Nick Cannon Reveals He Has Lupus-Like Autoimmune Disease

Nick Cannon opens up about his health scares and reveals that he was diagnosed with a lupus-like autoimmune disease.

This past January, Nick Cannon was suddenly rushed to the hospital for kidney failure. Although Cannon appeared to recover from the incident, a month later the radio host and Hip Hop media personality was forced to drop out of his radio show after suffering blood clots in his lungs.

Now, in a recent interview with People Magazine, Cannon opens up about his recent medical emergencies and their cause. He explained that doctors discovered that he suffers from an autoimmune disease akin to lupus which directly caused the failure of his kidneys.

"The blood clot thing was probably the scariest because...I've known people who have passed away from that," he explained. "I thought I was getting better, and then [the blood clots] happened, so that kind of came out of nowhere. I'm just trying to make sure I put my health first."

He also added, "[The kidney failure was caused by an] autoimmune disease that [doctors] found in my system. They kind of say [my] autoimmune [disease] is – like a lupus type of thing, but no one else in my family has's a lot of stuff, but it's all in order now."

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  • Anonymous

    Best wishes to a man who's wife has hundreds of millions of dollars and can provide him with the best healthcare imaginable? Dude. Seriously. Let it go.

  • Anonymous

    "But Daddy, Nick Cannon is Hilaarious" lol

  • Anonymous

    He has AIDS? What?


    WOW! people are fucked in the head, did you ever think "shit what if i had it?" i admit he's a garbage rapper, Wild'n'Out was a good laugh, a few of his movies were worth watching too.. but even if your opinion doesn't match mine, wishing death or anything like that isn't written in your rights so stop bitching.. or are you mad at how he went at Em? shit we all know he cant touch Em, but he was doing the right thing, Em said some things about his wife he retaliated, but i wouldnt expect the haters to retaliate because your all pussy!

  • Anonymous

    That's what I thought. You're like a scared little boy trying to talk tough because it probably makes you feel better about your pathetic life and pathetic taste in music. I don't wish death on people I don't know, but I also don't sit behind a computer and give best wishes as if Cannon's life has any bearing on mine. Whitney was viewed as a superstar by most, yet she died a coke head. Does that still make it sad?

    • Anonymous

      you dont sit around and give best wishes to someone in need? you sound so real brah. youre a loser. you're the type of nigga who probably will never give to those less fortunate than you... no charity work... no community service. Acting like the act of giving is supposed to be dependent on how well you know a person. whoever raised you fucked up. people like you are the reason this world has gone to shit. you only see the bad in people. people celebrate whitney for her talent and her gift of music which she shared with people. not because she had demons. when people die you remember them for their good... that's called salvation. what have you done with your life? the way to talk you act like you come from a perfect family.. when clearly you mother should have got a hand raising you. when she dies i hope nobody comforts anyone in your family... and I hope the preacher only remembers the fucked up shit she did and all of her failures... and i wont "sit behind my computer" wishing you well because i dont you and that bitch who raised clearly didnt do shit with her life. peace

  • fengQhuang93

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  • Anonymous

    First, it's never Lupus. Second, Wild'n'Out was alright as a replacement to Who's Line (And Katt Williams was a beast). Third...Eh. Don't die man.

  • im chewing glass

    dont wish death on someone i dont know but hopefully it stops him from ever rapping or making shit shows again that wildin out show he made was the worst thing ever made apart from that kardashian bullshit who the fuck watches them things bitch looks like a fuckin retarded blow up doll

  • Jack The Ripper

    Die slow faggot

  • Anonymous

    Harry - You just admitted to watching Wild n' Out. You're immediately disqualified from ever having an opinion again. Anon - Are you Lil Nicky's press agent? No. You're just toilet film. If you don't care for my opinion then do something about it.

    • Anonymous

      insecure ass niggas like you will always been a slave to peer pressure too afraid to be yourself around other. probably gonna call someone a homo in your next post. p.s. wildn out was a dope ass show. sorry that's not cool enough for you guy behind computer ill never meet...

  • Anonymous

    Dude's annoying but I dont wish death or sickness on anyone.... I'd be totally satisfied if it was just his career that passed on

  • Anonymous

    Oh please. All you Hallmark Hall of Fame nerds need to put down the kleenex box and remember how much you've ridiculed Lil Nicky (myself included) over the years. Not saying I'm making light of dying, but it's not like this guy is contributing anything significant to society. If anything, he should keep most of this to himself.

    • Anonymous

      @ anon. youre an idiot. so because we clown someone for being a mediocre rapper it means we can't wish them good health? Sounds like you take music way to seriously. Like it or not he's an accomplished millionaire with more respect then you or your sister could ever dream of attaining. *kanye shrug*

    • Harry

      and what have you or your dead beat dad who struggled to provide for your family done with their lives that is so special? what special talents does anyone in your family have brah? lol seriously.. you sit behind your computer like its a pedestal. nick cannon is a successful young man....he contributed alot of to our culture from his shows on nickalodeon to mtv to the big screen. not to mention the stuff he did off camera for other people's careers. he's not were he is by "contributing nothing" like you so foolishly put it. acting like you know something about success and influence. just because he's not a top 5 DOA rapper does not make him a nobody. and for the record i never clowned him. only the eminem dickriders had a problem with nick to keep it real. even though eminem spent his career beefing with pop stars. i always respect the hustle, ambition, and talent he had, no matter how much i skipped his music. nick's resume and his social status attest to his contributions to culture. i used to watch wild'n out every thursday... just one example of him launching careeers (afion crocket among others) not to mention he married a music legend. trust me, nick doesnt need your validation. and he's has done more in 20 something years then any of your family wll ever do in lifetime.

  • Smfh

    Hip hop fans can be the most cruelest motherfuckers on earth. Going as far as to wish death on an artist just because they don't like their music. Smh I pray for humanity. Get better Nick Cannon. : )

  • ericamatch23

    You may wanna join ~~ RICHMINGLE,,C-0'M to date some rich men like CEOs, Lawyers, Bankers and hot models.

  • Anonymous

    stay healthy nick wishing you a long life

  • Anonymous

    2012 possible deaths nick cannon (lupus) coolio (crack addict) prodigy (sickle-cell anaemia) dmx (crack/substance abuse) camron (irritable bowel syndrome) lil mama (breast cancer) trick daddy (lupus) scott storch (substance abuse) plies (glans penis syndrome)

    • geminiman7

      cosign @sensaye. I knew someone who talked about friends who would die before her. She was accidentally killed 5 months later. Never wish death or spread rumors about other folks demise. That's not for you decide or SPEAK on. Idiots.

    • Anonymous

      cosign sensaye. hell how do you know your mother or your sister aint on that list?

    • H2

      @Sensaye: REAL TALK

    • Sensaye252

      You shouldn't speculate on people's time of death. You're whistling past the graveyard homey. How you know you ain't on that list?

  • Anonymous

    Sarcoidosis by chance ?

  • Anonymous

    Keep ya head up, we pray for you

  • LJbigbang

    Good luck to him - hope he gets better.

  • Anonymous


  • Tony Yayo Is Gay

    Its actually called the Marshall Mathers Virus, it attacks your body when you try and diss the rapper himself but you are too weak to stand up to the best.

  • Anonymous

    Lupus is when the body attacks its self, and there is no cure... so if this autoimmune disease is like lupus he is saying he is fucked

  • do itt

    becareful of some older ppl they will try to make u feel guilty for being young to try to steal your b friend/ g friend, or control you

  • resko

    scary moment huh nick, i cldnt imagine



  • D Tom

    although you're the wackest person walking this planet besides YMCMB's members, you need to get that shit under control and keep your health up.

    • D Tom

      somebody needs to do it.

    • Anonymous

      why do people feel the need to bring ymcmb and rap talent up in this discussion. Shut the fuck up man and stop trying so hard to look like your repping real rap by continually bringing ymcmb up.

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