Ice Cube Weighs In On Dr. Dre's "Detox" Delay

Ice Cube says that Dre has priorities above music at the moment.

Dr. Dre has been consistently working on his oft-delayed album Detox for years, working with a laundry list of rappers and producers for the project. Dre's close associate Ice Cube recently weighed in on why he thinks it's taken Dre so long to drop the album, explaining that he's found success in other industries and that his priorities aren't entirely based in music.

"Honestly? Them headphones are selling, selling, selling. What would you rather sell somebody: $300 headphones, or a $10 tape?" he told Sway in the Morning's Sway Calloway and Devi Dev.

Cube also discussed how he initially linked with The Bomb Squad for his debut solo album AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted. He said that he initially intended to work with Sam Sever for the project, but a trip to the East Coast connected him with Public Enemy's Chuck D and put him in the studio with The Bomb Squad.

"I was such a fan of East Coast Hip Hop that I had a favorite producer, Dr. Dre, and then all my favorite producers were East Coast producers. When Dre couldn't work on the record, I was actually looking for Sam Sever. Sam Sever did the beats for 3rd Bass. 3rd Bass was blowing at the time, so I was in Def Jam looking for Sam Sever. Chuck D walked through, I started talking to Chuck about my situation and he said, why don't you come down to Green Street Studio? Me and Big Daddy Kane doing a record called 'Burn Hollywood Burn.' You can jump on that and let people know that you're going solo, and then we can talk about your record. That's what I did. It was basically I couldn't get the best producer on the West, so I went to the Bomb Squad for the best producers on the East."


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  • DMX

    Ice Cube is the MAN, I wish he still had the curls



  • Sway Gay Calloway

    Sway is a gay nigga from the Bay lol

  • Nia Long Is Shitty

    I'm a dog I gotta get some p.u.s.s.y. at night or Imma have to r.a.p.e. y'all w.i.v.e.s. bitch ass nigguhz WHOOP WHOOP

  • 1000000

    100 Posts and Ice Cube still ain't shit

  • Tha Block Is Hot

    E-40 Tha Block Brochure dropped today lolololol

  • Ice Cube

    My nigga Cube is fonky he's got some skills and will fuck every wack rapper in their ass 24/7

  • gyeah

    Ice Cube is the best from the muthafukin west so don't fuck with the stress BIATCH

  • gyeah

    y'all ain't readaaaaay

  • huh!!!

    at least all y'all gay fucking haters talkin about dre and detox. u can talk about detox or wait till u rest in pieces thats the idea...dre is a legend. hate it or love it

  • Fuck_a_Nigga

    Is anybody still bumpin "Blazing Arrow" by Blackalicious?

  • Luke

    Keeping a nigga waitin 10 years for a fuckin album is not right, Dre!

  • Jacc

    Fuck this Detox album! This nigga Dre got me waitin for this bitch for over 10 fuckin years! He must be up in the fuckin studio right now shitin all over the place instead of makin some fuckin music!

  • bizzalls

    Man, Ice Cube, what the fuck are you talkin about? Puttin out Detox has NOTHING to do with fuckin money, man are you stupid? That is not the point of this whatsoever. You think Dre needs more money? The whole point of this is, put the fuckin album out! This guy has no idea what he's talkin about.

  • Monsta

    Don't complain about what you listening to do something 'bout it. You can make your ears happy again @ UGK/SET Records baby! Yeah UGK Records is still alive. Long live Pimp C

  • Anonymous

    I dont give a fuck about Detox anymore. The 2 singles they put out were both steaming piles of shit. And even if it drops it'll probably be a shit album.

  • Rhymes and Reasons

    If yall like Ice Cube, you might like my blog, Rhymes and Reasons. Its a series of interviews with hip-hop heads who discuss their lives and a few songs that matter to them. Pretty powerful stuff. Checkem out here:

  • james sixpac

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  • james sixpac

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  • Anonymous

    FOr you dumb motherfuckers dissing dre yall the same ignorant bastards that support him just as his shit is good and if its wack yall talk shit allday.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    "Honestly? Them headphones are selling, selling, selling. What would you rather sell somebody: $300 headphones, or a $10 tape?" he told Sway in the Morning's Sway Calloway and Devi Dev. Thanks, Cube. I've long said fuck a detox and I'll believe it when I listen to it. We all know Dre is on bullshit and has been. Why the surprise.

  • Anonymous

    Dr.Dre is the fakest rapper in tha game. Ruthless records was too hardcore for him so he left, Death Row Records was too street for him so he left, when he started the label with Suge. Fake thug, no love, you get the slug, CB4 gusto, your luck low, I didn't know till I was drunk though

    • bizzalls

      You have absolutely no idea what you're talkin about you fuckin moron.

    • Beno

      You must be young. The money wasn't right in both situations. But, go ahead and chalk it up to him not being "real" enough to be on a label.

  • Lo

    I rather wait on perfection,Than hear these WAC rappers that make music now!!Dr Dre is The Godfather of Rap!

  • remaste

    Detox it's coming em and lamar probably writing that shit right now

  • Anonymous

    fuck dr dre he aint no doctor he is a quack

  • motahiphop

    Im looking forward to the new Friday Movie!

  • The Truth


    • HAHA

      How stupid are you?? How the fuck do you know that, did Dre tell you that himself? You sound just as dumb as everyone else, because you also have no idea what you're talkin about.

    • Anonymous

      somebody know what time it is

  • Anonymous

    fuk there are so many douchebags on this site.

  • Anonymous

    haha people still think detox is coming out!!

  • trooth

    im sick of hearing about detox...either drop it or quit talking about it. he dont' produce half his shit anyways. just takes all the credit.

  • Nuff said...

    How can u call urself a rap/hip hop fan and dis Dre or cube??? Without them two cats rap prob woulda died a loooong time ago. You lames need to smarten up. Smh... nuff said...

  • Anonymous

    Cube doesn't know anything about Detox more than I do, and I bet Dre hasn't called him to work on anything in a long time. No disrespect to Cube, he's a legend, but he doesn't know what's up with Detox or what Dre is doing; anyone can guess he's on his headphones game than in the studio, but Dre sold a stake to HTC months ago. The only potential time we may or may not hear anything official about Detox is at Coachella when Dre and Snoop do their set together. I doubt anything will happen since it's probably just a nostalgia set doing material from Chronic/Doggystyle/2001, but there are mad people betting their lives on hoping Dre actually announces something. Dre is probably in the studio, doing the same shit he's done for the last decade, probably devoting some time and work to that corny ass Slim da Mobster's debut album that will never come out either.

  • guyb415

    I have been listening to Cube since his CIA days. You youngsters who listen to that faggot lil wayne shit don't know nothing bout that old Cube shit!!!

  • former cubefan

    Cube lookin like a teddy bear in the vid, lol. Real soft.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem should just put detox out himself.. Dre will never do it himself.

  • hypestyle

    headphones have nothing to do with the music. Dre sold a majority stake in the headphones anyway. He has no excuse to not be actively working on music. He's just too anal to actually put out something because it's not "perfect" but when perceptions of "perfect" change every day, every hour.. when is any work of art worth being put out?

    • Anonymous

      True thing, he's doesn't want to ruin his legacy when he can capitalize off this media hype alone, use it and remain successful in other industries. Very clever!

  • Mitch 3K

    LOL @ these dumb motherfuckers on this page hatin on Dre, like dude gives a fuck what you think anyway, he's already in the hall of fame whether he ever drops Detox or not, and Cube is right, what would you rather do, sell some $300 headphones or drop an album everybody is gonna download for free anyway?? Dre has nothin left to prove, I dont like any of his new shit either but he paid his dues and can do what the fuck he wants at this point, none of the artist or producers current today will ever match up to his legacy Bow Down

    • Mitch 3K

      ^^^^^ Typical modern day retard, sound like a hyperactive 4th grader trying to curse as many time as he can in a sentence, and at the same time say nothing relevant at all Do the world a favor and cut your nuts off

    • PissedOffreggiN

      nigga please!!! only if you knew the truth, your opinion of dre would change real quick. you ass stink need to read a book pooted pants wearin asshole of an asshole man!!! now get off dre nuts and tell yo girl to get on mine. u sucka doggy power wheels pooted shitbag asshole tay-tay doo-doo step pinky and the brain hassan bitch!!!

  • HAGE

    The thing is, he can sell stuff forever but he won't always be able to keep rapping..

  • Anonymous

    who the hell is ice cube? oh right some dude who hasnt been relevant for a fuckin century. same goes for dre. dude belongs in an old folks home. dude needs to just give up on detox. he aint cut out for rap no more, leave the producin to the GOATs like swizz and dj khaled.

    • james

      Yea the same swizz bouts who got sued for ruff ryders anthem and the eve song that he just took right of a fuckin kids keyboard and khalid who only makes songs wit plies,jeezy,wayne and ross wit t pain on the hook you can only make im so hood so many times them niggas is garbage dre got 20x more classics then theses niggas have combined everything he touches goes platinum even the fuckin firm sold records i guess zaytoven and southside are going to be the next great producers.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      (shaking my head) These young idiots like that one... Man why couldn't he have been swallowed, wiped on a towel, shot on a blanket or into a sock or some shit.

    • merpin merp

      co-sign two comments up. The state of rap is disgusting. It's sad that these popular, shitty rappers were never good. At least dre, em, etc were the shit at one point. Slaughterhouse are pretty old,too, but they can also make music.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^^ amen to that

    • BIGED

      u faggots think ur gonna be young forever?? go listen to wayne then. all u homos do is bitch and complain. guess what hes still better than half these young cornballs. everybody is either named young or lil just like their dicks. nwa, epmd, wu-tang, rakim, pac, big l,..what do you youngins have?? drake?? fuck out of here..slaughterhouse takin ova anyway..record sales dont mean shit remember that

    • georgel

      you dont know if hes young, maybe hes just retarded or stupid.

    • true school hip hop head

      Seriously? without dre and cube there would be no dj khaled or swizz. sorry to tell you man, but both of those guys are far from GOATs. You obviously need to learn your hiphop history youngin.....

    • Anonymous

      amen to that

    • Anonymous

      Swizz & Khaled both suck

    • djbvax

      Ha.Ha. So young. Those producers look up to Dre. Aging doesn't mean you suck. just like young doesnt mean you're dope. This is Hip Hop not Football.Music is forever.

  • Renzo rollin

    Dre wants to drop Detox, he just doesn't have inspiration. He askin other producers to produce for him these like Alex the Kid is proof he got no inspiration to produce something sick himself anymore. The steroids fucked up the creative part of his brains. Not one sick Dre production since he looks like the Hulk. Steroids in his system = no inspiration = no Detox.

  • Sensaye252

    I was listenin' to The Chronic 2001 the other day, and I looked through the CD case, and there was a 'Detox coming soon' advertisement in there. That was 11 years ago son. 11 years. That's a long ass time to Detox.

  • Nico 3

    Dre can't multi task?

    • Anonymous

      he does. between keeping his homosexuality hidden, talking to his nutritionist and dr's, buying and injecting anabolic steroids/synthetic testosterone, working out on a professional body builders schedule, eating 7 meals a day, in between getting dragged place to place by slave master iovine on private jets to prmote his headphones, his plate is full. there's no time for music for 2012 dr.dre.

  • BORN


  • oro

    fuck dre, fuck detox! my grandkids will still be waiting

    • GBtha G

      hell no muthafucka. fuck u instead imbecile broke ass.Dre iz a real nigga livin in a level u aint been yet.Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JT

    yeah dre's wack headphones are selling. it should give him even more reason to drop detox. clearly dre is in it soley for the money, and when you've made as much money as dre, it makes you look like a greedy, soulless, player. which dre is. cube makes movies, gets all kinds of endorsements, that didn't stop him from independently dropping Laugh Now Cry Later. dre is an embarrassment. james brown made music til he died, did it cheapen his legend? NO. there's real musicians, then there's dr. dre's, mercenary talents that only work for green. pac was right, dre is a slow moving, shade ball. instead of dre putting his foot down, and relasing quality music you can stand behind and be proud of regardless of what it does commerically, he's scared shitless eaching for wack eminem features like I need a Doctor looking for todays crowd to buy in. his album will be sponsored anyway, it'll be a chrysler/monster/dr.pepper/HP funded project that will make dre plenty of cash. hes just a scared shut in. any album that sells big today is a big corporate commercial, full of product placement and branding. haven't yall learned yet?

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Glad that there are people not led by the power of namebrand and marketing or whatever else... Those beats by dre joints are straight shit. It's not even close. If I'm gonna pay big money for some headphones then gatdamnit...I want to be in a damn euphoria from the listens. Skull Candies > Beatsbydre

    • Southeast

      ^^ Word. I've been saying for the longest time, Beats are the price they are simply because of Dre's name. Sennheiser headphones are the shit, got a pair myself, great quality.

    • Max

      Beats by Dre is the most overrated product ever to hit the market. The amount of money you pay for those headphones does not equal the sound quality. You can get better quality from a pair of $20 Skull Candies. Any music head knows the best headphones are made by Sennheiser, and they go for about $150 a pop. You're a getwit and a dummy if you spent money on Beats.

    • Anonymous

      beats are a scam. overpriced, junk. real audiophiles have already exposed them for being overpriced brand name crap. trust me, spend 300+ bucks on just about any other pair of high quality headphones, and they will smoke dr.dre's beats. you're paying at least 100 bucks over for the dr.dre name. congratulations.

    • Anonymous

      *If you've got valid opinions to share then share them, but what's the point in calling a ridiculously high quality product 'wack'?

    • Anonymous

      If you've got valid opinions to share then share them, but what's the point in calling a ridiculously high quality product as 'wack'?

  • lol

    This is like the 4th time ice cube talked about delayed detox (in a period of 5 yrs of course)

  • sonshine

    Cube the GREATEST over all 4rm the Performing Arts aspect of Hip Hop...Movies with George Clooney Songz with Pac.Tru Inspiration to our generation.SALUTE keep making history big homie...@DACHILDOFHIPHOP

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  • Anonymous

    Dre should have paid more attention to his son who OD'd... instead he was gobbling 'roids, HGH, testosterone like they were goddamn gummy bears. Nice work, pops!

  • ...

    it' s jus guessin so he may wrong but not wrong, I mean he, Dre likes much money like other niggaz so he keeps selling headphones instead of long awaited Detox It' s all bout bizness BUT Im so waiting dat Detox album and still thinkin if it would be come out or not Im weigh on Cube' s thoughts. Dre is a nigga and um.. I think dat Dre may afraid of his acts. It means, he workin on almost 10 years and people waitin so much. People 's gauge increasing and Dre' s duty also increasin so he is livin in a lotta pressures on. It makes him hard, he cannot make decision, he confusin. Ye dat' s all. My opinion.

  • yo


  • insanemacbeth

    "AMERIKKA'S MOST WANTED" album was/ is classic!

  • Anonymous

    I think dre know his trash[music] wont b bought no time soon i heard a few verse n it was trash a legend in the game but like my nigga pac said WE WANT THE FAME

  • Anonymous

    yeah but how much money does a nigga really need you feel me?

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