Ras Kass Partners With Mo Thugs To Release "Greatest Misses" Compilation

Dr. Dre, RZA and Xzibit appear on Ras Kass' venture with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's longtime boutique label.

Veteran emcee Ras Kass has compiled a greatest hits compilation, ironically titled Greatest Misses. The Carson, California native will release the project to iTunes on March 13, through Mo Thugs Records, the longtime Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-affiliated label.

Although a tracklisting has yet to release, a spokesperson for Ras Kass noted that the work features appearances from Xzibit, RZA, Dr. Dre and Pharoahe Monch, among others.

In his nearly 20-year career, Ras Kass released two albums with Priority Records, Soul On Ice and Rasassination, before several retail "projects" throughout the 2000s. Most recently, Ras Kass released A.D.I.D.A.S., a Kickstarter-funded album in 2010.

Previously, Public Enemy released a 1992 compilation called Greatest Misses.


  • ConleyRichard

    Ras Kass Partners With Mo Thugs To Release "Greatest Misses" Compilation read moredomain.com

  • Anonymous

    Dude got one of the worst flows ever. Lyrics don't make up for it if you try to make dope music.

  • TJo

    He's a dick for leaving the HRSMN


      its ok you still got four other replacements in pharoahe monch,chino xl,rakim,and keith murray so you can take your pick and gladly say goodbye to mr. i had too much to drink. i think he just kissing ass for a deal with dre or shady. its just a real fake nigga type move to leave the hrsmn for royce 59 plus he fucked the money up for the project in the first place but shouts to m-80 for continuing through with it. i wonder why no word from kurupt,killa p,or canibus about the whole situation? oh well one momkey dont stop the show.

  • casey jones

    ras kass is perhaps the most closeted, eyebrow-plucking ass rapper in the game

  • Anonymous

    Yawn this guy is washed up has been

  • Anonymous

    Mo thugs still around damn I thought that label was in the tank like bones career.

  • twoholla

    MAJOR FAIL for Ras Kass...I try to avoid Ras's weirdo comments & lame interviews...all I care about is the MUSIC. But unfortunately...his music seems to follow suit with his wierdo-ness & bad decisions (leaving the hrsmn but shiiiiiit...they never dropped an official LP EVER but with everyone comparing them to Slaughterhouse...it had the potential to put the spotlight back on the homies). I purchased every project...Ras has ever put out to even the 2 unreleased versions of 'THE GOLDEN CHILD.' But Ras can't pick dope beats to save his lil' short-ass. That ADIDAS project was a rip-off because he promoted it as Ras Kass meets DJ RHETTMATIC (dope producer) on the beats...but when people finially received it after pre-ordering it...DJ Rhettmatic only did 1 or 2 tracks...that were remixes...the rest of the songs on the double-disc, for the most part...boringly lame...with cheap beats.... Ever since Rass back in the day wanted to re-claim his 'hood-ness' because he was critized for kicking uber-intelligent rhymes that the white boyz liked & not the hood-type...he's been peddling backwards. He should've stuck with his original-style & hired a cabinet of advisors...who could pick beats for him...at this point...Rass hang it bruh...at least Game..has a way better track record for selecting good beats!!!

  • Mack 10

    Greatest misses? What's he rapping about? Every punch he tried to throw at Game?

  • dockevoc

    nice sweater vest

  • Anonymous

    Ras is nice but fans are pissed at him for dropping out of the hrsmn. It was shitty move.

  • Alf Capone

    rass kass is one the gayest rap niggas ever. watch his mannerisms and tell me this nigga aint gay

    • Alf Capone

      u gone go home and rip all ur ras kass posters off ur walls now that u know hes gay? prolly went on youtube and watched videos of him only to realize damn Capone is right da nigga is gay. its all good u can still keep ur lil wayne and diddy posters on ur wall. gay ass nigga

    • Noob Saibot

      That sounded like a very effeminate thing to say. I won't tell you he's not gay, because that would break your heart. Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you've done.

  • Anonymous

    How are they misleading the youth? They aren't forcing kids to buy their albums or follow their every move. Face it. For all of Ras Kass's lyrical ability, his career has been a wash. One wrong decision after another, and if you listen to this broke ass bum then you need some professional help homie.

  • booonext

    ? more old nggas. man I dunno. I think if you gon be a old as ngga dats been rapping for over 15 years than you need to get these mid old rappers str8(wayne,ross) cuz they are misguiding the young

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