Ice Cube Reveals Details On N.W.A. Biopic, Speaks On The Group's Legacy

Ice Cube shares some new information regarding the long talked about N.W.A. biopic and talks about the group's involvement and legacy.

Within the last week, Ice Cube has revealed that he is working on the next Friday sequel and he has touched on Dr. Dre's Detox delay. Now, more Ice Cube news has been revealed as more details about the long talked about N.W.A. biopic are being unveiled. In a recent interview with, Cube spoke on the film, his former group members' involvement and the legacy of "the world's most dangerous group." 

While speculation of the group's full involvement has been a topic of discussion, Cube revealed that N.W.A. group members have been a part of the process.

"I'm producing it and I'm doing most of the heavy lifting but those guys have definitely participated in the interview process and just trying to get the script together," Cube explained. "The more and more this thing starts to build up, the more and more you'll see the guys around and involved in it."

Touching more on the group's legacy, he said that he believes N.W.A. allowed more people to express themselves freely, unafraid to be themselves on the microphone. 

"I knew we made a major impact on the trajectory of music in a lot of ways, and I would never know that people would still refer to that group and that time as a turning point in artistic expression in a lot of ways. I think with N.W.A., it made everybody who was coming out with something just like, 'Yo, I'm just going to be myself. I'm not going to put a fake nothin', not gonna pretend to be a nice guy and do great music and I feel this way,' so people just decided to be themselves and do what they like." 

No official word has been given regarding a timeline for the biopic. Fans of Cube can soon catch him in the upcoming 21 Jump Street. He's also currently working on the aforementioned Friday sequel and a new season of Are We There Yet?, his television program. 

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  • Anonymous

    lame. he old man. aint no one tryn to wait on this old movie. nigga u late from 8 years ago. people that would check for this in their 30/40s not having a life. the lil kids and 20's aint gone give this the love man unless they taking out some wack young chick ofcourse

  • land lord

    I can't believe u guys r hatin on Cube. Now dat I c dis I guess I can take the hate for Nas with a grain of salt. I never realized how popular Haterade is until now

  • Anonymous

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  • GBtha G

    O yeah NWA iz the foundation of Gangastarism.NWA has destroyed society n whateva the fuck it believed in.bitchiz n snitchiz know they're nothin.fuck the whole world Imma be a nigga 4life.

  • Alf Capone

    fuck cube. da niggas a sell out tyler perry wanna be gay ass nigga. nigga used to be one of the best, now he does childrens movies n shit. i watched that 30 for 30 raider documentary he did on espn and that nigga fuck that shit all up. nigga tried to act like my raiders got they bad guy swag when they came to la. them niggas had that attitude way b4 la. then he had snoops fag ass on there and ive seen this nigga wear a chargers jersey. bitch ass snoop the chargers can have that skinny bitch nigga. real raider fans hate the chargers Alf Gang or deny the silver and black

  • Anonymous

    NWA were fake gangstas who came out at just the right time. They literally had no competition, but predictably didn't last. I'm not sure what legacy Cube is referring to. Maybe if Eazy hadn't died and/or become the butt of jokes after losing that war of words to Dre NWA you could say they had a legacy, but at least to me, despite a few good songs, they were more products of their time period. If you listen now, alot of their stuff sounds dated.

    • GBtha G

      shut the fuck up imbecile!! NWA 4 life.even the cops cant fuck with it let alone a an imbecile snitch.

  • RICK-E

    N.W.A > Young Money.. If you disagree, you're prolly a fag

  • nibs

    they already made this movie, it's called CB4 haha please dont think dr dre and cube and them are anything more than the first group of industry clowns

  • Anonymous

    a must see, copy the link

  • micah dancy

    Ice Cube is right N.W.A is one of the greatest rap groups ever alongside outkast and public enemy, run-dmc,empd list goes on N.W.A. represented the realness in music and their impact will always be inspring to today's music and beyond rest in peace to eazy-e miss ya

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