Kreayshawn Addresses Fake Twitter Posts, Denies Sending Tweets

Exclusive: Kreayshawn emphasizes that she did not post the controversial tweets on her Twitter account.

Last night (March 7th), Twitter users retweeted controversial and racist posts that Kreayshawn claims she never wrote. Releasing a statement to HipHopDX, the Bay Area rapstress denied writing the messages and emphasized that Twitter users should be more cautious about believing what they see on the social networking site.

"I didn't tweet that statement, it's a fake RT, which happens to me all the time but they don't usually get taken seriously or get picked up like this last one," she said. "I can't control the hateful things that people do to me. There's always a bunch of fake RT's out there so don't assume that I actually said the things you see on your TL."

Kreayshawn is currently gearing up for the release of her Sony Music debut, Somethin' Bout Kreay. The LP is currently without a release date.

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  • Anonymous

    ugly bitch!!! fuck hur bitch ass sisster to fucking wack clowns

  • Anonymous

    Regardless of her tweets, this bitch needs to disappear from music altogether. She's annoying.

  • hip hop

    who cares! her shits goin wood in the hood...

  • Anonymous

    aren't your 15min up yet?

  • kyle

    god i wish i was standing behind her in that pic with her pants and panties dropped

  • Anonymous

    And this is exactly the reason why I don't listen no white rappers. You just can't trust 'em. They pretend they down with the Black culture but then they show their real faces and start disrespecting and attacking Black culture. btw Im' white but I can't tolerate crackas which disrespecting Black ppl.

    • STAN

      I agree with Youserious I dont even care about the cracka part, his whole statement was filled with ignorance. I get what he was tryin to say but he just came off dumb. But than again how smart can I be I just clicked on a Kreyshawn article, I should go off myself

    • Anonymous

      @YouSerious? I'm not ya average cracka or devil I got knowledge of self, I'm civilized. Ignorant white ppl are crackas and devils. Good white ppl are just white ppl.

    • YouSerious?

      lol if you're white then you sound like a fucking idiot saying crackas as if you're not the same as other white people. Also, your whole post is full of bullshit.

    • Young King


  • lloyd

    Y'all niggas are ignorant...why in the fuck would she tweet that forreal knowing that would end her career? i don't like her music at all but you guys are just hating tbh

    • Anonymous

      @Iloyd, You're not very smart. Why don't you get a college education instead of defending talentless, ignorant people like Kreayshawn?

    • GoReadABook

      You two are defending the worst thing that has happened to hip hop culture since fucking auto-tune, are you're calling this dude a moron?? Go bump BayTL in your 94 astro van and pretend like you exist for a purpose you douche, Kreayshawn sucks more dick than Tila Tequila

    • Anonymous

      Lloyd is correct - GabeDaBeast is a fucking moron fucktard son of a bitch bastard ass munching buttfuck of a tit.

    • GabeDaBeast

      And your a gullible moron for believing she didnt send those tweets. she couldve been drunk, she couldve been venting, who knows.. Now shes playing damage control cause she knows she fucked up majorly so she makes up some bullshit about having her account hacked. Hey maybe it really was hacked but i dont believe shit just cause i hear it. I dont respect her as a rapper and i wouldnt put it past her to tweet some racist shit then try and take it back by pretending she was hacked. Fuck Kreyshawn either way. White trash and garbage rap.

  • Jeru

    I think the bitch is lying. I can smell it...but Ignorance is running rampant.

  • GBtha G

    I dont believe dis bitch.

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