Max B Appeal Denial Reports Said To Be False By Amalgam Digital CEO

Amalgam Digital's CEO Next says news reports about Max B's appeal being denied are false.

New reports indicate that the latest rumors about Max B are false. Following news that Max B would serve out the next 30 years in prison, Amalgam Digital CEO Next has come out to say that these reports are untrue. Posting on his Twitter account (@Anyextee), he noted that more clear details will be released in April. 

I just got off the phone w/ @MaxBiggavelli & his mom. Apparently all the blog & tweet rumors yesterday are false.The official word is April
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Next also relayed a message from Max B, saying that this was "just a test from God."

"This was just a test from God. A battle cry..a call to arms. Im bullet proof. And I'm coming out on my grown man shit" - @MaxBiggavelli
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Max B was convicted of 9 counts of murder and robbery. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2009. DX will keep you posted as more news is unveiled. 

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