Former L.A.P.D. Detective Greg Kading Identifies Man Who He Believes Killed The Notorious B.I.G.

Greg Kading also explains why The Notorious B.I.G.'s murder will never be solved.

Former L.A.P.D. Detective Greg Kading has once again iterated who he believes was behind The Notorious B.I.G.'s murder.

During an interview with, Kading, who was assigned to Christopher Wallace's case between 2006 and 2009, fingers Wardell "Poochie" Fouse as Big's murderer, claiming that he was paid $13,000 for the job. The revelation echoes earlier statements that Kading told HipHopDX in an interview.

"Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse was paid to kill Biggie," he asserts. "At the time, he was a 36-year old member of the Mob Piru Bloods. According to several Death Row insiders and FBI informants, Poochie was a down-for-the-cause, hardcore gang member. Confidential sources from the Death Row entourage, the Mob Pirus, and [Suge’s girlfriend, identified in Kading's book by the alias "Theresa Swann"], said Poochie had done shootings for Suge in the past. Reggie Wright Jr.—who was the head of Death Row security—said Suge and Poochie’s relationship was different than other members of the gang. They had a very secretive and exclusive relationship.

“[Suge’s girlfriend] and Poochie agreed to terms," he continued. "He received two payments, one for $9000 and one for $4000. Poochie lay in wait outside the Petersen Automotive Museum. As soon as he became aware of where Biggie was sitting in his car, he drove up and he shot him.”

Kading was pulled from Big's case even after nabbing two confessions from people who played a role in the deaths of Christopher Wallace and Tupac Shakur, prompting him to quit the force. He asserted that he doesn't believe Big's murder will ever be solved. 

"It comes down to how you define solved. Both law enforcement agencies—the Las Vegas Police Department and the L.A.P.D.—have drawn the conclusions that Tupac was killed by Orlando Anderson and Biggie Smalls was killed by Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse," he said. "Those are the facts within law enforcement. They’re considered solved internally, but the public’s definition of solved is different. They haven’t gone through the judicial process and nobody has been prosecuted."

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    Fucking lame ass Slobs , i knew it suge had one of his Slob butt buddys to kill biggie . FUCK Bloods

  • IROC

    When two white L.A. Cops tell you who shot and killed Biggie and not even the FBI will not investigate these finding Illuminati is all over this Diddy hands are dirty and those who sat in the vehicle with Biggie when he was Murdered gave a statement but you can bet they been threaten because they have nothing to say today Lil Cease sat directly behind him and and this clown allways talking bout he love BIG BULLSHIT COWARD and we learn CEASE was a snitch during Lil Kim court case did them guys in that SUV get paid off ,Diddy took his top artist to the HOstile WEST Coast 6mos after Pac MURDER perfect way to get him KILLED this devil puppet had a hand in this big time Diddy DIRTY IS FOR REAL !

  • Anonymous

    What's with that dictionary post? lol Regardless of what version of the truth is believed this week, or next, the fact remains 2pac and Biggie got caught up something that was much bigger than they were. Sure they talked the talk on record, but in reality, they were the pawns in Suge and Diddy's dirty business dealings. People can throw out names of low level nobody's who overheard this, or supposedly were paid to do that, but in the end, two people died, and it was the meal tickets for each respective label. That's telling in itself. That these two who were generating millions for their bosses were the one's taken out like nothing. Diddy and Suge could wrap these murders up tommorow by doing exclusive interviews, but that's never going to happen. It's time to bury this once and for all.

  • Anonymous

    Silly rabbits. NO ONE, NO ONE is going to set someone up to get killed and BE THERE to take a bullet, ESPECIALLY knowing a quick slug CAN BE FATAL... it's different than ROBBING someone and letting them take your stuff to get it back later. Why would I SET YOU UP to catch a HAIL of bullets, and SIT NEXT TO YOU? This makes NO SENSE AT ALL. You could get hit 5-10 times and survive and I could get hit ONCE and DIE because I bled to death, even from a LEG WOUND. That's a perfect alibi and plan? Y'all watch too much TV.

  • realtalk

    i dunno but dude who wrote the novel n shit had some good points. that biggie rhyme he was talking about he did in la. that was some real shit. so i could see biggie gettin hit over that cause biggie basically told on himself but was reeal slick with it. only certain artists are good enough to read into people music and understand whats going on behind the rhymes

  • GBtha G

    fuck it here we go again. Until y'all muthafuckaz understand dat it was diddy dat offered the money to kill both Makaveli n Suge ( even though Suge escaped) then I swear you'll neva find out whassup.Biggie was just caught in the crossfire so fuck diddy n bill clinton n all u imbeciles dat will disagree with me.

  • rydersix10

    how could orlanda anderson get tupac killed that fast???. didn't he get jumped and was surrounded by officers/guards when tupac and suge were leaving the casino??. so how did they get killed driving minutes afterwards??...where was the time for orlando to call for a homie/hitman and for that person to drive that fast to come thru and shoot pac and suge who just left the casino???...

  • Anonymous

    The streets know who did it and so do the police. You people can believe what you want the truth has be known since 1996-1997 the details and everything were discovered overtime but everyone has known since day one that Orlando/Crips killed Pac and Bloods/CPD/LAPD killed BIG who were Suge's boys.

  • Anonymous

    This is mixed truth.... the REAL reason LAPD wont investigate is because there were MANY LAPD officers involved in this cover up.... its all tied into RAMPART SCANDEL and Bernard Parks, who is now an LA CITY COUNCILMEN... now who's going to roll over on themselves>>>

  • Anonymous

    I see what he's saying. Basically all the cops know that it was those dudes, but they don't have the evidence or power to actually do anything about it

  • jerome Smith

    biggie smalls and tupac did some illegal things, this was their punishment!!

  • jerome Smith

    Who gives a shit about this? That shit happened 15 years the thug life, die the thug life!!

  • Anonymous

    Everybody knows Suga's cops killed both rappers

  • street fred

    save yourself the time and effort i pose an opposite opinion to your 10 paragraph bullshit, 1st of all pac was cool wit his daddy since 94 fact, anton batey mason fact and plus your putting your faith in 2 of the most historically corrupt police departments in american history facts son facts

    • Anonymous

      WRONG Just because the departments are corrupt as fuck doesn't mean every single person in there is crooked. BIG's murder won't be solved because LAPD/CPD were accessory to murder and that could bankrupt the departments and they know it hence why the case will never be solved. Pac's killers have already been killed besides Keffe who will probably get smoked sooner or later. He has immunity for the confession he made so he can't be tried for accessory to murder. Pac was cool with his dad you think he would be if he could see what his father and friends did after his death?


    I believe there's some truth to the article but Puffy partly responsible as well there's NO WAY u have B.I.G go out there less than a yr after PAC's death...Plus B.I.G was spitting some reckless rap on Sway show with Lil Cease on the radio when he was out there.Its was a disaster waiting to happen.Lastly Puff had hella material with homie waiting Just look at Mo Money Mo Problems video looks kinda like he was waiting to cash in All about the Benji's,Victory all after his death kinda SUSPECT. @DACHILDOFHIPHOP

    • Anonymous

      LOL hes serious

    • @Anonymous #2

      Jesus, Mary & Joseph on a pogo stick! Why don't you write a whole fuckin' novel while you're at it?!

    • Anonymous

      All you are paranoid i'm going to copy and paste something so some of it might sound unrelated. This is the truth about Pac's death this book is the truth. So alright let's start it like this. Why would Suge tell the cops he's no snitch he's from the streets did you know there was a gang war after Pac got shot and crips were getting 2 people that were in the car with Orlando got merked within couple days Keffe D was higher up in the Crips it was harder to touch him and he went to jail soon anyway and Orlando died 2 years later because after Pac's death Orlando didn't leave the house to much and stayed underground. Suge was going to get revenge like he was supposed to on the streets that's what Pac wanted and would want if he was still here not go tell the popo. 30 people got killed within a week. O and Suge told some famous interviewer while they were both in jail that Orlando did it in 2000 something someone asked me again who killed Pac he said Americas Most Wanted has answered that guess who Americas Wanted said did it Orlando. TRUST ME MAN SUGE DIDN'T DO IT. Pac was not planning on leaving deathrow he was going to form his own label via deathrow and it was going to be called Makaveli Records and that's why Pac didn't want Outlawz to sign with Deathrow he wanted them to sign with him at Makaveli. Suge did owe Pac millions and Suge when it came to money was a snake but that doesn't mean that he got Pac killed you don't even realize how close Pac and Suge were he owed Dre millions to why is he still alive? He owed snoop dogg to why is he still alive? Lady Of Rage came in with a bat and asked for her money why is she herself alive if she did that? Pac was also helping Suge form Death Row East and once Pac helped do that and form his own label the money was going to pour in but he didn't live to let any of this happen. As far as Puffy and Big knowing he was going to die and thats why they made is wrong completely wrong. Puffy and Big knew ahead of time of the robbery and I''ve heard Big might have even subliminally warned Pac a week earlier though I don't if thats true but anyway it was supposed to be a robbery and they were supposed to and I quote "discipline" him. Things went wrong and Pac got shot thats why they were so surprised when Pac took the elevator upstairs after he got shot because they were expecting him to get beat and robbed not shot. As far as the bodyguard FRANK DON'T TRUST THE LYING ****ER HE'S IN IT FOR THE MONEY HE'S CHANGED HIS STORY TWO TIMES DON''T LISTEN HIM PAC WOULD TURN OVER IN HIS grave the amount of people who took advantage of his death such as his own father and bodyguard. Pac died in some street **** LAPD AND LVPD know this since day one so do the streets of compton and LA. But suge's boy did kill Big and I explained that to you in the previous long message Puffy was the target. Who Shot Ya was more the less bad timing and somewhat mocking him and Pac realized this towards his final days as well Pac had everything figured out in his final days he was alive this is why if you listen to the album Makaveli not a lot of disses to Big there are to puffy and the BMF but not really Big because he had figured out and I quote "you can tell the people you roll with whatever you want but you and I know what's going on" - Against All Odds. As far as Pac not wanting to go to Vegas that's true but go watch the vibe magazine interview he said he gave his word to Suge and if he gave his word his going to go and also he thought why not go see mike tyson because if him and mike were boys. If Suge wanted Pac dead he could have done it in LA anytime Pac was close to him and deathrow why would he go to vegas and get shot it in the car and for the record Orlando and these guys wanted Suge dead as much as Pac infact Keffe D thought Suge was dead once he got hit in the had. And the last thing I wanna say is that There were some very rare interviews by a guy named Anton Batley and he interviewed police from LVPD and LAPD and some other interesting characters but they got removed one cop he interview also kinda let it slip who exaclty was in the car and this was before Keffe D confession Keffe D's confession just confirmed everything. Anyway Ask me anything else you need to know, confirm or verify and just to even more so confirm that Orlando killed him even after all this evidence heres a link to 2 interviews of Huassein Fatal one by the guy I told you AntonBatey this interviews a bit more detailed the other is a quick 2 minute answer on Pac's death. No trust me man I CAN PUT MY LIFE ON THIS TRUST ME I USED TO THINK THE SAME TYPE OF STUFF BUT TRUST ME TRUST ME CRIPS DID IT ILLUMANTI DOESN'T EXIST SEE YOUR GOING THROUGH THE SAME THINKING STATE I WENT THROUGH. Crips did it Suge and Pac were brothers go listen to Never Had A Friend Like Me, Suge has lied but I wouldn't say a lot but he has lied what he said about Hit Em Up a new version Snoop Dogg is a lie no way could Pac have had time to do that within 2 days of there falling out and Pac was real he would have confronted Snoop because him and Snoop were close not make a diss track to his own boy. The guy you talk to against all odds has a misconception Crips did something I'm willing to put my life over this was street **** this was Pac's life this is what Pac predicted was going to happen watch I Ain't Mad at Cha listen to Ain't Hard 2 Find "I heard rumour I died murdered in cold blood traumatized pictures of me in my final state you know mama cry" or Interviewer: "Did you think you were going to die afet you got shot" 2Pac: No when I die i'm going to slowly fade away" That's exactly how he died fought death for 6 dayys eventually went into a coma and faded away. Pac was a prophet he new his death was inevitable listen to Blasphemy "Gettin higher than a mother****er, blessed and pleased This Thug Life'll be the death of me" and I can go on and on he new he wasn't going to make it out hence why he recorded so much so his music could live on. Pac was killed by Crips the guy you talked to is wrong and Suge avenged 2Pac's death go read danny boy's interview in 2006 or something he's like Suge was a thief in terms of money no doubt but he said when Suge went to jail and I quote he turned into the "Devil" Suge and Pac were brothers Suge was supposed to protect Pac that's why he had hired so much security for Pac obviously Pac was the superstar but it was bigger then that Pac was a little brother to Suge and when Pac died Suge only cared about revenge he didn't give a **** about anything else because he probably felt guilty because he was supposed to protect Pac and he realized Pac shouldn't have gotten involved in beating Orlando but him beating Orlando is not Suge's fault Pac's crew pulled some ***** moves and dragged Pac into it Suge just was riding with Pac after that because this is the street mentality but his crew should have beat Orlando but dumb asses got him involved and it cost Pac his life. Suge wasn't hiding anything he wasn't going to talk about Pac's death because this was street **** he lied about other things though that were against his other artist such as snoop and dre which is where the hit em up 3 comes in because he hated dre and snoop after the issues they had and he said that to just talk **** though I have no proof if Suge was lying or not but in terms of Hit Em Up 3 he probably was because there was never even a hit em up 2 the one on the net is the demo version. And last but no least read what you wrote in your last sentence if death row was on top to the next level because of Pac why would they want him dead? And you don't even have to take into account everything else I said including Pac and Suge being brothers and even Dre and Snoop who hate Suge have said this. Snoop said Suge was robbing him and all of us and like I said Suge was a snake in terms of MONEY but he said that no doubt once they got to know each other they become brothers and no way would Suge have Pac killed. Dre and Snoop didn't even get paid fully for doggystyle, chronic etc. so while Suge probably owed Pac more money he owed everyone on the label to some extent money. Pac was one of the only people at deathrow who could ask for money whenever he wanted to and they would give it to him why do you think that is? If Dre and Snoop or anyone couldn't do that why Pac? The answer that is because Pac and Suge were close and obviously because he was the star but like I said it's bigger then that. Ask me anything you have doubts about or are not sure of I want people to know the truth and not keep believing in theories like suge or illumanti killed Pac. Now lets talk about the other ****. Suge, he was a liar BUT **** THE BODYGUARD TRUST ME THE BODYGUARD LIES EVEN MORE THEN THE REST OF THESE GUYS COMBINED HE'S IN IT FOR THE MONEY DONT TRUST THE BODYGUARD. Suge didn't get Pac involved read my last message one of pac's boy who orlando robbed and beat at a footlocker months earlier whispered in Pac's ear that, that was him then in the heat of the moment Pac ran up and started beating him Suge didn't tell him to go beat him he just like I said once Pac was beating Orlando then Suge rided with Pac and started beating him too. Suge did NOT TELL PAC TO TAKE OFF HIS VEST Pac loved las vegas and LA besides LA vegas was the only place he never worried about and it was hot that day so Pac took it off because like i said he loved Vegas and was never worried there unlike NY in his final days. Suge told Pac to get in the car that is true but that was because Suge wanted to talk to Pac about something privately that he didn't want no one else knowing. Pac told frank then to ride in the car behind him. Now the shooting this is how it happened PAC WAS SUPPOSED TO GET SHOT AT CLUB 662 NOT THE VEGAS STRIP because everyone know he was performing there after the fight unfortunetly Pac went home to change after the fight instead of going straight to the club and this gave Orlando and these guys time togetogether and head to club 662 this is when these guys just saw on the vegas strip because Pac reached out the sunroof and was talking to some *****es. They pulled up starting shooting right before the shots went off Keffe D and Suge saw each other to and Suge and Keffe knew each other because they both grew up on the streets of compton and saw each other around. Orlando shot Suge got hit in the head KEFFE HIMSELF SAID THIS AND THEY THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD Pac tried jumping the backseat that indirectly created a sheld for Suge and that's when the fatal shot that hit his lungs and then Suge pulled him down to prevent him from getting shot again. After the shooting Pac was laughing and talking WHAT SUGE SAID ABOUT THIS IS TRUE SUGE MAY HAVE LIED ABOUT OTHER THINGS TRUST ME WHEN IT COMES TO PAC'S DEATH AND HOW IT TOOK PLACE HE'S TELLING THE TRUTH THE LAPD AND LVPD know this to. The bullet hadn't yet completely entered the lung yet so he was still talking laughing telling Suge hes the one who needs a doctor because he's shot in the head and bleeding SUGE DID GET SHOT IN THE HEAD IT GRAZED HIM HE DID NOT GET GLASS IN HIS Head IT WAS A BULLET. Then Suge was driving LVPD surronded the car put a shotgun to Suge's face told him to get down while they got Pac out of the car onto the stretcher this is when the bullet went into his lungs and he said im breathing. After they got to the hospital Pac said his last words while being carried into the operation room "Im Dying" He was a prophet like I said he new his end had come. While in the hospital bed he couldnt took but he made movements 1st. Mopreme walked into the room and Pac shook up the bed he was trying to tell him something but he couldn't. 2nd. was Danny Boy came in and he was crying and he sang Pac's favourite song it was a song from 60's 70's and Danny boy did the hook and Pac shed some tears because he knew his time was up. The last movement he made was Kidada Jones who was his current girlfriend played a song asked him if he liked it he said yeah then a little after she asked him does he love her he nodded his head then went into a coma and faded away. Suge and Frank were talking while they were home and Suge was yelling at frank why did Pac not have on his vest and why did no one have there guns (they couldnt bring guns because something happened with the paperwork because LV your not allowed to be strapped freely) He was about whop Franks ass right when he got a call saying Pac passed away and that's when Suge said it doesn't matter because he's gone and his eyes got watery and ****. Suge was human to just because he showed no emotion in public doesn't mean he didn't care. Now as far your question there was only one bodyguard the rest were at club 662 absolutely incorrect Pac was rolling deep in his final days there WERE 7 CARS BEHIND HIS ALL PACKED WITH PEOPLE OF HIS CREWE. Go watch the full video of the fight and 7 minutes after that you'll see how many people Pac was rolling with which is why his crew are dumb asses they all should have beat Orlando it was not Pac's place to beat Orlando and his crew should not have gotten Pac involved. DOCTORS DID NEVER ONCE SAY HE DID NOT GET SHOT SUGE SAID HE GOT SHOT IN THE HEAD DOCTORS SAID THE BULLET GRAZED HIM WAY TO MUCH FALSE INFO OUT THERE. SUGE NEVER USED PAC AS A SHIELD PAC'S ACTIONS INDIRECTLY CREATED A SHIELD. This is why there rumours at Club 662 that Suge and Pac died and that Keffe D is the one who did this has been all known since day one the streets new, Suge new, Pac even new but couldn't talk Shock G said he had a feeling Pac was trying to tell Mopreme who shot him but well never know. You think someone would risk there lives in such dangerous **** no offense BUT I NEVER EVER THOUGHT SUGE DID I USED TO THINK THE ILLUMANTI DID IT FOR A SHORTWHILE BEFORE I STARTED DOING MORE RESEARCH on the Illumanti. Anyone who thinks suge did it is a dumb ass THERE'S A INTERVIEW WHERE THEY ASK SUGE WHAT HE THINKS ABOUT PEOPLE SAYING HE DID IT he says the samething you must real stupid to think someone would put there life on the line when he could have gotten Pac killed anytime in LA DO YOU PEOPLE FORGOT THAT PAC AND SUGE WERE WITH EACH OTHER EVERYDAY WHY VEGAS? WHY A RIVAL MEMBER OF SUGE'S GANG HE WAS AFFILIATED WITH? WHY DID SUGE GET SHOT? Keffe and Orlando and the crips wanted Suge dead more or just as much Pac. There's way to much false information out there keep asking me whatever you have to to get rid of the idea that suge did it it's not true they were close. O and 1 question I forgot to answer DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE NO ONE WENT BEHIND THE SHOOTERS? There was a gang war after Pac and Suge got shot 2 of the guys in the car got merked within 2-3 days of the shooting. Keffe was higher up so it was harder to touch him and Orlando went underground and stayed on the down low. Orlando came out when both big and pac had died it had been a year since bigs death and 2 since pac's, Suge was locked up so he thought it was safe to go out and he still got merked over a drug deal now some say it was revenge some say it was a drug deal gone wrong it probably was a drug deal gone wrong but what goes around comes around so he got merked. Why do you think Biggie got merked? And why do you think Puffy was the one that was supposed to get merked? Both were boys with Keffe D and i've already went into detail with you on that whole thing. Why do you think there were 30 people dead and numerous shootings across Compton and LA and this went on till the end of the month? Any southside crip in sight was getting merked regardless if they were in the car or not. These are the streets there going to get justice the street way. Everyone is dead I don't know about Keffe D i heard some information Suge just recently got him murked for 13k actually more recently someone said he's still alive and funny enough I heard this right after the Keffe D confession came out and right around the time the confession came out there was a interview with Suge and they were asking him questions not related to Pac they were asking things like whats happening etc. etc. And he said I quote "Once all the truth come out on who did Pac wrong we still gotta be back on that mission" Ill send you the link ask for it but i'm sure you believe me. See how all this coincides with each other because while the streets knew who had done it I don't think no one new or no one new for sure with the Keffe and Puffy with the hit thing and now that the confession came out I think it confirmed what Suge had believed interstingly I heard something else saying actually this is a comment I read from someone from Compton a comment they made you take it in like the last quote and you'll understand this quote "I'm a compton city native and live in the south and ALL of the ex-officer's comments are true and it's finally coming out. We the residents of compton were tormented when all this happened. We had to run to our cars and back to the house because people were getting shot and my boyfriend Jerry Stone was killed in a shoot out with Orlando from the south. THIS STUFF IS DEEP AND I KNOW KEITH PERSONALLY AND THIS IS NOT OVER TRUST THAT. We the residents of compton are prepared for rounds of funerals again because of the confessions. And the prisons NEED to be aware of this too because it's going to go down in there too. OMG!". See its deeper then this conspiracy bull**** this is street **** people know what happened all this coincided with each other Suge saying once the truth comes out, the confession, this girls comment, the comment that Suge just got Keffe merked decipher it and you reach the truth. The killers are dead, Pac's legacy lives on I have 510 tracks of Pac's all the og's everything this is why he left so much music behind he new he wasn't going to make it out and wanted his music to live on he said this in a interview to. Go to LA or Compton and ask real g's who killed Pac you tell them Suge they'll laugh at you real g's and the streets know doesn't matter what the whole world wants to believe can't change the truth no matter how much people hate Suge and all the hate gets Suge is false to thats the funny part. It should be Puffy people should hate on more not Suge. Hopefully after reading everything I wrote I changed your mind if not then it was a waste of time but its all good you'll realize eventually. LAPD/CPD/Bloods that did it were Suge's boys and they were also bloods and they were corrupt cops. They also did security for death row when they were off duty. Hary Billups was a LAPD or CPD associate and he tried killing Puffy in the club but Puff''s bodyguard Eugine shook him off. Puff survived then the bloods themselves smoked Big after they got kicked out. LAPD/CPD would not do it to themselves they were lookouts though and gues who came to the call of Biggie's shooting? Keffe said in the confession he new something was wrong that night because there were a lot of bloods around the club. A man named Harry Billups was the shooter he wasn't directly LAPD but he worked with the LAPD. The members of the Rampart Scandal were all involved and most of them were on duty in the same area that night. Most of them acted as lookouts. It's unsolved because the police killed him, the same ones who were sent to the scene to catch the shooters when the initial 911 calls came in. How do you catch yourself? Everybody knows who killed Tupac and Biggie like I said why do you think 2Pac's mom filed a wrongful death suit against Orlando Anderson? And why do you think Biggies mom filed a wrongful death suit against the LAPD?. Their mothers know, the streets know. the wrongful death suit against the LAPD by Biggie's mom will never be awarded because it would COMPLETELY BANKRUPT THE LAPD AND EVEN THE CPD. It's politics why do you think they re opened Biggie's case because they have to make it look like there something otherwise they'll go bankrupt it's politics the police chief knows this. Here's one last piece of evidence for you when Nas and his boy announced at there concert the that 2Pac just passed away his boy said he didn't die over know east west beef he died over some internal LA ****. These guys in NY new Orlando shot him everyone new Orlando was bragging the next day after he shot Pac that he shot Pac there are witnesses who heard him bragging all over LA and Compton that he did it, he smiled when asked who killed Pac theres so much evidence it's ridicoulous how people believe things without doing there research and having facts back up there claim. As far as Biggie's death i'm not sure if Biggie was supposed to die tonight but Puffy WAS DEFINTELY SUPPOSED TO DIE THAT NIGHT. Funny how Suge and Puffy were the ones meant to die in these seperate incididents but there closest friends suffered this is the street life. Puffy is a snake he's the one reponsible for Biggie's death and Pac's death what dumb ass takes your friend and number 1 artist to LA knowning all this has happened and Suge's pissed off looking for revenge. One of the cops part of the rampart scandal and killing of biggie had a shrine at his home of 2Pac these guys wanted revenge for Pac's death and your wondering why not Keffe D? Since he was pretty much the only one left cause Orlando was in hiding and got smoked as soon as he came out of hiding. Keffe was higher up like I said he wasn't know regular g he rolled deep and he was one of the leaders he was Orlando's uncle he had way more experience. O and this reminds me LAPD raided Orlando's house in LA because he was being investigated for 2 separate murders unfortunately Pac didn't know who Orlando was and how affiliated and ruthless he was. In the raid LAPD found the gun used to kill Pac as well. LAPD helped the LVPD a lot in the Pac murder case but LVPD didn't want to solve it they didn't care and they did not want to attract bad publicity this is why I say **** the pigs you gotta do **** yourself and that's what Suge and the streets did. Crips met up with Puffy and BIG to provide security like they usually do and Puffy had already paid 500 000 to Keffe's boy zip. the hit was million but since Suge lived puffy only payed half. Keffe was there to provide security as he usually did for big and puffy whenever they came to LA o and it is stupid but 6 months had gone by with the gang war and everything so things went quiet for a bit and Suge got locked up. Your last point on BIG getting IS ONE HALF OF THE REASON WHY HE GOT KILLED HE PERFORMED ON LIVE ON A LA RADIO the song had references to Crips killing Pac and everything "brains blew my team in the marine six coupe weeded skeeded out the block for distances giving long kisses *****". It had references to the 94 shooting as well "when my men bust you move with such stamina slugs missed ya I AINT MAD AT CHA". Now see this is what you said before this line made it sound like BIG also new along with Puffy EXACTLY what went on and they were trying to kill him but I think he was bragging just like he was with Pac's 96 shooting. Peforming that song sealed his fate he shouldn't have gone to LA but going to LA and performing that is asking for it. Tell me what makes you doubt the Crips theory even after all the evidence and your previous beliefs. If it's that guy bro trust me he's going to give me the same type of stuff you gave me on why suge did but he's gonna go in more detail and i'mma have to write double of what I already wrote to reject it. Suge doing it is the stupidest thing someone can believe Illumanti is way more reasonable then Suge did it. The police hate Suge because he's street, he's not a snitch and he's WELL CONNECTED they despised him then and now but don't you think the police would have found any little reason to put him in jail they locked him up 8 years for violating his probation got out in probably half or 2 years. If there's was something you could have found I wish the AntonBatey interviews were up with the lead investigator and 2 others cops they GIVE A LOT OF INFORMATION even as I said before one of them lets loose who was in the car he gives a big hint then later a year or howeever keffe's confession came out and it made everything make sense. Pac might not have got shot that night had the hit not been out on them. I say this because KEFFE HIMSELF GOT IN BEEF WITH BUSTA RHYMES IN SOME 1993 CONCERT when Busta wasn't famous but **** didn't go down and they didn't kill Busta see what im saying? Gangsters are not that stupid some might be but thats just like any other average being why would they kill over a fight alone? They new where he was always in LA, They new he was going to club 662 they could have waited? Why didn't they wait? Because they thought lets get revenge BUT LETS KILL EM TONIGHT AND KEFFE PROBABLY TOLD THESE GUYS ABOUT THE HIT OR KEFFE KEPT IT TO HIMSELF AND SAID LETS GO KILL HIM WE GOTTA GET REVENGE HE WAS A HIGHER UP AND ORLANDO'S UNCLE WAY OLDER AND RESPECTED SO THERE LIKE LET'S RIDE ON THESE GUYS. It's either of these things but the hit either way was the big motivation to quickly find them and kill them and cash in on the hit. I have a feeling only Keffe and Puffy I new which is why those comments are being posted the ones where the girl live's in compton was friends with Jerry Stone and new Keffe D personally that all Compton & LA and the jails were getting ready for all this bs to go down again because it's just been confirmed AND SHE LIVES IN COMPTON SHE KNOWS WHAT WENT DOWN SHE KNOWS THE MAN WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE KILLING PAC PERSONALLY OR THE ONE WHO SAID SUGE GOT KEFFE MERKED FOR 13 000 K but I don't know besides the Keffe D being related to Pac case he's not that famous so I haven't read anything about his death but this is only compton so I don't know. COME ON WHAT ELSE DO U NEED TO CONVINCE YOU that This was deep street ****. DID YOU READ THE KEFFE D CONFESSIONS LOOK THEM UP AND READ IT PLUS ALL THE OTHER INFO I'VE GIVING YOU. I hate how people still believe Suge killed Pac because it's such a distorted view of Pac, Deathrow & Suge and his enemies. BIG and Puffy don't get enough hate honestly being unbiased they were snakes both times he was shot by friends/affialates of Biggie's thats snake man and people wonder why Pac was pissed. Imagine Pac if he had survived that shooting all hell would have broken loose 10x worse then what it become it wouldn't have been bad in the short term but in the long term people like Mobb Deep. People would have starting losing there lives a lot of people would have been getting merked overtime because THEN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN ON IF PAC WAS PISSED AT BIG FOR NOT LETTING HIM KNOW MORE ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON IMAGINE IF HE FOUND THIS WHOLE STREET CONSPIRACY PUFFY HIT EVERYTHING O MAN IT WOULD HAVE BEEN BAD. Pac's time had gone it's unfortunate he had to beat Orlando had he not done that they probably would not have known but check this here's something I remembered I read that Kidada Jones pac's girlfriend when Pac got home to change and she asked him what's going on he told Kidada to say home she asked why he said some thing went down at mgm some guys started up with them. Pac HAD A BAD VIBE HE WAS FEELING GOOD HE WASN'T PARANOID BUT IM SURE HE HAD A BAD VIBE AND FELT FOR SOME REASON she should stay home and he was right this is the whole 7 Day Theory sounds trippy as **** Outlawz said Pac was on some spirits which basically meant Pac was in a completely different mind set the vibe in his final days was bad it seemed like his time had come he was meant to die on that not cause of supernatural or pre determined **** but its just **** was so ****ed up at the time something inside pac sensed it sub consciously hence why he sounded even more prophetic in his final days.

    • Anonymous

      shut the fuck up, if you want to hate puff fine, but don't come up will bull shit conspiracy theories to justify it

  • Anonymous

    why in the fuck would you come out with this shit exactly 15 years after the man's murder? that alone discredit your statement. gtfoh with tha bs.

  • Micheal White

    Nah, I don't believe some Piru Blood killed Biggie,it was AMIR MUHAMMED who did it..I believe anyway.Robert poole had Biggies death wrapped up 15 years ago,California TOP BRASS did not want the fact that it's own police were involved in BIGGIES death 'moonlighting' at DEATHROW RECORDS.This article is an attempt to keep B.I.G.'s case 'cold'.

  • Anonymous

    suge knight the realest niggas in the game. you niggas is crying like butt hurt kills 4 real. Biggie always talked about killing people and hoping he died......nigga asked for it and Suge Knight granted him his wish. Ready 2 Die? Life after Death? LOL Fat Ass MotherFucker Got Murked Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 Gusto Your luck low, I didn't know til I was drunk though You freak niggaz played out, get fucked and ate out Yo let me let y'all niggaz know one thing There's one life, one love, so there can only be one King

    • Alf Capone

      u cant listen to niggas rapping about who they are goin to murder and then quote the bible my nigs. or listen to greedy ass niggas rap about how much money they have. or niggas rap about selling drugs. these are things ive been told the bible teaches against. im not sayin u cant listen to rap but not niggas like big. not niggas that rap about being violent and doin "evil" things and then turn around and tell me it says x,y, and z in the bible

    • Anonymous

      Why can't you quote the Bible and listen to Hiphop at the same time?

    • Anonymous

      lol nigga you a bitch bol who the fuck is sound soft as shit...nut ass ramen bol......noodle ass nigga lol dickridin west coast nd shit nahh youre pussy. Wanna talk all reckless behind a keyboard nigga talk in the street all reckless bullets hit your front, back, exit. pussy ass mufucka dont know the hood he aint hood he aint real....BIG for life...nut ass nigga

    • Alf Capone

      aye t get outta here with all that essay typing bible quoting bullshit. niggas like me dont need a bible to tell them what to and not to do. bitch nigga. how u listen to rap with all its violence and quote bible verses and shit? u christian niggas be on that hypocritical shit all the time

    • t


    • Be Easy

      Anonymous....grow up. If there's one rapper that glorified violence and gangster lifestyle, it's Tupac. Neither of those legends deserved to die...and if you choose to take shots at someone 15 years after their death..then you got problems kid.

  • Anonymous

    This Kading moron was totally in love with himself and his so called investigative abilities. He ended up being taken off the case, and actually lost his job due to soemthing else.

  • yungtook

    I don't give.a.dam. what people say I don't believe.they niggaz in the.hood.they were killed by some high rank

  • Anonymous

    Fuck Poochie and Suge and Diddy

  • So Icy Boi!

    dont worry black folkz. Lil Wayne iz da new Tupac Makaveli Amaru Shakur & Rick Ross iz da reincarnation of da Notorious BIG. real hip hop is alive. swag Deeper Than Rap > Life After Death Tha Carter III > All Eyez On Me

  • dumbasses

    How is he the best to ever do it? He put out 2 albums and has a small back catalog. Diddy has put out ablums of reused lyrics. He was great no doubt but not the best. Tupac had plenty albums out but no one looked at him as one of the greatest till he died and that's sad. Tupac has a huge back catalog because he was constantly recording. They are both great in different ways. Neither of their careers would be what they are if they were still alive, its too bad the wrong people are eating off them. RIP to two great emcees.

    • Anonymous

      @ dumbasses: quality>quantity

    • dumbasses

      I'm 28, I wasn't saying he wasn't/isn't one of the greatest. @ScratchDat, I completely agree with you, anyone who has signed with Puffy was formed into one of his puppets. Ready to Die is a great album, there was no real "pop" songs on there. The most Tupac went pop, after he died, was Changes. The only reason the music that came out after he died wasn't the greatest is because Puffy threw pop artists on his music and re-used alot of his lyrics. But the way the industry goes he would have fizzled out. Look at Rev Run, Big Daddy Kane, Heavy D(while still alive) to name just a few who are still great but the respect for the work they do isn't there. I didn't try to disrespect his name or what he did, he was tied to the wrong people/record label.

    • O Z

      When you release 2 CDs and totally change an entire genre of music, tower above other artists like Micheal Jackson, and create lyrics well ahead of your time that artists are still trying to emulate 15 and 20 years down the road, you are a game changer, a visionary, a legend. You don't have to agree with it. It just is.

    • ScratchDat

      Nigga please don't tryna front. i love biggie's music but stop fronting wasnt nobody calling Biggie the GOAT back then niggas really called Biggie a "sellout" (maybe not in those exact words) back then. Niggas always tryna re-write history. Niggas was calling Wu-Tang, Nas, Redman and niggas like that close up there but Biggie? Naw. I fux with duke too but let's not front Biggie did back then what people now would call "selling out". He was created by Puffy, the whole image and shit the whole poppin bottles and fucking mad bitches shit wasn't even him until he blew up. They used to call Biggie a sellout for using more of "Westcoast-y kind of beats" too, which they admited to. Biggie was really talented though.

    • Anonymous

      dumass how old are you. I was there in 1994 and 1995 and they called Big the goat. so fuck you

  • Anonymous

    diddy and suge were behind both murders. both were hoping to eat off their dead "friends" for the rest of their life. how does a car get riddled with bullets and suge only gets grazed? didn't work out for suge, he sold death row to some white chick for a measly 30 mil. diddy on the other hand has put out biggie albums and movies and eaten off of all the back catalog. RIP big one of the greatest to ever do it. cops that put the pieces together got dropped by the respecive departments, full blwon conspiracy. murders they don't want to solve. sad.

  • jason

    how the fuck is it possible to kill someone and not get shit? i will never respect them

  • So Icy Boi!

    Eminem killed Tupac & Jay-Z killed Biggie cuz dey werent popular in da mid 90z. so dey killed da actual kingz. now dey are rap supastarz. conclusion? swag

    • Anonymous

      fuck off asshole

    • anonymous

      i lol @ your dumbass.

    • Anonymous

      why do retards like you constantly reply to these trolls? they even have names so you can ignore them for fuck's sake.

    • Size Em Up

      ^^ My name is Size Em Up, and I approve this message.

    • shox101

      your mum is a fat, ugly, street corner trick, your sister is a toothless choir girl who gives gummy love to the pastor for extra marks and your uncle touched your weeny a lot when you were a baby. which isn't long ago at all. become a monk, use the rope around your robe to make a noose and then put it over your neck and swing from the ymcmb sign your boyfriend keeps in neon above his trailer. please. i would literally pay money to see it.

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