DJ Muggs Signs To ULTRA Records, Preps "Bass For Your Face" Solo LP

DJ Muggs also releases the lead single "Snap Ya Neck Back" featuring Dizzee Rascal.

Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs has announced his signing to ULTRA Records.

The West Coast veteran, who joins a label roster including Tiesto, Benny Benassi and David Guetta, is currently prepping the release of the dubstep-influenced Bass For Your Face. The LP features guest appearances from Public Enemy’s Chuck D, English emcee P-Money and more. The album, which has already spawned the single “Snap Ya Neck Back” featuring Dizzee Rascal, is slated for summer 2012.

In the meantime, Muggs will perform at the ULTRA Music Festival, occurring on March 23-25th in Miami, Florida. Additional artists on the bill include Skrillex, Avicii, David Guetta, Justice and more.

Check the video for “Snap Ya Neck Back” below.

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  • james

    So Sick! DJ Muggs hell YEAH!

  • G-Bee

    Might be good, but that title is corny as hell...

  • ConleyRichard

    DJ Muggs Signs To ULTRA Records, Preps "Bass For Your Face" Solo LP read more

  • Fernandop

    this aint dumb step. this is some old school dj shit like magic mike. muggs is doin some experiment shit, its cool, let the world get used to muggs instead of these other clowns. muggs'll bless us with some more classics no worries.

  • Assassin221

    Idk man, Muggs' early stuff with Cypress was classic but Grandmasters was just decent, not bad but not the heat he used to bring. That's what I've heard about the rest of the Vs. albums too, OK but short of what you would expect from someone I would have put right up next to RZA in the early 90s. This track is OK for dubstep, but I don't really dig dubstep to start with.

  • RC

    It's been less than a year and a half since Muggs did Kill Devil Hills with Ill Bill, doing songs like Milleniums of Murder and Chase Manhattan, now he's doin shit like this?? Not a good look Muggs.

  • ayee

    just awful .. pathetic attempt by muggs to fit in. just overly stylised 'dubstep' clich. as wack as anything by skrillex.

  • Anonymous

    im a huge muggs fan and i could careless about this shit. dubstep is trendy fad "music" that will fade away fast. i dont know what muggs expectations for this are, most ppl i know look to muggs for banging hip hop, and corny producers for wack ass dub step. dont see this really doing anything for him or his fans, but im just me, one person. hope he does another vs. album soon after, thats where the magic is. good luck anyways muggs, you are a living legend.

  • GoReadABook

    Muggs...I am TRULY disappointed. Fuck techno/dubstep/electronic. Lupe Fiasco on that same talentless bullshit. Wack

    • whirltime

      don't understand all the hate for electronic coming from hip-hop heads. Both genres emerged from the club/underground party scene and even further back, disco (listen to the disco four, treacherous three, funky four plus one, whereas early house also emerged from the disco scene and European disco began infusing electronic). Both genres emphasize DJing,production of artificial sounds and sampling. You can even look to the emphasis on dance (what do you think break dancers were dancing to? electronic influenced beats). Look at Afrikaa Bambaata sampling Kraftwerk, who were essentially the forefathers of electronic. Even later on dance remixes of hip-hop tracks in the 90s. Ghostface collaborating with Cassius, one of the biggest french house producers. Today, theres mad electronic producers and DJs that were influenced by hip-hop (A-Trak, Mimosa, etc) including in the dubstep scene, which originated from amplifying and distorting the bass on Jamaican dub tracks, similar to how hip-hop began with DJ Kool Herc and jamaican dancehall music. Coming from a hip-hop head and a fan of electronic, it is definitely worth considering the relationship between the two genres and it will help you appreciate electronic. Sure, there is wack electronic out there, but there is also wack hip-hop out there. Doesn't mean you have to generalize and hate on an entire genre.

  • blzd

    dj muggs dopest producer never talked about grandmasters is a classic

  • junMaf*ckn

    Muggs is so dope. Severely Underrated. I gotta go dig up my Kill Devil Hills cd.

    • Mr Flamboyant

      Criminially underrated. Just listened to Grandmasters myself. Muggs always was one of the top dogs and go to cats in my mind. Sad that a lot of niggas don't go to him for beats.

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