E-40 To Release Three Albums In March

E-40 works on releasing three separate albums this month, saying that "old school tactics make new school dollars."

Some artists find it difficult to release three projects in one year but according to reports, E-40 plans on releasing three albums in one month. In a recent article by AHH, 40 Water talked about why he elected to drop three albums in March and added that "old school tactics make new school dollars."  

“I got this thing, man, laid the groundwork and drew the blueprint for the independent music label entrepreneur years ago,” he explained. “The numbers prove my old school tactics make new school dollars. For the past two years they thought it was crazy for me to release two albums at the same time just like we did back in the day. Again, I proved them wrong.”

In December, 40 spoke about releasing three albums in one year, saying he didn't want to release mixtapes. 

“There’s gonna always be people who wanna hear me," he said. "It’s like chitterlings, a lot of people don’t like chittterlings, but a lot of people love em. I’m an acquired taste. Some folks putting out three, four or five mixtapes a year. This is no dis to mixtapes. I like mixtapes. But you have some people putting out mixtapes when it really is their album, but [calling it a mixtape] is just a security blanket in case the project don’t perform well. Like ‘Oh, that’s just my mixtape.’ With me, I’m putting out albums. Ain't no need of beating around the focal point. With me, when you spit the shit people wanna hear, it’s gonna spread like the flu and become contagious like a yawn.”

The Block Brochure: Welcome To The Soil 1, 2 and 3 are set to be released soon. Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar and Too Short are some of the confirmed guests. 

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  • G-Bee

    Keep it coming! I'll just filter out the good tracks and make my own album ;)

  • Anonymous

    who gives a fuck e-40 is whackkk and that hyphy shit is gay as fuck.



  • Nico 3

    Three albums seems like slight overkill, but at least that means three chart appearances, and realistically, all he needs is for each one to do 4-5k.

  • kennyken

    already got that joint ordered on amazon. lets go!

  • LOUD( . )( . )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40 water no one will ever fill your void when you leave the game the guy is a fuckin legend yall, the ORIGINAL independent artist. i been listening to this nigga since i was an infant i think 92 is my earliest memory and im buyin all 3 mayne its only right

  • Anonymous

    e 40 might be the whackest rapper ever. dude is a straight clown on the mic. horrible at every aspect of the game.

  • Yawn

    Earl is aiight, but he needs to make one flawless CD, not 3 peppered with good songs and pure filler. He needs an album like Charlie Hustle

  • Anonymous

    illl b coppin this. i dont blame 40, these niggas givin they talent away for free!!

  • nuc

    over saturation is what kills artists...

    • nuc

      i love the hiphop experts out there. "over saturation is what kills artists." not sure where me not knowing who e 40 came into play with that comment. i love e 40, i'm a bay area fan fully. but i say again,, over saturation kills artists,,,, and is whats wrong with hiphop TODAY.

    • Jack Compton

      Exactly, good to know not everyone has complete misconceptions about the industry. 40 is beyond dope, can't wait for these.

    • Anonymous

      bout time some one actually knows what the fuck they are talking about around here ^

    • uaintknow

      Um - you might not know this so let me up you on game. 40-water has been doing this since the 80's. That might be before your time or you might no have been paying attention. IMO over-saturation is more likely to occur with pop artist who are mass marketed. Under those circumstances the fans don't really stick with the artist because they are just the flavor of the month. That's why when they fall off it tends to be major because they were propped up by marketing and not by fan dedication. The record industry put the artists up on these pedestals then hide their hands when they stumble. I think they actually make money from the rise and fall of the artist. However, if you have a fan-base that spans over 20 years and started listening to you before you had any major label push the product will sell and the artist will get the lion's share of the profits. There are plenty of examples of this happening even with artist who started out on major labels then went independent and took their fans with them. A funny thing happens - when they are on major labels they sell more records but make less money and eventually get dropped when they can no longer chart the same. In order to chart they may have to sellout and alienate their true fan base - killing their career in the long run. Not to mention projects being pushed back that would have sold if released. Yet when the artist goes independent they can release projects more or less frequently and sell fewer units but garner more profit.

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