Producers Da Internz Compare Nas' Upcoming Album To "It Was Written"

Da Internz say that Nas is as hungry as ever on his upcoming LP.

Nas has been at work on his upcoming tenth studio album, previously titled Life is Good, which is expected to release this year. During an interview with, production duo Da Internz, consisting of Kosine and Tuo, said that Esco is going back to basics for the LP, recalling the lyrical dexterity and attitude of It Was Written.

“Nas is so cool, he’s so down-to-earth, and he’s so about allowing us to do our job as producers and let us put our vision on it,” said Kosine. “It’s been a dream come true.”

Tuo echoed his sentiments, explaining that Nasir Jones is taking it back to the essence, as exemplified on street single "Nasty." “This Nas album is not the Nas that is just like, This is cool. This is cute,” he said. “This is the Nas like really, ‘I’m trying to tear the skin off your face.’ He’s not playing around. Nas is taking you back to the lyrics and concepts like It Was Written.”




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  • insider

    Black Girl Lost pt. 2 coming soon

  • Anonymous

    R.C. - Remember too alot of rappers make that first album and are in a completely different frame of mind as compared to their follow up. Once someone succeeds, naturally they're going to rap about all the things that people then say are boring to listen to: Money, cars, women, etc. Illmatic paved the way. No doubt about it, but from a mainstream standpoint, It Was Written solidified his place. Too bad he would later ditch that formula. I'm all for artists growing and trying new things, but I think people expected the Nas from "It Was Written" or "Stillmatic", everytime out, and unfortunately they didn't get that.

  • R.C.

    here's the thing with illmatic and it was written. illmatic changed the game forever. NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY was spittin like Nas was on that album before it dropped. he took ltricism and flow to new heights as well as story telling. rakim was dope but wasnt as complex with the patterns and metaphors. Nas paved the way for cats like Em, Jay, ETC...THE IMPACT FROM THE ALBUM WAS RIDICULOUS. 10 perfect songs. it was written is damn near perfect too but i'm sorry "Nas is coming" was the one track that kept it from being perfect. Nas was lyrically mor polished and his song writing skills got better. i mean illmatic had a lot of scratching for hooks and it was written had well written hooks. the sound was just more polished. i think illmatic is better because it was the first of its kind. but it was written is a classic as well. the concepts were fucking mind blowing. the story was unbelievable. peace.

  • Nico 3

    Shut the fuck up you little bitch ass motherfucker. It Was Written sold 3 million worldwide. It was his most commercially successful album.

  • Ramel

    I have no doubt he will spit fury with hunger & a sense of urgency...but what is the album gonna sound like in terms of production?? These dudes don't need to be producing for Nas, neither does Salaam Remi or No ID! Nas & his team be fucking with all the WRONG producers for him, SMH!!! I got an idea...Nas get Premier, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Alchemist, Buckwild, now that's how u do a Nas album!

    • Krome

      You said he shouldnt be fuckin wit No ID?? You fuckin stupid bruh.. I think Nas know what hes doing on this album just wait til it come out before you start judging niggas..

  • snowd

    impossible. if these guys have a beat on there, impossible. nas needs cash, hes gonna self destruct and make a terrible album. its clear by the producers hes enlisting, and his recent collaborations with khaled wayne and tyga. he had kelis wearing NIGGER on her back for his last album, that he ended up censoring and making sell out singles for. he cannot be trusted. these guys are wack r&b producers, they aren't capable of making nasty nas a bangin track. nas was working with alex da kid on this album. when did he announce the album? whats the date? nas got shelved. sad. hip hop legend getting pimped by his labelafter 20 years in the game. lets hear the album already. nuff talking.

    • Anonymous


  • kj

    After illmatic, I said Nas got Next but it was written, I called Nas the GOAT. The creativity and more polished Nas sound was him at his best and most consistent. He's showed brillance on every album, guest features since but not as consistent as on his first two. But that man has been murdering guest songs for quite some time.

    • Anonymous

      you were like 1 year old when illmatic dropped you little faggot. illmatic >>> it was written and its not even close. not even close.

  • Nico 3

    Illmatic was good, but has got some dust on it by now. Much like Reasonable Doubt, if you objectively listen to it today, without a doubt know it's over-rated. That said, I thought It Was Written and Stillmatic were solid efforts. Nas got away from that blueprint though. Makes no sense. He was going platinum everytime. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Now it's broken.

  • THe_Observer

    hey yo Nas, u gotta collaborate with some underground artist for once, lets really see you go head to head with underground lyricist like Master Ace, Chino XL, Killa Priest, Canibus, Immortal Technique, Vinnie Paz, Vast Aire, Pharoah Monch, Talib Kweli, Ras Kass, and many more...stop rhyming with Rick Ross they aint in your league lyrically wanna see u go toe to toe with real lyricist

  • chrismorale

    Nasir Jones' best album was "I AM". Columbia/Sony fucked that whole album up. he had songs for everybody... even you basement living, breakbeat rapping no emotion, backpack wearing, quiet in the eyes, scared to breathe niggaz.

  • Anonymous

    So no ones gonna care until YEARS AFTER THE RELEASE...You gotta remember people when It was Written came out it wasn't well received, but no on remembers that.

  • Real King

    Most here are only saying It Was Written is better because Lupe Fiasco said it was his favorite Nas album. I don't remember anyone saying that before him. People (outside of Lupe) who say IWW is better never really liked or "got" Illmatic, but pretended they did to fit in with the crowd. lol Illmatic was too deep for them and they feel like Lupe saying that is a way for them to escape lying to themselves about liking it. It's the same with the Wu-Tang 8 Diagrams album. Dudes didn't get it so they pretended to like it but when Ghostface and Rae said it was wack, it gave them and opening to express themselves and call it wack too. You all are just followers, afraid to be yourselves. For the record, I love Illmatic and I've always thought it was the best album ever made. And I had this opinion BEFORE I even knew it was considered to be a "classic". I do understand however, that it's not for everyone. If you don't like it, just say that. You don't have to make up garbage about IWW being better because it's the more "acceptable" out if you don't like Illmatic. Learn how to be yourself and form your own opinions

    • Anonymous

      I've always thought Illmatic and It Was Written are equal.

    • Anonymous

      co-sign. I hate dick riding azz knee-grows. how you even gon compare illmatic to it was written? are you serious?

    • ummmmmm

      please, ive BEEN saying that this was the better album. I never even knew Lupe said that. Im not big on Lupe. Your assumption is kind of crazy considering you don't know jack about any of us lol. Since we're making blanket statements, let me make a blanket statement. People who make blanket statements are too lazy to do the research, or lack the mental capacity to think objectively therefore choosing to categorize complex things into a small concept that they personally can understand. Either that or you are super psychic. What's the lottery gonna be since you have these magical powers, LOL. Teach me the way, Obi Wan.

  • Yamz

    "So these are the dudes that did Rihanna's new "Birthday Cake" record and Big Seans "A$$" record. And we're talking about "It was writen" Nas. We'll see." I feel you, but everyone said that shit about until he gave Nas and The Game some ill beats. Ya know?

    • ummmmm

      true story. i do have reservations about Nas rocking on the same sample twice, but i feel where you are coming from.

  • ilikevideo


  • wu4lyf

    IWW was so brooding and dark, the beats were ethereal and Nas destroyed them. If this album is anything like that I'm buying three copies. Hope to God AZ has a feature...

  • sizakhoza

    The only way Nas will create a classic album is by having dope producers and limited featurings on the next album. Give me an album produced by Pete Rock, Large Professor, DJ Premier and Madlib. No need for Cool & Dre or Salaam Remi. Only deature AZ on the album, go down the illmatic lane one last time, please.

  • breal

    Nas always creates a buzz with all his albums, Lyrically he has been killin it Rare nigga, Im a wonder/Your best success is my worst blunder. : Any rebuttal to what I utter get box-cuttered/Count how many bad honeys I slut, its a high number/Name a nigga under the same sky that Im under/Who gets money, remain fly, yeah, I wonder. Born in NYC beastin'/The lord left me no choice/Christian pendants, Islamic thoughts, criminal courts/Father forgive, I wanna die like Godfather did/Standing in lineups I'm paying lawyers, ain't trying to bid You know the flow's administered/By the deputy, rhyme prime-minister/Sir Nas, I'm certified. No clip in your glock/You aint prepared to fire/We call that riding with no air in your tire Youre in the presence of a majestic, esoteric/Message from the most ghettoest king, worldwide respected/I can say ghettoest cause I come from where metal spit/Praying to God I can slide and slip out the Devils grip............ ive been in pressed silk since breast milk The whole VICTORY track with John Legend Look who crept in with automatic weapons, reppin QB till the death of him That nigga that inspired lyrical tyrants like Kanye West and Em Track record goes back to The Essence, Smack adolescents who ask who the best is Look who crept in with automatic weapons, reppin QB till the death of him That nigga that inspired lyrical tyrants like Kanye West and Em Track record goes back to The Essence, Smack adolescents who ask who the best is...

  • @iSFGiants

    doesn't matter if its a classic or has the same concept as "It Was Written" won't get the recognition it deserves because idiot ass "hip hop" fans want watered down lyrics & a dope beat

    • ummmmm

      ^^^ real talk. U gotta buy the album man. if u are a fan, you'll pay $ for it. If you are a real fan, you wont even preview it, LOL. If you are a stan, you may buy 4 copies. $$$ is the ultimate support.

    • Anonymous

      It's on Nas fans to buy it. There's so many people on the internet seeing him as the GOAT and hating on wack shit. We will see how many fans he really has when that album drops.

    • Anonymous

      Yawn. How many times do you see people bagging one dimensional hip hop? The hate is everywhere, so I don't know why people say what you are saying. It may not get a number one single, but if it's a good album, people will respect it. just look at the love that the roots album received.

  • nuc

    the goat is about to drop another classic

  • illy

    it was written is a classic just as good as illmatic imo

  • sonshine

    The Throne made the King of Queenz step it I see...Can't Wait (Bart Scott voice) follow @DACHILDOFHIPHOP



  • Mr Flamboyant

    Even though Illmatic is GOAT Hip Hop LP ever...It Was Written is right on its heels and often preferred over Illmatic. The sorry and sad thing is when It Was Written first dropped you had a lot of idiots and bitch ass niggas that said it was a poppy trashy reaching album and thoroughly dissed it. Goes to show you what people don't know they will say stupid shit in light of their blatant ignorance. It Was Written is in the cycle right now. It's heavy rotation along with Marcberg, Greneberg, and OB4CL I and II. I hope these lil niggas ain't just pulling chains out here saying shit like that. Oh and're still a bitch that needs to go learn how to be a man and not learn how to please a man...faggot ass troll. How a grown man can have his breath smelling like male genitals and be satisfied is beyond the scope of sense. Go jump into a 2 foot pool with a foot of water from 3 feet high head first. Get some pussy and actually like it for a change.

    • Anonymous

      I was an ill-matic man myself back then, and there was a lot going on back in the days. It Was Written had a unique sound to get used to, seeing as those releases were so close and different in sound. I would say Nas has three perfect albums if you include still matic


      I was 19 when IWW dropped. Actually heard that album b4 Illmatic. There were just SO MANY good hip-hop albums out prior to that I just missed it. You are right tho, when IWW first dropped ppl HATED HARD, 16 years later its still his most sucessful album.

  • Anonymous

    the song 'nasty' is wack to me. i hope nas has some better shit on there.

    • Chicago_Rilla

      Haha hahaha

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Go drive around some railroad gates and beat a train driving drunk, you dumb bitch. You probably listen to Drake with the volume up loud sipping a watermelon martini or some gay ass shit. Nigga probably got nipple piercings.

  • The MG

    Just like some of the other comments on here, I've always favored IWW over Illmatic. Nas' creativity and lyricism went up a few notches on IWW, and the production suited the inner city themes very nicely. And Nas has definitely been killing his verses lately. My God, the anticipation is building.



  • land lord

    I will B d#mn!!! Nasty Nas is about to bless us wit another CLASSIC

  • ummmmmm

    "It Was Written" was my fav Nas album. Now I gotta go do my homework and see if Da Internz do "it Was Written" type TRACKS. ** 5 minutes later ** So these are the dudes that did Rihanna's new "Birthday Cake" record and Big Seans "A$$" record. And we're talking about "It was writen" Nas. We'll see.

  • Anonymous

    It Was Written is probably my favorite NaS album (not saying its the best, I'd say Ilmatic was better) so this is good news.

  • so real

    Yes...Nas is definitely going to bring it! He has been bringing it for years although some complain but Nas has truly evolved into a very creative artist. His longevity & successs is proven with 11 certified plaques. LIFE IS GOOD!


    If it's coming from Da Internz, it's more likely to be "It Was Bullshit" more than "It Was Written."

  • Anonymous

    I was wrong its yessir that comes here to do the trolling. Yea nigga nas dropping soon a real emcee. Face it the swag era will be coming to an end and real hip hop is making a comeback. First the death of auto-tune than the death of swag r.i.p.



  • Anonymous

    Fuck these old ass niggas ymcmb the best. Swag! Naw I'm just fucking around but don't worry soicybois gonna be here soon trolling as usual lol. But seriously nas needs to just drop the album already.

  • jason

    this is great news!!! it was written is myu favorite Nas album due to its complex lyrics and dark city beats.

    • dj nemesis

      ^illmatic had almost no impact, barely any promotin an flopped commercially, it was biggie ready to die an wu-tang enter the 36 chambers that brought it back to the east coast, then mobb deep the infamous THEN nas it was written, thats why it was his most creative album, because so many classics were dropping so he stepped it up

    • Kaz

      Illmatic had more impact, it put east coast back on the map after the reigning G-Funk Era


      You guys should check this out. When the single Nasty dropped I made a list on my website of Nas' albums from 10-1. I agree with your opinions on It Was Written but people tried to crucify me for it.

    • Anonymous

      I agree completely! I know that most people will put Illmatic over it, but It Was Written was Nas at his absolute best to me. Illmatic was a guy who represented his ghetto in an eloquent way. But It Was Written? That was a lyrical genius at his creative peak. He never came close to this level again. He improved so much skillwise on that album, it was just unreal. From the crazy concepts to the amazing rhyme-schemes and swagger-filled effortless flows all dropped on dope beats that were perfect for the dark street tales. Illmatic was his great debut, but It Was Written is his true masterpiece. One of the most creative LPs ever to hit stores.

  • im still waitin

    they been saying this shit for the last 3yrs drop that bitch already if it sound any thing like the cut he got with common i will pass on it


    Goddamn, I really can't wait for this. He really doesn't have it in him to sell out and be a clown like the rest of the rap game. Go ahead clowns, keep on hating and denying the real. It is what it is. 2012 will be a good year

  • Anonymous

    damnnn, we got another classic coming on its way!! nasty nasss

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