Too Short Describes Recording With Dr. Dre For The First Time

Too Short recalls linking up with another West Coast legend, Dr. Dre.

If Too Short can be described as the consummate producer of music with his 19th album, No Trespassing, hitting shelves last week (February 28), his polar opposite is Dr. Dre.

But, as Short Dog revealed in an interview with, last summer he helped Dre come one step closer to release his long-awaited album, Detox.

"[Dr. Dre] had this song it was called 'Man’s Best Friend' - aka 'Pussy' -  and from what I understood he kept getting people to rap on it,” explained Too Short. “And Dre is a perfectionist. He didn’t like what they were doing on it and he didn’t plan on using it."

"Then somebody suggested my name, so he called me in. I’m not even gonna lie to you, the rap that I did for Dr. Dre, I didn’t write the rap. Kurupt’s little brother wrote it - Roscoe - and he pimped me one hell of a sixteen-bar verse. Dre had me in there, the first session was nine hours."

Too Short revealed that the respect he felt for Dre was mutual. "You know how cool Dre is? This is how cool Dr. Dre is—he asked his people, ‘how much does Short want for the verse?’ And when I said what I wanted his response was, ‘Pay him double.’ That was the homie. I had never had anyone get at me like that."

Watch the interview below:



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  • daddy

    whatabout "game over" on scarface album

  • Anonymous

    Paid him double? lol Good one.

  • Truth

    The person that inherits Dr. Dre's vault when he dies will make millions from selling decades of unreleased beats and verses that will never see the light of day 'til then.

    • Anonymous

      100% co-sign, I keep saying that for years. The future owner will probably be in a priviliged position. Just consider the possibility that he could put out at least five or six DETOX-like albums from that material what has been recorded just for that project over the years. The assumption itself sounds crazy! And since Dre is signed to Interscope, his products belongs to them (at least partially). Plus if I remember right, they brought Aftermath as a label a few years ago, not sure though.

  • Anonymous

    Recording with dre is useless , it just means the song will never see the light of day , he might as well change detox in the invisible album cuz we ain't never gonna see it , fuck dre

    • Anonymous

      he has released countless numbers of albums he dont need to produce anymore, go cry or listen to some classics

  • GoReadABook

    HAHA 'pimped me a hell of a verse'??? I'm thinking he said PENNED, because that actually makes sense. Haha fucking dx

  • Trae One

    The instrumental is on Youtube - search for it Dr Dre ft Too Short - Mans Best Friend aka Pussy (Produced by Dr Dre) Instrumental

  • Dae One

    Dr Dre ft Too Short - Mans Best Friend aka Pussy (Produced by Dr Dre) Instrumental watch?v=ocN4UKZClJc

  • Dae One

    Dr Dre ft Too Short - Mans Best Friend aka Pussy (Produced by Dr Dre) Instrumental

  • jesterxxl

    That song ain't brand new I heard about Doc bein ona track ft DPG & Roscoe 'Man's Best Friend - Pussy' way back in 07. Ayo Hypestyle I think Short ment he didnt write for Dre but Dash did he probably jotted his own verse.

  • ConleyRichard

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  • HubbardJeanine68513576

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  • So Icy Boi!

    how old iz dis nigga? 60+? lmao............ fuck Dr. Gay. niggaz shud work wit Noah 40, Boi-1da, Bangladesh, T-Minus & Lex Luger. dose niggaz are da best producas eva. swag

    • nickrazor2000

      hey icy idiot. how old are you? 13? all those producers you named that you think are hot are complete garbage. all of them. dre is a pioneer and has produced countless classics many you probably dont know about(hes a Kid). fag

  • DutchWeazel

    '' Lord please / let em make mo G's '' Dope shit Played the song yesterday, haha

  • Danny

    Is there a rapper out there that isn't going to be on detox?

    • HAGE

      It's like Short just said, he asks countless of people but very few will actually be on the album because Dre didn't like it.. he's a perfectionist.

  • Mortis

    nobody will ever hear that song

  • rh

    Too short has worked with Dr. Dre before- On Scarface's Untouchable album. Ice Cube was also on that record, that was a banger. Maybe he wasn't in the studio, he was just talking shit in the beginning of the song.

  • Hypestyle

    Why didn't Too short write his own rap? In any case, he needs to holler at Dre to produce his conscious/political album.

    • anon

      Because guys like roscoe and kurupt probs hang out in the studio dre is working in. Roscoe probs had penned a verse hoping he might get on it, but dre decided he wanted too short on it instead ;)

    • T

      Because Dre know Too Short isn't the best writer, But his style and personality brings a verse to life. Nobody wants to hear Roscoe spit over Too Short. The song is about Pussy so it nakes sense to put Short on the track.

    • G-Bee

      Dre doesn't do conscious records.

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