T.I. Signs Chip & Iggy Azalea To Grand Hustle

T.I. joins Chip and Iggy Azalea for an interview to speak on their addition to the Grand Hustle roster.

After announcing that T.I. signed Trae The Truth to Grand Hustle, Tip also confirmed that he has added Chip and Iggy Azalea to his team. The self-proclaimed King of the South recently spoke alongside Iggy and Chip (formerly known as Chipmunk) during an interview with MTV to explain the signings. 

Chip is a newcomer to the States but has already garnered years of acclaim in the United Kingdom. As he mentioned in the interview, he felt it was time to make a transition and cross the Atlantic.

"I'm 21 now," Chip explained in the video interview with Tip sitting beside him. "I'm pretty much, I wouldn't say as big as I can be in the UK, but we kind of hit a glass ceiling. I got signed when I was 17. I had a platinum album, previous number one singles, Top 10 hits, countless Top 10 features. The biggest hit I had in the UK was a song called "Champion" featuring Chris Brown. It's actually the theme song on Madden 12." 

According to Chip, his transition isn't only about his own work and growth. Chip said he feels he can bridge the gap between the UK and the United States. 

"It got to a point where people in the UK felt like if there was someone over there that could help bridge the gap between the cultures in the Urban music over here and in the UK, it's me," he explained. "Tip was rockin' with what I was doing and we just linked up." 

Iggy Azalea's singing to Grand Hustle comes after news that T.I. would be executive producing her upcoming debut album, The New Classic.

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  • Bam

    Im live in London, chipmunk is whack, he makes songs for lil school girls. theres a lot of spitters in the UK that are soooo much better then him but the fact is that being a talented rapper doesnt make you sell records. T.I is probably looking for people that will make money and i reckon chipmunk can be one of his lil cash cows. just pisses me off that chipmunk will get recognised before people like Klashnekoff, Jehst, Mystro, Durrty Goodz, Ransom Badbonez, Skinnyman.....trust me this list is endless.

  • REAL

    TI signed the worst rapper from the UK. Only good UK rappers are Ill Mill from SMS and a couple others but thats it

  • I'dDestroyIggy(sexually)butshesucks

    any nigga that goes by chipmunk...no thanks. what kinda disney ass nigga is this? also TI has gone to shit. that Fuck the City Up mixtape was straight ass. dude fell off fast as fuck.

  • nozisasellout

    LOL at signing an ugly dumb whore from Australia that thinks she is black and can't rap for shit.

  • Anonymous

    signed b.g to what happend

  • Anonymous

    Their respective albums won't come out till 2025.

  • CapsWarrior


  • Anonymous

    so much for putting on for the ATL, i much as i hate to say it grand hustle is turning to trash, dope iggy and chip all suck

  • Anonymous

    Ooooh chipmunk??? I thought Chip as in some random new rapper. smh This guy is complete trash and looks like he'd break if you shook his hand. Why can't they sign GOOD UK talent. Rappers these days are always talking about that the game ain't the same, rappers have gone bad BLAH BLAH BLAH and yet they co-sign the same BS they're talking about. Kanye and Nas are best examples.

  • Alf Capone

    whatever. i jus wanna stick my dick in that iggy bitch

  • 412Said

    AwwShit! Its on and crackin right now! Follow me @412Said

  • Anonymous

    he should scoop PILL,Don Trip,Fat Trel,Dot Rotton also

  • Anonymous

    Chipmunk & Iggy....smart move Tip just dont lose em like u did Meek.sign more rappers!!!

  • Anon

    Chipmunk is seriously wack. I'm from the UK so I know

    • What?

      I'm english so yeah, I understand english LOL Besides, Klashnekoff for instance, is better than Chippy Chip

    • sayitlikeitis

      i hate the british accent but all bs aside, chip is nicer than most famous MCs outhere. so chill, the only explainable reason u think chip is wack is prolly cause u dont understand english

  • So Icy Boi!

    noooooooooooooooooooo! juss no!!!!! Iggy Azalea iz da new Tupac Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli. whut a waste of a talent..... ma sista Iggy shud sign to YMCMB & work with Stunna & Wayne. swag

  • Anonymous

    Fuck both these bitches! Trea was a good sign, Iggy is a dumb slut and Chipmunk is a joke, Lowkey killed that little wanna be Jay Z

    • sayitlikeitis

      nigga chill, lowkey never was & will never be nicer than chip. fact that lowkey be on that conscious shit be getting alot of yall fooled. you could call lowkey a better preacher, but when it comes to music and entertainment chip is light years ahead

    • Anonymous

      difference is chip will be big in america making doe with t.i and lowkey will be trying to get people to listen his message for ages

  • Anonymous

    i hate this iggy slut.

  • Usher

    Chip could be the perfect combination between B.o.B and T.I. He can make real good hard Hip-Hop records and real good radio shit too.

  • gsonii

    More money. BOB already doing well if either one of these new people can exceed BOB then it looks like a problem for the competition.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT ABOUT ALL HIS OTHER ARTISTS P$C[1] (Grand Hustle/Atlantic) T.I. AK C-Rod Mac Boney Big Kuntry King OMG Girlz (Grand Hustle/Pretty Hustle/Streamline/Interscope) Spot (King Day/Grand Hustle) B.o.B (Grand Hustle/Rebel Rock/Atlantic) Trae[2][3] (Grand Hustle/ABN) Iggy Azalea[3][4] (Grand Hustle/Interscope) Chip[3] (Grand Hustle/Sony) Young Dro (Grand Hustle/Atlantic/E1) Mitchelle'l (Grand Hustle) Ricco Barrino[5] (Grand Hustle) 8Ball & MJG (E1/Grand Hustle) Killer Mike[6] (Grind Time/SMC/Grand Hustle) Shun Hendrix (Grand Hustle) D.O.P.E.[4] (Grand Hustle) Spodee[7][4] (Grand Hustle) Yung Booke[4] (Grand Hustle) Rich Kid Shawty[4] (Grand Hustle) NOT EVERYONE CAN HAVE THEIR OWN LABEL

    • Anonymous

      lol hit right on the head look at dat roster

    • TBD1983

      Well it depends on the commercial appeal of each other on that roster. T.I. Iggy, Chip, B.O.B., OMG have the mainstream fans. Dro,P$C,Killer Mike, Trae, 8BALL & MJG , Shun Hendrix have the streets. Ricco & Mitchelle'l got the ladies. They balance the musical levels at Grand Hustle very well. It just all about have the right single that listeners will gravitate to and distribution from one of the four major labels to promote , marketing and push the record/video out to different outlets. I hope this answers your question

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