Full Stream Of 50 Cent's Shady 2.0 Performance Released, Features Eminem

UPDATE #2: 50 Cent performed "Get Rich or Die Tryin'" during the show.

50 Cent is slated to perform his 2003 debut Get Rich or Die Tryin' in its entirety at the Shady 2.0 Showcase at this year's South By Southwest festival.

Additional artists on the bill include Shady Records signees Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf. Sway Calloway will also host "The Next Phase," which features performances from Big K.R.I.T., Schoolboy Q, Action Bronson, Don Trip, STS and The Foodchain.

The event is slated to take place at Austin Music Hall on March 16th, with doors open at 7 p.m.


[March 8]

UPDATE: Fuse is set to livestream the Shady 2.0 showcase at South By Southwest festival on youtube.com/fuse, taking place on Friday (Mar. 16th) at 8 p.m. EST. 50 Cent's performance will air from the Austin Music Hall live on Fuse TV at 12 a.m. EST.

Additionally, Yelawolf will no longer be performing at the event. He is currently recuperating from a ruptured spleen.

[March 13]

UPDATE #2: A full stream of 50 Cent's performance of Get Rich or Die Tryin' at the SXSW Shady 2.0 showcase has been released. Watch the performance in full below (via Yardie).

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  • adljkasfd

    Did 50 Cent really just forget the lyrics on Heat and Love Me... Embarrassing.

  • Ricky Rozay

    Shit was lame. A pop artist and a snitch. These niggas is over the hill. Bawse hottest nigga in the game. Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Been a fan of em and fif for a while. But i was surprised to see the foodchain was on sways list. Them niggas been putting in work on the local scene. Denver finally getting some notice.

  • Anonymous

    Well with that being said, This is a must see, Copy the link http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • Anonymous

    It seems now that 50 gets underrated for all the accomplishments and dope songs he has created in general. Power of the Dollar album should be re-released cause it really is the ''Unreleased classic''album. His Mixtapes should also be given more credit, with dat I mean a special Mixtape award for best consistent mixtape releases of the last decade.He should be given way more credit coz he dope and never needed to fake it to make it!!!

  • Anonymous

    was great to see eminem still can flow and sound way he did in 2002 best flow to date better than one he uses now you agree think ever true eminem fan should agree with this comment and have so many people saying same thing cause you do want him to go back to it say cause eminem has always do what his fans want much love for that so yea

    • entity

      Ok so many people say his flow was better bak in the day and his current flow is shitty, he screams too much etc etc but damn at least the guy is switching his shit up I mean u shouldn't keep the same style throughout ur whole career now he's a little more fast paced ( not all his songs though) and where he lacks in that old sick flow he used to have his metaphors and wordplay sure damn make up for it.

    • Anonymous

      Real Talk. His flow is absolutely unreal.

  • fail

    no one even likes hip hop anymore. shits been down the tubes for some time now.

  • jesterxxl

    50 & Shady chemistry is fuckin crazy

  • Anonymous

    50 is that dude, man. Will always be a legend.

  • Anonymous

    guys, quit hating on one another and do one another a huge favour, get in a huge army, hunt down YAYO and KILL THAT ANNOYING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

  • Anonymous

    The crowd was horrible the whole night. Im from the area and Im embarassed abunch of lamers like that represtented the hiphop community like that. during the Slaughterhouse performance on Fuse.com you could actually hear some fag yell "Get on with it" during Crooked I's 8min freestyle. They didnt understand the punchlines or the metaphors. If you pause during some of the crowd shots you could actually see a lady who looks like shes in here 50's and shes obviouslly not having a good time but shes in the fourth row. WTF?! Not to mention all of the posers with skinny jeans and lame looking Kanye West sunglasses on... at night at a darkass rap concert. My friend made it to the show late just as they finished Paitently Waiting and all the videos he sent me were from the balcony level and it was crunk up there. it was the first 1/3 of the crowd closest to the stage that was lame. Those were all the lame platinum pass people who were able to go to the front of the line passing all the hardcore fans who waited for hours to get the few general admission tickets that were available. Thats another reason why the people closest were NOT your typical rap concert goers. Fucking lame ass Austin I really do hate that place and if it wasnt for SXSW there would be no reason for the horrible town.

    • Anonymous

      I know tons of people who wouldve loved to have been there. a friend of mine was actually thinking of going to Talib Kweli who was playing at 11:30. He quickly understood what a mistake that wouldve been. Made it just at the end of Paitently Waiting. The crowd was wack the whole night. Their not used to that sort of a rap show. I went to Wu-Tang at SXSW last year and half the crowd left during the show. I had a fucking blast but the Austin crowd doesnt know what real hiphop is. They're good with their hippie incense music but when it comes to rap music Ausin is a fucking joke. Only poseres like Kanye and Jay-Z will do shows there outside of a SXSW. But then again those are the only type of rappers who would do good their. However the Slaughterhouse show in Austin the Saturday before was off the hook.

    • moPeople

      naw i wouldn't say 50 fall off. it was just that the fans was tired. just looking at them they don't look like they crunk type of crowd anyway so what you expect.

    • Anonymous

      while that may all be true the truth is 50 cent just isnt a big draw anymore. im a hip hop fan but watching a 50 cent concert like this would probably not interest me. the guy just isnt poppin anymore. you can only blame the crowd to a degree. and if those "lames" werent in the crowd truth is the seats would have probably been empty. again you can't blame the crowd for 50 falling off. i would have much rather watched em the whole time.

  • Stevie

    Man I was waiting for Dont Push Me! Dope either way. Fuck that boring ass crowd!

  • SuperGucciRap

    The only people who went on this show are teenage white suburb kids who think Eminem is the only rapper around. Eminem sucks. Even the rappers on this tour sucks. Seriously, the most overrated fans include fans of Tupac, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, B.o.B, Laughterhouse, Big hypoKRIT and any member of Black Hippy. Really? These is Hip-Hop nowadays? Listen to talent like Gucci Mane, Soulja Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juiceman, Lil B, Hopsin, Tyler The Creator, Insane Clown Posse, Justin Bieber, Christian Beadles, and Patrice "Pato" Wilson the Rebecca Black Rapper. Not those clowns like 50 pennies lol. It's Gucci Time!

  • Anonymous

    can sum1 pleeeeease tel me all the drugs eminem did nd still does.. i wanna know so i can feel like him

    • ETK

      and you two above are way too much up your own asses too fair enough the OP is lame but what's the problem with answering a question. you go look that shit up on wikipedia or some fansite of his and it's all there. you actin like it's super secret information that almost nobody is aware of... fuck outta here, this is common knowledge you hoes

    • stans

      cosign. you are both fucking losers. the person who asked is a loser for wanting to "feel" like eminem by taking the same drugs as him. whatever that even means. and fda is a fucking loser for trying to flex knowledge about another man's drug habits and timeline. both of you should meet up and bleach your hair together. fucking stans...embarrass us real fans.

    • Anonymous

      ^ the fact that you tried to answer that question in a serious informative manner makes you a bigger dick riding faggot than the person who asked.

    • fda

      He used to do shrooms, weed, coke, ecstasy, alcohol, and vicodin back in '99-'00. Then he turned to narcotics: vicodin, valium, niquil, etc. Continued use of alcohol. He's currently doing absolutely nothing. You can tell too because his flow and everything are faster now than they've been since before Infinite, which is when he was on nothing as well.

  • Anonymous

    50 dissed the crowd at the end for not feeling him lol

  • Stillmatix

    I thought it was a pretty cool concept, but for the love of Jesus, get rid of that talentless, ugly old Tony Yayo. He makes the performance unlistenable and further proves his mouth's only real use is as a penis holder for 50.

  • Anonymous

    GGGGGG G-UNOT, this shit was worth almost nothing a decade ago. And now....

  • Anonymous

    crowd looks dead :/

  • Anonymous

    With that being said, This is a must see, copy link http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • bally

    maaaaaaaan what's goin on with 50 maan i was listening 50 over 9 years maannn, maaan wtf, i want to 50 perfomming it like in 2004 maaan with xxl jean's you know xxxl t-shirt chain's, maaan fifty's energy is over maan you knoww, he is officcaly know the businuss maannnn, somebody need shot him again to give him that fucking energy, he is ant hungry you know what im talkin 'bout

    • fdjak;

      First of all, why would you want 50 to go through the pain of being shot so YOU get better music? second of all, he's 10 years older, he's not gonna dress like a kid anymore.

  • Anonymous

    DO YALL WANT 50 TO COME BACK??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE STORY...then he comes out crying bout i got the money so if its fuck me then fuck you?....YEAH FIF WHAT HAVE YOU DONT LATELY OTHER TEHN A SHOW WITH YOUR ONLY GOOD ALBUMN....2K MIXTAKE SHIT IS YOUR BEST DUDE.........

  • JF

    Crowd was so horrible the entire night. When Bronson was performing you could see he was actually getting pissed. Crowd was having their own conversations while they were rapping their asses off.

  • MacRob

    Not a huge 50 fan since this albumn but he brought it for this show. You know least we can understand him better then most rappers at their show all drunk and high and shit.LOOK KIDS HIS PANTS FIT?!?!?!? No Homo!

  • Anonymous

    Em is a crackhead.... him and X should do a albumn...

  • Hip Hop Fan

    This album is a classic I just think that the people to see Yelawolf and Slaughterhouse are not typical 50 Cent fans. In the right environment that crowd would have been going crazy. Maybe 50 should have had his own location/performance where he could have done his own promotion to attract his fans.



    • Anonymous

      i agree. eminem featured as a mere guest. 50 was the main act and was the point of the whole video. why the fuck is there is a picture of bad meets evil on the front page and not the actual guy whose concert it is? it makes no sense at all. i was confused. this type of fuckery is characteristic of only steve harajuku

    • Matt

      before you make a sarcastic comment about something know what you're talking about

    • Anonymous

      Before you ask make a sarcastic comment about something know your shit dumbass

    • Me

      Eminem performed dickhead

  • Anonymous

    as you can see by the crowd g unit is over if that would have been maybach music or cash money the crowed would have been rocking the g unit movement is over!!

    • Anonymous

      thats takin it a little far.... G unit is over but its still better then the two homo infused groups you just spoke of....




    Where's Bank$ , he should've been there to do "Don't Push Me" with Marshell and Curtis. Maybe Game was right, that Bank$ is on his way out of G-Unit

  • Anonymous

    i thought this will be awesome, but that lame crowd ruined it all!!you could have seen that 50 was mad as hell.This was probably the last performance of entire get rich or dye tryin

  • Anonymous

    man while watching this it felt like them old times in hip hop where concerts was theeeee shit an it was funny a.f too... you enjoy yourself? good. lol 50 kilt shit last nite

  • BGG

    get rid of this annoying ass advertising what is this yahoo news


    that crowd was so fuckin wack... smfh that ruined the whole performance, idk why he didnt do it in NY

  • Anonymous

    damn when they show people in the crowd dudes on they phone.....disrespectful as hell

  • jdfkl

    That fucking crowd...smmfh.... I woulda been screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs if I were there.

  • Anonymous

    what the fuck was up with that crowd holy shit its like they were expecting lady gaga or something, by the time patiently waiting drops they're barely waving theyre hand

  • Anonymous

    This wuda been crazy if the whole camp were there, Ikno Yelawolf wuda got the crowd hype cuz thats that moshpit typa crowd, sum bad meets evil songs cuda been in there too, it cuda been great smh

  • shadyaftermath

    If the crowd got hyped and into it this would of been crazy. Get rich is a classic.

  • anon

    crowd sucked barely even got hype for em. fuck them. who they like soulja boy?

  • mike

    reallly....no slaughterhousee mannnnnnnnee!!! em rashed that shit at the end

  • Anonymous

    my nigga 50 did his thang....,the whole g unit in this bitch. fuck the haters... a nigga a watch a whole hour of a nigga they dont like.....

  • mike

    i cant even front tho...much as i hate this fag now....1o years ago..my god this album really was fuckin bangin!!! its to bad he took the bitch route...but i mean..this dude jus got sooo richhh..sooo fast lol

  • Anonymous

    bwahahah that leather jacket he puts on for pimp looks reall nice ahahah looks like a fuckin ck one marshalls special

  • c4 triple plat

    i watched this last night. it was sad how they cut it off an hour early because the crowd was so dead. you could tell cuurrrrtissssss was getting frustrated

  • Anonymous

    dammm wonder how much crooks n castles paid him to rock that shirt for this preformance....they commin up...

  • Anonymous

    yea lol the crowd dun look like there havn that much fun ahahahah....n why aint 50 rockin the gunit sneakers ahahahahahah!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn son, I was really waiting for Don't Push Me with Em and Banks :(

  • Anonymous

    this is so legendary GGG-Unit/Shady forever

  • Anonymous

    so did fif jus realize that his new music blws n he should jus play this shit all the time lol

  • Chicasal

    tony yayo most obnoxious hype man ive ever heard, his mic sounds lighter than 50's

  • GotoHell

    they are awsommmmmmmme! shady 2.0 realy the best crew right now! ymcmb are corny as hell! why the hell they still have supportors among music fans????

    • Anonymous

      lol wtf??? hes all singin songs from litterally 2002...yeah it was good....cant say the same for his new music

  • AimNfir3

    All The Fly Ladies And The Real Niggas Follow @AimNfir3!!! #FlYBoYStatuS

  • Nena

    I am so disappointed with this performance. This was 1 of my fav albums of 50 & he forgets the words to some of the songs. Plus there was no other special guests other than eminem. I didnt pay money but i lost time watching this. Eminem performance was great but 50 looked coked up & high. sincerly, disappointed fan...

    • Anonymous

      the man just performed an entire album song after song 10 years after he made it and you're complaining that he forgot a few lyrics. nigga get a life.

    • Anonymous

      this is the dumbest comment ive read for all the reasons mention above. plus "Plus there was no other special guests other than eminem." no shit idiot. he was the only guest on the album besides gunit and nate dogg. were you expecting a nate dogg appearance? jesus this is one of the dumbest comments ive read all year.

    • Anonymous

      oh i guess it was your jack off time loser

    • Anonymous

      chill yayo i got this lmfao best part and the look on his face

    • Anonymous

      smh "i didnt pay money but i lost time" ...jus turn it off then u jack ass

    • Koollie

      nigga please, 'i lost time watching this' get the fuck outta here. Like you are a busy businessmen or foreign minister of some country. You aint shit, and the time you 'wasted' watching this, would be wasted somewhere else, probably wanking yourself behind your pc. I hate this type of comments, whole youtube is full of this. People watch something for few minutes and say 'i wasted minutes of my life' Bitch, you dont have no life...period.

    • chris

      50 cent doesnt even drink or smoke lol.... not his best performance but cant blame him because it def wasnt his type of crowd and they werent as into it as his true fans would of been...

  • Brendon

    I knew eminem was gonna show

  • Anonymous

    And eminem is there too... damnit! huge fail on not making it to this show

  • Ayinde

    I'm Sorry Did i just see somebody say Lil Wayne is Better than 50 cent? .... (-_-)sad world we live in

  • thechange

    I'm calling it right now, this will be the new way to do concert, my mass live streaming. Just Watch! #1st to say it. This should be good since it's talented acts.

  • remaste

    fucking dope poster



  • hellno

    theres no way eminem shows up, they wouldn't have been able to list him as a "special guest", there's no way they wouldn't put his name on. The "very special guest is going to be lloyd banks or tony yayo. Unless.. i highly doubt it but it's possible they've gotten Obie Trice on this, I know hes not on shady anymore but it's possible.

    • Anonymous

      loL...fanboy ready to faint anticipating the arrival of ANOTHER MAN...It's Eminem's business venture...why wouldn't he show up...many times...you have no idea he's even there...everybody doesn't want camera time...lmAo

    • tgk

      i could see him coming out for a song or few. If they listed him the showcase would pretty much just be people who love em and couldn't care less about shady 2.0 or the other artists

  • Smokealone

    Yelawolf should have Rittz stand in for him, because lets face it he's a better rapper #whitejesus

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    River Nelson "Beautiful Life" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7-JWcp63Nc

  • Anonymous

    lol...fif stans comin out in full force

  • nixnox

    this going to be dope, sad to hear yela wont be performing but health gotta come first! get better yela!

  • So Icy Boi!

    LMFAO! 50 Cent? really? dat nigga aint hot. Get Rich Or Die Tryin iz one of the worst pop-rap albumz evar. Lil Wayne & Gucci Mane are da greatest rappers of all time. we real hip hop fanz need a YMCMB-BRICK SQUAD tour. damn what a roster.... swag Lil Wayne Gucci Mane Drake Waka Fred Durst Nicki OJ Da Juiceman Birdman Tyga Lil Twist Lil Chuckie Bow Wow Mystikal Busta Rhymez special guest: Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller.... damn a motherfuckin DREAM HIP HOP TOUR. swag


    I know why they didn't invite lil wayne. They are afraid he would steal 50's shine. Lil Wayne the G.O.A.T no person can dispute this. Even Eminem said he wouldn't want to go at Lil Wayne. 5 letters YMCMB. swag.

    • anon

      lol em would murder weezy on the mic. No contest.

    • YESSIR

      was that English? I couldn't understand anything you just said. Learn to speak English or go back to Mexico. YMCMB. swag.

    • Evandro

      no they not called Lil Gayne, why show RAP, HIP HOP, not a performance of Wayne GAGA. You do not want to compare with any one of Gayne Shady Records want? lol Gayne is the RESTART of Brazil kkkkkkk http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C5NTA7Y6tg SHADY RECODRS Son Of The Bitch

  • Anonymous

    Please fix the date. Everytime you have an update, it confuses the fuck outta me.

  • Anonymous

    With That Being Said, This Is A Must See http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • uhhh

    yo fucktard the 8th wasn't a Friday and it already happened...LOL

  • Anonymous

    This might be a stupid question, but will Shady actually be there? I can't imagine him not, but I'm just wondering because the ad didn't say he would

    • Anonymous

      they said there was gonna be a very special guest and I cant think of anyone except for Eminem since hes really close to them

  • Anonymous

    this gonna b legendary get rich or die trying is a classic!

  • Anonymous

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  • milehighkid303

    QUEERS hate on Fif, the dude SINGLE HANDEDLY INVENTED the mixtape circuit or at least ripped it a new one. And the guy IS PURE HIP HOP if you consider his path (as far as music) guy had a LEGEND backing him JMJ, and then he and Nas who were SUPER close back in the day and not to mention KRS ONE and Bun B/Pimp C gave dude the blessing. Fuck outta here with the 50 hate, he's THE LAST OF A DEAD BREED, show me an artist who had more success in three years who catapaulted to the likes of Puffy and Jay and I'll slap your ass with my off hand. 50 is and ALWAYS will be the man n one of my all time favorites along with the likes of Rakim, Wu, Big L etc. Get Em Fif.

  • Ricky Rozay

    This nigga still out there. Didnt Rozay already end his career? Bawse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jesterxxl

    If Shady don't turn up... We all know Lloyd & Tony will; Patiently Waiting featuring Crooked Don't Push Me featuring Banks & Royce We all know Buck won't be Bloodhound featuring YelaWolf R.I.P. Nate 21 Questions featuring nobody just bang out the verses

  • Cha Boi

    the dopest weezy song live! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdTTlSrGjiE

  • joem

    It's true man.. Get Rich is fucking classic. There really is nothing else like it out there. Every song on that album bumps.. There isn't one single track on that album that I'd skip..

  • JR88

    seems like eminem is not getting in the way of jimmy and dre v.s. 50 cent....he is a true friend

  • the all knowing

    Dr. dre is coming out with 50??? unlikely more likely game young buck and ja rule all come and do his choruses

  • JR88

    damn i want to be their....nooooooooo...lol...but this is shaping up to be a great year for sxsw....grodt is one of the true classic albums to come out in the last ten years...he has classic mixtapes but they get overlooked because they werent actual albums, but if they were he would have the most classic albums for sure....SHADY 2.0

  • Anonymous

    a must see, copy the link http://youtu.be/OxVBn0zi6pw?hd=1

  • So Icy Boi!

    fuck dis shit! YMCMB iz da best label. who da fuck likez Shady? huh? Lil Wayne wud destroy Slaughterhouse in a Rap battle. I wanna hear Lil Wayne to perform Tha Carter III or IMNAHB or Tha Carter IV or Rebirth. swag

  • Brendon

    I guarentee eminem will show up

  • John-Boy

    People like to throw the word 'classic' around for just about any album that comes out these days but GRODT is a true rap classic at the level of the best in Hip-Hop. Ten years from now you will be able to put this album in and listen to it front to back and it will still sound good. Lets not even mention his mixtapes. Go listen to Guess Who's Back. This the type of music that you hear and say 'Damn. They dont make them like that anymore".

  • tresdemayo

    Nice move but 50 Cent is trash live

  • Anonymous

    i swear i would go to this if i lived in the south

  • Do you have to have a badge for this show

    as cool as SXSW is fuck paying for a badge is this a free show? or is badge required?

  • monsta

    Don't complain about what you listening to do something 'bout it. You can make your ears happy again @ www.TheSetBoys.com UGK/SET Records baby! Yeah UGK Records is still alive. Long live Pimp C

  • Anonymous

    50 is so wack i cant see how he ever had a buzz as big as he did back in the day! grodt was way overated imo

    • Anonymous

      GRODT is one of the last true classics. 50 was the king back then and changed Hip Hop forever.

    • dockevoc

      True. 50 was running shit with God's Plan, 50 Cent is the Future, Guess Who's Back, etc...greatest mixtape takeover in history

    • c

      Listen to his mixtapes prior to GRODT... I think he sounded even better than on GRODT... Google Guess Who's Back mixtape... 50 cent fell off hard but he had/has skills and GRODT was a pretty solid album imo.. Listen to Too Hot with Nas for example!

  • Anonymous

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  • ilikevideo


  • Anonymous


  • DrDreBeats

    fuck all the hate thats coming.... GRODT is a crazy album That concert will be dope

  • @ LostyMC

    This would be dope as fuck! Bring it 2 Australia!

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