Max B Appeal Denial Reports Said To Be False By Amalgam Digital CEO

Amalgam Digital's CEO Next says news reports about Max B's appeal being denied are false.

New reports indicate that the latest rumors about Max B are false. Following news that Max B would serve out the next 30 years in prison, Amalgam Digital CEO Next has come out to say that these reports are untrue. Posting on his Twitter account (@Anyextee), he noted that more clear details will be released in April. 

I just got off the phone w/ @MaxBiggavelli & his mom. Apparently all the blog & tweet rumors yesterday are false.The official word is April
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Next also relayed a message from Max B, saying that this was "just a test from God."

"This was just a test from God. A battle cry..a call to arms. Im bullet proof. And I'm coming out on my grown man shit" - @MaxBiggavelli
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Max B was convicted of 9 counts of murder and robbery. He was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2009. DX will keep you posted as more news is unveiled. 

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  • what

    Free max B sure why not as soon as he finish doing his 75 year, i dont see a problem there, that right free max B ASAP once's he done the time for his crime

  • Anonymous

    He's as innocent as a lamb. Yeah... Yeah... Yeah. He did it. Everyone thinks he did it. The court ruled he did it. Anyone else involved in that murder plot would say he did it. Let's say there was a 1% chance he didn't do it, there's a 99% chance he did. Say goodnight to the bad guy.

  • Anonymous

    he didnt kill anyone. he didnt plan to kill anyone. and that dude was gonna die either way most likely anyway.

  • The B

    Yall just scared that when he gets out he's gonna fuck all yall bitches...Ha Ha free Max B so he can destroy jenny jones and wack ass sin city aka the fake max b!!

  • GBtha G

    Huh!!!!! yesterday when I was posting my comment about dis article I was very cautious (that's what Gangstaz do) and its turning out to be a rumor!!!!!! Well I think Max certainly has a case right there let's see how it turns out.But fuck y'all imbeciles coz u quickly jumped on the offensive against dat nigga yet none of y'all muthafuckaz was there when dat shet took place. really u r useless, more stupid than a fuckin animal.

  • Anonymous

    ......he's the one who started the rumor, here's the link:

  • J-Yo

    Didn't he get like 8 years for smuggling drugs into the jail? Or was that another one of these rapping clowns??

  • Anonymous

    Said to be false by the Amalgram CEO lol Real credible source there. The sooner Max B accepts the reality of this situation, the sooner he can find closure. The bad part is it might come from Bubba.

  • gasface

    It doesnt matter when the appeal date is. It will be denied. He's not getting released until he is old as a mothafucka! I got a homey in the penitentiary doing time for a homicide, he's been saying he's gonna get out on an appeal since 1996.

  • OMG

    YES! He should have to pay for his crimes. YES! I am so happy to hear about this. I hope he gets beatings from fellow prisoners and CO's alike in prison every single day. YES!

  • Anonymous

    lol u mean his album's coming out in april. Why would misinformation concerning LOSING an appeal surface? Doesn't help anybody.

  • Anonymous

    did he kill somone or not

  • Anonymous

    if anybody honestly thinks this fool deserves to be out of jail might as well be put in jail to rot with this clown. come on now this dude running around killing and robbin, aint u supposed to be a "rich rapper" stop talking about shit u aint gonna get (out of jail) and concentrate on big jimmy and them messing up that booty hole

    • trooth

      for one he didn't kill anybody. secondly jail is suppose to be for rehabilitation.... this nigga was just starting to get paid from rapping..he had a bright future. ain't like he gon go back to robbin people.

    • killurself

      so thats ur fantasy huh u picture that?well i guess u had to let the world kno sumhow Faggot..........FREE MAX B

  • DZ

    People who kill and rob innocent people belong in jail. You're going to defend that because he has a few catchy songs?? C'mon son. He's a murdering faggot who belongs in jail.

  • Rome

    I really hope Max gets out!

  • Anonymous

    Max B was convicted of 9 counts of murder and robbery WHY SHOULD HE BE FREED IF HE COMMITTED MURDER HIP HOP FANS ARE SO STUPID

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