Brother Ali Joins Occupy Homes Movement

Brother Ali joins the movement to help those who are in danger of losing their homes.

Brother Ali has announced his formal alignment with the Occupy Homes Minnesota movement, intended to help save families who are facing the loss of their homes.

In a video where Ali states his mission, he sits with Monique White who recounts almost losing her residence.

“When I found out about the Occupy Homes, the extension of it, where common, everyday people are getting involved to help save some of these families and raise our voices and put pressure on the banks and everybody involved ot work with these homeowners. I was really inspired by that.

For more information, head over to and watch the video below.



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  • Anonymous

    more emcess like him should do stuff like, my heart goes out to that woman

  • Anonymous

    Real people do real things, we all related, everyone weak in some way, all we can do is help each other in times of struggle, that survival of the fittest shit is a thing of the past, this is the future we live for each other now, get with it, this is what Pac wanted

  • Keeping it real

    Survival of the fit biatch!!!! Let those people starve, THEY HAVE TO BE WEEDED OUT SOMEHOW!

  • chav killa

    Respect to this real dude

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