the melody.. also "ball so hard" is catchy Lol.. but I don't support the message behind that song I completely agree with Chuck D.. it's 2012.. we have a HUGE disparity between the wealthy and everyone else.. People everywhere are protesting against that 1% that owns 80%+ of the wealth.. nobody wants to hear that rich guy "I'm in paris, you can't find me" shit.. but I do like the production, that shit cray Lol.

  • x

    yeah Chuck! see you playing the elder statesman but we all know the truth, kanye and jayz arent fit to hold your fuckin mic cord....

  • Anonymous

    These young niggas are too stupid to understand Chuck D's point, he might as well be speaking french. This generation of Hip Hop is brain dead

  • m

    haha he gets schooled by chuck d and then jumps right back on his dick-'im as frustrated as you are, honestly'.

  • Onaje Jordan

    Chuck D talk you young punks listen

  • Doubl Negative

    My comment regarding Jigga's greed/business practice can be found in the Egyptians suing Jay segment, but my feelings and sentiments echo Chuck's. In regard to Niggas in Paris, I have to be cavalier and say the title is just a regular, irrelevant one. I'm feeling that joint, but it's just mainstream frivolity with no substance and I don't believe listeners should look for subliminal, ulterior meanings. Also, I'm not sure Premo's beef with Chuck is squashed. On Premo's New Year's Eve show, he played '80s hip-hop classics, and PE were ubiquitous by their absence.

    • Pizice

      Chuck, With respect, I can't speak for 'The Throne', but seems you are picking a hip-hop, turned-pop, MEGA-HIT single (N' Paris) to make your point. Why not choose one of the more socially concious songs on the album (there were a few). They certainly aren't PE (and they shouldn't try to be, I think you would agree), but to suggest that Jay-z's music has shown no maturity over the years I think is unfounded (if that is indeed your position). His 'grown-man style' is why many of the young rappers are hating on him so much now (my opinion); so the 12-15 year old references are odd as that is not who he caters to or who I think is his core audience. The average 12-15 year old or new Jay-Z fan can't even keep up with the complexitities of his raps to know all of what is going on in his lines (enter 'Decoded', sigh...sadly). It would seem to me that using the logic I'm following here, that you would not approve of 90% of Run-DMCs catalog. As great as they were, what social significance did 'My Addidas' have? Just being real, and I love/loved RUN/DMC. As big as they were, if they did 'Adidas in Paris' then it would have been the same Mega Hit back then. I think it was just a song relevant to them about their kicks. Their was just a point anything they touch was a hit but I don't remember them turning out social commentary (not as their focus like PE).

    • Doubl Negative

      I feel honoured I got a response from a true hip-hop icon.

    • chuck d

      What I was saying was not too deep.Its obvious.About Premier and old school segments PE music is regarded weird to itself whereas its BPM and directions simply dont fit old school medleys well at all.Most medleys from the day playing PE would only play PE in its own context of other PE songs. About the interview its NOT about myself im privileged been to 80 tours 80 nations, but my point was HipHop and RAP being choked from its local growth by whats left of corporate muscle. As far as personal I know too many blackfolk in France who to the bone feel different. And yes I am black beyond my keyboard and avatar so theres nothing to hide with what I say regarding those issues hammering our perception. Again I say JAY and Ye are HipHopGods and mean that, but when asked the question of what I think about a song im not going to give a half ass answer . RLTK

  • Anonymous

    very true what he said about robin hood and the rap game today. jay and kanye are the 2 biggest violators when it comes to flaunting riches to their poor fans, and coming out rich like heroes as the poor stay poor. and niggas in paris is a horrible song. it blew up huge. bunch of white kids saying "niggas in paris" "niggas in paris". who do you think made that song a radio smash? the hood? LOL. jay-z and kanye will do anything for the dollar, glad chuck d called them out on it. problem is rap funs today are so stupid theyll call him a hater and spin "niggas in paris" a few more times.

  • Anonymous

    chuck d a fucking legend and true threat to the system. they shut public enemy down and gave the push to gangsta rap. jay-z is possibly the biggest sellout in music, next to bono. everything he does is backed by corporate interest. all the product placement. material songs for broke niggas. shit on dame, got the def jam seat. signed a 360 deal with roc nation. no one man can do all hes done in 1 life without stepping on toes from here to there. watch the throne was a piece of shit, i have no idea how any regular nigga can feel that crap. if you did, youre brainwashed. professor griff and chuck d, 2 of the sharpest minds in the history of music.

  • Robbin Tanks 4 Ammo

    Public Enemy Salute!

  • COLD


  • Anonymous

    Quote of the year: "So, I think theyre Hip Hop Gods, but at the same time its like I dont think you can be 35 and 40 years old and just pretend to be 12 and 15. Cmon now." LMAO! Get 'em Chuck!

  • Anonymous

    so where did he say it was stupid to sue biggy in this article. i ve been lookinf for it.hiphopdx sucks.

    • it says it right there

      did you read the article? there is a whole section about it. "So it really had nothing to do with Biggie. Nothing. It had nothing to do with Premier. And at the end of the day, it was Def Jam and Bad Boy, it was BMG and Universal. It was really one of those it was just stupid. "

    • GoReadABook

      Haha Chuck D: "Well, my thing is I dont go after anybody. But in that particular case, which was coming from Bad Boy, which was BMG, which was who sued me on another end it was like one of those things. So it really had nothing to do with Biggie. Nothing. It had nothing to do with Premier. And at the end of the day, it was Def Jam and Bad Boy, it was BMG and Universal. It was really one of those it was just stupid." I believe, unless my eyes decieve me, that the last 4 words of that particular answer regarding suing Biggie were 'it was just stupid.' C'mon dumbass, don't hate on HipHopDX because you were too lazy to wholly read the article as it was meant to be read. YOU suck, for not having the attention span or motivation to read an article comprised of what would equate to about 3 fucking textbook pages. Idiot

  • So Icy Boi!

    Chuck whooooooooooooooooooooo? lamoooooooooooo. diz nigga iz dumb az fuck. rich people like Lil Wayne & Birdman inspire me. dey are ma heroez. swag

  • Anonymous

    The Original Velt Villian.. Not a Gangsta, Not hustla, a Motivator... We need more of our LEADERS to be up front and in the spotlight. Good Interview so far guys.

  • Anonymous

    paul arnold, your mom was wrong. elvis got his style from blacks.his manager aint got nuthin to do with it

  • OG

    young lil wayne dick riders listen up..class is in session..Uncle Chuck is on the scene..there was a time when PE was one of the hottest groups in hip hop and one of the most sampled as well..respect history!

    • Pizice

      Hypestyle, You dont have to tell me about Chuck D and PE's influence and propensity towards activism, on that I fully concur! I have a high respect for PE and their legacy. However, I don't think I called Hova an 'activist', most observant people probably would not do that, maybe one day he will be, I kinda pick-up on him leaning into more and more social issues but on his own terms and people should respect that, he's a grown ass man; I also would not insult anyone in this forum by insinuating Jay-Z and Chuck are on the same terms in terms of socio-political impact particularly from an educational standpoint. I read books and sought out people who Chuck, and KRS rapped about; that's not what I get from Jay-Z, you're right, different times, different approach, but it doesnt take away from his talent and his ability to continuously make exceptional hip hop music and affect people in a positive way, his way. So I take it that efforts such as the The Carter Foundation, Water for Africa, giving scholarships to kids at Marcy, helping to get a Mega-sports arena to Brooklyn that creates jobs and other economic opportunities in his community, ain't as grimy as the 'occupy movement', and what? Raising money to support the re-election of the most powerful man in the world ain't as grimy as 'Occupy Skid Row'? Really? One Man's actions to influence the world in a positive sense isn't as grimy as the efforts of the next that where you are going in thought? If you have been following along since ~1996, you know if Jay-Z stayed living/doing 'grimy' he wouldn't be here to do any of the positive things he's trying to do now. Can he live? Let the Brother live!

    • Hypestyle

      "Chuck doesnt seem to know of nor does he ever speak of the community related matters Jay and Ye support and participate in directly/indirectly, or financially, etc. Maybe he should give that a fair look like he did Elvis. " Plzice, you don't know about any of the community related matters that Chuck support and participate in directly, indirectly, financially, etc. Kanye and Jay participate in "activism" if its fashionable, like MTV sponsored vote or Die, $1000 a plate Democratic fundraising dinners.. but where were they in Occupy Skid Row? Plenty of rappers showed up to that, but did they.. um, no..

    • Pizice

      I see a lot of these 'Chuck bashes Jay and or Ye' forums and its really disappointing. I love Chuck D and I love Public Enemy and its hard for me to knock them despite their present lack of quality music on the market because their catalog puts many current artists to shame and I would listen to their old material any day over a Lil Whiiine or Drake or some of the other cats out there now. In fact I do that now, but this is a jealousy thing at the end of the day in my opinion because Chuck doesnt seem to know of nor does he ever speak of the community related matters Jay and Ye support and participate in directly/indirectly, or financially, etc. Maybe he should give that a fair look like he did Elvis. If PE was still putting out quality music every few years for this long (like Hov) and Chuck-D and his music was still intense and as relevant (I wish that was the case)...dare I say, Chuck would not be hating on a fellow successful rapper anymore now than he was at the peak of his own success. I dont remember Chuck bickering with other rappers during PEs best days! thats a small part of why everyone loved them! Stop the hate Chuck you cant make someone protest the way you protest now or use to protest...people tried that with Michael Jordan. I hope the two upcoming PE albums are successful, I might even check them out to see if as much of Chucks energy is going back into the music as his disdain for Jay and Ye...maybe thats the point of all of this novelty writing, basically free marketingto get some of us PE-heads back.

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